tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife Fucks Another Man

My Wife Fucks Another Man


I have several stories written about the experiences my wife and I have had over the years in the HOT Wife/Swinging Lifestyle. One of the stories I wrote is titled, "The First Time I Ever Watched Another Man Fuck My Wife". That's not really true, that story should be titled, "The First Time I Successfully Shared My Wife With Another Man".

My wife and I actually had one other experience before that one, but it wasn't entirely satisfactory, for several reasons, and so I have never really considered it to be our first time, and whenever I have told anyone the story about our first time, I have always told them, the other story.

But our real first time, has some interest for those who enjoy the voyeuristic pleasures, and it can also serve as a learning experience for those couples considering trying the HOT Wife/Swinging Lifestyle for themselves, but aren't sure what they need to think about before just jumping in with both feet. So, here's the story of the very first time that I ever watched another man actually fuck my wife:

This happened in the early 90's and the Internet wasn't yet as sophisticated as it is today. My wife, Brandie, and I, had been considering actually having another man join us in a threesome for some time and so we placed an ad in a swingers magazine that covered an area several hundred miles around where we live in northern, middle TN., along the border with KY. The ad had a picture of my wife in it, and we had included our email address in the ad. My wife was in her early 40's, but easily passed for 30's, and although not a "Barbie" type model, she was a sexy blond with a pretty face, 38C tits, long sexy legs, a fine ass, and she didn't have any trouble turning heads and getting attention when she wanted it. Of course, we fielded literally hundreds of emails from men interested in fucking my wife. But many of them wouldn't send us a photo and we weren't going to meet anyone without a photo first, (no sense in meeting someone she had no sexual attraction to). Many of them wanted to meet in the middle of the afternoon, on a weekday, no doubt so they could get a quick piece of ass and be back home before their wife knew they weren't at work. We didn't care what the man's marital status was, but we weren't interested in an afternoon quickie, we were hopefully looking for a friend we might meet again.

We finally narrowed the field down to a couple of possibles and started trading emails with them to get better acquainted. Finally narrowing it down to one man, we agreed to meet him, in his hometown, about 90 miles from where we lived. We figured that way, if things went south during the meeting, we could always excuse ourselves and go home, easier than hosting him in our hometown and having to tell him, to go home.

We were going to meet him on a Friday night at a hotel, he was going to pick us up, take us to dinner, and if everything worked out alright, we would go back to the hotel and have the threesome.

Even though my wife and I had talked about doing this for years, she was nervous as Hell about doing this for the first time. She wasn't sure that she could actually fuck another man while I was there watching. She asked me if she could do him, alone, the first time, and then I could join them for a second go 'round later in the night, or the next day, or another day. I was dead set against that as I REALLY wanted to watch that very first time! I came up with a compromise. I was going to set up a video camera in the corner of the room and turn it on before they went in the room, then I would wait in the hotel lounge until they had completed their first act of having sex. That way, she could feel more at ease without me right there in the room for that first time, but I wouldn't miss the action, as I could watch it later.

So, on the day we were to meet, we checked into the hotel early in the afternoon and then nervously spent the afternoon talking about how things would go down that night. I agreed to not push anything on anyone, that this would just be a friendly meeting, that the final decision as to whether to carry through and actually fuck the guy would be entirely up to my wife. She was really worried that I was so excited to actually be doing what we had fantasized about, for so long, that I would be too pushy with him, and her, about getting it on! I promised her that I wouldn't. I would just let things happen, as they happened, and that I wouldn't push anything on anybody.

As the time drew near for the man, (his name was Phil), to show up, my wife showered, shaved her pussy silky smooth, did her shoulder length blond hair, put on her make up, then got dressed. She was wearing a white, lacy push up bra that accentuated her full breasts and showed her ample cleavage, a matching white lacy thong, a white garter belt, very shear, high quality black stockings with seams up the back that she had bought specially for this occasion. For outerwear, she wore a short, black skirt that had a short split in the back. Standing up, you could just barely see the tops of her stockings in that split in the back of that skirt. Sitting down, the hem of her skirt came right across her thighs at the tops of her stockings and it didn't take much effort for her to show off the tops of her stockings and some of the bare skin of her tanned thighs above them. Her blouse was a white, satin, button up the front, with long, see through, nylon sleeves, and it had a see through nylon panel across her chest with lace on it, that did little to obscure the view of her cleavage and gorgeous tits. She capped off the outfit with a pair of black satin high heeled pumps and a heavy gold anklet that brought your attention to the delicate flower tattoo on her left ankle, as if you needed any reason to be looking at her sexy legs and feet! Since it was cold outside, she also had a long black overcoat to wear when we went outside.

