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My Wife Gets Serviced


My wife Linda and I are in our late 40's but we stay in shape and she especially has kept her gorgeous body well-toned. Her large breasts jut out firmly above her tight tummy and her trimmed bush just accentuates her curvy hips and great ass. There are a few lines in her face but with just a touch of makeup she can appear glowing, healthy and hot.

Our marriage is the most important thing to us and we won't do anything to jeopardize it. On the other hand we do want to make the most of our time together so we decided early on try to maximize our physical enjoyment, whether it's the sensuality of laying naked on a beach and then plunging into the pounding surf, having a delicious meal with excellent beer or a good wine, or having mind-blowing orgasms on a constant basis.

But it's all about trust, and each other's pleasure. I think jealousy comes from fear, fear that your partner is going to like some one else better, love someone more, leave you for another, or just decide that you don't measure up. Now over the years I wouldn't be surprised if Linda has had someone who's better than me in bed, better looking, smarter, more charming, and all the rest. But she always reassures me when I get a little jealous. Either she lies to protect me or she tells me it doesn't matter, I'm the one she loves. One time she had this guy who was drop dead good looking and when I saw his penis I nearly wanted to suck it, it was so huge and beautiful. But Linda told me she didn't care if she never saw him again, yeah it was fun and she enjoyed it but there was something about me that she liked so much more. Now when you've got a woman like that, it's hard not to let her have some pleasure.

I was just admiring her as she lay soaking up the sun by the pool on our recent vacation, tanned flesh and curves just barely covered by cloth, when I noticed a couple of the young resort staff members were doing the same. My loving wife was laying on her back with one leg drawn up, her yellow string bikini showing nearly everything. Through the material you could could see not just my wife's nipples, but the darker circle around them. Her long legs were smooth and supple, and shining with lotion. Between her legs her mound bulged against the tight thin fabric of her swimsuit, and you could almost see a line down the center where her lips came together. You really could practically see my wife's pussy.

Her breasts rolled on her chest as she reached for her glass and one young boy nearly broke into a run as he raced to be the first to ask if she needed a refill. I could tell that behind her sunglasses she was amused and flattered by the attention, and she took her time as she answered.

"Well, maybe one more, if you wouldn't mind," she said as she held up her glass, and it seemed as if she was offering much more than just her glass.

The young staffer, no more than 18, had to reach out with both hands to be sure of not dropping it, and it seemed like his eyes only left her chest to run up and down the rest of her body. "Of course," he said. "No trouble at all. I'd be glad to, I really would," he stammered. "I mean, get your drink... I'll get your drink," he finally corrected himself, and with that he reluctantly turned away and walked off, glancing back almost every other step, hardly watching where he was going.

"Wow," I said, laughing. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have to stop by the bathroom to toss off, the way you've got him going."

"Well, its not my fault, my darling Michael," Linda said teasingly. "I just like younger men, and they seem to like me."

And no sooner had she said that than another young male attendant came by. He must have seen what just happened but he pretended he hadn't and asked if we needed drinks or anything else. He looked up and down my wife's lovely body for as long as he could, and then sneaked a quick glance at me to see if I was upset. I trusted Linda completely and kept my half smile, and I might have even winked. I certainly didn't look upset.

"What's your name, young man," she asked in her most flirtatious voice.

"Billy," he stammered, bringing his hands together nervously. "Are you sure I can't get you anything?" He glanced briefly at me as he asked, but then turned his gaze back to my wife, concentrating on her round globes of half covered flesh and the narrow triangle of fabric between her legs.

I think he would have stood there like that forever but the first boy came back with Linda's drink. He had been nearly running.

"Thank you Tommy," she said. "And how old are you two?"

"18," replied Tommy. "All staff at the resort have to be at least 18. Can I get you anything more, Mrs. Johnson?" He and Billy were both in good shape and just bursting with teenage vitality and energy. And it almost looked liked they both had something trying to burst out of their pants, although it was hard to be sure. But they were both hovering so close to Linda I think they would have fallen on her if I had yelled "Boo." That was the nice thing about being with Linda; I didn't feel threatened; I still felt in control, even when some other man was ramming his cock into her.

