tagLoving WivesMy Wife as a Streetwalker

My Wife as a Streetwalker

byttor 50©

I came home from work excited about our night out. We were going to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. My wife met me at the door in a short red dress that was very low cut in front and plunged in the back nearly to her but crack. She told me we were going to live out my fantasy of her being a streetwalker as anniversary present.

I immediately got ready and we headed out the door to a local bar. My wife was the center of attention in the bar that night. After four strong drinks, my wife said she was ready to be turned out for the evening. I drove her downtown to a former strip club that was closed down. I parked on the curb just up the street from where she would be doing business. It was close enough that I could watch her come and go. Before she got out of the car she removed her bra and thong. "We working girls don't wear under garments because it slows us down."

I watched her get out of the car and begin slowly walking back and forth in front of me on the sidewalk. When a car would slowly go by she would raise her dress and show her shaved pussy or white ass to the traffic, depending on the direction she was walking. I could see her ass jiggle and tits shake through the thin tight garment she was wearing. The cool night air made her nipples stand out like pencil erasers.

Soon a small car pulled up that was full of rust. The driver looked to be about nineteen. I saw my wife lean down through the open passenger window causing her left breast to fall completely out of her dress. She later recounted this story to me.

I leaned over purposely exposing a tit to a boy young enough to be my son. I asked him if I could help him. He said he wanted a blowjob but didn't realize how old I was before he stopped. I told him oral was twenty-five and if he gave me a chance it would be the best he had ever had.

He said, "Ok"

I climbed down into the car letting my dress ride up over my ass. He drove around the block and parked in a deserted alley. I kneeled in the seat and reached down and undid his pants pulling out an average size penis. As I started to suck on it I tasted like he hadn't washed for a while. This just added to the depravity of the situation. He reached over my back as I lay my head over on his lap and he started rubbing on my pussy. As I bobbed up and down on his shaft he inserted three fingers in my pussy and started pushing them in and out. My pussy was really starting to loosen up and get wet.

He suddenly stuck his thumb up my ass just as he shot a huge load in my mouth. He must not have cum for a month. I swallowed it all and made sure his dick and balls were completely clean before sitting back up in my seat.

He told me that it was indeed the best blowjob he had ever had and that old whores really are the best.

I thanked him and he took me back to my street corner. As I got out of the car my ass was still showing so my husband got a good look. I also made a point to wipe my mouth so he knew what I had been up to.

It was exciting watching my wife acting the part of a common whore. Her beautiful ass looked so inviting as she slide out of the car. It took all my will power not to go fuck her myself. I wanted her a little more used before I took my turn. After the kid left it took a while for her to get another customer. Finally an old work truck pulled up. Again she leaned through the passenger window. Later she gave this me this story.

As I leaned in the window of what looked to be a handyman's truck, I asked the middle aged white guy what was his pleasure? He said some punk at the gas station told him an older hooker was up here working hard for the money.

"That's right" I replied " I aim to please."

He asked," How much for a suck and fuck?

"Fifty" was my answer. "Satisfaction guaranteed."

"That's what I like, a cheap old whore that is motivated." He replied

I jumped in the dirt old truck and he pulled down my favorite dark alley. When we stopped I pulled of my dress and put it up on the dash. Like before I kneeled in the seat and undid his belt pulling out a nice size dick. I lay flat on the big seat bring my mouth down on the big unit. Again there was that awful taste until my saliva washed his dick clean, then I went to work with earnest, bobbing frantically up and down like a good whore who liked her work. He soon stopped me and suggested a way I could make more money.

"If you can bury that shifter knob in your big pussy it will make you another ten dollars." He offered.

I looked at the formidable object coming out of the middle of the floor and realized it wouldn't be the biggest thing my husband has had me sit on. I told him he was on. There is something about guys wanting car parts in my pussy.

