My Weekend with Jake


I plunge his cock as deep into my mouth as I can, sucking hard as Jake thrusts into me. I want it all. I take it all. I taste his semen on the back of my tongue before it runs down my throat. His cock begins to relax in my mouth. I hold it gently, knowing it is so sensitive right now that the slightest movement is almost painful. His body relaxes and he puts his hands on me, pulling me up and away from him.

As I rise to look at him, he kisses me. It is our third kiss, but it is the most sensual kiss I've ever had. It is gentle, but with deep meaning. My own cock, ignored but hard as a rock, throbs again with renewed passion. He gently releases my lips and turns around, resuming his spread-eagle lean against the shower wall. There will be no more waiting.

I again slide my cock up and down the crack of his ass, adding a bit of lubrication to ease what comes next. After we are both coated, I pull his hips toward me and kick his feet further apart. I want to enter him deeply. I put the tip of my cock against his tight hole, knowing we are going to cross a line here and wanting so much to do it.

I press against him and can feel him pressing against me. The tip slides in, and I can feel the delicious pressure of his ass squeezing me, letting me in reluctantly. The shaft slides in bit by bit. I watch, fascinated as my most intimate anatomy enters him. I am enthralled by the physical and emotional sensations. I push deeper into him, hearing him sigh as finally I'm all the way in and we are joined. We are as much one body as we can or will ever be. He leans into me, throwing his head back on my shoulder and I run my hands up and down his neck, chest and belly, loving the feel of him against my hands, my torso and my cock.

I begin to thrust in and out of him, and his body responds, countering my movements. At first, it is sensual and intimate, but it quickly turns to animalistic passion. I lean back from him and begin pounding harder and harder, rejoicing in the sensations tearing through my body. I feel my balls begin to seize, my own orgasm beginning to build.

As my climax builds, I slow down and push harder and deeper into him. He spreads his legs wider, willing the full length of me to fill him up.

Finally, I can contain myself no longer. I grab his hips, taking full control of his body and mine and pull him hard against me. The full length of my shaft penetrates deep to his core. I can feel his ass flex against me, squeezing me.

I erupt, filling his insides with my own semen. He moans and sighs in ecstasy. I can't moan; I can't even breathe. For a moment, all my focus is on my orgasm and the throbbing of my cock in his ass.

And then it's over. The tension flows from my body and is washed down the drain. I collapse against him, my cock slowly withdrawing from his ass.

We stand for a while under the hot water, gently washing away our passion and gathering our strength for what will surely come next.

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