My Virgin Sister


Lisa jumps up off the lounge chair, forgetting her top isn't fastened. She holds it against her ribs, as it slips below her tits, leaving her sexy, little mounds bouncing freely as we run to the window.

"What happened?" Lisa asks as we position ourselves outside Mom's window, me behind Lisa looking over her shoulder again. "All of a sudden, she freaked out."

Mom comes into her room untying her swimsuit bottom and letting it fall. She kicks it into her bathroom, locks the bedroom door and unfastens her top. Shrugging it off her arms, she tosses it in the bathroom, giving us our first look at her fully erect nipples. We stare at her thick, pink nipples sticking out about 3/4 of an inch from her wide areolas, as she starts massaging her breasts. She keeps one hand on her breasts and moves the other one down across her dark, triangle to her pussy lips. She hastily slips two fingers inside her pussy and starts pumping them in and out.

"Damn, Jack she is really hot!" Lisa whispers, while rubbing her ass against my throbbing cock. "Look at her fingering herself. What happened out here?"

"She bumped her cheek into my cock, when she started to get up, and just sat there staring at it. I thought she was going to grab it, when you asked her to do your legs." As I say this, I pull Lisa's swimsuit bottom down to her feet and she lifts one foot out of it, spreading her legs apart.

"Oh god, Jack. Are you going to fuck me while we watch Mom finger herself. You are so bad! Fuck me, Jack!" I drop my swimsuit to the ground and push my rock hard cock deep into Lisa's dripping wet pussy, from behind. She grinds her ass back against me and I steadily pump in and out of her tight, frothing pussy. Lisa let's her top fall to the ground, as she leans her hands against the side of the house for support. We are both completely naked, fucking in our backyard and spying on our mom, as she fingers herself.

Mom is now lying on the bed on her back, with her knees pulled up, pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her other hand is still pinching her tits and pulling at her nipples. When she stretches her nipples out, they're over an inch long, making her tits look like long, cylindrical cones, rising out of her chest. Suddenly Mom starts bucking against her hand, lifting her ass off the bed. She lets go of her tit and starts rubbing her clit, while still shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"This is amazing, Jack!" Lisa whispers, breathing hard. "She's cumming and I'm about to cum with her. Let's all three of us cum together, Jack! Fuck me harder."

I'm holding her hips and pulling her against me, while I slam harder and faster into my sister's burning, hot pussy. She's thrusting her ass back against me and I can feel her pussy muscles spasm around my cock. I shoot a huge load of cum deep into Lisa's cunt, while watching Mom's face contort in ecstasy. Mom lifts her legs completely off the bed and her body is shaking violently, as I feel Lisa's pussy contract around my cock, quivering. I shoot several smaller loads into her pussy, before leaning against her back, looking in the window.

"Oh, Fuck, Jack! That's where I get it from. Will you look at that?" Mom is lying spread-eagle on the bed slipping her pussy drenched fingers into her mouth and sucking her own juices. Her chest is rising and falling, as she sucks her fingers and tries to catch her breath. She licks her fingers clean and then dips them back in her pussy, scooping out more juices to suck from her fingers. I'm glad my cock is still buried deep inside Lisa's tight pussy, because what happens next makes me hard again in no time.

Mom gets up from her bed and walks over to her dresser. We are thinking the show's over, but then she returns to the bed and lays down on her back again. In her hands she has a bright, pink cylinder about nine inches long.

"Is that what I think it is?" Lisa moans. "Oh my god, Jack she's got a vibrator. We're going to watch her fuck her pussy with a vibrator." Lisa smiles at me over her shoulder. "Spying on me was never this good, was it?" Of course it wasn't. I was cumming with my hand not inside a hot, quivering pussy.

Mom licks the vibrator, sliding it in and out of her mouth a couple of times, covering it with saliva, before moving it down to her pussy. She pulls her legs up and we watch her run the tip of the vibrator up and down her thick, glistening pussy lips. She slips it between her lips and buries all 9" of it deep inside her pussy. Her legs twitch a couple of times when she twists the end of the vibrator, turning it on. She lays her head back on the bed, holding the vibrator deep inside her pussy with one hand. She just lays there for a while, not moving.

"What's she doing?" I ask as I begin moving my fully recovered cock in and out of Lisa's enflamed pussy. "She's just laying there?"

