tagRomanceMy Weather Girl

My Weather Girl


(I do hope you realuise all the shipping forecast regions.)


Lorna is my weather girl as seen on TV. She is my star and I am besotted by her. And despite her getting loads of fan mail and proposals I am not put off. She does the shipping forecast too, from her Plymouth studio.

She has told me I am her one and only guy that she could take to the Faeroes, the Hebrides, the Northern Isles of Scotland and share a Rockall week with not a Sole in sight - it would be a Fair Isle indeed and even though we are both in our early Forties we could sail Forth maybe to Fastnet.

She's my weather girl complete, she certainly wiped me off my feet and when I reach the heights with her loving I am up there with Nelson at Trafalgar.

First time I saw her on the local TV weather spot I was a guy possessed , she looked gorgeous and appetising in that soft satin look tight skirt with creases that drive me wild, spreading across her perfectly shaped thighs.

And I have no shame at all to confess I was having regular Tyne and Forth's with my wild imaginings that I dreamed could never become reality.

But I worked at the studio too as an electrical fitter, and it seemed destiny fell on me like a shower of snowflakes that Lorna had forecast that morning. I'd left a wire unconnected on which she tripped coming through a corridor, fortunately it wasn't live but I was, enough to catch her in mid fall and get my first touch of Lorna reality.

I always remember her saying I was a 'naughty boy' and I should be more careful in the future, but I was so enraptured by her presence for real and not on a TV screen, the scent of her and her rich warm open smile I felt my Bailey was about to Bite, realising my hands were tucked neatly around her firm so shapely and heaven to touch hind, falling to my knees to suppress her fall, us both ending up sprawled like kids on the floor.

Feeling embarrassed I humbly apologised but Lorna said there was no need and, standing herself up again, swaying her hips as women do to adjust her rather disarranged skirt but inadvertently - as she bent her knees to rise up, treating me the most delightful peek up her skirt, the sort of thing that guys dream about, to get that magic glimpse of feminine underwear which is so absolutely arousing to the point which my lightning was starting to flash and the thunder erupt.

But steady boy, plenty of time later to relive the scene in your mind and enjoy the fantasy of what it would be like so see much more.

After she'd called me 'a naughty boy' she said 'no problem' and went on her way as if nothing had happened, but I noticed one thing that made my temperature rise, she looked back with that wonderful warm smile and suddenly I wanted to know all about her.

Well she was my age too, she was divorced like so there was me thinking already, wouldn't it be nice, a trip to paradise with her, she would certainly arouse my weather vane, she already had in so many ways starting from day one when I first saw her with that so tight fitting skirt and flounced blouse, was it now more than just perchance to dream?

Next day I 'accidentally on purpose' bumped into her in the staff canteen, asked her boldly if I could join her at her table. That started a conversation that would change my life, soon she told me all about herself and I did the same like we had known each other for months.

"I can see why you are so popular, " I said - you have a wonderful charisma on TV.

"Yes, but I don't always want to be just the weather girl," she pronounced, her face glowing and did I really feel her foot touch my ankle - or was it merely an accident?

"You don't, Lorna, what's you ambition then?"

"I have a notion to act" she added and no, it wasn't an accident because she did it again. My heart was pounding and when - taking off one of her shoes, she ran her toes up the inside of my leg I was afire.

Then she dropped her teaspoon whilst stirring her coffee. Of course I bent down to pick it up. She knew what she was doing to me the very naughty weather woman -showing me her Hebrides, giving me plenty of viewing time too, her knees amply parted, naturally I delayed the action wanting to take as much in as I could, lavishing her Fastnet stockings and this time blue tie -up thongs, all I could think is I wanted to Dogger her - I was frenzied with arousal as reluctantly I did come up and passing back her teaspoon she held my hand and rubbed gently her thumb into my palm in a very sexual spherical motion.

"I just love to act a part you see, Alex" she continued as if nothing unusual was happening - she concluded "and I am really into role play, are you?"

"Absolutely" I replied at once remembering my ex in her naughty nurse's uniform.

I took a good deep swallow, was I really this lucky and why me? With her good looks and wonderful figure she could choose who she liked,

"Because I am seriously attracted to you my German Bite" she said like she was reading my mind. "And from what I am advised by the metrological office for my next forecast is that high winds and heavy storms are set for the bite reaching right down to Biscay. ( I had mentioned my mother was a German) but for me I could be her bite any time she wanted, the way I felt sitting there opposite and my male imaginings pumping high pressures into my mind like what was the feel of her French kiss, it seeing the way she was enjoying her ice cream, the licking, the way she rolled her tongue and drew It into her mouth - looking delectable and gorgeous.

She knew what was going on, she could forecast what was coming too, because she had me there as if under her thumb, there was a storm ahead if she was of the same latitude as I and maybe a volcano too, waiting to erupt like a veritable blast of a thunderbolt.

"I really think we should make way yonder" she enthused - looking very cool and seductive as she placed her utensils onto her plate and sipped her glass empty, showing just the right amount of pink tongue licking the rim of it inside in a circular motion making my tides rally like a continental drift.

"I would like that, Lorna" I managed to say striving to hide my awaiting deliverance beneath my jacket as we got up and made way for the desk.

"I will pay, she said - you can do the honours next time, Alex."

So she was already thinking there would be a next time, Now I was in my element and felt blue skies approaching and not a cloud in sight, all with the world was beautiful as on my arm I had the most looked at and admired weather girl ever.

"I just have to do the evening forecast, Baby and I am all yours okay?"

I sat there in the studio room and watched her do her bit on a large TV screen, sampling her movements again but so much more bigger and better on the large screen, the way she twisted those gorgeous hips as she turned to the weather map and then straight back at the camera, me imagining all those guys out there with their tongues hanging out - if only they knew I was going to have her Bailey tonight.

"You sure about that?" she asked me afterwards as if reading my mind again.

"About what?" I quizzed.

"Bailey comes to mind" she chuckled - "I simply love doing the shipping forecast, all those seamen waiting out there.

My seamen was boiling in my Finestaire's and high pressure was building, but always the calm before the storm and there I was with sweet lovely Lorna sharing French kisses, my fingers teasing her Thames valley discovering her Shannon so sweet and soft, her passion unfolding as we kissed some more, and she touches me to the earths core, below the equator she finds her Portland and I know we are heading for our Waterloo, our Biscay.

Her softness so lovely, like melting butter to the lips, the tease of the tongue, the finger tips, the weather stirs again outside and the storm erupts inside, snows on the mountains slide in the heat of the morning sun, and I am gratified within, her warmth stirring my German Bite, reaching Trafalgar with all my might, the weather girl's forecast was right, low pressure as my palm slides across the crease of her tight dress as she readies herself for the morning cast, I don't need for her to go just yet, rolling the ball of my hand in firm movements like gentle tidal waves, but building to choppy seas, "just let me, Baby once more before you go?" She turns and smiles and I know, lifting her skirt for me to have that last look, parting her thighs I press my Malin into her Fair Isle and sample her nectar so sweet and so lovely, I soon erupt once more and take her quickly upon the floor.

She leaves me telling me she will see me soon. We shall hire a boat on the Thames from morn till noon and then some more in the secret place , my tree house in the garden and under the moon. And still in bed cradling my Sole I see my weather girl come up on the screen, but no longer do I crave for what maybe because I see her now so differently and feel her passion warm me, the sparkle in her eyes too, so radiant - and by gosh I love her too!

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