tagRomanceA Memorable Night

A Memorable Night


My heart was pounding in my chest, making my head throb. Butterflies flitted in my stomach as my eyes beheld your beauty. A woman I had done nothing but think of since the day I met you all those years ago stepped off the train. Was it coincidence that you were here? Of all the places in England, was it chance that drove you to visit my city? Or perhaps the tourist sites were big enough to attract your attention. I couldn't remember ever telling you the name of the city I lived in. And what chance it was that I happened to be here at the train station to spot you looking around at the confusing platforms.

Finally you move and it brings me out of my reverie and into a decision: to meet you, or to run away. You're with a friend and unfortunately nerves won out so I disappeared into the crowd and watched you walk by. You're graceful; I couldn't take my eyes off you until you vanished out the main doors. I let out an explosive breath and a sigh as I got back to my task of picking up my own friend.

It's later that very same day, and I was sitting in my favourite spot in the Castle Gardens. It was an unusually warm and sunny summer day and the grass was lush under me as I reclined with my book. Movement beside me attracted my attention and I couldn't help but inhale in surprise as I saw you for the second time that day. You gazed at me expectantly with those gentle eyes and soft smile, and it took me a few moments of awkward silence to find my voice. I sucked up the courage to speak, and when we spoke, we spoke of many things. You told me how you're on a road-trip vacation around England, and happen to recognise some of the places I had spoken about here, and your hope to surprise me. I told you about the chance sighting at the train station and how you did surprise me, greatly.

The day grew on, and we decided to walk and talk. I showed you the rest of the castle grounds as well as the towering cathedral. You were awed by its majesty and you thanked me for showing you. I responded by slipping my hand into yours. A simple act that filled me with nerves, but was soon dissipated with the melting smile you gave me. We don't mention it, but for the rest of the day our hands often met, even for the briefest of moments. I took you to a restaurant when you said you were hungry; it's a simple place as without a reservation it's difficult to get a table but the food is good and it's easy to talk to each other through the mingle of other patrons. The evening held more site-seeing, but as it became darker I grew wary of walking the city at night and suggest we retire. I walked you back to your hotel, all the way to the door of your room.

The tension became slightly more awkward as you turned to face me. The evening had been good, but I can see the indecision in your eyes. You gazed into me, willing me to make the choice for you, wanting me to make it easy. I smiled gently, and tilted your chin slightly as I brought my lips to yours. It's chaste; as I immediately feel you tense up. I pulled you into a light embrace, and whispered my goodnight in your ear. When I kissed you for the second time your inhibitions had gone at the prospect of my leaving. Our lips met with a passion, our arms surrounding one another. The world didn't exist in that moment of pure joy. Everything about that kiss was exquisite ecstasy that I had never known before and I could feel that you felt the same and didn't want it to end, but unfortunately, it did. We simply stood studying each other; I could not believe that this stunning woman was in my arms. A kiss on the forehead and a last embrace was the end of it before you slipped inside your room. I couldn't tell what you did next in the privacy of your room or how you were feeling at that moment, but if it was anything like I felt, you would be missing me greatly...

I rose early the next day, too excited to sleep. I had spent the night dreaming of you and it was time for us to meet again. I spent some time showering, and cleaning myself up so I looked smart, (including my lucky sexy briefs). I made the bus trip into the city, and I was outside your door with five minutes to spare. After a moment's pause I knocked on the door. It opened slightly, and with a confused expression I opened it fully to catch a glimpse of your scantily-clad bum as you disappeared into the bathroom with a giggle, shouting at me that you're not ready but that I could come in.

Finally after a wait, you emerged from the bathroom. I stared at you in amazement, and when I realised I was holding my breath, I let it out slowly. My face flushed red as I told you how beautiful you looked, and you simply smiled at me as the colour of your face matched mine.

We left hand in hand, and I once again took the lead. I took you around the best shops, and we talked and laughed and shopped. We had lunch on the go, and I took you souvenir shopping. We kept ourselves busy until dinner, where I informed you that I had booked a table at my favourite restaurant, just for us. It was an intimate place, and we got a table in the corner out the way. We talk in hushed voices; the warm atmosphere was more intoxicating than the wine we ordered. I laid my hand on yours, and told you how lucky I was to be opposite you.

