tagErotic CouplingsMy Way Ch. 02

My Way Ch. 02

byDG Hear©

You may want to read the first chapter before continuing on.



I talked with Moose for a week and he told me a lot about his life and hinted about a number of missing persons and murder victims. Mike Keffer told me his boss wasn't satisfied with the results I was getting.

"Well you go tell the AG if he wants to find someone else I'll step aside. I'm a journalist, a reporter, not an interrogation specialist."

"Sorry, Joe, it's just that we need some kind of proof he really knows something. I'm sorry if I upset you but it's been a week and we just heard a lot about his personal life."

"I'm doing my best. Any time you two want me to stop, just say so. Until then I'll continue to let Jeff tell his story."

I was a little pissed, but getting the information is the real reason I was there. They wanted to know about missing persons and murder victims. I wanted to know that too but also wanted the story of an old friend and how he changed so much in a few short years.

I spent my mornings talking with Moose and my afternoons writing other stories to help earn my living. I was really intrigued with Moose. In the evening I made transcripts of all my information from Moose so I could have a written copy. Julie got a shortened version of what information I felt I could share.

"Moose, the AG is still wondering if you have information on missing people."

"Stupid fucking pricks . . ."

"Moose, they'll hear you."

"What are they going to do? Take away my hour a day in the fucking courtyard. Fuck them! Hell, maybe I'll throw them a bone so they get off your ass."

He started telling me about life after his mom's funeral.

"During my last year in the service I worked in the motor pool. Sometimes I drove the commanding officer (CO) to meetings. The base was in Ohio but nowhere near my hometown. One day the CO ordered me to take him to the state house for a meeting.

"What a surprise it was for me when I found out Mark Wells was still in office. I hated that fucker. He was the one who wouldn't sign my papers to exclude me from military service. Word had it he gave his son an exclusion even though the punk didn't ask. His two nephews got them also. And none of them were married or had a family. I vowed that someday I would get even. That was the day

"I let the CO out and then parked in the side lot. He told me he would be about an hour so I walked into the lobby and looked to see where Mark's office was. There was no way I could get there without someone seeing me. Instead I went to the phone in the lobby and asked for him. To my surprise his secretary said he had stepped out for a few minutes and would be right back. She asked if I wanted to leave a message but I just said I'd try again later.

"When someone steps out for a few minutes, it's often to take a smoke break. They didn't allow smoking in the building and most smokers would step outside. I walked around to the back of the building and sure as shit, there he was, smoking away.

"I walked up to him and asked if he was State Representative Mark Wells. I wanted to make sure before ending his life. He nodded and said he was, then questioned whether he could help me. That's when I told him he ruined my life. Before he replied I took out my knife and stabbed him three times in his kidneys. I'm sure he died instantly. To make it look like a robbery I took his wallet, then picked his body up and threw it in the trash bin. Then I walked over to my jeep and waited for the CO."

"Moose! You killed him in cold blood. Didn't it bother you in the least?" I asked.

"No, he took my life when he sent me away from my family. I just returned the favor. The CO came out and took me to lunch. It was a great day all the way around."

I remembered reading about the murder. Articles mentioned the stabbing and that police found the body in a dumpster. They considered robbery a motive since his wallet was gone but they never had any suspects. There were no surveillance cameras near the dumpster and the visitors list for that day showed nothing.

"Moose, you say you did it. How does anyone know you aren't just trying to take credit for it since you're on death row anyway?"

"I kept his wallet. I'll let you know where it is at the end of our talk, but only if I can tell you everything. That should be enough of a bone for your AG." The way Moose grinned, I believed him.

"Moose, I have to ask a question that's been bugging me. Why did you wait two years before telling this story?"

"Sorry Joe but you'll get your answers in due time. I know you'll understand then."

"So, what are we going to cover next?" I asked.

"After I was discharged from the service, I headed back home. My brother Ray was vice president of our dad's company and was afraid I was going to step in with some kind of equal ranking. It was kind of funny since I had no intentions of anything close to that.