I reached down with my mouth and licked the dirty knob to clean it and provide some lubrication. Then I turned around and kneeled on the front edge of the seat. Next I slowly spread my round ass backward until I felt the knob line up with my hole. I then reached under my ass and spread my pussy lip until they hung on either side of the shaft. I slowly lowered myself, not stopping until the handle hit the bottom of my stomach. The john had gotten out of the truck and stuck his head down by the floor to watch my pussy engulf the shifter. He let out a moan and called me the biggest slut he had ever seen. I slowly pumped up and down first feeling the cold metal shaft as my tight lips closed on it, then as I rose the incredible feeling of being spread wide by the handle.

My john soon grew tired of watching me fuck his truck and was ready for his turn with my slut ass. I rose off the shifter and lay on my back waiting for him to enter me. He got on top of me with his clothes still on, only his dick stuck from out from his unzipped pants. Apparently he didn't think I was worth getting undressed. He told me to raise my legs and guide his dick into me because he didn't want to get his hands dirty on my cunt. As soon as I complied and he felt the wetness of my pussy against the head of his dick he lunged into me with so much force it took my breath away. He humped me so hard the truck shook. After my breath came back I begged him to slow down I wasn't going anywhere.

He said "damn right whore not till I get fifty bucks worth out of your ass."

When I decided to become a whore for the night I wanted to be sure my pussy didn't become too sloppy for my husband, who would be my last customer. I knew it would be stretched from all the abuse of the strangers, more in one night than in two years with than with someone who loved me. My plan was to encourage as many johns as possible to either cum in my ass, that could use a little lubrication and some extra stretching or my mouth where I could swallow it. With this in mind

I started begging him to pull out and cum in my mouth. He really liked that idea and just before he came he jumped up and I slid down so he could finish off pumping in my mouth. I barely got there in time as the first steam hit my neck. I got his shaft in my mouth and greedily swallowed the rest of the huge load. After he stopped cumming I dutifully cleaned every part of his genitalia. He then said I was the best whore he had been with. He started the truck as I put on my dress. Soon we were back at my spot.

This time I only had to walk back and forth a couple of times before an old cargo van stopped. I walked over to the passenger window and saw three big black men staring back at me. The passenger said they were looking for a whore to do a gangbang with all three of them. He said they were looking for someone a little younger that would be able to take a good hard fucking. I told them it would be no problem for me to handle them all. As long as they paid me one hundred dollars they could do what ever they want with no complaints.

They said, "You're on bitch, get in the back and strip."

As soon as I got in the side door they headed for the alley. The inside of the van was empty in the back except for some old blankets. When the van stopped they all climbed in the back and told me to lay on my back and play with my pussy. I decided to put on a show for them by rubbing myself and begging them to fuck me good and hard. After a few minutes of this they told me to get on my knees, crawl over and suck their dicks. I started sucking the closest one while the second one reached around and started mauling my big breasts. He seemed to like pinching and pulling my nipples until I moaned in pain.

After the first guy had enough of my mouth he got behind me and fucked me dog style. The tit man decided to follow me down under my belly and continue his assault on my now tender breasts. The third guy knelt at my head and fed me his huge cock. It was all I could do to get it in my mouth. I was having trouble keeping track of the guys in my pussy and mouth because tit man was now biting my nipples. When he got tired of that he came up to my side and started to milk me like a cow. He would grab both my tits close to my chest and slowly squeeze them trying to get non-existent milk from me. He told his friends my big floppy breasts reminded him of an old cow out in the barn. He even called me Jersey. His friends laughed and also started calling me an old cow.

The other two said they wanted at my tits as well so tit man let each one take one from him. The back guy grabbed my right breast as hard as he could and pulled it back towards him, using it for leverage to pound my wet pussy. The one in my mouth grabbed my left breast and did exactly the same thing. It felt like my chest was going to rip in half right down the middle. I truly felt like an old cow being milked. Finally the guy in my mouth started to cum so deep in my throat it went straight to my belly. I meticulously cleaned him off just in time to feel the guy behind me shoot a load in my over worked pussy. I hoped the one load wouldn't spoil my pussy for my husband. I spun around and cleaned him off as well.

