tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife and Her Friends

My Wife and Her Friends


My wife, Kathy, is a member of a group that does work for the local hospital to raise funds for various activities. She has gotten to know a few of the women in the group quite well and they get together for a "girls night" every once in a while. They usually go to dinner or out for drinks. Sometimes they just hang out at one of the houses and kick the husbands out. When it's at our house I readily go because it gives me an opportunity to go and play some darts at the bar.

One night last month they were going to be at our house. I was supposed be out town that night but got home early. I knew that this was her "girls night" so I didn't even call Kathy and bother her. I planned to go home, slip in the back door and get my darts. I thought about going right to the bar but I never really play well when I don't have my own darts. I just like the way they feel.

When I got to the house, I noticed all the cars in the driveway so I knew that they had already gotten together. I walked around back so I could slip in through the laundry room since I keep them in the closet down there. As I started across the patio, I glanced inside the living room to be sure I wasn't going to scare them too bad. What I wound up seeing was five lovely women engaged in a hotter Sapphic scene than in any X-rated video I have ever seen.

Once I realized what was going on, and that if I sat in right place I could watch the whole thing, I quickly got into a good position. I knew since lights were on in the house and it was dark out I could easily find a good spot. Once I did, I pulled out my throbbing cock and watched. As watched them, I was lightly stroking my erect member. Before I get into exactly what I saw transpiring, let me give a quick description of the group.

Kathy is 37 and about 5 foot 6. She has straight, dirty-blonde hair down below her shoulders. She had a set of natural 38DD tits and nice patch of matching blonde hair between her legs. She has tried shaving over the years but she is one of those women that look good with a bush. Since her tits are all natural it means they don't stick out quite like a porn stars, but they have been able to hold some firmness over the years. Her nipples are about the size of a half-dollar and are a nice brown shade. They were hard sticking up like pencil erasers.

Heather has wavy light blonde hair down to her shoulders. She is a little taller than my wife so I would guess she is about 5 foot 8. When I saw her my jaw almost dropped. I always knew Heather was athletic and well put together but she was an absolute vision. She has what I am guessing were a set of B cup tits that perfectly formed and firm. Her tits are capped with beautiful pink little nipples that were like rock hard little pebbles. Her stomach smooth and firm from what was an obviously great exercise schedule. Her belly button was pierced and she was wearing a hanging silver belly ring that pointed down to her pussy. She was shaven completely bare and looked so sexy.

Siobhan is an Irish girl. She is one of those types that has dark, almost black, hair but with very light, almost true white skin. She is almost exactly the same height as my wife. I always wondered what she was like naked and here I was getting to see her. She has what I would guess are a set of C-cup tits and capped with perfectly shaped dark nipples. I have never liked nipples that were so wide they covered the entire tit and Siobhan's were absolutely great. Like my wife, she has a very full bush. The hair was as dark as the hair on her head and stood out perfectly. I thought that Siobhan's bush looked almost as though you could comb it since it was so straight and thick.

Julie is a quite a bit shorter than my wife with short brown hair. If had to guess I would say she is about 5 foot 3. She is thin but certainly not in an anorexic way. She had by far the smallest tits in the group. Julie has little A-cup tits with sexy little nipples that stood out quite a bit. Her nipples truly looked almost puffy. Her pussy wasn't shaven bare but trimmed down to a minimum. Her pubes were no more than a fine stubble. Maybe she usually shaves but had not done so for a few days. Either way, she looked great and it almost surprised me. I never imagined that Julie would look that good.

Amanda is a little heavier than average but definitely not fat. She just has the extra pounds that come from having a few kids. She was probably around 5 foot 5 with shoulder length light brown hair. She had tits that were a little bigger than Siobhan's but I don't think she is a full D-cup. It looked like she had very heavy tits. Her tits sagged quite a bit, from both the weight of them and the kids I'm sure, but on her it looked really sexy. She had a patch of hair light brown hair above her slit, but the rest was shaved bare.