"I think she's just enjoying the vibrations inside her pussy. I bet it feels great," Lisa says, excitedly. "I want to try it, Jack. Did you see where she keeps it?" Lisa is pushing back against me, matching me stroke for stroke, as we set up a regular rhythm with our fucking. Both of our eyes are on Mom's pussy and the nine-inch pink vibrator stuck inside of it.

"No, I don't know where she got it from, but I bet we can find it tomorrow while Mom's at work. Knowing you, we'll probably have to replace the batteries before the days over though." I laugh while keeping up the rhythm of our fucking.

"Very funny, Jack. Oh look, she's pulling it out," She says as we watch Mom pull the vibrator half way out of her pussy and push it back in. She pulls her knees up and spreads her legs wide apart, as she fucks the vibrator in and out between her swollen pussy lips. Lisa and I unconsciously adjust our rhythm to match Moms and it feels like all three of us are fucking together. Lisa's tight pussy is well lubricated, from her juices and my prior load of cum, and my cock makes squishing noises as it glides in and out.

We watch Mom pull the vibrator all the way out of her pussy and run the tip of it up over her clit. She holds it firmly against her clit for about a minute before she raises her ass up off the bed and starts violently bucking her hips in the air. I start hammering into Lisa's cum soaked cunt, holding her hips with my hands and slamming up against her ass.

"God, Jack! This is so unreal. Fuck me hard, Jack. Fuck me hard, while I watch Mom cumming with her vibrator!" Lisa is panting and pushing back against my hammering cock.

Mom stops bucking almost as suddenly as she started, removing the vibrator from her clit and relaxing her legs. She slides her legs down onto the bed, still wide apart, in a spread eagle position. Her chest is heaving up and down, as she gulps air into her lungs. Her tits are rising and falling with her breathing and her nipples are still very stiff. She turns off the vibrator, holding it in her right hand as she lets her arms fall on the bed on either side of her. Her breathing is still slowing, as she lazily moves the vibrator to her mouth and starts licking and sucking her juices off of it.

"Fuck me, Jack! Fuck me! Did you see that! Ohhh! Fuck me, Jack!" Lisa is out of control, thrusting her ass up against my hard cock. She reaches her left hand between her legs and massages my balls. This puts me over the top and I bury my hard cock deep in Lisa's steaming, hot pussy, shooting another load of cum inside her. Clamping down hard on my shaft, her pulsating pussy walls milk every drop of cum from my cock. Her legs are shaking and I reach my arms around her just under her breasts to hold her up. My cock slips from her pussy as I hold her against me. Turning around, Lisa wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me fervently. Her bare tits grind against my chest, as our tongues dance together inside her mouth.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Lisa says as we both look in the window to see what Mom's doing. She's getting up off the bed and going into her bathroom. We hear the shower start and decide the show is over for today.

"We could stay and watch her get dressed after her shower, if you'd like," I say to Lisa, still holding her naked body in a tight embrace outside of Mom's window.

"I don't think I can take anymore today, Jack," she smiles. "You can stay and watch if you want. I should probably go in and get cleaned up, while Mom's in the shower. I've got all this gunk oozing out of my pussy, and running down my legs, thanks to you." She leans up and kisses me hard on the mouth. "Thank you, Jack for an incredible day? Who knew spying could be so much fun?" She picks up her swimsuit and walks toward the door.

As I watch her naked ass wiggle across the patio, I take one last look in Mom's window and decide not to hang around. Nothing could top what I've already seen. I pick up my swimsuit and walk naked into the house behind Lisa. Going into my room, I get dressed and flop down on my bed, exhausted and spent from the day's events.

I wake up the next morning with Lisa cuddled up to me, her tits pushed against my back. Her arm is draped over my body and her hand is gently massaging my cock and balls.

"I would like some of your cum for breakfast, Jack. Do you think that would be alright?" Lisa says softly in my ear.

"As long as I can drink your pussy juice for my breakfast," I answer, rolling over on my back.

"I think that's a fair trade. Here put these pillows behind your head," Lisa says as she moves two more pillows under my head and shoulders, raising me up to a half sitting position. "I want you to watch me and I want to see your face when you cum." She is on her knees between my legs.

"Bend your knees up, Jack so I can lick your ass and your balls." I lift up my knees, putting my feet flat on the bed. "Okay, a new game, Jack with just one rule; don't move. I want you to lie perfectly still while I suck you off. Don't move your hips. Don't push up into my mouth. Whenever you move, I'm going to stop what I'm doing and sit up. Understand?" Lisa's smiling that mischievous smile of hers, but it sounds intriguing so I say yes.

