My Turn


"You are invited to a party at Howie and Liza's cottage on Saturday night. We are hosting a small group to shop with Maureen of PleasureU, an intimate erotic specialty company. Light food and wine. 8:30pm sharp. RSVP"

Now, this was an interesting email. It had been well over a month since I had seen Howie and Liza. We'd had a very interesting time exploring their sexuality. As both of them were bisexual (but mostly on the "gay side" of things) but were also in love and musical partners in a band, they'd had problems in bed. At least until the night where I helped them overcome their hangups and cross over into a new sensuality (see my story, "A Sensual Lesson"). Now, it appeared that they were doing better and I was curious to see them and to view their progress. Also, Saturday was my birthday and what better present could there be beside some young bodies playing with sex toys. I responded immediately and couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive.

As I pulled up to their remote cottage in the tree-covered expanse at the edge of a large farm, live music filled the air. Howie and Liza were jamming with fellow bandmates and other music heads. I walked in to a party just getting into gear.

"Hey, look, it's our guru!" yelled Liza over the loud groove. "Go get a drink."

I looked around the room at the evening's participants. There were about a dozen people there. They were all much younger than I and they all seemed to be a loud and loose group. I noticed a few gay couples, I noted a lot of tats and piercings, I observed several deep cleavages and I smiled as I took it all in.

I walked into the kitchen where the bar was set up and I poured myself a shot of tequila. I figured that a shooter would get me nice and loose quickly. After I felt the juice warm me, I opened a bottle of Beck's.

"I bet that hit the spot."

I turned to see a young woman watching me. She was short and a bit on the chubby side. Her long brown hair was beaded and braided. As I smiled at her and raised my bottle in a toast, I took in her very large breasts which were just barely held by her dark green bra. "My, she has some cleavage," I mused as my mind raced through scenes of rubbing my dick between them.

"So you must be the guy that helped Howie and Liza cross over, so to speak. I heard a lot about you. I'm Elizabeth."

"Hi, Elizabeth...Yes, perhaps I'm the same guy. How are they doing these days?"

"Oh, they're great. They can't take their hands off each other and they seem even deeper in love. It's great for them and I'm happy, as are all of their friends. They're making some great music these days, too. Last weekend, they had about 200 people jammed into Mr. Music's Bar and the place was hopping. It was a fucking awesome scene."

"Good! It's great to hear that their music is growing. I love their sound. It's also good to hear that their sex life is less encumbered. It makes for better music."

"Oh, it's better all right. The three of us had a lot of fun together last week..."

The music suddenly stopped and Howie announced that Maureen was almost ready to start her presentation. He asked that everyone find a seat. Elizabeth and I found seats at the end of the couch. There wasn't a lot of seating and we were squished together but it was better than the floor. In order to get comfortable, I threw my arm on the back of the couch behind Elizabeth. She immediately moved into me and I felt her large fleshy breasts lean against the side of my chest. I looked down into her cleavage and, ehile enjoying the view, had to adjust myself.

Liza walked around the room handing out joints and asking if anyone needed anything. When she approached me, she leaned in and gave me a deep, wet kiss. "My guru! Everything is so good for us these days. Thank you for helping us. Maybe after the party, you'll stay around?"

"I cannot pass up such and inviting offer, Lize."

"Good! I'm sure Elizabeth will be staying around, too." She leaned over and kissed Elizabeth. "Right baby?"

Maureen entered the room. She was tall, blond and thin. She appeared to be a few years older than this college crowd. I examined her as she spoke.

"Hello, everyone. I just need a few minutes to set my stuff up so please, make sure you have a drink in your hands. I don't want to see any inhibitions tonight. This is about having fun."

Howie asked if I wanted something and I asked for another shot of Patron. I watched Maureen setting up her stuff. She had a dancer's body and moved like one, too. Her breasts were small but inviting under her sheer blouse. I found her patterned bra stimulating.

"She has a nice body," mumbled Elizabeth under her breath but loud enough for me to hear.

"Yeah, I agree. I've been watching her, too. She has a dancer's body.

"I'm betting that she's a great lay. Just look at that tush!"

"Settle down, Elizabeth, or you'll wet the couch. Pace yourself."