"I think we're OK for now," Linda finally answered. "But I might need something later, back in our cottage. If you're not busy and want to check in, go right ahead."

"Sure Mrs. Johnson," Billy said. "What.. maybe 15 minutes from now, half hour... an hour, you think? I finish work at four but I could stay around actually, as long as you want, whenever..." Linda mercifully cut him off with a soft chuckle that just made her seem all the more desirable and said, "About an hour I think, guys. Now go off and wait on someone else."

With that they left, but they didn't go far, loitering around the edge of the pool and ignoring the other guests, sneaking glances at us every other minute.

"You know," I said, "for the sake of everyone, we really should go soon. You're going to drive those poor boys crazy and the other guests aren't going to get any service. Speaking of which, you look like you could be serviced." I thought there was just the faintest hint of darkness indicating moisture on the fabric between her legs and her nipples looked rock-hard, poking through the thin yellow material over her delicious breasts.

"Yes dear, maybe you're right," she said. So we gathered our things and walked down the curving path to our comfortable cottage. I went into the bathroom and Linda barely had time to set her drink down on the end table next to the large couch when I heard the knocking from her young admirers.

"Oh hi fellows, how are you?" Linda asked. I could see through the crack in the not-quite-closed bathroom door that as she said this she raised her hands over her head and casually stretched, pushing her huge boobs up and out and leaving the boys stunned with their mouths seeming unable to work.

"Uh, we just wanted to see if you needed anything, Mrs. Johnson," Tommy said. He and Billy tried to maintain a respectful distance but they were practically falling forward in their excitement.

"Well, I do need someplace to hang up this suit to dry," Linda said.

"Sure Mrs. Johnson, we can do that," Tommy said, although I don't think he had a clue in his head how he would do that.

"Well then, can you help me get it off? It unhooks in the back." With that Linda turned around and held up her hair behind her head with both hands. This almost made her seem like a surrendering prisoner, as well as showing off her superb tits and body.

Billy beat out Tommy and tried to unfasten her bikini top. In his excitement he couldn't do it right away and Tommy shoved him aside and said "Here, let me do it." These guys were almost fighting each other just to be able to unhook my wife's bra. It's nice validation when that's yours and you know you can have it anytime and all the time.

I nearly burst out laughing but also remembered what it was like at this age and felt a certain tenderness at the thought. This was a special time in a boy's sexual development, and these boys were already having the most amazing time of their lives. Just touching a woman like this was incredible, I remembered, when her body seemed like the most holy thing on earth, a treasure to touch, to see, to smell and to taste. Finally Tommy got the hooks undone and only my wife's raised arms, still around the back of her head, holding her hair, kept the bra part of her bikini on. As she lowered them, she turned to face the boys and the wonder and delight on their faces was amazing. They were truly seeing, if not the Holy Grail, then certainly it's accompaniments, nature's greatest gifts and greatest offerings.

At that I flushed the toilet to announce my presence and opened fully the bathroom door and walked out into the room, wearing just a short beach robe. Before they could freak, I said casually, "Oh hi dear, I see you're getting comfortable." I nodded to the boys as if I wasn't surprised or alarmed to see them, and sat down on the couch.

"Hi honey," Linda replied. "Yeah, I'm just getting out of this wet suit. And you weren't here, so Tommy and Billy were helping."

"Yeah, Mr. Johnson, we were just helping," Tommy said.

"Good, good," I said, tongue firmly in cheek. "Always nice to have such good help." I'm sure my humor was lost on the boys as their heads almost instantly swiveled back to my wife's tits. They were trying to act nonchalant, as if they were often asked to help remove bathing suits from attractive women, but they weren't succeeding.

Linda paused, her enormous breasts filling the boys' focus, and mine too for that matter. They were and round and tan like the rest of her body, except for beautiful white triangles in the center, and in the middle of those triangles were darker circles the size of half-dollars and in the very center these perfect pink, tuggable, biteable nipples. Right now there were three males in the room breathing heavily, unable to take their eyes away.

Linda let the moment linger, looking at each of us for a moment, giving me a special look and a hint of that delightful, impish half-grin. Then she said, "I still need some help," and with her hands she gestured to her hips, where the bottom of her suit still clung to her.

