My Uncle Who I Can't Refuse


"See she likes it!" Pete commented further. "I always thought she'd be a naughty little girl. She's getting off on her own Uncle's touch. Hey, Geoff, you should let Uncle Petey have a go, especially seeing as I'm not really related to you and all. I'm sure Lily would like Uncle Petey's lips on those stiff nipples?"

They all looked at me, waiting on what I was to say. My nipples are so sensitive that my Uncles touch had sent pleasurable shudders throughout my body, I couldn't help myself but feel turned on and horny from his groping while sat on his lap, none of their eyes were leaving my chest. "I guess it would be better to have your lips on me Pete, than Uncle Geoff's." I finally remarked back after some thought.

"Good girl." Pete said grinning toothily at my Uncle and me. "Come over here Lily, come sit on Uncle Petey's lap now you're all grown up." I stood up off Uncle Geoff's lap and walked to the sofa where Pete was sitting. As he is fat and pudgy now, for me to be able to sit on his lap I had to pull the hem of my skirt up quite high to accommodate his girth under me. My bare breasts were close to his double chin, so he held them in his large fingers and raised first my left then my right nipple to his mouth. First he licked my nipples gently, flicking his tongue over them lightly, and then he sucked my nipple fully into his mouth chewing on it. "Mmm... you are so smooth and tasty," Pete mumbled through a muffled mouth full of my breast.

Trevor was looking over at me an Pete a tad enviously. "Very nice to watch," Trevor said, "Much better than porn. Can I get a grope too Lily baby? Pretty please?"

"For my Uncle's good friends," I repeated, a little breathlessly, "I guess you can touch me like Pete is touching me."

Uncle Geoff watched closely as Trevor came up to me and Pete. Trevor reached over and gripped my left breast, while Pete still chewed on my right nipple. His hands felt cold on my skin as he squeezed and played with my boobs. There was no denying that there was a damp patch growing on my lacy knickers under my dress. My body couldn't help but respond to both their hands pleasuring me. I had never had so much attention directed just at my tits, and especially not by two old men touching me. Uncle Geoff was watching them touch me from across the room, I'm sure he was grinning again.

"I am stiff as a rock under my pants," Trevor said to me as he let go of my nipple with his teeth. "You're a fine young lady Lily, you've created this bulge," Then he pointed at his crotch.

"She's seen a couple of those, remember." Uncle Geoff commented. "I'm sure she would like to see two more. She definitely is enjoying your touch lads." I squirmed slightly on Pete's lap.

Trevor responded, "I'm sure we can give her two erections more that she can see, in the flesh, if you'd like Lily. You can see what you've done to us old men.

"I'm sure you can feel my erection pressed against your ass as you sit on my lap, can't you hun?" Pete asked.

"Oh! I can feel something hard against my ass crack, now you ask." I told Pete.

"Would you like to see their cocks, Lily?" Uncle Geoff asked me. His gaze was on me. What could I say? I could feel Pete's erection against me already, and their hands hadn't stopped manipulating my boobs.

"If you would like me to Uncle, then I will have a look at the erections I've given them." I told him.

"Oh, I would definitely like you to have a look Lily, in fact I think I would like you to do more than just touch. Ideally I'd like to see you playing with the erections you've given my friends. I'd love to see how you handle both their cocks at once. Are you up for it baby?" He asked.

"Uncle Geoff, I'm not sure that I should touch these two old men's cocks at once. Especially with you watching us all."

"It's fine pet," He reassured me, "both these old men would really like you to look and touch their cocks, now you've made them so hard. I'm watching to make sure you're safe and that you're enjoying it all. Would you enjoy seeing Trevor and Uncle Petey's cocks?"

"Okay," I agreed uneasily, I was really turned on from how the two men were lusting after me. Trevor speedily undid the flies on his trousers and he released a long stiff cock that suited his figure. His balls sagged down slightly from his thin frame. He stood in front of me and swung his hips, waving his cock in front of my face, as I sat squirming sill on Pete's lap. Trevor stepped forwards more so he could stroke his erection along my cheek and across my lips.

"Please suck me Lily, you'd make me so happy" Trevor requested. He slid his cock back towards my mouth and now pressed the head against my lips, I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide the tip of his cock over my tongue. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock in retaliation for how they had been flicking their tongues over my nipples. "Oh fuck Yes!" Trevor grunted nd shoved his cock fully into my mouth, I choked on his erection. I hadn't expected him to suddenly slam his cock towards the back of my throat in such a rough manner. Pete's hands were on my chest, holding me firmly on his lap. Trevor was struggling with his sensations, pumping his cock in and out my mouth as I sucked him, he continued, "Fuck Lily, I've been horny for weeks, and you're tipping me over the edge... Fuck, will you swallow my cum little girl? It's coming. I'm cumming, Oh Fuck! Yes! Drink every last drop baby." Trevor had filled my mouth with sticky salty seamen. I swallowed down the mouthfuls like he requested, thinking he didn't taste as bad as I had expected and feeling pleased he had cum so fast from me preforming my task. Uncle Geoff was still grinning from across the room. The crotch of my panties growing ever wetter.

"Lily," Pete now cooed in my ear. "You've given me a raging erection sitting on my lap, won't you stand up and allow me to show you." So I lifted myself up off Pete's lap, as he struggled to get his cock out fast. Pete had a very thick shaft to his cock, just like his thick fingers. " You sucked off Trevor like he wanted, and Uncle Petey would like the same if you'd be so kind as to oblige? My cock has been aching for your lips since I first saw you were growing up, riding my horses around the paddock. Come on baby, please lower your mouth to my cock? Give my cock a big kiss." Pete said urgently.

"For you, as you really want me to, I'll see if I can get your thick cock into my mouth." I said forwardly to Pete. I was getting some confidence now that his hands had been roaming my body for so long. I knelt between Pete's legs and I had to stretch my jaws as wide as they would go to fit Pete's fat old erection into my little mouth. I slid my tongue down toward the base and teased his balls, he was panting harder and I was getting off myself now. I felt so naughty, my Uncle's friends were using me as their fuck toy. I shouldn't be as turned on from this as I am. Pete put a hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth up and down his cock for what felt like forever, spit was dribbling out my mouth down his cock and all over his balls and pubes. He started grunting louder and I could feel Pete's cock twitch at the base. As he shuddered, he pushed my head down so his cock was as deep in my mouth as it would fit and he pumped his cum straight down my open throat.

"Well, Well." Uncle Geoff interrupted us with his words. "Now both of you have had your fair share of fun, we should let Lily get cleaned up. So I headed off to the bathroom...

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I wanted those 2 uncle's to fuck her so bad

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by Hitchhiker10/24/17

Editor and continuation required.

Good story line and build, ending at the mid climax was a little disappointing. the scope for seduction of little Lily is enormous. The need though for a proof reader/ editor would make this and yourmore...

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