"I only wish I could! I can't help it. I just love to fuck and suck. I think about it all the time. I'm hoping I can pick up some new toy tonight...I could always use a good fuckstick."

I was not surprised by her openness. I mean, if not in this crowd, where else could I find such a bunch of randy fuckers. Finally, as Maureen cleared her throat, Howie handed me the shooter.

"Let's get this party rolling, shall we? Laid out on the table behind me are sexual stimulation devices and fun, party toys. Everything is for sale and when I finish my presentation, I'll be glad to sell them to you. I have a lot of stock in my car but some of the more expensive things must be ordered. They will arrive at your home in discreet brown shipping paper so no nosy people ever need to know about what you do in the privacy of your home."

"I know Howie and Liza for a few years now so you need not feel uncomfortable. I know where they're coming from and it's all good, you know. So please, feel free to express yourself. We're here to have a lot of fun tonight. Later, after I show you my merchandise, we'll have the opportunity to examine, and maybe even, play with them. Now the first series of items I want to show you are some pieces of erotic attire."

She held up a package of edible panties. "Now, I know that you're all aware of edible underwear but these are special." As she took them out of the bag, she explained. "To begin with, these panties come in four flavors: Margarita, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan and Strawberry Daiquiri. What also makes these panties unique is that they are crotchless." She held them to show us.

A woman off to the side seemed bothered by this. "So what's the point?" she asked. "The idea is to eat through the panties to get to the goods, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is...but you'll find that when your going down on your partner, between the sweat and the saliva, you find that these tend to dissolve. I've used these and I can tell you from experience that the extra flavor can be very stimulating. These sell three to a pack for $9.95 but tonight, everyone gets a free sample as a party favor. How does that sound?"

Approval traveled around the room. "Now, I want to show the ladies some things." She held up a large vibrator with a long anal stem. The size of the vibrator brought comments and laughter. "Now what makes this vibrator so special is that it was a very powerful motor. When it is in place, it will give you ladies a very powerful orgasm with equal stimulation vaginally and anally. This item is $35.00." She then held up a vibrating double dildo with large balls. "The motor and the controls are here in the balls. Ladies, I promise you a great experience. This item is also $35.00 and you'll find that not only is the surface realistic but it is also soft and pliant. And finally, here's a small but very effective vibrator." She held up a small butterfly shaped device. "This item is for wearing under your clothes when you need that daytime release. What makes this item unique are two features. It is made of soft latex and has a two-inch vaginal insert. The top features a clitoral stimulator that moves in a circle around you. It is a great toy and one of my personal favorites. Also, it folds up into this case and can be carried in your pocketbook. It's $49.00."

"You use that during the day?"

"Yes. Sometimes when I'm out and about, I'll wear it while I'm driving. It's lucky that I haven't had an accident. Sometimes, I have to pull over so I can let it do it's thing."

"Where is the strangest place you've worn it?"

"Oh, that's easy. A few weeks ago, I wore it to a wedding. While I sat at the table having dinner, I was buzzing and nobody was the wiser although a woman at my table said, "I'll have what she's having!" when I placed my dinner order. Really, I love this thing."

She passed the toys around the room so everyone could examine them. I was busy toking up as I watched people comment, joke and drool over them. There were several women ready to try them out. When they came over to me, Elizabeth looked at the butterfly and said that she was buying it.

"Now, a contest. The person who tells me their best sex toy experience will win their choice of one of these. We'll decide the winner by vote, ok? Who's first?"

Liza spoke up. "Ok, I'll get the ball rolling. My friend and I once went out to Ricky's Drug Store and we each bought vibrators. When we got back to my place, we got high and decided to try out our toys. We sat on the bed and watched each other. She was so turned on by her plastic cock, she began to squirt all over my bed. Talk about a wet spot! I had to change the sheets right away."

"I once slipped my ex's vibrator up my ass and rode it to two orgasms. It was a curved thing that hit my prostate just right. She would have freaked had she known but I was curious and horny. I think I shot a quart of cum, I swear."

"A couple of years ago at a big Lollapalooza show, I put a small chrome bullet into my puss and had several cums while I listened to Nine Inch Nails. And nobody knew. Well, maybe Trent got a whiff..."