The first thing I searched out was my wife. She was lying on the floor with Amanda above her driving a strap-on dildo into Kathy. I could tell Kathy loved it as I watched the expressions on her face. She was biting her lip and could see her nipples getting rock hard. I think they were even harder than we have sex. Amanda started to fuck Kathy very hard. Kathy's big tits were shaking with every thrust. As she pumped Amanda reached out and grabbed Kathy's tits. In turn, Kathy reached up and started massaging Amanda's breasts and pinching her nipples. Kathy said something to Amanda but of course I couldn't hear it. I really wish I knew what she was saying. Kathy then pulled Amanda down a bit and started sucking her wonderful hard nipples. I could easily see that Amanda's nipples stood out about half an inch. I have never seen such prominent nipples in all my life. Kathy and Amanda then began to kiss. When Amanda lay down on top of Kathy and started kissing her, their breasts pressed together and spilled out from between them. They continued to kiss deeply and rubbed their nipples against each other's.

While Amanda and Kathy were going at it, I noticed Julie and Heather on the couch. Julie was lying back pinching her nipples while Heather ate her out. Every time Heather pulled back a bit from Julie's pussy, I could see light shimmering from her face. I knew Julie had to have been soaked to get such an affect. Occasionally Heather's hand would leave Julie's pussy and I could see Heather fingering her own pussy. I then noticed Heather's incredible ass. I was so firm and almost heart shaped. I could see that she had a small tattoo on right butt cheek but I really couldn't tell what it was. Every once in a while, Julie would take her hands and put it behind Heather's head pulling her deeper into her pussy. I could see that Heather was alternating between burying her head in Julie's pussy and then switching to just lightly licking her clit. I made a mental note to try that move sometime.

Siobhan was sitting on the floor leaning up against the couch watching Julie and Heather almost as intently as I was. Her fingers of one hand were buried deep inside her pussy and she was playing with her nipples with the other. Her thick bush was matted with her juices. After a few minutes of playing with her pussy, Siobhan would pull her hand up and lick her own juices off her fingers. She was also forgoing playing with her pussy and would just cup her full tits into her hands.

After a few minutes of seeing this, Siobhan got up and moved over to Kathy and Amanda. She pushed Amanda back a bit so she was kneeling between Kathy's legs to fuck her. Amanda kept driving the strap on cock deep into my wife. Siobhan swung herself over Kathy facing Amanda and lowered her steaming pussy onto Kathy's face. My eyes popped as Kathy began to exquisitely eat her pussy. Until now, I had no idea my wife had any bisexual leanings. It was obvious that this was not Kathy's first time eating pussy. I knew I just had to find a way to bring this up without letting the cat out of the bag. Seeing my with her face buried in Siobhan's dark bush was almost too much and I stopped stroking myself to keep from cumming. I wanted to see this play out.

Amanda then pulled the dildo from Kathy. Siobhan immediately leaned forward and began sucking the toy like she was giving it an incredible blow job, licking off all of my wife's juices. It was so hot knowing that Kathy was tasting Siobhan as she tasted my wife from juices left on the dildo. As Amanda kneeled there letting Siobhan suck off the juices, she cupped her tits and lifted them. Amanda bent her head down and sucked her own nipple into her lips. My wife can do that and seeing a woman sucking her own tits has always been a big turn on for me. Siobhan was shaking hard on top of Kathy as she buried her face deeper into Siobhan's bush. Even from outside, I began to hear Siobhan scream as she rocked from a strong orgasm. I was proud that my wife could make a girl cum so hard.