"I had a talk with them and told them I wouldn't mind working as a mechanic in the repair shop. And I asked if there was any problem with me living in the cabin. It was thirty miles from town and hardly anyone used it any more. At one time our parents took us kids there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

"That's when my dad said he was going to retire and divide our inheritance. Ray was pissed. He said he had worked his dick in the dirt for the business and I hadn't done a thing to deserve half.

"Dad interrupted Ray, which was a good thing because I could have killed him without batting an eye. No one talked to me the way he did and got away with it. My dad talked about his failing health and the stress of day to day operations He planned to give Ray the business right away, plus my brother would get the house and all that was in it after he died.

"I knew there was something wrong and asked him. He had pancreatic cancer and the doctor gave him a few months. Then he turned to me and said I got the cottage and all the land that went with it—over six hundred acres—and two million dollars."

"Ray looked up knowing he made an ass of himself. He apologized to dad and then to me. He knew the business was worth well over six million dollars and that wasn't counting the estate dad would be leaving him.

"I told my dad it wasn't necessary but he pointed out it would give me something to pass along to my daughters. Everyone knew my parents were wealthy but no one knew how rich they really were. They were just nice and friendly people who always helped those in need."

"So, did you work at the shop or just move out to the cottage?"

"I did both. I drove in five days a week and earned my paycheck fixing cycles. I spent my extra time in the gym. Staying fit was all I knew outside of killing."

"Are you saying you killed other people other than the state representative?"

"You're getting ahead of yourself, Joe. Everything will be told in due time. I loved it out at the cottage. It was like being in the wilderness, no people bothering me. I usually ate dinner in town before going home, but I was pretty much a loner."

"What about female companionship, Moose?" I inquired.

"I fucked my share of women, both overseas and here. One of the things I decided to do was fuck Marsha's old friends, the ones she went to school with."

"So, did you succeed?"

He stared at me. Then I realized why. My first wife Laura was one of Marsha's friends. I knew she cheated on me but I never imagined Moose would do that to me.

"Yes Joe, I succeeded with all four. That's the other reason why I owe you this interview. I'm sorry buddy, but she was trash and you deserved a lot better. I heard you got remarried and have a couple kids."

I got up and told Moose I needed a break. What I really needed was a few minutes to gather my thoughts. There I was interviewing a man who fucked my first wife while we were still married. I wasn't ready to hear about it even when I went back and sat down.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to change the subject a bit. Did you see Marsha from time to time?" I asked.

"Not very often and I hardly ever talked to her. I'll give your bosses another bone to chew on. Shortly after returning home, I wanted to find out who the guy was who broke up my marriage. His name was Jerry Stinner.

"I found out after he broke up my marriage that he thought he would get into some money because of my family name. What he discovered was that Marsha and I had nothing. He left her about a month after the divorce.

"I found out where the guy moved to and paid him a visit. He was living near Circleville with another woman. I followed him to a local bar one day and approached him in the parking lot. After I confirmed I had the right man, I broke his neck.

"I threw his body into the back of my truck, covered it with a tarp, and drove off. Tell the AG I buried the body by the third fence pole outside the cemetery. But because it's been about seven years I'm guessing it decomposed quite a bit by now. I have his wallet and will give it to you later."

That was all the time we had that day but there was a lot of info too. Mike Keffer already had a crew going to the cemetery Moose mentioned to see if a body existed.

When I got home Julie could tell I was upset. After she heard that Moose had fucked my first wife she hugged me.

"He's right Joe, she didn't deserve you."

"I guess it was something I never expected from Moose. We really were good friends and hearing that he fucked Laura was kind of a hard pill to swallow."

"Joe, you said he's not the same man you remember. All that happened after he returned from combat. You're my man now so please just let it go."

Julie and I made love that night. I guess I was happy to know Moose never met her. She was the love of my life and picked me up out of the gutter after my divorce from Laura. I knew in one of our talks Moose would be telling me the story of him and Marsha's friends. Hard to believe he fucked all of them—they were all married.