The stories went around the room and when the vote was held, a young, innocent looking girl named Jo had won. She told about finding her mother's vibrator when she was fourteen and becoming addicted to it, using it at every opportunity. When her mother found out, she bought another one for Jo. This story received the loudest applause and the most votes. She selected the butterfly as her prize and upon receiving it, she stood up, unzipped her jeans and inserted it into her red thong. While you couldn't hear it buzzing, you could see the beatific look on her face. For the next hour, you would sometimes hear her happily sigh.

I noticed that the presentation was having an affect on the audience. People were suddenly friskier with each other, comments became dirtier and most of all, the scent of sex began to fill the room...or maybe it was just coming from Elizabeth.

"And now for the men! Gentlemen, I have a selection of cock rings here. Some vibrate, some don't but each has the ability to bring unique pleasure. I also have a few butt plugs and anal stimulators. Let me show you their features." She described the features of each item in detail mentioning how each can bring on a different sensation. She mentioned that the cock rings come in different sizes, that some were expandable, that some had different surfaces and some were battery powered. At the end of her presentation, she held up a large cock ring that had to be five inches in diameter and she said that there was a cock ring for every size although she had only sold one this big.

"You can sell one to Tony," Howie piped up.

"Are you that large, Tony?" asked Maureen.

"Yeah, that one would fit me."

"Okay, here's my offer. If you model this for us, you can keep it."

Her offer was greeted by hoots and laughter as everyone baited Tony to show off his goods. He turned red and acted shy until he could take no more of the bantering. He stood up and slowly peeled off his jeans. He was wearing a pair of dark blue bikini briefs and the outline of his cock was impressive. After more jeers, he pulled it out to oohs and ahs. His tool must have been a good ten-inches long and as fat around as a can of soda. The plum head was so big, I could not imagine anyone having the ability to take it into an orifice. Maureen handed him the cock ring. As he slipped his cock into it and rolled it back to the stem, it looked too loose.

"That has adjustable velcro. Just open it and wrap it tighter. You can make it as tight as comfortable."

We all watched intently as he followed Maureen's instructions. He stood proudly beaming as the huge cock ring now fit snug.

"Now here's the best part, Tony. The cock ring comes with interchangeable surfaces to enhance pleasure, one is bumpy and the other is studded...and by connecting this, it vibrates." She took his cock in one hand and attached the vibrating attachment. Holding the head in her palm, she flipped it on and a loud buzzing filled the room. Instantly, Tony was sporting an impressive stiffy. "Obviously, this is not to be worn at work." She said as everyone laughed. She directed us to give Tony a round of applause as he removed it and pulled his clothes back on.

"I would love to see how much of that cock I could take," Elizabeth said to me. I smiled and responded, "Me, too!" At this, she laughed. Elizabeth was getting friendlier with me as her hands touched, stroked and gripped me. Several times, he ran her hand lightly over my crotch. At one point, she commented that a particular toy had turned me on. It was all so seemingly natural and innocent and I was just going with the (vaginal) flow, so to speak.

Maureen spent the next half hour showing off items like nipple clamps, a fur glove, handcuffs and other paraphernalia. Finally, she asked that everyone refill their glasses and prepare for a fashion show. For the next fifteen minutes, I had another shooter, several bong hits and several feels of Elizabeth, who was already in the cups. At one point, we both went to the john to pee. As I waited by the closed bathroom door, Elizabeth and I exchanged some deep tongue.

The door opened and "Big" Tony came out. I commented that he must have been draining the anaconda and I stepped in. Elizabeth scooted in right behind me.

"Uh...excuse me, Elizabeth, did you want to go first?" I moved to leave.

"It's okay. I can wait. What I really want to do is hold your dick while you piss, if that's all right with you. It turns me on."

"Sure. Whatever you like. Make sure you aim well." I unzipped and took it out. She stood behind me and to the side, reaching around to hold me. She pointed it toward the bowl and began to let loose a stream. She giggled as she tried to keep me from missing the bowl.

"Your cock feels nice and I can feel your pee flowing through it. I love this."

"It feels kind of strange not holding it myself. No one has ever done this for me." As I emptied my bladder, I told her to give it a few shakes and again she giggled. She took a piece of toilet paper and wiped off the tip.

"My turn." She moved me to the side, pulled down her jeans and panties and sat down, all the while still holding my dick. As she peed, she pulled me closer and took it in her mouth for a few licks. When she finished, she reached for some toilet paper when I pulled her hand away.