My wife was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous and I told her so! It thrilled me and got my anticipation up, (along with my cock!), to think that my wife was dressing this sexy in the hopes of enticing another man to want to fuck her later that night!

I wore a pair of semi-dress pants, a long sleeved button up shirt, and a pair of black boots. I had a Harley jacket to wear when we went outside.

At almost the exact time we had agreed upon, Phil knocked on the door of our hotel room. I opened it and was immediately taken aback at his appearance. He wore a pair of well worn blue jeans, worn out cowboy boots, (I would have thrown them away a long time ago, or at least wouldn't be wearing them to meet anyone for the first time!), and he had a brown, down filled jacket on that had a tear in the back of one sleeve and the stuffing was hanging out of it! I was a little shocked that the guy would dress this sloppily when going to meet a couple for the first time that he was hoping to have a threesome with. But, I resolved to not let first appearances sway my opinion of the guy, and decided to "get to know him". He was 35 years old, stood about 5' 10" tall, appeared to be about 180lbs, kind of stocky, brown short hair, clean shaven, and a clean cut fellow. He looked very much like the pictures we had seen of him so I figured that under his clothes, Brandie wouldn't be disappointed in him, he was her type.

I asked him in to our room and as he stepped in, he caught sight of my impeccably dressed, sexy wife, standing in the middle of the room, nervously waiting to meet him. I introduced him to my wife, Brandie, and expected him to immediately compliment her on her appearance, since she was so obviously sexy in her outfit. Instead, he just said, "Hello. Nice to meet you."

We then made some nervous small talk about where we were going for dinner, (he had picked it and I was glad to hear it was a local, well-known steakhouse and not McDonald's!), and about our 90 mile trip, etc..

Then he said we needed to head out so that we could get to the restaurant by the reservation time, (we were going to a restaurant that took reservations, the way he was dressed?), and then he mentioned that he drove a pick up truck, he hoped we would be OK riding in that. I told him that would be fine with us, we actually had an SUV ourselves, so trucks were fine with us. (I secretly was happy to hear about us riding in a pick up truck, because I could imagine some possible "action" while my wife sat in the middle of the seat between him and me!)

Before we left the room, my wife said she had to use the bathroom and she left Phil and me alone in the room for a few minutes. This was something we had prearranged, so that I could talk man-to-man with him for a few minutes. I told him that Brandie was really nervous about this whole thing and I sensed that he might be a bit so, himself. I told him to just relax, be himself, and treat my wife as if she was his woman for the night and that I was just a friend along with them. (In my own mind I was thinking that would be hard for him to pull off the way the three of us were dressed, but I didn't say it!) I told him that no matter what moves he made on my wife tonight, as long as she allowed them, he was respectful, and didn't hurt her, then anything was OK with me, and I kind of emphasized the word, "anything". I finished by telling him that Brandie wasn't going to be forward and aggressive, so that he would have to make the moves, and let her know that he was interested in her.

My wife came out of the bathroom, I helped her on with her coat, and we all walked out of the room.

When we got in the parking lot, at Phil's truck, it was a pick up alright, but not the truck I had envisioned. It was at least 10 years old, had some body damage, and wasn't the cleanest vehicle you might see. In fact, inside the truck, he had quite a collection of papers, empty coffee cups and other junk on the dash. The floor was filthy with dried mud and dirt on it and I wondered what might be on the seat that we might be getting on our clothes. But, since Brandie would be sitting on her overcoat, I brushed the thought out of my mind. I couldn't believe the guy hadn't made any attempt to clean his vehicle up before meeting us, even if it was old, it could have been clean. I was beginning to wonder about this guy.

