My Virgin Nephew


"Jenny," I say slowly, not sure I want to know the answer to my question. "Why do you have one of these cameras on your dresser?" I ask. She just smiles at me and picks up the remote to the plasma big screen TV, mounted on the wall opposite the bed.

"John and I like to role play, you know, to spice up the sex a little," she says, smiling at me as she clicks the remote to turn on the TV. "A few months ago, John got the idea to video our role plays so we can watch them later," she says, stepping over to the laptop computer that sits on a desk in the corner.

"I searched the Internet, and in less than a week, I surprised him with a couple of these cameras. There's another one over there," she says, pointing to the dresser on the opposite wall. Moving the mouse around, she clicks on files until the computer desktop shows up on the TV screen. "I even learned how to use a video editing program," she smiles. "John thinks it's magic but then he can barely check his e-mail."

"You've filmed" Jenny cuts me off before I finish.

"Yes! Can you believe it?" she asks, excitedly. "This is our most recent video," she says as she clicks on a file. "The screen is angled so the best viewing is from the bed," she says, motioning me to join her on the king-size bed. "It's about time you got to see for yourself what I've been telling you about 'big' John," she smiles wickedly as we scoot back, leaning against pillows propped up on the headboard.

I'm dumbfounded and don't know what to say. I just follow my sister's lead and get comfortable on the bed next to her as we watch the file load.

"Jenny!" I say, turning toward her, shocked by the image on the big TV. "I don't want to watch this!" I tell her, getting ready to bolt from the room.

"Wait!" she says, grabbing my arm. "Just watch it for a minute. Trust me, Sara," she says, using that big sister voice which she knows I won't disobey. I sit back, keeping my eyes on Jenny instead of the TV. She presses the remote to adjust the volume and my eyes drift back to the big screen when I hear her moaning.

In the video, Jenny is lying naked on the same bed we're on now. Her legs are spread and she's masturbating with a pink dildo. I try not to watch but the image is captivating. I've seen porn stars masturbating on professional videos but watching my own sister masturbating on a homemade video is completely different. Why is she showing me this?

I know my sister prides herself on keeping in shape but I've never seen her naked. Her body looks even better than I expected. I'd always admired her long shapely legs and her flat stomach but her breasts look like they belong to a woman at least ten years younger. They're a little larger than mine with big areolas and thick nipples. Her tan lines reflect the conservative swimsuit she usually wears and her breasts are strikingly pale compared to the deep tan of her legs and stomach.

As my eyes travel the length of her body, I can't help but focus on the intersection of her smooth thighs where her hand is pumping the dildo in and out of her glistening pussy. She's completely shaved! I don't know why I'm so surprised. My thoughts are interrupted when the video abruptly switches to another angle, presumably from the other camera, shooting over Jenny's body from the top and showing the open door into the hall.

"This is the good part." Jenny says. "I edited the footage from the two cameras, making one video," she explains as the video shows John in the doorway, fully dressed

"What the fuck!" he says as Jenny scrambles to cover herself.

"J-J-John," she stutters, making me think of Jeremy. "What are you doing home?" she asks, scooting to the edge of the bed and tossing the dildo in the corner.

"Never mind me," he yells as he advances into the room. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Well..," she says, looking at him sheepishly. "Being bad, I guess," she says coyly.

"You're damn right!" he answers, pulling her up from the bed to stand next to him. "You know what happens to bad girls, don't you?" he asks. I glance at Jenny on the bed next to me and she has one hand between her thighs, rubbing the crotch of her shorts as she stares at the TV. I have to admit that it is weirdly erotic watching my fully dressed brother-in-law reprimanding my naked sister. I feel my pussy tingle as my eyes focus back on the TV screen.

"They get spanked." Jenny says quietly.

"Yes they do." John says, matter-of-factly as he sits on the edge of the bed and pulls Jenny across his lap. Ohmygod! I've heard about this but I'd have never believed that John and my sister...

"I told you this was good, didn't I?" Jenny says, looking at me as she continues rubbing her crotch. "I'm getting hot all over again, just watching it," she says as she hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and lifts her ass off the bed so she can pull them down. "Do you mind?" she asks, kicking her shorts off the foot of the bed, and spreading her legs apart, revealing light blue bikini panties.

"Uh... no. Not at all," I answer as she strokes her pussy through her panties.