My sister bends her head down and licks one long lick from my balls to the tip of my cock. She wraps her lips around my cock and slides her mouth up and down while her tongue licks the underside of my shaft. She keeps her eyes on my face, while she bobs her head up and down on my very rigid cock. Her mouth is wet and warm and I can't help bucking my ass off the bed to match her rhythm. She immediately pulls her mouth off my cock and sits back on her knees.

"Jack. Don't move, remember?" Lisa says with fake admonishment.

"Okay, Sorry, sorry. It's hard!" I quickly answer.

"Of course it's hard, Jack. That's why I'm sucking it." She laughs and bends down, resuming the blowjob. With one hand she's holding my cock, stroking with the rhythm of her sucking and with her other hand she's caressing my balls. I force myself to lie perfectly still and just enjoy the sight of my sister sucking my morning hard-on. She takes her hand off my cock and starts taking me deeper into her mouth with each dip of her head. She's smiling with her eyes and looking right at me as she continues to move her lips farther and farther down my shaft.

I watch her hand move back between her legs and rub lightly between her pussy lips. She slips one finger inside her pussy, pulls it back out and then begins massaging my asshole with it. I feel her slick juices lubricate my asshole, as she continues sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Without thinking I push my cock up and she stops everything.

"Fuck Lisa! What do you expect? I can't just lie perfectly still with what you're doing." I'm really annoyed that she's stopped.

"You're going to have to, Jack, if you want me to let you cum in my mouth this morning," she teases. She has her finger back inside her pussy. She pulls it out and starts rubbing my asshole with it again. She rubs all around the hole, and then pushes just the tip of her finger inside my ass at exactly the same moment that she eases her lips completely down my shaft.

"Oh fuck! Lisa, that is fucking amazing!" I moan, trying not to move.

The end of my cock is in her throat and her lips are pushed against my pubic hair. She holds me there, licking my cock with her tongue and fingering my asshole, then pulls off and takes a deep breath. She immediately slides her mouth back down my cock and pushes her finger a little farther inside my ass.

I'm going nuts watching my sister deep throat me, while fingering my ass. I'm concentrating on keeping my body still while Lisa, looking directly in my eyes, continues deep throating my throbbing hard cock. With her hand still playing with my balls, she must feel them tighten, as I get ready to cum. She pulls her lips halfway up my shaft, continues licking the underside of my cock and pushes her finger all the way in my asshole just as I shoot my load. She's sliding her finger in and out of my ass, and swallowing my cum, as I continue shooting load after load into her warm, wet mouth.

"Fuck! You are amazing! That was absolutely a mind-blowing fucking blowjob, Lisa!" I'm yelling as she cleans the last bits of cum off my cock with her tongue. Her finger is still buried deep inside my asshole as she pulls her face away from my cock and licks her lips.

"Mmmmm that was a good breakfast," she says as she eases her finger out of my ass. "Did you enjoy it, Jack? I did a little more homework. I was thinking maybe extra credit. What do you think?"

"Extra fucking credit is right! Deep throating and fingering my ass! I've never felt anything even close to this before. Lie down, Lisa, let me see if I can do half as well with my breakfast."

"Wait, Jack. Let's go find the vibrator! I want you to experiment with it on me." Lisa jumps off the bed and runs naked into Mom's room. I follow her, staring at her tight round ass, while she searches through Mom's dresser drawers.

"Try her underwear drawer," I tell her, standing in the doorway, enjoying the view of my naked sister rummaging around in Mom's dresser. Her nipples are hard and her tits are bouncing, as she moves around looking for the vibrator. "That seems the most likely place." Lisa opens Mom's underwear drawer and pushes her bras and panties aside to look underneath them.

"Here, I've got it!" Lisa holds up the nine-inch pink vibrator that we saw Mom use yesterday. "Wait. What's this?" Lisa asks, as she pulls a small plastic oval out of the drawer. It has a wire attached to it that runs to a switch. The oval is about an inch long and looks like a little egg. The wire is about two feet long and the switch is a small plastic push button. Lisa pushes the button and the egg starts to vibrate.

"Oh my god!" Lisa yells. "I think it goes up inside. I think she puts this in her pussy and then pushes this button when she wants it to vibrate." Lisa is holding the egg by the wire and grinning from ear to ear. "Let's try them both!" she squeals, as she closes the drawer and heads back to my room.

