tagLoving WivesMy Wife & Her Sister

My Wife & Her Sister


My wife, Barb and her sister, almost her twin but three years younger, meet very Friday night for drinks on the way home from work. Both of them have management positions with the same large firm about 15 miles from where we live. For the past several year the two of them have been traveling on business trips once a month for several days. Since my wife is traveling with her married sister I knew they would be safe and the thought of my wife cheating never entered my mind, until this week.

Both my wife and her sister have shoulder length blond hair, firm 34B breasts, slim hips and waist, with long legs and a smile that draws a second look. They both could have been models with their bodies and appearance. They share every secret with each other so I know the Sue's, her sister, sex life was as strong as our. After 6 years of marriage with still make-love five or six times a week and the thrill of fucking my wife just increases with each time.

Barb and Sue had just left for a four-day business trip on the West Coast and I was checking my e-mail before bed. Lying off to the side of my wife's computer was an unmarked CD that caught my eye since it wasn't in a case. I decided to check the CD before I put it away, either in the unused pile or in our CD storage case. The results of my examination surprised and shocked me beyond my wildest imagination. When I did a directory list on the CD I found approximately 50 jpeg images dated at the time of my wife's last business trip, and when I opened the images I sat there not believing what I was looking at.

The first image was one of barb and Sue standing in front of a small rundown country-looking bar with the caption inserted across the top, "Barbs choice this time." I guest this meant that they took turns picking the cheap bars they visited. Image two was one inside the bar, a dimly lit picture of a dozen roughneck cowboy types, obviously looking at the two women taking their picture. The caption across the top read, "This trips boys." After only two images my interest was peaked and I wanted to skip to the last image, but I decided to follow through the sequence and see how the events progressed. The next several images were pictures of Barb and Sue dancing with different guys. There were no captions and I was starting to get angry.

By the time I opened the sixth and seventh images I saw a pictures with six guys and my wife standing in front of a room at a Motel-6, with the caption "Barb's selections"; and a different group of six guys with Sue standing in front of the same motel room with the captions, "Sue's selections." Now I knew what the rest of the images were going to contain. My anger was turning into curiosity as my level of arousal increased. I wanted to see my wife and her sister become sluts. The next two images started the true sexual encounter. They were images of my Barb and Sue fully clothed sitting on a bed with six hard cocks pointed at their mouths.

I skipped several images to find Barb, my wife, clothed only in silky white thigh high stockings and a whites lace bra. There were two large erect cocks in her mouth and third guy eating her cunt. In the background, on the other bed, Sue was sitting on a man's face with an erect cock shoved in her mouth. Several images further alone the real entertainment started. My wife and her sister were each sitting on an erect 10 inch cocks, pushed half way in their vaginas. The cocks glistened from the coating of vaginal secretion where they had obviously been completely in their mated opens. The look on my wife's face was one I hadn't seen in long time; it was a look of pure delight, I knew she was fully enjoying her erotic pleasure. With that I started the process jerking off knowing that remaining images were only going to get better.

Moving ahead I found an image of both Sue and Barb straddling two large cocks in a reverse cowgirl position. The 8 or 9-inch cocks were in their asses and a second large black cock was in each of their cunts. They were both twisted sideways with a cock in their mouths. The next images showed the results of their triple efforts. Both women were being propped up from behind their heads with freshly injected semen oozing out of their cunts and asses. The mixtures were dripping onto the bed cover as they smiles showing the fresh cum on their teeth and lips. That was all I could take, I blew my load onto the floor and continued to jerk off, never losing my erection. I was into seeing both my wife and her sister as cum sluts. Skipping on to near the end of the images I found the smuttiest images of all. It was a picture of my wife, Barb, on the bed with her head resting in her sisters on her sister's lap. Barb was covered with sticky cum from her cunt opening to the top of her head. Her sister was drawing globs of the fresh secretion off Barb's nipples to her own mouth. There were dark wet spots on the bed around Barb where the overshot had landed. It was obvious that this was the work of the entire group of men and from her smiles I knew that Barb and Sue had enjoyed final cum bath. The caption on the top of the image read, "14 cocks full of Cum all for Me."

When I finished blowing my second load, I opened the last image on the CD. It was a scanned image of a note that Barb had written to me that read, "I know that you have been fucking my sister and so we decided that we get our revenge in the most pleasurable way possible. Look in my desk draw and you can share in the last six-business trip that Sue and I took, through the CDs. I hope that you keep fucking my sister, because I love the multiple cocks I've been getting." It was signed, "Your loving slut wife, and her sister you've been screwing." A note at the bottom read, "PS. Check my dresser for the last 10 trips."

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