"You can get comfortable, too," she says. "This isn't even the best part yet." I just look back at the video without moving. John has been caressing Jenny's bare ass and telling her what happens to bad girls. My sister has a surprisingly firm looking ass with tan lines cutting across just above the top of her crack and wrapping around the bottom of her cheeks. I watch John raise his hand but I still flinch when the loud slap echoes through the speakers.

I glance at Jenny and she has her hand inside her panties, working her pussy with her fingers. Maybe it's the alcohol, I can't really explain it but I'm getting very turned on. I shift nervously on the bed, squeezing my thighs together as my eyes dart back and forth between John spanking my sister and watching her masturbating next to me.

Slap! Slap! Slap! John lands his palm against Jenny's round ass cheeks in rapid succession and I watch as they turn a light shade of pink.

"Take your shorts off." My sister says, almost panting. "You know you want to, Sara!" she cries, glancing over at me. I guess I'm squirming around more than I realized. I hesitate for a minute and then strip off my shorts and spread my legs apart like my sister.

"You are such a slut!" John says and I jerk my head up, expecting to see him standing in the doorway. But, it's just the video. He has slowed his attack and is now caressing Jenny's pink ass between slaps. His hand dips between her legs, rubbing her pussy. "You really like this, don't you, slut!" he yells, pushing two fingers into her pussy as she squirms on his lap.

"YES!!" Both Jennys answer in unison. The one sitting next to me appears to be getting ready to cum. Her body has slid down to where she's nearly off the pillows and she now has both hands inside her panties. It looks like she's pumping her fingers in and out, mimicking what John is doing in the video. Her other hand is probably rubbing her clit.

This is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I'm mesmerized, watching my sister masturbate to a video of her husband spanking her. It's like seeing a train wreck; I don't want to look but I can't tear my eyes away!

"Oh fuck!" The real Jenny is breathing hard, bucking her ass off the bed and working frantically on her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!" she moans, squeezing her legs together as she pulls her knees up and lets her orgasm wash over her.

"I needed that," she laughs, pulling her hands from her panties and stretching her legs out on the bed. "You've never been spanked like that, have you Sara?" she asks, looking over at my dazed expression. "Bet you'd like to find out what it's like, wouldn't you?" she asks, her eyes focused on the damp spot in the crotch of my panties.

She's right! I've been imagining myself stretched across John's lap, his hand caressing my warm, freshly spanked ass. Before I can answer, she's moving across the bed and pulling her halter-top off. Neither of us is wearing a bra and I watch my sister's tits swing freely from side to side as she pushes me across the bed.

"This won't be as good as John's spankings but I think you'll get the idea," she says, pulling me off the bed with her until we're standing face to face.

"You've been bad, haven't you?" she says as she unties my halter-top and lets it fall to the floor. She hefts my breasts with her hands and gives me an appreciative smile. I stare blankly at her, a dazed expression on my face.

"I said, you've been bad!" she yells, dropping my breasts and letting them slam against my chest. The vibration sends tingles through my nipples and down to my pussy. I barely nod as she sits down on the edge of the bed.

"You know what happens to bad girls, don't you?" she asks, taking my arm and pulling me down across her lap. I don't answer. This isn't happening. My arm brushes against her tits. My pussy is on fire as I lie across my sister's bare thighs.

"You've fucked my son!" she yells, while pulling my panties down just below the curve of my round ass cheeks. God! This is wrong! Her hand feels so good on my ass, squeezing and caressing my cheeks.

"You've lusted after my husband!" she yells, and I jerk my head around to look at her. Oh no! She knows about John.

"Just roll with it, honey," she smiles. "I'm just getting into character," she says, and I turn back, surprised that the video is still playing.

John has his shirt off and is unfastening his pants while Jenny is on all fours on the bed with her bright pink ass cheeks pushed out towards him.

Slap! Fuck! That hurt! Jenny has brought her hand down hard on my right ass cheek. Slap! The second one hits my left ass cheek as I watch John's hard cock spring out of his pants.

"This is what happens to bad girls who can't control their sexual urges!" Jenny says as she administers three quick smacks to my bare ass. Fuck! I've never done anything like this! My pussy is gushing juice as I watch John align his cock with my sister's wet pussy. By the time he drives it home, I'm humping Jenny's thigh and wishing she'd touch my pussy.