Before I went to see Moose the next day I got a call from Mike. They found the remains of a body right where Moose said it was and were going to run dental records to see if it was Jerry Stinner.


"Moose, didn't you feel bad about killing Jerry Stinner?"

"No, I've told you killing means no more to me than swatting a fly. Marsha knew Stinner was missing because the cops checked with her when he didn't return home after a few days. I guess his new girlfriend wondered where he might have gone."

"I'm ready to hear about Laura now. It really shook me up when you told me you had sex with her, but at least no one died."

"Sorry Joe but don't be so sure. She was a real sleaze and you deserved a lot better. After I got out of the service I let my beard grow. I decided I was never going to cut it. And I didn't until after the trial; although I kept it trimmed some but never cut much off the length.

"Remember our class reunion? I think that was the last time I saw you. Marsha talked with everyone but me. I danced with all her friends which really pissed her off. That's when I put my plan in place to fuck them all. I really wasn't going to include Laura because she was your wife but after the way she treated you she had to get hers too."

"I don't understand, what do you mean the way she treated me?"

"She let every guy there at the reunion rub her ass and grope her that night. You got drunk and didn't even know what was going on. I saw her go out to a car with Blake Edwards and he was fucking her brains out. When they came back in I told him the next time he went to have sex with her he would be a dead man. He told me to mind my own business. I just shook my head because that was the wrong thing to say to me.

"It was two weeks later when I saw them in a bar. They were pretty drunk and looked as if they were smoking weed. I remembered what he had said to me and it didn't sit well. Anyway, I followed them in my truck to that cheap-ass fleabag of a motel on Rt. 69.

"They were both pretty high and I was surprised he was able to drive. I waited about ten minutes and kicked the door open. Laura screamed and Blake looked both surprised and scared.

"They were both naked on the bed. By the time I pushed the door closed Blake was off the bed and coming at me. Three seconds later I broke his neck and let him fall to the floor. Laura was sitting up holding the covers to her neck. I told her to lie down and move the covers, which she did. Then I dropped my pants and mounted her.

"I can't honestly say she knew what was happening other than to tell me to keep fucking her, which I did. When I got done I called you and told you where to find her. I covered the phone hoping to disguise my voice.

"When I left she was passed out. I picked up Blake and took him with me to bury him. When his wife reported him missing they found his car at the fleabag motel. You had already been there and retrieved your slut of a wife. I read where you were getting a divorce a week later."

"So it was you who called that night. I just came back from a trip and wondered where Laura was. So, she was fucking Blake Edwards. It sounds like you almost did me a favor. So, where did you bury him?"

"Can't tell you yet. But don't worry, before we're through you'll have the evidence to back up all the stories."

Mike couldn't believe the information I had, but he reminded me it didn't mean anything without evidence. And because the remains near the cemetery belonged to Jerry Stinner, Mike was beginning to believe all the stories were true.

Even though it didn't have anything to do with my purpose for interviewing him, I wondered how Moose got along with his daughters after returning home. So I brought up the subject to him.

"I guess it was kind of odd," said Moose. "The girls really loved their grandfather. After he passed away the only time I saw them was if I went to their softball and volleyball games. Marsha would be there most of the time but I never sat with her.

"The girls got to a point they would come over and talk to me. I guess some of their classmates asked who the big hairy biker was. They were surprised to find out I was the girls' father. I never interfered in any of their plans with Marsha though. After all, I was never there for them while they grew up.

"After my father's death I increased my support payments because he had always made sure the girls were taken care of and I knew he would approve.

"They asked about the cabin but I never took them there. Just too many secrets I kept out there. So I was there financially for them but not as a fatherly figure. Once they turned eighteen I bought them a car.

"There were times the girls would come to the shop where I worked. They were both friends with Ray and his family. He had kids similar in age and they got along well.

