tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wife And The Surfers

My Wife And The Surfers


My wife Chen was a virgin when I met her, but neither stupid nor unfamiliar with the male anatomy. From what she told me I have a local surfer to thank. She grew up in Penang Malaysia the youngest girl of several in a Chinese family. Like man Chinese girls she was a slim raven haired beauty, with gently curving breasts whose dark nipples stood out like pencil erasers when she was aroused. She had a full ass, which is unusual for Chinese girls, and her shy nature hid a wild side. Her waist was small maybe 24 inches, making her B cup breasts and round firm buttocks look large on her slender frame.

Anyhow when she was out on one of her first dates, just after her eighteenth birthday, she went to an isolated corner of Batu Ferenghi, one of the more out of the way beaches on Penang with a local Malay guy.

To make a long story short, she was still a good conservative Chinese girl and when he put her hands on his cock she pulled back. He had slid his shorts down and his thick cock was sticking up inches from her face. The guy pushed her head towards his erection and before she really knew what was happening her mouth was full of cock. He kept her there, gently moving his rod in and out of her mouth, instructing her how to use her tongue and lips, and gradually making her take more of him into her wet mouth. She had no choice in the matter, being just a 100 pounds. He was twice her size and she didn't even consider resisting, choosing to make the best of the situation and learn how to please a man. When he came she obediently swallowed and licked his cock clean before returning it to his shorts. The guy drove her home and she never went out with him again, but she didn't report him for his rough actions because his forcefulness had made her so wet she had to masturbate before she could fall asleep.

By the time I broke her in several years later she had had a few adventures, always with the same theme: if the guy was a gentleman she gave him a kiss and said goodnight, while if the guy forced her she let him do whatever he wanted. She might protest or squeal if he had a big cock and treated her too roughly but she never prevented the guy from coming. In return for preserving her maidenhead she let guys use her mouth, and, if she was forced, her ass. She was a small girl and she liked to be manhandled. Needless to say I didn't object, and in due course we got married.

Once I discovered how wet and wild she was in bed I, like many men, conceived a fantasy of watching her take on other men, especially men who would force her to confront her slutty submissive side.

In some ways she remained a traditional Chinese woman, refusing to even think of fucking other people, even though I always got hard watching guys check her out when we bathed nude at hot springs. Like many Chinese girls she had only a wisp of hair covering her pussy lips and every guy who saw her nude always glanced at her most private spot, making her blush and, often, she shyly admitted, making her wet. We lived in California so there were many hot springs to camp by and visit.

My perverted dream of watching her forced to pleasure other guys might have stayed a fantasy, if not for these three surfers. They'd been checking her out the whole time as we bathed in these tidal hot springs, whispering about what they'd like to do with her slender body. When they wandered off behind a boulder to smoke a bowl I followed. At first they went silent, expecting me to go off on them for talking about my wife, but they began to smile when I told them my plan.

I went back to the springs alone and told my wife we should head back down the beach to the car. Once we were out of sight around some boulders the surfers surrounded us, and renewed their commentary about how tight her lightly furred slit looked and how noticeable her brown nipples and round ass were in her wrap; she'd slid a sarong on but you could still see her figure through the wet cloth.

Chen trembled and whimpered as they reached out and began groping her, pulling the sarong down and striping it off. One of them pulled a knife and I quickly put the plan I had outlined to the surfers into motion, telling the surfers Chen would blow them if they put away the knife and agreed not to fuck her.

I knew once she was on her knees sucking their cocks we could push her further and we'd all, Chen included, get what we wanted. My wife shivered, weakly protesting and pressing her nude body against me before finally agreeing and reluctantly kneeling.

I stepped back and watched the surfers surround her. The tall blond one in front of her ordered her to take out his cock in a no nonsense tone, and with trembling fingers she grabbed the waist of his shorts and pulled them down, exposing his thick erection. He wasn't porn star huge, although easily wider and a little longer than me.

He didn't hesitate, quickly wrapping his muscular hands in her long glossy black hair and pulling her mouth to his cock. Unlike that long ago day back on Batu Ferenghi Chen did not need any further instruction and although she couldn't get his whole length into her mouth and throat, in spite of his urging, she did everything a guy could want from a pretty naked Asian woman, slurping and licking up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue around the head and probing his slit, occasionally taking a break to suck on his balls before swallowing as much of his cock as she could, gagging and not resisting too much when he forced his cock down her throat holding for long moments before letting her pull back and gasp for air before making her take his length again. Her full lips stretched around him as she almost swallowed his entire cock.

