tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Goes Black

My Wife Goes Black


My wife, Susan, is a great lady. Almost 40 years old, she is gorgeous in face and body. I love her hairy pussy, which she maintains very bushy for appearance and my dining pleasure. Her black hair is beautiful on both her head and pubes. I lick and suck her sweet cunt nearly every day, and fuck her almost as often. She loves my cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy. We have a very loving marriage.

We have occasionally delved into swapping, and she enjoyed another man's cock, but made sure I understood she was mine and mine alone. We have no children, so entertaining these fuck parties is no big deal.

A while back, as we were cuddling after a great sex session, she said she wanted to ask me something.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, we have always enjoyed each other, and once in a while others, and you have encouraged me to make love to other women. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed all our activities, with others, but especially alone together! You please me as no one else ever has, and I am yours exclusively for ever."

I sensed this question was important to her. "Where is this leading?" I inquired.

She squeezed my body and kissed me passionately. "Well, you have provided me with every opportunity to experience the wealth of sexual adventure, save for one!"

"And just what might that be?'

She cuddled even closer, gave me her winning smile, and, looking into my eyes said, "I would love, just one time, never again, to fuck a black man! I have always wondered if there was really any difference between a black cock and a white one. Could you allow me this one little foray into interracial fucking? Please?"

I was a bit surprised at her request, because she had never before mentioned any interest in blacks. I thought a bit, and wondered if I could stand the thought of her being ravaged by a black man.

I looked at her and asked, "Would I be allowed to be a part of your little playing? I would love to watch this. You have never fucked another man in my absence, and I wouldn't want to start that now!"

She looked at me in surprise. "Oh god Honey, of course. I demand you be there, that is if you can stand the vision of me fucking black! Are you concerned about me going black and not coming back, as the old saw goes?"

"Well, yeah, that IS why I debated when you asked. I could never stand to lose you; you are my whole life, my one and only love!"

She caressed my balls and whispered in my ear, "Never will I desert you, my darling husband and lover. If you have any qualms about this, just say so, and I'll never again mention it. And, I won't sneak off, either!" She kissed my lips softly, and caressed my lower belly.

"Thanks for that, Sweet One!" I replied. "Tell you what, let's take a little time to research this, get some information, then make a decision based on that."

"Mmmm", she sighed. "No wonder I love you so much! Let's sleep on it!"

We slept cuddled and soundly that night. The next day, neither of us made a mention of it before we went to work.

At work, I got to talking with Eddy, a married man who had intimated that he and his wife had done a bit of swinging. I asked him if they still did it.

"Well, not as much as we used to. Now, it's mostly friends who have been sex partners with us in the past, although last month Trixie talked me into letting her bring home a college guy from work!"

"And how was that?" I asked.

"Great! She needed just one date to get it out of her system! He had a great cock; I could have taken it on! She was almost overwhelmed when he fucked her four times in a little over an hour! And he stayed hard the whole time! She sucked his cock and got his fifth shot!"

"Were you there?"

"Of course! We have a standing rule; no fucking others unless both are present. And we have had some really tremendous times! May I ask why you are interested?"

"Well, last night Susan mentioned she would like to try a black man just one time, to satisfy her curiosity. I had reservations, and we haven't made a decision yet. Have you and Trixie tried a black man?"

He smiled. "Oh yes! Trixie made the same request about five years ago. We talked it out, then I brought home a guy from the gym."

"How did it go?" I asked.

"Great! This guy was a real gentleman. He asked my wife about every act before they started it; treated her like the wonderful woman she is! She talked about it for months. I even taped it, and she loves to show it to close friends, especially before we start a swinging session!"

"Uh, sorry if I offend you, but did you join in?"

Eddy laughed. "Sure did! First he asked me if I wanted to kiss my wife and suck her nips while he ate her pussy! I did, and she really got off on it! After he fucked my wife the first time, and filled her cunt with his cum, he asked if I would like to suck him. I have had a number of man-on-man encounters while swinging, and always enjoyed it. Trix was all for it; she loves to watch me suck a cock. So, I had him sit on the bed and I knelt between his legs. Now, his cock was not huge, maybe eight inches compared to my seven, but quite thick. This pleased Trixie no end, as she had never been fucked by that much cock. Anyway, I kissed and licked it, licked and kissed his balls, then began sucking it. I consider myself a rather good cock sucker, and he seemed to agree. I must have sucked him for over a half-hour, while my wife kissed him and sucked his nipples. Finally, he grabbed my head and fucked deeply into my throat and unleashed an unbelievable amount of his juice. I was rocked; I sat back and masturbated while he ate Trixie's pussy, bringing her to her fifth or sixth climax!"