The tension increased as we gazed into each other's eyes. I gasped slightly as I felt your foot rubbing up and down my leg, and you winked teasingly at me. I whispered more compliments to you, telling you how sexy you looked in the candlelight. You leaned forward, smiling that cheeky smile, letting me look upon your amply curved bust. Your foot rose higher and found where my obvious discomfort was. You blushed at your own forwardness, but feeling daring you left your foot there, stroking my thigh and tickling the bulge in my trousers, until we were interrupted by our food. The waitress didn't look like she had noticed anything. We ate, paid and left with you agreeing with me that the food was lovely. The wine went to our heads a little, and we giggled like children as we made our way back to your hotel.

We arrived at your door and I didn't hesitate this time. I pulled you close to me and kissed you, taking you by surprise. You melted into my arms, wrapping yours around my neck. We stood there for what seemed like hours, although I'm certain it was only a few minutes. We kissed our lips raw, and our breath ragged. There was no need for words as you stepped away and unlocked the door. I followed you in, closing the door behind me. As I turned back you pounced, pushing me against the closed door and firmly kissed me. I reacted in kind, matching your passion with my own. Our hands were all over each other, clinging to the material of clothes or running through hair.

Finally, breathless, we broke apart and you took my hand, leading me to the bed. You laid back and looked at me with those sexy smouldering eyes, beckoning me onto the bed. I took a moment to look at you, that image sketched into my mind never to be forgotten. I crawled on top of you and kissed you once more, strong, passionate. Our bodies touched, our hips ground together, our tongues entwined. The world was lost to us; we were alone in our bubble of passion and pleasure. I slipped my hand underneath your top, sliding it up across your belly till I could feel the material of your bra brushing my fingertips. I hesitated, it had been a long time since I had done this and I suddenly wasn't so sure of myself. You seemed to sense my doubt and kissed me all the harder, moving my hand up with your own to cup your bra covered breasts. It was nice but we both had the thought that clothes were now in the way.

I pulled you up to a sitting position and between kisses, started grasping each others clothes, gripping the fabric. I removed your t-shirt, and my eyes almost popped out of my skull at how sexy you looked. You simply grinned at my reaction and pulled my top off. Leaning forward, you kissed my bare chest, running your hands over my skin. I was about to push you back again when your hands dropped to my belt, giving my bulge a squeeze as you undid it. You pulled your legs out from underneath me, and pushed me so I would fall backwards onto the bed, and quick as a flash you pulled my jeans off and threw them on the floor. My excitement was obvious through my boxers, and you didn't hesitate in removing them. I could hear you almost purr as you moved closer, running your hand over my hard, bald cock. I couldn't stop grinning at you, at your fascination as you examined every inch of my phallus. It throbbed in your hands to my pounding heartbeat, and you giggled lightly as you pulled my foreskin down revealing the head.

Your eyes rose to meet mine as you gently kissed the tip. I shivered, as tingles shot up my spine. You giggled again at my reaction, and began kissing every part of it, pressing your lips to every inch of skin. Finally, after my whole body was tensed from your teasing, you swirled your tongue around my head and slid it into your mouth. I gasped at how hot your mouth felt as your lips wrapped tightly around the top of my hard cock. You slowly lowered your head, your eyes never leaving mine, your tongue slipping and sliding round my shaft. I gripped the bed tightly, scrunching my toes as sensations washed through my body. You grabbed my shaft firmly, and while squeezing my balls, you started to bob your head. I let out a low groan as you sucked and licked and rubbed up and down on my dick, as I ran my hands through your long hair. It didn't take long before I could feel the tension rising in my body, and my breathing quickened. You sensed my impending climax and pulled your head up, pumping my hard cock with your hand hard. With a loud gasp I came, and squirted my hot cum over my bare chest.

After a moment to catch my breath, you told me to go through to the bathroom to clean up. I gave you a hard kiss before slipping off the bed and padding through to the bathroom where I quickly cleaned myself up and took a breather. I opened the bathroom door, and spotted your bra and panties chucked across the floor. My heart pounded in my head chest as I stepped into the room. You gave me a brilliant smile, from underneath the bedcovers. We kissed tenderly as I slid into the bed beside you, and you pressed your naked body against mine. You exhaled sharply as my trembling hands grazed your flesh. Finally I held your perfect breasts in my hands, and you let out a little moan into our kiss as my fingers rubbed your hardening nipples. I pulled you closer, pressing my lips to your cheek, your neck and your shoulder. My hands explored your body as I lowered my head to kiss your chest and then your breasts. You purred in my ear as I brought my lips to your nipples, swirling my tongue around them. I teased you for moments till you were squirming with your arousal, silently begging me to continue.