I guess Phil hadn't paid any attention to my "treat her like she's your woman" instructions, because he had gone directly to the driver's side of his truck and hopped in, while I helped my wife into his truck from the passenger side. As I helped my wife in, I noticed that Phil's truck was a standard shift with the stick on the floor and I thought that this might be interesting with Brandie sitting in the middle of his truck with the shifter between her sexy legs as he had to shift and drive the truck. To my disappointment, as she slid over to the middle of the seat, she sat kind of cock-eyed with her legs together, and both her feet on my side of the shifter. My wife had her hands in the pockets of her overcoat and was holding her coat closed around her to stay warm. Phil, started the truck up and since it hadn't been long since he had arrived, it quickly warmed up inside. My wife relaxed a bit, letting her coat fall open, showing her gorgeous legs, and a bit of the tops of her stockings at the hem of her skirt.

I caught Phil taking a glance, when he could, at my wife's sexy legs and I hoped that he would reach over and touch her leg. My wife loves it when a man touches and rubs her legs. It turns her on, and it's one of the best things a man can do that indicates to her, that he likes her. Unfortunately, Phil never took the bait and the 20 minute ride to the restaurant was uneventful.

At the restaurant, which was a classy steakhouse, Phil removed his jacket and I was pleased to see that he had a nearly new, western style shirt on, that was in good repair. As Brandie and I had discussed earlier, we made sure to sit so that she and Phil had the two seats closest together. They sat next to each other on the side of the table near the wall, while I sat opposite them with my back to the open room. Again, I thought that positioned as we were, sometime during dinner, Phil might take the opportunity to cop a feel of my wife's sexy legs. If he had, I wouldn't have been able to see it, and I imagined several times during dinner, when I saw his right hand go below the table, that he might be, sending a thrill through me and making my cock twitch to life. (I found out later, that he never did it.).

After dinner, and just before we got ready to leave, my wife went to the bathroom, (probably because she really needed to), and so Phil and I had a few moments alone. I asked him straight out, what he thought of my wife, and for the first time all night, he told me he thought she was very sexy, really hot in that outfit. I told him that I knew he might be a bit nervous with me being right there, but that it would be OK if he told Brandie that. I said, "If you don't, she's going to think that you don't like her." I also told him that on the way back to the hotel, he should take the opportunity to cop a feel of her leg while he was shifting and driving. (So much for my promise to not be pushing anyone into anything, but I felt that if I didn't give this guy any encouragement, he might blow the whole evening, because Brandie sure wasn't going to make any first moves!) I ensured him that I wouldn't have any problem with him feeling up my wife, after all, that's what we were here for, and I made him understand that I really wanted to see him touching my wife!

As Brandie came back to the table, Phil went to the bathroom and that left my wife and me alone for a few minutes, for the first time since we had met him. Brandie told me she was really surprised at the way the guy was dressed, and at his truck. Now we aren't rich folks, in fact we're both blue collar workers ourselves, but this guy "looked" pretty poor, whether he was, or not. We both agreed that his economic status didn't matter to us, but we both also agreed that we thought he could have made a better first impression than he did. Still, he seemed like a nice enough fellow and my wife told me he was definitely her type. She had already fantasized a couple of times, during dinner, about what it would be like to fuck him while I watched. She admitted, with a sly smile, that it had made her "wet" a couple of times during dinner. That made my cock twitch and start to harden again, hearing my wife admitting to getting "wet", thinking about fucking another man! I told her that I thought he was probably about as nervous as she was and that on the ride back to the hotel she should sit with the gear shift between her legs and give the guy a little encouragement. (Just a suggestion, not trying to be pushy!) She smiled and said, "OK.", she would try. She asked me what we were going to do when we got back to the hotel and I suggested we go to the hotel lounge and have some drinks and see if we couldn't all loosen up a bit.

Phil came back to the table, we paid the check, (actually I paid the check, Phil left the tip), and we all left.

This time, when Brandie got into Phil's truck, she slid over closer to him, in the middle of the seat, and put her feet on both sides of the gear shift. With her feet on the transmission hump, and wearing those high heel shoes, her knees were quite a bit higher than her lap. By the time we were about halfway back to the hotel, the inside of the truck had warmed up and I saw my wife let her coat fall open on both sides of her. As it did, I noticed that her short, black skirt had slid down, (or "up" depending on how you want to think about it), into her lap, and that the tops of her stockings, her garter belt, and the bare portion of her thighs above her stockings were on plain view, even in the darkness of the interior of the truck which was intermittently brightly lit by a street lamp as we passed under it. I thought there was no way that Phil could pass up on this chance!