Meanwhile tit man decided he was going to have my asshole. I noticed how big he was especially his dick head. It had to be four inches in diameter. I wondered if my ass would be ruined after he was done. His friends helped me to my feet as he lay on his back on the floor. I straddled him and slowly lowered my pussy on to his dick and pumped up and down on it to use the other guys cum for lubrication. I then raised up and lined up my ass with his huge dick. I slowly lowered myself until that big head finally got past the entrance. Luckily I wasn't a novice at anal sex, but this was the biggest thing I had ever had in my ass. As I slowly lowered my self I thought he would split me in half. Luckily he was a little patient and lay still until my ass loosened a little.

I tried to raise and lower myself in a gentle fucking motion but he would have none of that. His friends grabbed me under my arms and by my sore tits and roughly pulled up and down on me driving me onto his huge shaft. By now my ass was really loosening up so he told the guys to grab my legs and arms and use my own weight to drive his dick deeper in my ass. They lifted me up until his head was nearly out and then let me drop on him, driving my soft ass down on him. His dick went so deep that it felt like it was in my throat. Mercifully it only to a few times of this to make him shoot in my bowels.

I quickly climbed off of him and spun around to suck his dick clean. A lot of cum and fecal matter had run out of my ass all over him. I licked every bit off of him, fighting off the urge to throw up. They all agreed that I was the best gangbang slut they had ever had. When they brought me back to my spot I was rudely pushed out the side door naked. As they drove off I started running after them begging for my dress back. While running I felt all of the cum in my belly sloshing around. I can only imagine what it must have looked like, a middle-aged woman running down the street naked with my big tits flopping and my white ass jiggling for everyone to see. Thankfully they finally threw my dress out a block away.

When the van pulled up I was treated to the most erotic scene in of my life. There was my lovely wife being thrown naked out the side of the van. For an instant I didn't recognize her. Her once proud white breasts were now sagging noticeably and had been abused so much they were bright red with the occasional bruises in the shape of fingerprints. As the van drove off she started chasing it, pleading for her dress back. I loved the site of her big soft white ass bouncing up and down as she ran.

I couldn't stand it anymore and decided it was my turn with my favorite whore. Starting the car I drove towards her as her dress was thrown on the sidewalk ahead of her. I reached her before she could get it put on and called her over to my car. As she walked towards the car I could more clearly see the results of her night on the street had on her body.

Her long blonde hair was a tangled mess. Her cheeks were sunken and her lips were red and swollen, obviously from giving several rough blowjobs. Her big loose breasts swung freely from side to side banging into each other. Her bald pussy before tonight was shaped like a soft closed clamshell, but now the clam had been pried open. Her pussy lips hung slightly gaped open jiggling and clapping together as she walked. There was shiny trails running down her inner thighs, evidence of the flow coming from her over used orifices. As she leaned in through the passenger window she let her tits drape over the top of the door panel. I notice her nipple were grotesquely distended and looked like they had been chewed upon. She asked what was my pleasure?

I replied " How much for everything."

She replied that since I was her favorite john it would only be Seventy-five dollars.

I replied "You look kind of wore out tonight, are you going to be worth that much?"

She promised to make it worth my while. I told her to get in and I took her back down the alley she was so familiar with. After we stopped she immediately leaned over in my lap and unfastened my pants. She proceeded to give my dick a good tongue bath. Her technique had definitely improved after her night on the street. I told her to her to lay back in her seat with her ass facing towards me and spread her legs back to her shoulders. After she assumed the position her well-stretched cunt was displayed by the streetlight coming through the windshield. It no longer looked like my wife's pussy. It now had to be described as a huge cunt. The lips that would normally be pressed together were now gapped open by a good four inches. I could easily see deep into her well used hole.

I said, "By the looks of it you had a good night. I am not sure your ass is going to be worth seventy-five."

She replied "I will give extra service until you are completely satisfied."

"Anything I want?"

"Anything" was her reply.

