tagBDSMMy Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 03

My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 03


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


I stepped away from her and slapped her hard on the ass. She jumped. "Okay, you can stand up now."

She was clearly shaky and a bit unsteady.

I glanced at George and I could only interpret his expression as one of amazement. He had evidently never seen Alice anything like this before. I still couldn't understand how a woman this sexy was hooked up with this guy.

"Alice, have you ever sucked cock?"

She suddenly seemed a bit shy, which surprised me; "yes." She paused, but then went on without any further inquiry from me, as if she knew what I would ask next. "But never George's. It was back in college, before I knew him. And only once."

I could tell it wasn't something she was interested in pursuing. This slut was happy to have her snatch licked to her heart's desire, but putting a cock in her mouth (or even a little dickie) wasn't appealing to her. We'd change that! "Did you swallow?"

She didn't stop to think, but just blurted out, "No way!"

I could tell she regretted tipping her hand so clearly just as soon as it was out, but it was too late.

"Hmmm... I see. Well, always a first time. Looks like many firsts for you before this weekend is over," I gloated.

I moved and stood sideways about a foot in front of George. "Come over here and kneel in front of me."

She knew what was coming, but did as I directed.

"My balls are aching to cum. This has me tremendously turned on. You are one very sexy bitch, my little slut. I think I need some relief for these aching nuts of mine. How about you Georgie, balls aching to cum?" I made fun of him.

"I purposely haven't cum for several days. I wanted this first load to be a real big one that I could deposit in your mouth. You want to swallow every drop of this cum that I've built up for you, right?" I teased.

She was serious, "I would rather not."

"Hmm, well we'll see. I want you to give me the best blowjob I've ever had. I want you to catch every bit of my cum in your mouth and just hold it there. Whether I make you swallow it will depend on how good a job you do. But I promise, if you spill a single drop, you'll not only swallow it all, you'll lick up anything you spill and swallow that too!"

I had been rock hard since I started undressing Alice quite some time ago. I needed to cum badly, from both the physical and the mental excitement I'd been experiencing. I was ready for Alice to begin, but I thought I'd torment George just a little more first.

"Damn, my balls are really aching to cum, how about yours Georgie?" Of course I neither expected nor received any response. "I think cumming is going to relieve my ache, would it help your ache do you think Georgie? Well, it's probably gonna be a while longer before you find that out, but I'm going to get my rocks off right now. You watch how this slut wife of yours loves to suck a real cock Georgie. Okay Alice, it is way past time!"

She didn't hesitate for a second; she held my balls gently in one hand and pointed my cock straight at her mouth with the other. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could and laid my cock right on it, and then slid forward so her tongue was stroking the underside of my shaft and her lips were sliding over the glans. Soon she had my cock head in her mouth and then started a very slow in and out motion. Slowly but surely she took more and more of the shaft in her mouth with each stroke.

I was not going to last long the way she was going. And that was okay; sometimes holding back or prolonging an orgasm is an enhancement, but not now. I was ready to cum, and quickly.

She kept taking me deeper and deeper. She was gently pulling my balls forward as she did so. God damn, this bitch was some kind of cocksucker! For a woman who claimed to have given one blowjob in her entire life and hadn't sucked a cock for years, she was an obvious natural. I decided right at that moment that I would partake of this luscious mouth again this weekend, when I could last much longer. Probably several times.

She was now taking me so deep that at maximum penetration her tongue was licking my balls. That was too much, I started to explode. I was gushing cum in that pretty mouth for all I was worth. She was still sucking and making sure neither to swallow nor spill any. It was quite a while before my cock stopped spasming cum between those lips. Finally I did stop and she let my equipment slip from both her mouth and her grasp. I was having trouble standing and it took a minute or so for me to regain my composure.

I could tell she had captured a very large load; her cheeks were puffed out as though her mouth was quite full. I looked over at George. He had a look of pure amazement on his face.

"I have to admit Alice, that may be the best blowjob I've ever had!" I said, meaning it. "Let me see the size of that load."