"He fucked her a total of four times that night, every time thrilling her to ever-greater heights. She was barely conscious when he dismounted the last time! But then, she shocked me even more! She asked if I would let her watch him fuck me! I was amazed! I have been ass-fucked many times, and always enjoy it. Now, my little wife wanted to experience me taking my first black cock up my ass!"

"What did you do?" I asked breathlessly.

"Well, of course, I lay back, raised my legs, and invited him to sink that black beauty into my asshole. He did, and I thought I would come apart! That was also the biggest one I had taken, like Trix, and it was some experience! He was gentle, as he had been with her. He kissed me deeply, and made me feel very special to him. We even declared we loved the other, a fact that made Trix laugh!"

"Was that it?"

"Well, not quite. As a last hurrah, Trixie knelt before him and sucked his big black cock one last time. I felt I should do something to let him know just how much I enjoyed his loving."

"What did you do?"

"I went behind him, knelt, took his ass cheeks in my hands and spread them. I licked his ass crack, wetting him thoroughly. Then, I shoved my face into his ass and licked his asshole until he came in my wife's mouth!"

"Fucking shit, that is so hot! Damn, you have just about convinced me to go along with Susan. Sounds like a ball!"

"Just take care getting the right guy. It can be a great experience if done right!" He squeezed my hard cock and smiled.

"Maybe you and that beautiful wife would like to swap sometime!"

"Maybe so!" I responded.

That night, I couldn't wait to relate his story to Susan. I told her in great detail, much to her amazement. She had raised her skirt, removed her panties, and was finger fucking her pussy as I spoke. She came, furiously, just before I was done.

We hugged, and she said, "I take it you are in favor, then!"

"God, yes!" I said as we hugged. "It sounds so hot!"

"Good, then I want you to chose the man! I trust you thoroughly!" We had a very hot sex session that night.

I did'nt undertake the search with a lot of gusto; I was in favor, but really wanted this to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my beautiful wife. I cautiously asked around, giving no hint of my purpose. Susan said nothing; she gave me complete charge of finding her lover.

Out of the blue a candidate showed up. My boss had a small business on the side. Another franchisee was coming to town for a regional meeting. My boss, in a conversation, mentioned that his friend was a black fellow who had made a great success of him self. He told me several glowing things of his character and personality. As luck would have it, he, Anthony, came into the office to meet with my boss. I was asked to take him to lunch. He was a great conversationalist; we talked for almost two hours over lunch. I found he was married, two children. He casually mentioned he would be returning to our town in about a month for another meeting. I smiled, and asked him if he and his wife ever sought sex outside their marriage. He, too, smiled and went on to say they had met some other people to have sex with their own spouse, then had swapped a few times with close friends. He said it was too bad he lived so far; his wife could not get away to make a trip.

I told him of my great marriage, and that we, too, had swapped a few times. I went on to explain my wife's desire to "taste" a black man. He seemed interested.

"Do you have a picture?" he asked. I produced one of Susan in a tasteful short skirt and blouse. He grinned.

"Damned, she is one great lady! I would be very interested in meeting her. Will you be there?"

"Oh yes! I never let her swing without me!"

"Good!" he smiled. "I never want to come between a couple. Just what is your wife interested in?"

"Just a one-time experience; she wants to get her taste, then never experience it again! By the way, this is how you will see her later!" I produced a picture of my wife totally nude, reclining on the bed, supported by her elbows. Her beautiful smile was the cap on her lithe body, small but great tits, flat stomach, long legs, and the cutest, hairiest pussy mound ever.

Anthony whistled softly, and looked at me in great surprise. "Damn, man, she is something! I can't wait to get with you two for a hot threesome. Are we on?"

"If Susan agrees, I'll call. Do you have a pic?"

"Not with me; I'll email one to your home, both clothed and nude, just like Susan's."

"Would you like to speak to her now? I know she will get a kick out of it!"


