My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 03


"AAHHHGGGGGGGGGG! SSHHIITT! I'M CUMMMMINNNNGGGG! AAAHHHHHH!" she was screaming, mostly incomprehensible noises, as she came. I switched to sucking and biting gently during her orgasm. As she would spasm and scream, I would bite a little harder for a second as each wave hit her.

I didn't let up until the tension had completely left her body and she was nearly motionless. Then I went back to the flat, broad licks over the outside of her pussy, but even more gently than before. In her state, I didn't want to spoil the moment by stimulating her overly sensitive parts so as to make it unpleasant. I was pretty sure this was the most intensely satisfying orgasm she'd ever had. I wanted her focused solely on that fact. For a few more minutes I kept very gently licking her. As she came back to a more conscious level she started to respond again.

That was my signal to move on to the next step. I physically moved her around so she was lying the normal way on the bed, and then lay down next to her. I entertained the idea of saying something to George, but didn't want to interrupt the mood.

We embraced. I kissed her mouth gently, and she responded with a much more passionate kiss than the one I initiated. God! This woman could kiss. As you can well imagine, my cock had become fully hard during my time between her thighs, but it was starting to throb and drool as she kissed me.

This went on for some time. I was caressing her wonderful breasts and playing with her nipples constantly. I occasionally would place my hand between her legs and stroke her there too. She was paying a great deal of attention to my balls, as if to be sure they were fully primed again, and was sure to slide her hand up and down my shaft sporadically, but I sensed she didn't want to get me too wound up because she wanted what was obviously next to go on as long as possible. I couldn't stop thinking about how utterly sexy this woman was.

Finally I whispered in her ear, "Ready?"

"Oh yes, totally ready!" she whispered back.

To be continued...

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