As Siobhan rolled off my wife, Julie and Heather came down from the couch to join the group. They both went to my wife and together began to lick Siobhan's juices off my wife's face. Kathy alternated between letting them just lick it off to exchanging passionate wet kisses with both of them. The three of them were caressing each other. Hands freely pleasured tits, asses, and pussies. I could tell that since there was no clumsiness to the routine, and that they seemed to know what each other liked, that these three had obviously done this before

Amanda immediately unstrapped the dildo and went to Siobhan. Siobhan, who had recovered from her incredible orgasm, took Amanda's tits into her and hands lowered her mouth to them. She was sucking Amanda's tits while they both fingered the other's pussy. After a few minutes, Siobhan lowered her middle finger and pushed deep into Amanda's ass. I could then see her rubbing Amanda's clit with her thumb. After a few minutes, Amanda then moved around and ground her pussy into Siobhan. The two of them looked incredible as they rubbed their pussies against each other.

Julie rolled away from Kathy and Heather and went over to Amanda and Siobhan. She took one of Amanda's soft tits into her mouth and started caressing the other. After a few minutes, she switched and started doing the same to Siobhan. After pleasuring Siobhan for a few minutes, Julie moved down and started licking where Amanda and Siobhan's pussies pushed together. This sent Amanda over top and she exploded with an orgasm almost as strong as Siobhan had had. Siobhan turned and started tonguing Julie. She ate Julie as if it was going to be her last meal. The harder she licked, she harder Julie was moaning. Then, keeping her mouth on Julie's pussy, Siobhan reached up and pinched Julie's nipples very hard. Julie was immediately rocked by an even bigger orgasm than Siobhan had. Julie was literally shaking as her body was seemingly coming apart at the seams. She started driving her pussy into Siobhan's face and Siobhan was eagerly lapping up the juices spilling out Julie. After she was finished, Siobhan and Julie began to kiss. At first it was tender kisses and progressed to deep passionate kissing. They were playing with each others tits as they kissed and seeing Julie's tiny hand on Siobhan's round globes was unbelievable.

Kathy and Heather had paired off into a beautiful 69. Seeing their blonde hair sweeping across their bodies as they feasted on each other was incredible – almost artistic. Occasionally Heather would pull back a little and comb her fingers through Kathy's thick bush. Kathy meanwhile kept her mouth to Heather's shaven mound. It all looked so sexy. As Heather ate Kathy, she placed a hand on Kathy's ass and slowly pushed a finger deep inside Kathy. I knew Kathy would love that because I have fingered her ass and we have had anal sex a few times and she always loved the feeling of something in her ass.

Amanda picked the dildo back up and came over to Kathy and Heather. Without strapping it on, she placed the dildo at the entrance to Heather's ass and slowly pushed it in. Heather had obviously had things up her ass before too since she didn't protest and lifted away from Kathy's pussy for a moment with a look of sheer bliss on her face. Heather lowered her face back to Kathy and started licking her even harder. Kathy's big tits were shaking as she trembled with pleasure. The two came together – something my wife and I rarely pull off. I could hear Heather screaming my wife's name as she came. I started shooting my load all over the patio as I heard that. I loved knowing that my wife had given two women such an incredible orgasm was a huge turn on.

After that, the girls started to get dressed. I watched for a few minutes as they got themselves together. It was sexy to see them standing around in bras and panties as they got dressed even though I had seen them naked just minutes before.

I zipped up and quickly ran to my car so I wouldn't get caught. I drove a few miles away and called home on my cell. I explained that I was back and would be there soon and asked if my wife needed anything. I got home to find Julie was just leaving. The others were already gone. Julie and I exchanged a quick kiss on the cheek like we always do. I really interested this time because I wanted to see if there was any hint of what had happened. Julie did have a hint of pussy smell still on her face. I got rock hard think about the smell. Was it Siobhan? Amanda? A little of both? A minute later, she left.

I went in the house to find Kathy had some incense candles burning. She was obviously trying to mask any smell. It was pretty successful and there was only a light scent of pussy in the air. I took Kathy upstairs and fucked like crazy thinking about what I just seen.

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hot, and sexy

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