"My turn," I said. I ripped off some toilet paper and reached down to wipe her. I dropped the paper into the bowl and ran my finger up her canal and around her clit. A knock on the door broke up our action. We flushed the toilet, pulled up our clothes and washed our hands. As we left the bathroom, another couple entered. They were smirking at us.

Back in the living room, I grabbed another beer as Maureen announced that the fashion show was set to begin. Several joints got lit and started making their way around the room. Maureen approached me and asked if I would be willing to model an item at the end of the presentation. At first I demurred but then, after some teasing from Elizabeth, I agreed.

"Now Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to how some of our lingerie modeled by your friends. Our first model is our hostess, Liza."

Liza walked out of the bedroom wearing a diaphanous peignoir over matching panties. The panties were a bit tight causing her to exhibit a pronounced camel's toe. Her breasts were quite visible under the sheer top and the attention from the audience hardened her nipples. Liza danced around the room in a circle as Maureen described the item and as she headed back to the bedroom, she received a round of applause.

"Next, Louise, has an outfit designed for quick removal."

Louise walked out wearing a sheer black nightgown. Following Maureen's instructions, she slipped her hand down the middle and the velcro closure opened. Removing the nightgown, she reached between her breasts and slid her hand down to separate the velcro clasp. It popped open revealing two large orbs with big, round areolas. Reaching down to her panties, she slid her hand down the site and the velcro closure opened, revealing her shaved mound.

"See that! Undressed in seconds! Thank you, Louise, you look lovely. Next is Steffie."

Steffie, a tall and statuesque woman, walked out wearing a pink set of crotchless panties and a bra with nipple holes. She walked around the room showing it off. As she stood in front of my face while I took in her pink slit, she was close enough to smell her oozing pussy. Elizabeth reached up and stroked her ass commenting upon how nice the garment felt. As Stef walked around the room, others copped a feel, too.

Maureen gave me a sign and I headed off to the bedroom. She whispered to me that there was a bag marked "MALE" on the bed for me.

There were two other girls in the bedroom preparing to model. I found both their outfits to be a bit too cheesy for me. One, in a red and black set, was also wearing a strap-on that poked through her crotchless undies. They stood by the door awaiting their cues.

I opened the bag to find a simple red and white hand-knit cock-sock. I got undressed and slipped the sock over myself making sure to tuck my balls into the knit sack at the base. It had a snap enclosure that held it in place.

Finally, I heard Maureen announce me. "And for our final model, I have something for the man who has a bit of a chill."

I walked out to great laughter and applause. I walked around the room as if I was a fashion model striking poses. As I moved around, I received enough feels to start to get hard.

"And here's the beauty part of this garment. If the gentleman needs to relieve himself, it's this easy!" She held my dick in one hand and pulled the top back which was held by a small piece of velcro. In fact, I never even noticed it when I was putting it on. As she pulled it back, my head popped out.

"Oh, look, it's winking at me."

"Put a sock on it!"

I was handed a joint and I sat on a chair next to Louise, reveling in our near nudity. I didn't feel self-conscious in the least. In fact, I felt a little tipsy and a lot high.

"That's my presentation. I hope you all liked the items PleasureU offers. I'm taking orders in the bedroom for anyone interested. Now, to get the party started, here's a chocolate cock-lollipop for everyone!"

A line formed leading into the bedroom as people went to buy the items. It was amusing to see everyone sucking on their lollies. There was a lot of laughter as well as an air of excitement. As people returned, they showed off their purchases and more laughter ensued. Music filled the room, a bong was passed and drinks were refreshed. Things started to get very loose very fast. A lot of people seemed very curious about the pop-top of my cock-sock as they opened and closed it. I didn't mind.

Merrill and Elizabeth were the first to get the party going. Merrill had purchased the double-dildo and now she and Elizabeth were trying it out on the carpeted floor. As few people stood around them and watched. I drifted over to take in these two slightly chubby women rock on the floor putting on a great show. I never noticed Bobby get down on his knees and pop open my sock in order to lick the head. I was locked onto the women until I felt his moist tongue. I placed one hand on his head and with my other, I caressed Jo's sweet thonged ass.

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