With more neck kisses, I put my hand on your belly and inch by inch it snaked down your body. You dug your nails into my back and let out a loud gasp as my fingertips brushed your sensitive clit. Pulling my head up, you kissed me again and again as I started to explore your intimate area, your excitement obvious. Your cheeks flushed a beautiful rosy red as pleasure rippled through your body, making you bite your lip and clamp your eyes shut. I know what you want, and I push you onto your back. Your face split into a huge smile as I began to kiss down your body. I'll never forget that look of desire in your beautiful eyes as I worked myself lower and lower.

I couldn't believe how amazing you looked; your skin was so kissable and every curve was gorgeous. Finally I was positioned between your legs, and my heart beat got faster as I got my first proper look at your stunning, hairless body. I trailed kisses along the insides of your thighs and I could feel you trembling with anticipation. A small cry escaped your lips as I pressed my lips to your clit, and your legs clamped around me as I started to lick up and down with my tongue. Your fingers threaded into my hair, gripping my head in response to my lips once more sucking on your clit, working on it with my tongue. I could hear you panting, so I stepped up a gear, pushing two fingers inside you. Pumping my fingers and swirling my tongue drove you wild, and as I got faster and faster you started to cry out, which only increased my enthusiasm. With a final loud groan, your back arched as you came. Your body trembled and you held my head in place as I continued through your orgasm until you could take no more and push me away. You collapsed, your limbs going weak as you tried to catch your breath.

I slumped next to you and you instantly wrapped your arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. You were breathless in my ear and our pulses raced as one. I unleashed a torrent of compliments, telling you how amazing you were and how indescribable you looked and how much it meant to me to be lying beside you. You looked me in the eyes and placed your finger on my lips to silence me. Your smile is your reply, and then you kissed me tenderly. You laughed, a light lilting laugh, and pushed me on my back. You straddled my legs and pinned me down on the bed, kissing my bare chest. You giggled again as you gently bit one of my nipples, flicking it with your tongue. You trailed kisses up my body to my neck and nibbled on my ear playfully, and as you moved up you sat on my waist, teasingly rubbing yourself on my hard cock. You smiled mischievously as we ground our hips together, and I pulled you in for a long, deep kiss. You finally released my arms from your pin, and they travelled down the length of your body to hold your ass firmly. Our kiss became more heated, and I could feel your excitement. You cried out in laughter as I surprised you by rolling you onto your back, and the kissing started again. I pulled back a little to look at you in the eyes, you just smiled back at me, and then they widened slightly as I entered you.

You let out a low moan as I worked the head of my penis in and out of you, getting deeper and deeper. I couldn't believe how amazing you felt. You bit your bottom lip, and rolled your eyes back as my entire length disappeared inside you. You wrapped your legs around me, grabbing me and pulling me into a hug, allowing me to firmly kiss your neck. After a pause I started to slide back and forth. It was slow, powerful and deep. I could hear your astonished gasps as I filled you each time; your panting breaths are ragged in my ear. You whispered for more, wanting me to go faster. I'm only too happy to oblige, speeding up my thrusts. Your mouth formed a little 'O', as pleasure flowed through you. Your lustful sighs are music to my ears, spurring me on. I growl a little as you dug your fingers into my back, and gave my neck a bite. Your hips thrust up to meet mine and we were soon panting and moaning together.

At this point I had to slow down otherwise it'd all be over as quickly as it had begun. You pressed your lips to mine, and whispered how amazing it felt. With a naughty smile, you rolled us over without me leaving you. You pressed your hands to my chest and started to rise and fall on my cock. My eyes were wide saucers as I watched your body move. As you got faster and faster, you leaned forward and I seized the chance to kiss you again. We were both hot and heavy, groaning louder and louder. I took control, holding your hips with my strong hands and driving my dick deep inside you. You hissed an 'oh my god' into my ear and told me you were going to cum soon. That set me on fire, driving me wild, as the tension build. 'Yes... yessss' we hiss together and suddenly I exploded inside you. You let out a scream of pleasure like I've never heard before as you orgasmed. We shivered and twitched in each others arms, as our skin tingled. You collapsed beside me, gasping breathlessly. I enfolded you in my arms, and held you close to my body, my heart beating heavily.

There was no need for words. I kissed you again lightly, before we fell asleep in each others arms. I awoke several times during the night and each time, the feeling of being with you was incredible. In the morning however, I woke up and you were gone. You'd left a note, telling me you didn't want to disturb me but you had to go, it was the last day of your holiday and your flight was due.

And now I'm sitting here in your hotel room, writing this down so that I'll never forget that wonderful evening with you. I hope you get a chance to read this and enjoy it as much as I as I enjoyed writing it.


A big thankyou to 'BlueEyedBlondie' for editting and helping me get this story submitted.

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