My Wife & the Old Arab

byDanish Cuckold©

That was too much for Ali; he slammed his cock all the way up in her pussy and groaned; "Ooooh you dirty slut, now it comes oooooh!" He filled her with his sperm. It poured down the inner side of her thighs and splashed down in my face. He stood still with his cock as a plug in her pussy. When it went soft he pulled it out and the sperm poured out, my face and beard was covered with his sperm. Then he released us both.

We took a long break from the fucking and had some lunch and played a game of card. Ali told Lene to write a mail to her Swedish friend and telling him, how Ali had fucked her, telling him how great it had been. She went upstairs and wrote the mail and called at Ali, so he could approve the mail before she sends it. We took a long break Lene said that her pussy was sore and needed a rest if he intended to fuck her in the evening and night. We got a great diner with wine, and talked a lot, Ali was bragging about all the married Swedish girls he had been fucking.

Some time later Ali looked at Lene and said; "Are you ready again, my cock are craving your cunt now Lene?"

Lene smiled at him and said; "I'm as ready as I can be Ali, I'm only a little sore now." We went to the bedroom and the tied me to the chair again the rubber gag completed the work.

Ali looked at Lene and said; "I'll like to fuck you in your ass Lene, what do you think about that?"

Lene looked at him and said; "No Ali your cock is much too thick, I don't think I can take it!" Ali looked disappointed and said; "Haven't you got any lubricating jelly Lene? I really like to fuck a whore in her ass, so why not you?" Lene looked a bit doubtful, I know she like it in the ass, but the size was too much. Ali continued; "Come on Lene find the jelly so I can fuck you in the ass."

Lene said; "OK but you must promise that you will be real gentle with me!"

Ali smiled and said; "OK Lene I promise, now you find the jelly Lene!" Lene took a tube with jelly and Ali said; "Love you rub some on my cock, and then I'll put some in your ass!" Lene put a big amount of jelly on his cock and spread it all over his cock.

Then she handed him the tube and went down on all four, she spread her legs a bit and Ali put a big amount of jelly on the surroundings of her asshole and ended with pressing some jelly up in her ass. The tube was nearly empty. Now she was ready. Ali placed his big slimy cockhead against her tight little asshole and began to increase the pressure. Lene moaned; "Now come on Ali before I regret it." Slowly Alis big cock vent inside her ass, he stopped a bit when all of the head had disappeared.

Lene moaned and sobbed and her ass had a tight grip around the fat cock right behind the head. She moaned; "Ooh Ali stop a bit so my ass can adjust to your big cock."

Ali said; "OK Lene but not for long!" He squeezed her buttocks and let his hands caress her back and thighs. Lenes eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Then Ali got a better grip around her hips and slowly he pushed his entire big fat rod up in her ass. Lene moaned; "Oooooooh noooo Ali don't do it stooop ooooh yes ooooooooh it's great, but you are too big but fuck me ooh yes fuck me ooooooh!"

She screamed and moaned while Ali fucked her in her tight ass, she was all in his power. The only thing in her mind was the great monster working deep in her ass. At last her heads and shoulders lay flat on the bed while Ali had a good grip around her hips so he could fuck her. When he roared and filled her ass with his sperm she only sobbed and breezed heavily. Ali let go his grip at her hips and she fell flat on her belly on the bed. Ali's big cock popped out of her ass. Ali lay down beside her and caressed her relaxed body. A moment after she turned against him and gave him a big kiss and said; "It was great Ali, but no more assfucking this weekend, my ass is sore and there are not enough jelly for one more time."

They took a bath before they continued. When the returned Ali tied Lene to the bed, her arms was stretched down along her sides and tied to the foot of the bed, her legs were forced up over her head and spread, they were tied to the headend of the bed. She lay there totally open for him to use as he pleased. Ali's cock was ready again and he fucked Lene hard and deep, she got a really big orgasm before he was ready to cum. He played with his cockhead on her clit and when she began to breeze heavily and moan loud, he hammered his big cock to the bottom of her pussy 4-5 times, and then they both came at the same time.

When Ali pulled his cock out, he came over and released me and said; "Come now and see all my sperm in your wife's cunt, you don't have a chance, I have made her pregnant before you even get the chance, she will give birth to my baby in nine month, you can count on that."