She had to tilt her head back to keep from spilling cum as she opened her mouth. It was every bit as full of cum as I had suspected.

"You must show Georgie the size of that load."

As she obediently turned to show him I added, "Georgie, you ever in your life put out a load like that?" Again a response wasn't expected or received.

I moved so I could see her face. "Change your mind and decide you want to swallow that?" I asked trying to sound serious. I could tell by her look that not only did she not want to swallow, she wanted to spit it out quickly. I wasn't ready to let that happen just yet.

"Well, I'd let you get rid of it, but I don't see anywhere in here to dispose of it and you can't just spit it on the floor." I was looking at George as I said this. From the look on his face I could tell he knew what I was thinking. No matter how big a wimp George was, he didn't get to be a very successful industrialist without being quick and smart. Alice hadn't quite made the conclusion he had yet.

"Georgie, got any idea where Alice could dispose of that mouthful?" BINGO, that did it. She moved directly in front of George's chair. George let out a little noise that was half whimper, half groan, but this time he didn't say anything. The look on his face had turned to revulsion.

Alice was very ready to get rid of my cum. Since she couldn't talk with that load in her mouth and George wouldn't volunteer, she did the next best thing. She picked up the weight on the nipple clamp chain and bounced it on her upturned palm right in George's face.

George turned white again. That weight slamming into his nuts must have been much worse than I thought. He instantly said, "Alice, please let me swallow that load of cum for you." He was almost frantic.

Being the selfish bitch I'd come to realize Alice really was, she instantly leaned over and while George opened wide and tilted his head back, she drooled the whole thing into his mouth.

I really thought he'd gag for sure, but he didn't. He hesitated a couple of seconds and then swallowed hard. He had his eyes screwed shut and kept them that way for quite a while.

"Damn Georgie, there is no limit to what you'll do for the woman. You know, I really think she would have slammed your nuts again if you hadn't done that, then she'd have made you do it anyway!"

George's expression said he agreed, but his mouth was silent.

"I think you should do something nice for Georgie, Alice. He's been so good to you. Why don't you remove those nipple clamps? His nipples] have to be pretty sore by now."

She slowly did as I had suggested, still not having said a word. She was obviously as unfamiliar with these toys as she said, because when George yelped loudly when she removed them, she looked puzzled.

"When they've been on that long," I explained, "the blood flow stops. Taking them off starts it again and it's nearly as painful as when they first go on. You'll probably have a chance to see what I mean before we're through. Georgie can't protect you from everything I have in mind."

I thought of something that George was going to love and hate. "Georgie, it just isn't fair that I'm enjoying the pleasures of your wife's ample talents and you are just sitting there in misery suffering. I want you to see that I'm a regular guy and we guys have to stick together, don't we?" Again no response. "Your wife has never put your cock in her mouth, yet you just had to watch her give me a killer blowjob. Wouldn't you like to feel what that's like?"

He couldn't help it, it was like offering cocaine to an addict. "Uh, well, of course I would," he said, so hopefully it was rather pitiful.

"Alice, I want you to give your husband a blowjob every bit as good as the one you just gave me"

She looked at me to see if I was serious.

"Really, get going," I added.

She started in. I said, "Georgie, how does it feel to have your wife suck you off for the first time ever, with the cum of another man still coating the inside of her mouth, huh?" I was really being cruel to George, I just couldn't stop myself. It was turning Alice on too, I could tell. For one thing as soon as I said that she started going after George even more so.

"Oh, and Alice, I have a riding crop in my bag too, and if Georgie cums, I'm going to use it to blister your nice white ass!"

The body language in each of them was startling. George looked as if he was going to go nuts now that the 'catch' was clear, and Alice got into it even more.

It was only another minute or so and Alice let George's little dick pop out of her mouth loudly. George groaned quite loudly too!

"Are you sure you couldn't get him any closer?" I asked.

With a wicked smile she leaned over and slid her mouth up and down on his shaft exactly twice, "Well, maybe just a little bit closer, but any more than that and he will cum. He has no control and cums very easily."

