My Twisted Hobby


"Kim," Lisa said, "this is Ben...uhm, Grinder...he's a fucking pervert."

Brenda burst into laughter.

"We caught him at the picnic table, he was totally naked, and jerking off" Lisa continued. "And he cut his clothes off with a pair of scissors."

"And, he was filming himself," Brenda added.

"Yah, now we're filming him, and we might put it on Facebook" Lisa finished.

Kim looked me up and down; seemingly overcoming her initial shock, she said, "Facebook? Oh my god."

"He's a fucking weirdo ," Lisa said, "he actually likes this....look at him!"

She was right. I did like it. I jerked my cock, in front of the three women, feeling the cum building inside me.

"He had a pair of short that he was hiding under the table," Brenda sneered, "but I cut them up, now he has to go naked."

Aiming the camera again, Lisa said, "smack his ass Kim."

Kim smacked my ass.

"No, harder, like this," Lisa demonstrated, smacking my ass so hard the sound of it filled the air. I yelped, but kept stroking.

Stepping closer, Kim, took aim. Swinging wide, she cracked my ass cheeks as hard as she could...nearly knocking me off of my feet. All three of them got a good laugh at that.

"Man, look how red his ass is," Kim said.

"I know right?" Lisa answered, then smacked me again.

My cock was about to explode.

My ass stung.

I was eating Lisa's huge tits under her shirt with my eyes.

I was totally nude, exposed for anyone to see, and I didn't care.

"Look how he keeps staring at my tits," Lisa said.

"You like my tits dirty boy?" she cooed in mock, sweet sarcasm, "you like Lisa's big titties?" She shook them a bit on purpose.

"Oh god..." I moaned, close to cumming without taking my eyes off of them.

"Oh god what?" Lisa teased, "oh god...Lisa?"

"Yeah," I stammered, barely able to breathe.

"Say it pervert..." she glared at me. "Say oh god Lisa!"

"Yeah," Brenda chimed in, "fucking say it!"

Kim was silent, staring at my hand flying over my cock.

"Oh god," I moaned, trying to finish, "oh god...oh god....Lisa."

I came...hard...harder than I can ever remember cumming before. Great, thick, white ropes of hot cum shot out at least two feet in front of me, barely missing Kim's luscious legs.

Throwing my head back, I moaned loudly as orgasm overtook me, shaking me to my core in the parking lot. My knees buckled, threatening to send me flailing forwards.

"Say oh god Lisa, Brenda and Kim!" Brenda yelled at me.

Struggling to speak, I managed, "oh god...Lisa...Brenda," then, catching sight of Kim's lustful, tanned thighs, "oh god....Kim." Spilling my last, I crashed to my knees on the hard pavement in front of them, squeezing out the final drops onto the ground.

Barely able to breathe, I sat back on my knees, and looked up at them, trying to catch my breath.

"Look at the naked pervert Kim," Brenda said, "he was fantasizing about you."

"Oh?" Lisa asked in mock surprise, then glared at me, "what, my tits aren't good enough for you anymore pervert?"

Hefting my camera, Lisa said, "Good thing I got this all on camera," and laughed...Brenda and Kim joined her, laughing and pointing at me.

"You sick bastard," Brenda spat.

"Uhm, can I have my camera back?" I begged, turning to Lisa.

"Hmm...I dunno," Lisa smirked down at me. "You don't like my tits anymore," she said, giggling.

"I think..." she went on, "you need to beg me...say please, Lisa, you have beautiful're so beautiful...then kiss my feet."

Needing my camera back, I complied, telling her what she wanted to hear, then, crawling naked across the pavement, I bent and kissed both of her feet tenderly.

Smiling, she handed me my camera.

Looking down in disgust, Brenda smirked, then said, "gimme your phone number pervert, so I can keep tabs on you. I don't want to find you out here naked again."

I gave it to her.

"Now get out of here!" Lisa screamed at me.

Standing up, I ran quickly across the parking lot, retrieved my keys, and opened the door, in time to hear Brenda shouting "Remember weirdo! Facebook!"

Jumping in, I drove off, already counting the hits on the website.

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