"I want to try the egg first to see what it feels like, then the long one. Do you think the pink one will fit all the way inside me like it did Mom? It's pretty big." She's lying on my bed looking at the two vibrators. I sit down beside her and reach for the egg.

"Here, let me see that," I say, taking it from her and stretching the wire out. "I think we've been fucking long enough that you'll be able to take most of the pink one inside your pussy." I'm sitting on the bed next to her as she lies on her back pulling her knees up. I reach between her legs and run my finger up and down her pussy lips. She pretty wet already, so I put the egg between her lips and push it up inside with my finger.

"Ready?" I ask, with my finger poised over the button.

"Ready," Lisa says excitedly.

I push the button and hear the muffled sound of the egg vibrating inside Lisa's pussy.

"Ohhh. Oh, fuck! It's ummmm. It's ummmm. I don't know. It's...It's...goddamn!" Lisa is panting already, moving her ass up and down and opening and closing her legs. I push the button and the egg stops.

"What are you doing, Jack! That felt great. Why did you stop it?" Lisa asks.

"Because you were moving," I tease. "No, not really. I just thought it would be good to try the pink one and compare before you got too far along. What do you think?" I ask her, pulling the wire to dislodge the egg from her pussy. It pops out from between her pussy lips and rolls between her legs.

"Yeah. Good idea, I guess. But that one sure felt good!"

I push the tip of the pink one between her pussy lips and it glides halfway in, lubricated by Lisa's already flowing juices. I push it a little more and ask Lisa how it feels.

"It's fine. Is it in all the way?" she asks.

"Almost. Just a couple more inches and you'll have it." I push it a little more until just the switch is sticking out of her pussy. "How does it feel?"

"It's big, but I'd rather have your cock," she says, smiling at me. "Turn it on and let's see," Lisa says, holding her breath and waiting for me to turn the vibrator switch.

"Maybe you should do it. You can adjust the speed to where you want it. You just turn the end and the farther you turn it the faster it vibrates." I move my hand from the vibrator to let her take it.

"No, Jack. I want you to do it, please. Just go slow and I'll tell you if it's too fast."

I turn the switch and hear the low hum of the vibrator. Turning it a little more, I watch Lisa's face.

"Oh Fuck! That's better than the egg, Jack! Oh god! This is unreal." Lisa is bucking her hips up and down while I hold the vibrator in her pussy.

"Do you want it faster?" I ask.

'Yeah. Just a little bit, let's see what it does." I turn it faster and watch Lisa's reaction. She starts thrusting her hips all the way off the bed and I'm struggling to keep the vibrator all the way in her pussy. Her pussy muscles are pushing it out. I start a rhythm by pushing it in and letting her push it out. I'm fucking her with the vibrator, sliding it in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh I'm cumming, Jack!" I push it in and out faster. She's bucking so wildly that I can barely keep the vibrator in her over-excited pussy.

"Tell me what to do, Sis. Do you want it pushed in and out, or held in, or what?" I'm trying frantically to keep up with her jerky thrusts, as her body reacts to the stimulation of the vibrator.

"Just do whatever you're doing. I'm cumming!" She grabs the bedspread with her hands, slams her ass down on the bed and closes her legs, trapping the vibrator and my hand between them. "Stop it! Shut it off! Stop it, Jack!" Lisa yells.

"Open your legs, so I can!" I yell, prying her legs apart and turning the vibrator switch to off. She collapses on the bed, her legs twitching and her chest heaving up and down, as she catches her breath.

"Wow! No wonder Mom was relaxed last night!" Lisa says, smiling while she sucks air into her lungs.

"Didn't Mom use it on her clit, too?" I ask Lisa. "Do you want to try that?"

"Yeah in a minute," she says, still panting. "Let me catch my breath." The pink vibrator is still in Lisa's pussy and I reach over and pick up the egg. It is soaked with Lisa's juices and I get an idea.

"Hey, you know what you should try? How about we leave the pink vibrator in your pussy and use the egg to stimulate your clit. That should really get you off."

"Ooh, yeah! I like the way you think, Jack," Lisa says, spreading her legs apart. "Why don't you turn the pink one on low and then hold the egg against my clit?"

"Okay. The egg only has one speed, so if it's too much, we can switch them." I reach over and turn the pink one on the lowest setting and leave it buried in her pussy. I push the button on the egg-shaped vibrator and hold the vibrating egg against her clit. "How's that?"

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