"You like this, don't you, slut!" she asks, mimicking the video as she slides her fingers between my legs. I raise my ass and spread my thighs, welcoming her probing fingers. But she doesn't touch my pussy.

"You want me to get you off, don't you?" Jenny asks menacingly.

"Yes!" I answer, raising my ass higher. She runs her palm over my tender ass cheeks, lightly caressing my skin.

"Because you're a slut!" Slap! Oh fuck!

"Yes!" I answer, collapsing back onto her thighs. Slap! She's alternating between my ass cheeks.

"Say it!" she commands as I watch John pound into her on the video. Her ass cheeks are bright pink and he's holding her hips as his thick cock glides in and out of her pussy.

"I'm a slut!" I answer. Slap! My cheeks must be getting as pink as Jenny's are in the video.

"You fucked my son!" Slap! "Say it!" she commands as her palm stays against my burning ass cheek.

"I fucked your son," I say as she slides her fingers down between my ass cheeks. Please touch me this time! I silently beg, while raising my ass up and offering myself to her.

"You lusted after my husband!" she says, as her fingers get closer to my pussy. "Say it!"

"I lusted after your husband," I repeat dutifully. If she only knew! I spread my legs and try to make contact with her fingers as I glance at the TV. John has pulled Jenny tightly against him and is jerking wildly against her ass, obviously shooting his cum into her.

"And now you want your big sister to get you off!" she says as her fingers graze my outer labia and send shivers through my body.

"Oh God! Yes!" I yell, pushing back against her fingers but she pulls them away. Slap! Goddamn! I've never experienced anything like this. My pussy is on fire, my ass is burning and I just want my sister to shove her fingers inside me.

"You are such a slut!" she says disgustedly, pulling me off of her lap and flopping me onto my back on the bed. No! I need to cum! Don't stop!

"Jenny," I breathe. "Please..." But before I can finish, I feel her pulling my panties the rest of the way off and pushing my thighs apart.

"Don't worry sweetie," she says, kneeling between my widespread legs. "Big sister is going to take care of you," she whispers as she lowers her face to my anxious pussy. What? No! My sister is going to eat my pussy? This is insane! First, she begs me to fuck her son and then shows me video of her and her husband. Now she's going to eat my pussy? It's like a bad dream! Oh Fuck! Or maybe a good dream!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moan as her tongue touches my swollen lips and she licks up towards my clit. I lie back as Jenny expertly explores my enflamed pussy. Staring at the blank, blue TV screen, I wonder when the video ended.

"Mmmmmmm!" I murmur as Jenny slips her tongue between my pussy lips, invading my fiery hole. I grab her hair with my hands and buck my pussy against her face. This is incredible! What was I doing teaching Jeremy anything? I'm a fucking amateur compared to my sister!

"Ohhhhhh! Fuucck!" I scream as my clit becomes the focus of her attention. My sister is gently flicking her tongue across it, while using her fingers to probe my slick opening. Oh God! I'm thrashing around on the bed; my orgasm building to an unprecedented level. The stinging of my ass cheeks only seems to enhance the intensity of my pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! God! Jenny! Don't stop!" I plead as Jenny sucks my clit into her mouth and vigorously finger fucks my slippery pussy. The sensation is indescribable; it feels like nothing I've ever felt before. John and Jeremy both have both eaten my pussy to explosive orgasms but Jenny puts her son and husband to shame.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" I'm holding her head and bucking my pussy against her mouth as my orgasm reaches its crest. "I'm cumming!" I moan. "I'm fucking cuuuummmmmming!" My pussy explodes, gushing juice all over Jenny's face. I jerk spastically several times before collapsing back on the bed completely exhausted.

"I've wanted to do that for so long." Jenny smiles as she wipes pussy juice off her chin. "You are more delicious than I ever imagined," she says, pulling herself up on the bed and lying beside me. I look at her through a filter of alcohol and post-orgasmic bliss. What's she talking about?

"You're beautiful, sis," she says, wrapping her arm around me just under my breasts and snuggling close.

"When you've caught your breath, maybe..." My cell phone ring interrupts her and I slide out of her embrace to answer it. I find my shorts and retrieve my phone from the front pocket.

"A text message from Jeremy," I tell Jenny as she's flips over on her back and pulls her panties off. Oh, God! What's she expecting? I can't do this! I pull my eyes from her bald pussy to read the message.