There was no doubt that with all the stimulation George had received, the pleasant and unpleasant physical stimulation plus watching the scene around him; his nuts had to be aching severely right now. Exactly the kind of situation that would make what I had in mind next make him ache like never before.

"Well Georgie, it's almost time for what you really want, to watch me fuck your wife. But I need to recover a bit more first and after all Alice has done for you, I'd think you'd want to give her some warm up so she's ready for a real fucking. Wouldn't you?"

I don't think either one of them knew what was coming.

"Confused? Here let me show you." With that I grabbed a couple of pillows off the bed and laid them on the floor behind George's chair. As slight as he was the next part was easy for me, I tilted the chair all the way back until the chair as well as his head rested on the pillows. He was still 'sitting' in the chair, but lying almost flat on his back with his head raised just slightly.

"Perfect, now he can get you ready for a good, hard fuck Alice."

Alice smiled, she liked this idea. I was being even more devious than it might first appear. More than the humiliation of licking his wife's pussy in preparation for another man to fuck her, if my assumption was right, I was going to completely crush what little was left of George's sex life right now.

They had both given clear evidence that they wanted me to be the instrument of his total humiliation and of her total sexual gratification. I intended to give them everything they had bargained for and quite a bit more!

"Georgie is a pretty good little cunt lapper, isn't he Alice?"

"Yes, he is actually," she replied.

"You really enjoy the way he licks you, right?"

"Yes," she said a bit warily. She was beginning to understand that there was often more than appeared on the surface with me.

"So you'd probably like it if I had you squat on his face and he warmed you up while I finish recovering, wouldn't you?"

She smiled, "Yes, I think that would probably be nice."


He was back to his totally sub role. He would regret it this time. "Alice please squat on my face and let me lick you."

She did and he started. I watched.

I've always been fortunate that I can recover rather quickly from cumming and get fully hard again, usually at least through three, on occasion four orgasms. The intensity of this night and the drought since I'd had a real sexual encounter would probably help that be four, hell maybe even more. I would of course last longer and longer each time, a trait that had always pleased my partners. I was sure Alice would be no different.

I could tell that I was close to that point of being able to get hard again.

I just watched, or studied would be more accurate, the two of them for a few minutes. I could tell the assumption I'd made was correct. Alice was obviously enjoying George's tongue, but she was not frantic and certainly nowhere near cumming yet. As long as he had been at it, and especially considering her libido's condition by now, she should have been screaming her head off in multi-orgasmic bliss. George couldn't even give head for shit, and Alice just didn't know any better.

By now it was obvious that Alice had had a very modest amount of sexual experience when she and George got married all those years ago and just had no frame of reference. George I was certain had been totally inexperienced. What she had seen in him that got her to marry him was beyond my comprehension, but that was a whole different matter.

I waited about ten minutes total. He was just getting her going to the point that she was seriously reacting.

"Okay Alice, time for the main event!"

She jumped off George as if his face had caught on fire!

"Oh yes, I AM READY!" she nearly yelled.

"Don't you want to get rid of that butt plug first?" I reminded her. I think in her lust she had nearly forgotten it was there.

"Can I?" she asked a little bit skeptical.

I decided to see how far this could go, "Only if George will help you, otherwise it stays in."

Unbelievably George jumped to it again! "Alice, let me help you remove that plug."

Alice didn't see it, "How..."

I interpreted, "Squat over his face again, and this time spread your ass cheeks as far apart as you can." Now she got it, and did as I'd suggested.

I guided her, "Lower, ... a bit toward his feet, ... THERE!"

George had his teeth around the base of the plug, however was having a hard time getting a good grip, but not for lack of trying. I had Alice lower herself a bit more. His lips were damn near up her ass and his nose was stuck in her cunt. I couldn't help laughing out loud. He finally had a solid grip and I told her to pull up slowly.

"POP!" out it came, George holding it in his teeth.

"Okay Alice, but actually you really aren't quite ready. Georgie, that was the most pitiful exhibition of pussy eating I've ever even heard of. Alice, I want you really ready. Come lie down on the bed." She damn near ran and then flew through the air to the bed.