I dialed my home phone; Susan answered quickly.

"Hi Honey! I am lunching with a fellow who just might fill your requirements! Want to speak to him? This is Anthony."

"Sure, Sweety!"

I handed the phone to him.

"Hi" he said. A pause, then, "Yes, glad to speak to you, too." Then, "I am sending a couple of photos to Jeff tomorrow. I must say I was blown away by your pics, especially the one on the bed!" They chatted briefly, then hung up. "Tell your wife I am looking forward to this. I hope she selects me!"

That night, Susan was quite excited. She made me tell her every word of our conversation, describe him in detail, and give my impression. Of course, I was complimentary. She was anxious to see his picture.

The next evening, she met me at the door, telling me she had booted the computer, but had not looked at the email. We immediately went to the den. I sat and opened the email. There was a message from Anthony, with four attachments. His message was very polite, and ending by hoping my wife would find him worthy.

"Hurry, Honey!" she breathed. "Open his pictures!" I smiled at her impatience. The first photo was of him in slacks and a golf shirt. Susan smiled. "Nice looking! You have good tastes, my dear!"

The second was a fully nude, taken from the right quarter. He was somewhat, but not overly, muscular. One could tell he worked out. His pecs and abs were well defined, as were his legs. But what caught Susan's eye was the fully erect cock protruding from his crotch. It was not the foot-long of rumor, but a bit more than my seven and a half, and a bit thicker. Both it and his generous sac were quite dark, very black, in fact. His skin tone was dark brown. I looked at Susan's face. She was staring at the photo with mouth open, obviously in deep thought.

"Okay!" I stated. "What is the verdict? Is he good enough? Not? So good you might run off with him?"

She kissed me smartly on the lips, and looked again at the photo. "He is good; I am very interested in meeting him. I think you and I will enjoy him."

She again looked into my face. "I want you to take part, actively. I want this to be OUR show, not mine. Please remember my promise; this date will have no negative effect on our marriage. I love you so much, and can hardly tell you how I appreciate you being so sensitive to my desires!"

I kissed her back. "I take it I should reply to the affirmative, that we will expect him the 20th of next month for a night with us."

"Yes, Darling Husband, please bring him to me, and let me have a black cock for just once in my life!"

"Open the other two pics, please!" she asked. I did. They were of Anthony and his wife. Again, the first was clothed. The second, of course, was nude. They were a damn fine looking couple, two really nice bodies.

"Mmmmm!" Susan said. "Both look good enough to eat! Maybe we should look for a black couple for our next swing! And you know?"

"What?" I asked.

"His cock looks great even soft!" I chuckled.

"You may not see it in that condition. He acts very hot for you! I predict he is gonna fuck your little pussy quite well, My Love!


I returned to the computer and hit 'Reply'. Susan watched me tell Anthony that she was very impressed with him, and welcomed him to our bed. She had a big smile when I hit 'Send'.

The next month was busy for us. I had a big project at work, and Susan's Real Estate job was hopping. Our sex was especially enjoyable; the promise of Anthony was on our minds.

On the 15th, I again emailed Anthony. He replied with details of his schedule, and it appeared the Thursday of that week, the 21st, was good. He invited us to dinner, his treat, so he and Susan could get acquainted. Susan was obviously excited, but made sure to temper it with attention to me, assuring me I was definitely her man. She made sure I knew this was just a chance to broaden her experience. Have I mentioned she is a one-in-a-million partner?

On the 21st, we dressed for dinner. Susan wore my favorite black dress, mid-thigh, some cleavage, a hint of her sexuality. She donned her favorite necklace, black thigh-highs, and black heels, and we were off.

We met Anthony at the most expensive restaurant in town, his choice. I introduced them, and Susan took his proffered arm, but also mine, so we walked to our table three-abreast. The meal was a knockout. We enjoyed great conversation. The two of them discussed many subjects, each getting the measure of the other. I was so proud of my wife; beautiful, sexy, intelligent.

After the meal, Anthony looked at me. "I have to say, Jeff, I am both impressed and anxious to join the two of you. And you, Susan, are the epitome of womanhood for me. My wife would be jealous to see how smitten I am!" We laughed, then Anthony paid the check, and we departed.

We drove home in our car; I was to bring him back to his in the morning. Susan sat in back, Anthony in front with me.