"The text message just says, 'Thank You!' repeated four times," I tell her. "I guess the evening was a success!" I add, not looking up from my phone. It doesn't matter, I can see her in my peripheral vision, lying naked on her back, her large breasts rising and falling with her breathing. What am I going to do? I didn't think about reciprocating but it's only fair after the incredible orgasm she gave me. I rack my foggy brain for some way to escape. Then it hits me.

"I bet he waited to text me until after he dropped Megan off," I say, looking over at Jenny's expectant expression. "That could mean he'll be home any minute," I say, thinking I could actually be right. "I better go or we better at least get dressed," I say, looking around for my panties and halter-top.

"I'm sorry the evening ended so early." Jenny says, not moving from the bed. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself," she smiles and drops her eyes to my wet pussy as I lift my leg to put on my panties.

"I was," I say. "I mean, I did! It was... I'm at a loss for words, Jenny," I tell her honestly.

"I know, sweetie," she says, sliding off the bed and walking over to me as I pull my panties up.

"It was a new experience," she adds as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me into a tight embrace. Ohmygod! I've never had another woman's body against mine. I can feel her nipples mashing into my breasts as her hands caress my back.

"You've had a lot of new experiences lately," she smiles as she runs her hands down to cup my ass cheeks. "I'm glad I've been a part of them," she says, moving her lips towards mine. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I can't kiss my sister like this! But I can't turn my head; that would be rude! Maybe she's just going to give me a quick peck. That would be okay.

"Just relax, Sara," Jenny says, using her 'big sister will protect you' voice. I hadn't realized how much I'd stiffened in her arms. I rest my hands on her shoulders, and relax a little until she leans in and parts my lips with her tongue. Now what? Fuck! I close my eyes and eventually start returning her kiss, sucking my juices off of her tongue. What else can I do? And it's not unpleasant, at all!

"It would have been a lot better if John had been here to do the spanking, don't you think?" she asks, breaking the kiss and leaning back to look in my eyes. Her tits are now barely brushing mine which is actually more arousing than having them mashed together.

"What?" I ask, unable to mask my shock at her implication. Does she know about John and I? Is this her way of telling me? My head is spinning.

"Shhh," she holds me as she smooths my hair. "I'm just saying that you'd have been more comfortable with a man," she smiles. "Isn't that right?" I breathe a sigh of relief. She doesn't know. But then what is this about? Is she offering to have John spank me? Or fuck me?

"Yes," I answer quietly. "But John..," I don't finish. I don't know what to say. I wonder if John knows about this.

"You'd better go," she says, kissing me again as she squeezes my sore ass cheeks. "We'll talk more tomorrow," her voice is barely audible as she turns back towards the bed. I watch her crawl onto the bed, stretch out on her back and close her eyes.

I stare at my sister's naked body as I tie my halter-top and pull on my shorts. I wonder what I would have done if Jeremy hadn't called. Would I have reciprocated? Could I have eaten my sister's pussy? Her body is not unappealing. Her thick nipples were made for sucking and her porcelain smooth pussy mound is wickedly erotic. I've never pleasured a woman before but I taught Jeremy how to use his tongue on me. I know what great oral sex feels like and I've tasted my own juices. Jenny's wouldn't taste so different, I'm sure.

Fuck! Her eyes are open and she's smiling at me like she can read my thoughts. Has she seen me exploring her body with her eyes? Fuck! This is your brain on margaritas and sex! I need to get out of here.

"Do you want the bedroom door closed?" I ask as I turn away from the bed.

"Yes," she says, sleepily. "We wouldn't want Jeremy to find his mother passed out naked on the bed," she says dreamily. "Or would we?" I jerk my head around but her eyes are already closed. I watch the rise and fall of her breasts for a minute and then pull the door closed.

As soon as I'm back in my apartment, I strip off my clothes and start the shower. As I wait for the water to warm up, I turn to look at my ass in the mirror. A bright red spot on the fleshy part of each cheek brings back the events of the evening. I cup one cheek, placing the palm of my hand lightly against the sore area. It's hot to the touch and my pussy tingles at the lingering memory of my sister's hand.

The shower is ready and I step into it. As the water cascades over my body, I will my muscles to relax. With soap on my hands, I leisurely let them roam my body. I am such a slut! Every member of my sister's family has had their way with me. First John, then Jeremy and now Jenny. What am I their play toy? The idea fogs my brain. Wait a minute! No way! It can't be!

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