The other two guys watched her efforts with broad smiles, cracking jokes about how Asian girls looked best on their knees with a big cock in sliding in and out of their soft lips. To be honest Chen did look incredibly sexy bobbing her head up and down this stranger's hard rod, her soft lips and jaw stretching tight to take more and more of his thick cock. I could see the other guys agreed, especially when they tugged their shorts down to reveal their hard ons. They were both large, and one, a guy with a giant carp tattooed across his back, was even thicker than the guy she was blowing. The other guy, a lean dark haired dude they called Sam, was long, maybe nine inches, but not too thick. Pre cum glistened on both their dicks, and their cocks swelled and flushed deep red as they stroked themselves, waiting their turns with my petite wife, encouraging her to make their buddy come quickly. They crowded around her, pulling and twisting her sensitive nipples and cupping her sex, sliding their fingers into her wet folds, and slapping her ass. Chen moaned as the guys abused her body and redoubled her efforts to make the blond guy come.

Soon enough the surfer moaned, and thighs trembling, thrust hard and deep into her mouth, holding her head in place as he emptied his balls down her throat. We all watched as she gulped several times before carefully polishing his cock with her pursed lips and tongue.

As he stepped back, his limp penis dangling and softening, she drew in a deep breathe as the other two placed her delicate little hands on their shafts, and made her stroke them. Her fingers didn't even encircle the cock on her right, while the guy on her left sported a length sticking out from her forefinger and thumb that was already almost dwarfed my own hard on.

I'd shucked off my own shorts earlier and was also stroking myself, so the comparisons were clear, especially to Chen, watching these bobbing cocks only inches from her face. Soon they were even closer, sliding over her full lips and into her waiting mouth. Chen took her time, gently licking first one head then the other, stroking both the whole time. She could barely get more than the head of the thickest cock into her small mouth but we could see how she made up for this by flicking her tongue across the sensitive underside of what little shaft she could reach. She paused and, one at a time, licked up and down the length of both cocks until they gleamed bright red with her spit.

I walked up behind my kneeling wife, my cock harder than it had ever been and, cupping her pussy pulled her hips up. Chen was now on her feet bent over sucking the biggest guy when I shoved my length into her soaking cunt. I knew from personal experience her cunt opened up as soon as she began to suck cock but she was even wetter than I expected, easily absorbing my entire length in her tight cunt. She moaned indistinctly around the cock in her mouth, clearly protesting my actions, but helpless to do any thing about it.

After a few deep strokes to loosen her up I pulled my slick cock out and motioned to the last surfer. Before Chen knew what was happening they were spit roasting my small wife, forcing her to accept their unwanted rods in both ends. Chen clearly didn't want to get fucked by these two strangers but being helpless to defend herself, she made the best of it, bracing herself as they established an increasing tempo. I watched excitedly as she grunted each time they pushed deep into her mouth and pussy.

A change came over her once the guys switched places and the tattooed guy's thick cock began to stretch her pussy into a circle around his girth. After a few minutes she pulled her mouth off the guy she was sucking and balanced herself against his thighs as she panted in newfound pleasure. Her moans grew loud and frequent and she began to shake as his size drove her to first one than another orgasm. Her slick white juices began to coat his thick cock as he pulled back and then slammed home, balls deep, again and again.

The other guy and I watched in awe as he fucked my wife senseless. He drove my wife back to her knees, punishing her from behind with his immense cock. Her head bounced against the sand and her ass rose up to meet his thrusts. When he finally came she was a mess, her hair tangled in the sand, her hands futilely bracing her body as he shoved her gradually further down the beach with each powerful stroke.

Leaning forward he pushed Chen's head into the sand with one hand and then pulled her hair making her back bend as he shoved his whole cock deep into her one last time. He held her there shaking in pain and pleasure as he came. When he finally pulled out her pussy lips fluttered, reluctant to close after such a vigorous pummeling.

After a few minutes, while we watched her moan and continue to shake in a final orgasm helped by her clever fingers briskly rubbing her clit, a trickle of cum began to drip down the edge of her thighs. She later told me he had dumped the biggest load of cum in her she'd ever felt, shooting off in her stroke after stroke as he came and driving her to the edge of orgasm. She hadn't been able to help herself and needed to finger herself to the final spasm after he pulled his thick log from her abused pussy.

It was getting dark by the time Chen crawled over to the last guy and quietly, without any protest, sucked him off. He came on her face and then used his cock to guide globs of semen to her open mouth. Chen licked cum off his cock until it was shiny and clean. She then cleaned the big guy who had so forcefully fucked her before pulling her sarong back on and, holding my hand, staggered slowly down the beach to the car. In the car she sucked me off without a word of protest about what had happened.

Later, when I questioned her about her experience, she only replied that she had done what she had to and that I shouldn't blame her. She avoided going with me to the hot spring for a while, until one night several weeks later, when I found her naked in bed rubbing herself. She let me watch as she brought herself off and then suggested that we return to that beach sometime soon and see what happened. She said she was still my faithful obedient wife, but if she was forced to please another man, or men, she couldn't be blamed, could she?

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