"One day I was driving by my kids' school when I saw a guy who seemed to be a drug dealer sitting in a beat up old car in front of the building across the street. I asked Christy about it one day and she said he was there a few days a week. She had seen a few kids go up to him.

"I knew I looked like some drugged up old biker from years back but I never did drugs. It bothered me that drugs were available so openly across from my kids' school. I pulled up alongside the guy and asked if he was selling. He didn't answer so I told him I would park around the corner and if he was interested he could follow me. Then I flashed a wad of bills.

"I drove up the alley behind the building and got out of my truck. It was a minute or so later when the prick pulled up behind me. Right away I asked what he had. As soon as he stepped out of his car, he asked if I was a cop. I told him if I was a cop I would just search his car. Then I pulled out a wad of bills that made the scumbag open his eyes and asked if we were dealing. He grinned and said yeah, then asked what I wanted.

"All I said was he was going to stop selling that shit to kids. I reached over and showed him how to have his neck broken in three seconds, threw him in the back of my truck, and went to bury him. I left his car there with the keys and dope still in it. Nothing was ever in the paper about it. I guess the police didn't want people to know about the drug dealer."

"Damn, Moose, where are the bodies now?"

"Can't let the AG know yet. It might end our talks and we have a long way to go."

If anyone would have told me Moose killed all those people I never would have believed it. Now was a different story. I believed every word he said.

When he asked Christy if that guy still hung around school, she told him she hadn't seen anyone there for a couple of weeks. Rumor had it the cops found his car a few miles away and charged some drugged up kids with stealing it.

"About a month later another dealer was on the corner. I pretty much did a repeat performance of the last time, including leaving the keys in the ignition. Again there was no mention of it in the paper or news.

"About a week after each incident there was a missing person report filed. I knew they were the drug dealers because I had their licenses."


Our talks continued the same way for a few weeks. Everything Jeff said was checking out. The stolen cars, the missing person reports, and evidence only the killer would know. The only problem was they didn't have all the bodies

They questioned whether Moose might have buried the bodies on the cabin grounds he had owned before selling it to the state. He sold all but a couple acres surrounding the cabin. The problem would be finding them after so long from over six hundred acres. Even if they were out there Moose would need to tell them where to look.

When I mentioned this to Moose, he just snickered. If they would just wait, he would be telling them all they wanted to know. Then he talked about an animal burial ground for all their pets over the years. Even friends of his would bury their animals out there. Some had markers and rocks with the pet's name while others only had a rock or cross so no one would bury a pet in the same spot.

That made me wonder if Mike would be going out there looking for bodies.

My ultimate purpose was to get information on the crimes but I was planning on writing a book about Moose. Besides, even though he was in prison, we were doing this interview under his terms whether the others liked it or not.

"Moose, tell me more about your time in the service."

"Not much to tell. I looked forward to the day when I would be home again with Marsha and my daughters. The day I received the divorce papers my life ended. I really mean it. I didn't care if I lived or died, which is why I enlisted for ten more years in the undercover squad. For the first six months I went through training hell. We were taught not to think but to act first, think second and always be prepared for the worst."

"What if I write about that? Would the government deny it? I don't want to get you in any more trouble."

After I said that I had to smile, and so did Moose. He was on death row, due to die that year. How much more trouble could he get in?

"Of course they'll deny death squads. It's politically incorrect but they do exist. I would never give the names of my brothers but we all had code names anyway."

"Didn't you tell me earlier your code name was Snap and your buddies' name was Snipe?"

"That wasn't our code name, just a nickname we gave each other when on R & R. Anyway, our main job was to free prisoners, troops, or families from different nations held hostage. We received the order and then implemented a plan to complete the job. If the enemy got killed, so be it."

"Tell me a little about your R & R. Everyone needs a break from that kind of life."

"We received a lot of time for ourselves. The only rule was that we had to take it with a fellow squad member. We were to go nowhere alone. Usually our breaks were taken in nearby countries. Life for us wasn't the same as it is for other people. I was going to say sane people but that's not fair. We're not insane, just different."

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