Tommy and Billy were on their knees before her instantly and in unison they each reached for a hip and began to tug Linda's suit down. As they pulled the suit down to her knees their heads were just inches from her pussy, their cheeks almost touching her thighs. She reached down and grabbed each of their heads in her hands for balance as she balanced first on one leg and then the other, letting the suit fall to the floor. I think she could have ripped out handfuls of hair without the boys noticing. Tommy had knelt a little further away and was a bit off balance with his head so far forward and his lips nearly on Trisha's swelling lips, and he had to put a hand up to keep from falling. His hand found Linda's hip and it instinctively moved towards him, swaying, almost grinding.

Now Billy began to lose his balance and his left hand landed on Linda's tight belly, just above her firm pelvis and trimmed bush. She had shaved it so that it was just an an inch-wide strip running up from where her skin began to split. A triangle of pale skin framed this great art, ending at a white line around her waist, left by the string of her suit. In back was a soft pinkish white triangle that was split by the cleft of her ass. The rest of her round, packed ass was a smooth even tan.

Billy's right hand rested on her left hip and he began to slide it back, moving over that beautiful tan cheek. As he did, my sweet wife pushed her hips forward and both boys found their faces touching smooth sweet skin. Tommy grabbed her right leg with his right hand, just below her pussy. With her hands still on their heads Linda started to pull and push their heads around across her thighs and pelvis, their noses and lips and chins bumping into her pussy lips. I could see from the couch these folds of flesh were starting to swell and darken with blood. And there was the first glint of liquid between them, down below the bit of flesh that started to appear. Tommy got up the nerve to move his right hand higher, touching that drop of moisture, then pushing against the entrance to my wife's vagina. She shut her eyes and shuddered, swaying now and really holding on to their heads for balance. Billy had his right hand completely around the back of her ass, pulling and kneading on one cheek, and causing her butthole to quiver with excitement.

She pulled Billy's head to her pussy and held it there and he soon got the idea, moving his tongue out and into her slit. My beautiful wife began to bend at the knees as she fucked his face, but before she could come, she shoved Billy aside and dragged Tommy to her pussy. He was even more eager and stuck a finger up her vagina as she rubbed her clit against his tongue. She pulled Billy to his feet and pulled him against her left tit. He wrapped his arms around her as he sucked with all his strength as Linda bounced and swayed on Tommy's fingers and hand and mouth. I had a perfect view of all this, as well as her one bare breast, which seemed to call out to me. I looked into my wonderful wife's face and saw that it was contorted with ecstasy.

I desperately wanted to join them or at least pull out my throbbing cock but I didn't want to scare the boys off, and this experience was for them and Linda. To make a relationship work, you can't be selfish.

Linda's patterns changed and I recognized her coming climax. She held the boys heads even tighter as she writhed against them, coming for at least a minute, until finally she relaxed and released them. They were momentarily passive, as if they had shared her orgasm, but that couldn't last. I loved seeing Tommy's face, wet with his spit and juices from my loving wife's pussy. Billy was almost humping my wife's hip as he sucked on her tit. These boys had to have release and of course Linda knew that. Besides, we had worked on multiple orgasms from the beginning of our relationship and Linda enjoyed these regularly. She was just getting started with these boys.

I don't think either of the boys was entirely comfortable with me there but they were more than willing to ignore me for the sake of my wife and her naked willing body. She had each one stand up and asked them to take off their clothes. Seconds later, both boys were naked, each with tight pubescent skin and muscles and about the same height and weight. But there was a a big difference in their penises. They were facing partly away from me but I could immediately see that Billy's was slightly smaller than average while Tommy had a monster, a huge fat swollen schlong. Billy's was completely hard and pointing up while Tommy's arced out and down, away from his body. Linda put the head in her mouth while she wrapped her hand around Billy's.

Billy shut his eyes and groaned as Linda stroked, her thumb rubbing underneath the head, her ring finger and pinkie grasping the base and pulling the skin up and down while her first two fingers glided over the head and caressed its the flared edges. She ran her tongue underneath Tommy's massive prick although she never got much more than the head inside her mouth. Within a minute or two Billy's groans turned to cries and he arched, his face twisted up and his eyes shut, as jets of thick white semen shot out of his cock. Linda shut her eyes as blast after blast hit her face. I thought she never looked more lovely than right then, with all that translucent white cum all over her face, her eyebrow and nose, her cheek and some hanging off her chin.