I went over and easily righted George. "Watch this George, and pay close attention." He was still holding the damn butt plug.

What I was about to do would crush George and, I knew, change the relationship he and Alice had. Tough shit! This was what they had wanted.

I positioned her so that she was lying back with her lower legs hanging over the side of the bed. George was looking straight at her twat, at least that was the view he had for a few seconds until I knelt between her legs and grabbed her hips, put her thighs over my shoulders and slid her toward me so I could get my mouth at her cunt.

In addition to her beauty and body, Alice had something raw that made her extremely sexy. I couldn't define it, but I damn sure was turned on by it.

I touched her with the tip of my tongue, just in front of her little anal rosebud. She shivered. I laid my tongue as wide and flat as I could and dragged it up over the outer lips of her pussy, ending the stroke with a little flick of her clit with just the tip of my tongue. I did this several more times, slowly. She was moaning loudly and squirming. Her clit was getting turgid and starting to peak out of its hood. Something that evidently hadn't happened the whole while George had been at her.

She smelled wonderful and tasted divine. I'd never had a more erotic experience giving a woman oral sex before. I could see why George would do anything to keep this woman, even though he had no idea how to enjoy her or really pleasure her. They were both about to get an object lesson on that subject.

I moved on to running my tongue between her outer and inner pussy lips, from back to front, sticking my tongue as deep into the fold as I possibly could. First one side then the other, then repeating again and again.

"O H H H! GOD! O H H H!" She was getting quite vocal, something she hadn't done until now.

When I moved to running my tongue around the opening to her vagina, just rimming it continuously for a while, she started to move so much I had a hard time holding her still enough to continue.

"OH GOD! YESSS! YESS! OH PLEASSSE! O H H H! YESSSSSS!" She was unquestionably getting enormously turned on.

I finally probed as deep into her pussy as I could, sticking my tongue deep, licking the inside of her pussy walls. Fucking her with my tongue the best I could. This drove her even more wild!

After a couple of minutes of this I stopped totally and lifted my head to look at her. Her face had a dazed look. She was flushed. As I stopped her eyes flew open though and she looked straight at me, "GOD don't stop, oh PLEASE don't stop. That feels soooo DAMN good, don't stop! I've never felt anything close to this before. PLEASSSSE!"

Exactly what I thought, exactly what I wanted to hear, exactly what I wanted GEORGE to hear. I was very lightly stroking her clit back and forth with my one thumb while slowly fucking her hole with the other.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I have NO intention of stopping. I just wanted to ask you something. This is not quite the same as when Georgie does this, is it?" I smirked. I could not seem to help myself. For reasons I don't understand to this day, tormenting poor George was dramatically adding to the sexual rush I got from just using Alice's extraordinary body.

"Oh God no! Even when he makes me cum it doesn't feel as good as what you are doing already. PLEASSSE, PLEASSSE make me cum!" she said with a combination of desperation and animal lust!

"We'll see," I teased, and went back to work.

I resumed rimming her hole and alternately sticking my tongue deep inside her, sliding it in and out a few times before going back to the rimming again. She was getting very worked up. Once again I had to struggle to hold her still enough for me to continue. She was humping her cunt forcefully against my face. I could tell she was close to cumming. Her body was starting to quiver. Her moans had become incomprehensible. Her clit had swollen dramatically and her juices were flowing freely. All than even though I had almost totally ignored her clit so far. It was time to change that. It was hard and sticking, fully emerged from its protective hood. I licked up one side, then the other, then down the front, careful all the while to avoid the very sensitive tip of it as best I could, but just grazed it occasionally.

She was thrusting her hips even more. She had strong pelvic muscles and it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold her hips somewhat still so I could control the situation. I wasn't quite ready to let her cum.

Finally I started to lick her whole clit hard, including the tip. She wouldn't last much longer. When her orgasm was both inevitable and imminent, I started sucking on her clit at the same time I kept licking it. That was it.

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