I decided to give her cunt a try, to feel what it is like to fuck and old whore after a night of work. I climbed up and slowly mounted her. It was no problem finding her hole. As soon as my dick head found something wet I pushed forward easily bottoming out in one thrust. I felt incredible, like a warm jar of mayonnaise. AS I hit bottom my balls received a warm bath from the contents left in her belly from her last fuck. As I sawed in and out her cunt it sounded like a washing machine. I loved the sound of her moaning accompanied by the farts coming from her hole.

She screamed for me to fuck her like the slut she was. After about ten minutes of pounding there wasn't much traction left in her. She sensed my problem and suggested my thumb up her ass might tighten her up. I reached under her big ass and slowly inserted my thumb. Her ass had been so stretched that I could barely feel it around my thumb. I removed it and slid my four fingers in it its place. By doing this I could jack myself off through the thin membrane between her holes. It was worn so thin I could feel every nook and crevice of my dick between my finger. This brought her to a screaming orgasm. I was afraid someone would think I was killing her and call the police.

After she came down off her orgasm I pulled out. She asked "What's wrong, doesn't it feel good enough for you?"

I replied." I need a little more friction."

I told her to pick up her filthy dress from the floor and hand it or me. I then ordered her to reach between her legs and spread her big pussy lips as far out as she could. When she complied I couldn't resist the urge to slide my hand in her distended hole. It slid in easily until it came to the knuckles. I kept a steady pressure on her as she wiggled around enough to allow me access. I felt her wetness on my wrist as a balled up my hand into a fist. She again went over the top with another orgasm. I slowly fucked my hand back and forth in her silky passage, feeling her insides move around my hand like a bowl of jelly. I could clearly see her belly rise as I drove my fist as far as it would go. I then pulled back until I was lifting her body off her seat.

After giving her cunt a good pounding, I unballed my hand and pulled it from her body. Next I started stuffing her dress up what was left her hopelessly stretched cunt. She asked what I had in mind? I explained the dress would be the perfect packing to help tighten her asshole. By filling her gaping hole her asshole would be forced a little tighter. I then ordered her to roll over and get on her knees like a good bitch. She did as she was told and eagerly presenting her now tightened asshole to in front of me.

I wasted no time in sticking my dick in her brown hole. It was almost as tight as it was before the night's activity and felt wonderful. I pounded her for all I was worth. I slapped her ass hard as I reamed her out. This caused load moans from her. As I felt myself building towards an orgasm, I reached under her and grabbed her swinging breasts. I gripping them as hard as I could and pulled out and back stretching them to the limit. This gave me maximum leverage to bury my dick clear to the balls as my load sprayed into her back passage.

When I had emptied myself in her I sat back in my seat. Like a good whore she slowly spun her battered body around and started cleaning my dick with her warm soft mouth. As she was finishing by licking the remnants off my balls I noticed what looked to be a homeless person looking through the open window. He asked "Buddy would you mind sharing that whore with me?" this startled my wife and she started to get up. I held her in place, keeping her ass in perfect view of the bum.

I said, "Sure buddy, if you don't mind fucking her ass. Her pussy is totally used up." He indicated this was no problem. I said to her "Here is your extra service. Okay?" She looked a little apprehensive but remembered her guarantee and accepted her fate.

The bum opened the door and pulled down his pants displaying a good ten inches of dick. My wife slid backwards on her knees to give him easy access to her back passage. The bum slowly pushed his massive shaft into my surprised wife. "How big is this guy?" she asked. "I think he is splitting my ass open." Her eyes began to widen and her mouth fell open as he grabbed her hips and buried the last of that monster in her ass. She begged him not to move for a second as she got adjusted to his size. After a few minutes she told him to go ahead and fuck her but please go slow. As he plowed slowly into her I noticed her arms were shacking and her eyes rolled back in her head.

I couldn't resist grabbing her inside breast and milking her slowly as he plunder her back passage. He started pounding harder and reached under her and grabbed her other breast with both hands. Pulling back and twisting it cruelly. She let out a scream as he dumped another load in her tortured ass.

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