Spellbound I looked at her stretched pussy, it was full of white creamy sperm, I knew deep inside that he was right, with all that sperm he had poured into her womb in the past 24 hour and the weekend was not finished yet. Ali would first leave us Sunday at 2 in the afternoon. Ali said; "Now you leave the bedroom and go to your guestroom. But don't you worry I'll keep your wife warm." The door was closed behind me and the key turned in the lock. Again I was left alone with my fantasies and the horny sounds coming up through the floor from downstairs. My only friend was my right hand.

Ali fucked her several times before the noises stopped, finally the silence surrounded me, but I could not fell asleep, thoughts were turning in my head, would our marriage ever be the same as before after that heavy fucking Ali had done to her this weekend? At last I fell asleep. Next morning when I had made coffee I knocked at the bedroom door. Ali came out in the living room, there he let a bomb explode, he said; "I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm taking your wife with me back to Sweden, she will get a little flat there so I can fuck her when I feel like it, she desperately wants to come with me."

I was in chock, the tears were near to break through, but I was raised with the words, big boys don't cry. I managed to hold them back. A moment after Ali laughed and said; "Just kidding, she will stay with you it was just a joke." (A rather sick joke I think.) Lene went into the room and kissed me before she sat down beside Ali. I was beginning to look forward against 2 o'clock, and then it was my turn to fuck my own wife again, and how I would fuck her. I would not surrender without a fight, even if it were lost even before it started.

After breakfast Ali got an naughty idea, he would fuck Lene in the middle of our lawn, I was not pleased with the thought at all, what if the neighbours saw what happened, fortunately we have a tall hedge around our garden. Lene was so horny that she agreed without second thoughts. It was too much now, what if somebody saw a stranger fuck my wife in our garden. What would the think about us? And me for letting him fuck her? I took a walk down the road, I had enough by now, I would be mocked as a cuckold if anybody find out. Maybe not in my face, I'm a rather big guy, but they would talk behind my back.

The gossip would be all over the county! I turned back against the house, and when I was about 150 yards away I could hear her horny moan fully screams, I looked around at the nearest houses, nobody was out in their gardens fortunately. Just as I reached the driveway, Lene and Ali came naked from the garden, Allis big soft cock hang dangling between his legs and the sperm was pouring down the inner side of Lens thighs. They vent free-and-easy through the driveway and into the house. I had enough for now; I saw for my eyes how he fucked her for god knows how many times.

I turned around and walked around until 1:45 then I headed against our house. Just as I reached the driveway, Ali's car came out, he stopped and said; "Thanks for letting me fuck your wife, you have been a good sport, I'll come back and fuck her again when her belly is big with my baby, just phone me and I'll be there." He drove of and I went inside the house.

Lene lay on the bed, her legs were widely spread, and Ali's sperm was pouring from her pussy. She smiled to me and said; "Oooh what a wonderful weekend, this I can think of a long time. Thanks darling fir being so sweet and understanding." Now it was my turn.

I said; "Now I'm going to fuck you Lene." She looked at me and said; "I have promised you that darling, but my pussy and ass are really sore right now, can't you wait until tomorrow?"

I looked at her and said; "Shall I let his sperm have a longer time to work in you, no my darling I'll fuck you now."

She sighed and said; "Realize it darling you have no chance already, I'm quite sure I'm pregnant already now, but if you insist, cant I suck you until you are ready to cum, then you can squirt in my pussy, is that OK?" I think it was better than no sex, and I could easily understand if her pussy and as was sore right now. I squirted deep in her 5 times that afternoon and evening. The first times I could hardly feel her pussy, but the next day it was back to normal size again. Now it's just to wait and see if there was a result, Ali had promised her that he would return in a month and fuck her again if it was necessary. But I don't think that will be necessary.

* * * * *

That was my fantasy about my horny wife and the dirty old Arab with the big cock. Half true and half fiction (yet), we have been sending him mails, but the Swede had told my wife he is a trip in his home country right now. Maybe he read this and is even more eager to fuck her when he returns. Now he knows that I have accepted that he fuck my wife with no protection. When this is on the site, my wife will be without her coil and ready for him to fuck. If it is a success I send you the real story. Written by a Danish married man who loves to see his wife gets a stranger big fat cock.

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by avengerfive01/01/18

I love it!

I've read this one 3 times now. It never gets old!

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