I told him, "I'm surprised you didn't ask to sit in back with Susan! You know, a little pre-action!"

"No!" he smiled. "I want our date to start and end in your house. I have waited a month for this, I can stand a few more minutes!"

I pulled into the drive. Susan was on the same side of the car as Anthony, so he opened her door and helped her out. They walked to the door with an arm about each other, but my wife made sure I was in the same position on the other side.

We sat in the den, and I offered brandy. All agreed, so we sipped and made our plans.

"Anthony," I began, "Since you are the guest, how would you like to start this?"

He smiled, "I would like to disrobe in another room, then we three meet in your bed room. Acceptable?" It certainly was!

Susan and I removed our clothes in the bedroom, Anthony in the guestroom nearby.

"Ready?" he called. I answered affirmatively. He walked into the room with his cock at full attention, as was mine. Susan had two men ready for action! She stared at his body, especially his beautiful black cock, already fully erect. It bounced as he walked into the room.

Susan took my hand and approached him. They kissed softly, touching each other. Susan was still holding my hand as she viewed his cock. Anthony fondled her breast, massaging the nipple. My cock twitched seeing her so turned on.

"May I touch your cock, kind sir?" she asked demurely.

He laughed. "Of course, that's what we're here for!"

She reached out with fingertips and stroked them along the length. Then, she wrapped her small hand around it and slowly stroked it. Her hand, so lightly tan, looked so hot against his dark skin. I couldn't wait so see him atop her diminutive frame!

"What do you think?" he asked.

She responded, "Very nice. I have often wondered how a black man's cock would feel. It is a bit different than Jeff's, and I am impressed by your size and color, but, sorry, I won't trade his!"

Anthony laughed and squeezed her ass cheek. "I know I'm not here for competition. I'm very pleased to be a subject of your desire, and share your need to make this a simple evening. I do think we three are going to have a great time! Now, My Sweet One, what do you desire?"

She thought a moment, looked at me, then told him, "I guess I would like some romance. Jeff can tell you how some cuddling and kissing, along with fondling, make me wet and ready!" She then lie on the bed and waited. Anthony joined on her left.

She looked at me. "Okay, Buddy, your side is open! Remember, this is gonna be a three-way, so you better get in on the romance, too!" Her smile would have lit a city. We all reclined, and she put an arm around each of us. I got the first kiss, a deep, wet smacker that left no question who was her 'real' man. She then turned to Anthony and gave him a more sedate kiss, with tongue, I noticed. His pink tongue dueled with hers, and his hand went to her near breast. He caressed it, squeezed it, then leaned in to suck the nipple lightly.

"Mmmm" Susan moaned. I bent to kiss her neck, where I knew she loved it the most. 'Here I am,' I thought, 'Warming up my wife to fuck another man!' That was just a passing thought; I knew why we were there.

Susan removed her arms from under our necks and reached for two hard cocks. She squeezed me, and I am sure him, too.

"God, here I am with two hard cocks. I just might get a good fucking tonight!"

"Several!" Anthony grinned. "I'm sure your husband is going to get his share!"

"You bet he is!" she declared, kissing me again.

Anthony kissed her cheek. "What if I just casually kiss my way down your body to see if there is a pussy in that black forest?"

"There is, and it's waiting for a hot kissing, licking, sucking session! You guys are here for my pleasure, so get cracking, studs!"

Anthony began what he promised, kissing her ribcage and flat belly, and roving his large tongue around in her navel. His kisses were wet and noisy, and she responded well. I watched him run his nose through her dense forest, inhaling her aroma. He moaned and rubbed her inner thighs. He moved to kiss her there, making popping sounds as the soft flesh left his mouth. He then ran his tongue up her slit. She sighed. He then opened her cunt petals with his fingers and sucked her clit.

She jerked and exclaimed "Oh god, Anthony, that is wonderful! Tongue fuck my pussy hole, Honey. Make me squirm!"

He did; she did. She grabbed my chin and turned my face to hers. "Get over here and kiss your loving wife. I'm being ravaged by my first black fuck, and I need you to get into it!"

We kissed wetly and suckingly, making our lower mouths run with saliva. I could tell she was getting hornier by the minute; her nipples were rocks, her breath was coming in short gasps, and she grabbed my cock as if to squeeze it off.

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