I saw Phil was swiveling his head back and forth between looking at traffic and glancing at my wife's gorgeous legs. He kept his right hand on the gear shift just inches from my wife's legs and actually not far from her crotch. My cock twitched to life in my pants and began to harden as I imagined what it would be like to sit here next to my wife and watch this guy feeling her up as we drove down the road!

I thought the guy was going to pass up a perfect opportunity, and I was beginning to wonder what it would take to get him to make a move, because we were only a few blocks from the hotel. Then Phil moved his right hand from the gear shift, onto my wife's left leg just above her knee. I saw my wife almost swoon, she did sigh, and shudder a bit, as the guy finally made that unexpected move and finally TOUCHED HER! My cock was instantly hard in my pants as I sat right next to my wife, and for the first time in my life, watched another man touching my wife's leg, and she was, LIKING IT!

Phil slid his hand down, (up), towards my wife's crotch, sliding his hand from her stocking covered leg, onto her bare thigh above the stocking. Then he kind of slid his hand up and down her inner thigh going back and forth from bare leg to stocking and back again. I saw my wife turn her head towards Phil's ear and say something to him that I couldn't hear, I later found out she asked him if he liked that. He whispered back to her, "Yes." That's all he said. I saw my wife kind of lean her head onto his shoulder and spread her legs just a little bit wider. My cock was already hard as a rock in my pants and I thought I would blow my load right there, in my pants, seeing my slut wife spreading her legs open for another man, encouraging him to touch her pussy! Phil didn't go that far and we pulled into the hotel parking lot, way too soon. I wished that ride had been an hour longer, we might have gotten some serious action going there!

As we entered the hotel, I told Brandie and Phil to give me their coats and I would take them up to the room. They could go in the lounge and start having drinks, I would join them in a few minutes.

When I got to the room, I turned on just a couple of lights in the room, positioned the camcorder, and turned down the sheets on the bed that the camera was aimed at. (There were two queen sized beds in this room.) Then I used the bathroom, which I actually had to wait a couple minutes for my cock to soften, in order to do; since I was imagining my wife and Phil sitting in the bar with his hand on her legs and maybe even her crotch under the table, and I was pretty hard! So, I was up in the room for maybe 10-15 minutes before I went back down to the bar. I hadn't turned the video camera on because I figured these two were going to need a couple of hours and several drinks to get the courage up to move to the room and, get with it. I figured I could come back up later and turn the camera on before they came up.

When I went into the bar, I found my wife and Phil sitting close together, with their backs to the wall, at a table on the upper level, (it was a portion of floor just a few feet higher than the main floor), and she had a Margarita and an empty shot glass, (I knew that had been a shot of tequila), in front of her, and Phil was drinking a beer. I went to the bar, got myself a beer, my wife another shot of tequila, and then joined them, sitting on the other side of the table with my back to the bar.

We sat there drinking, talking, and getting to know each other for the next couple of hours. As we all got loosened up on the booze, the conversation got more and more sexual. Phil finally worked up the courage to compliment Brandie on how sexy she was, while I was sitting right there. We began to talk more about what we were all there to do and Brandie and Phil both admitted to being nervous about the whole thing. I kind of led the discussion, talking about our fantasy of having another man join us in a threesome and how he and I could share my wife, taking turns and sometimes enjoying her together, but that I wasn't interested in any man-to-man contact. I made him understand that I wasn't bashful about being naked in close proximity to another man, and that if we were brushing up against each other as we all three rolled around in the bed, that wouldn't freak me out. But I made it clear to him, that my sexual proclivities were definitely straight and that my interests were solely in sharing my wife. I explained to Phil about Brandie and me making the deal about the camera, so I told him straight up, that the first time he fucked my wife, he wouldn't have to worry about me being in the room. And I added, "And you DO want to fuck her, don't you?" To which he stammered a nervous, "Uh, well, uh, yeah. I do!" Brandie just laughed and rolled her eyes saying to me, "You're not nervous or bashful a bit, are you?"

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