At this point my own shaft was poking eagerly outward, trying to open my robe. I let it free and had to stroke it once or twice. Men are most grounded when they have they penis in their hand, and it's only fair to pay some attention to the part of your body that gives you the most pleasure and meaning.

Meanwhile my loving wife licked her lips and smiled and turned her attention to Tommy. Even with her two small hands wrapped around his cock there was still room for her mouth to engulf the head and part of the shaft. Tommy looked down at my wife, seeing her sweet face covered in cum and her lips sliding up and down his penis, now and then revealing part of that huge purple head. I think just the sight alone was enough to make him come, but with her hands working that massive tool he had no chance and was soon emptying himself in my wife's mouth. She almost gagged but managed to swallow it all, and then pulled away and looked over at me with a grin, her lips glistening with cum.

Since our room came with two queen size beds I had an idea. With the help of the boys we lifted off a mattress from one bed and placed it on top of the other bed. Linda quickly lay down on the edge of the bed. "Are you ready again, Billy?" she asked, although we all could see that indeed he was. "Come here, my young man."

Although Billy was smaller than average he still had more than enough to make any woman happy. It was just a question of positions and Linda had the experience and the expertise to make it happen. And she wanted Billy to know too, so he and any woman he partnered with could have the delicious satisfaction of mutual orgasms.

She had Billy stand at the end of the bed which was now at just the right height for his cock to meet her pussy. She put her feet on the floor and arched her back so that his penis, even thought it didn't completely fill her vagina, rubbed along the front, hitting the internal root of her clit. Billy put his hands on her hips and took in her magnificent body as he shoved his cock into her, over and over. I could tell he didn't want this to ever end, to just feel this incredible pleasure in his organ, the best he had ever felt, and to view the most beautiful sight in the world, a naked woman, from her fine hair and her forehead, her eyes, brows and lashes, cheeks and cheekbones, ears, nose and mouth, neck, chest and magnificent breasts, stomach, sides and hips, then her mound and spread lips and there it was, his penis penetrating her, sliding in and out until at last it was all too much and he gasped and ejaculated, again more heavily than seemed possible, especially since he had already come once. The force from his ejaculation triggered Linda's climax too and Billy's eyes grew wide as he saw the expression on her face as she came. As he pulled out I could see the clear and white, glistening fluid flowing out of my wife's cunt. I could barely keep from crying out myself and my cock wanted desperately to dive in.

"Thank you again, Mrs. Johnson," Billy kept saying. "That was amazing, that was incredible."

"It was good for me too, Billy. Now come here and give me a kiss." He went around to the side of the bed and bent over to kiss her. He felt her tits as he did and kept mumbling thank yous.

"Alright Tommy, you're up," I said. "This is sometimes known as 'sloppy seconds' but believe me, in no way are you getting the raw end of the deal. It's great when your cock feels all the slick sticky lubrication in that hot pussy."

Tommy stood at the end of the bed and lined up his mammoth cock against my wife's pussy. He held it with both hands and tried to push it in but could barely get the tip inside. "I don't think it will fit," he said, frustration in his voice.

I looked at Linda and could see she was near the line where pain and pleasure crossed. There was never a good enough reason for her to suffer and we weren't going to start now. But maybe this could still work. I wanted the boys to learn a little sex education the proper way.

I came up behind Tommy and stood slightly to one side. I reached around with my right hand and gently rubbed Linda's clit with my thumb. This got her to start rocking her hips and the head of Tommy's dick slid a little further in. I grabbed the shaft with my left hand and started slowly feeding it further, pushing Tommy slowly forward. If he minded feeling me up against him he didn't show it. I couldn't get my hand completely around his cock and it almost felt like my own shaft as I gripped its weight and urged it tenderly into my wife. Gradually more and more of it slid into her pussy as she shut her eyes and the expression on her face intensified until finally she said, "Oh god, that's enough."

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