tagLoving WivesMy Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 05

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 05


I Jumped ahead a week in chapter 4 to that erotic encounter with June, oh I couldn't help it; she is a sexy little thing!

So, picking up now from where we left of in Chapter 3..........

As I drove my SUV back to Jeff's Condo, all three of us were in a great mood and I mean why wouldn't we be right?

I had just watched a magnificently erotic show involving my sexy wife, watching her as she came hard. I met Jeff, a guy, who just left that big load of jism inside of my wife's vagina, and I masturbated my cock to a fantastic orgasm, while loving every minute of it!

As we pulled up, he reached into his jacket pocket and pressed the button to open the garage door, instructing me to pull inside. Since his wife had driven herself to the airport, we used the car space that she normally occupies.

During the ride home, as we all laughed and listened to some good music, Yvonne had gotten dressed. Once we got inside of place, she excused herself to use the restroom as Jeff and I sat on the sofa.

That's when he said, "Oh I completely forgot the NBA playoffs are tonight."

I replied, "No worries, put the game on, I love sports too man!"

"Yea, right on, but since we only made arrangements earlier to meet up tonight, I forgot that my friends Anthony and Chris were coming to watch the game, here. They know that my wife Karen was going out of town, and we all sort of watch ball games, drink a few beers and maybe smoke a cigar, sort of a guy's night out, you know."

No sooner did he finish saying that, then I heard his doorbell ring.

"Oh shit, that's them, sorry about that Andy, is it cool if they come in and we watch the game?"

"For sure dude, of course, it's no big deal, and well, I wanted to see the game too!"

He smiled, and walked over to the door, opening it, as his two friends came in.

At that moment Yvonne emerged from the bathroom, and I could tell she freshened up a bit. Oh you know how women, fluff their hair, put on fresh lipstick on, and powder their nose...etc.

As we all stood there, Jeff said to his friends, "Hey Chris, Anthony, what's up man? So the old ball and chain let you guys out for a few hours huh?" he said laughing.

"Oh you're one to talk, it seems that Karen is the same way, by the way dude" one of them said.

Jeff laughed and said, "Yep, she flew out this afternoon, she'll be back on Sunday. Anyways, hey guys, this is my friend Andy and his wife Yvonne. They are from out of town, just over visiting."

Then turning to us he said, "Andy, Yvonne, I want you to meet Chris and Anthony."

I replied, "Hey guys, how you doing?" as I extended my hand shaking both of their hands.

The shook my hand back, then reached over to shake my wife's hand as she said hello to them. I saw them both smile at her, and look her down at her chest then back up at her face.

"Come on in, let's put the game on!" Jeff said, "Take a seat guys."

Jeff had a sectional sofa, in the shape of an L, with a wide comfortable chair and footstool facing inwards next to the sofa. He sat on one side of the sofa, Chris and Anthony sat on the sofa facing the TV and Yvonne and squeezed into his lounge chair next to me.

As he turned on the TV, he said, "Hey Andy, you know what would be really cool? If Yvonne sort of served us our drinks and stuff, like we are a sports bar!"

I sort of shook my head yes saying," I think that's a great idea, what do you say Vonny?"

She just smiled, and replied, "Ok ok, sure, I'm the only woman present, so I become the waitress huh? Oh I get it, put me to work huh?" laughing in her voice as she stood up.

Now remember, she was in her tight top that only came to her waist, her black stretch pants and those sexy black strap up high heels, she looked fucking hot!

I looked over at Jeff's two friends and they were absolutely staring at my gorgeous wife dressed like that. Her full set of wild hair on display and in her tight top you could make out that my wife had a nice set of tits on her.

She smiled, playing along, she said, "so what will it be boys? Beers all around?"

"Sounds good to me, what do you think fella's?" Jeff said.

All three of us agreed and Jeff said, "Yvonne, the whole bottom of the fridge has cold Sierra Nevada's down there, sure bring one for each of us, would you sweetie?"

Anthony looked at me as I smiled, when he said that. She then turned, and man oh man, in those tight black stretch pants, you could see the shape of her nice ass.

I could see every eye in the room on my wife's nice ass, mine included. She went into the kitchen and came back with two cold beers, one in each hand, and handed one to Chris and one to Anthony. She then turned back around and walked back to the kitchen, again her nice ass on display for all of our lustful eyes to take in!

She came back and handed myself and then Jeff his beer along with a bottle opener and said "there you go guys!" With a smile on her pretty face.

We each opened our beers, said cheers and all took drinks as the game played in the back ground.

She sat next to me again, as we watched for about five minutes or so, then Jeff said, "Hey, you know what would be even cooler Andy?"

"What's that?" I said with a slightly curious tone.

"Well you know how like at Hooters the girls walk around in super tight tank tops and those small tight orange shorts?"

"Yes, we've all seen them, right?" I replied, as Chris and Anthony nodded yes.

"Well, if you ask me, and I'm sure we all agree, oh Yvonne is just as hot as any of those girls and actually hotter than some of them, why don't we have her serve us, while dressed in something similar?" Jeff said.

I looked at his two friends, and I could tell Jeff, didn't tell them about his adventures with Vonny yet, because they looked at me, like it may have been something he shouldn't have said.

"Well, I mean, that's a compliment, thanks, but she doesn't have that sort of outfit here dude."I answered him.

"oh hmmmmm ok, well I mean, it would be ok with me, and I'm sure these guys wouldn't mind if Yvonne served us in, well, in just her bra, panties, and those high heels, what do you say, Andy?"

The look on their faces was priceless, and Chris just about let his beer go down the wrong pipe, with a slight cough, like they couldn't believe what their friend Jeff was saying to me. I mean, I'm not tall, but I have a nice physic, with hard muscles, so I'm sure they weren't expecting Jeff to just boldly make that kind of statement about someone else's wife.

Before I could answer, he continued, "Look man, I know how proud you are of your sexy wife and there's nothing wrong with that, she is so pretty and well so sexy. I know it would make you proud and happy to not only see her walking around like that, but well, to allow us to see her like that too. I mean, there's no harm in all of admiring what a sexy wife you have, right buddy?"

"Oh she is sexy and beautiful!" I thought to myself, and I sort of puffed out my chest in pride, so I said, "you know what man, you're right, she is beautiful and well I do enjoying looking at my wife like that. Sure, it will be like some sort of a modified version of a Hooters waitress!"

"Babe, go for it, I say, serve us in your pretty bra, panties, and heels, ok honey"

Yvonne just looked at me with a sly look, then she looked over at Jeff, all the while Chris and Anthony, had looks of, "please say yes," on their faces!

"Ok, you know what, I'm game, sure boys, where should I put my clothes Jeffery?" She said

"Right there Yvonne, the first door on the left is my master bedroom, as you know, my wife Karen is out town on business, so please put your clothes in there on the chair." Jeff answered her.

"I'll be right back guys," is what Yvonne said as she walked towards the bedroom. We all sat in silence, I don't think Chris and Anthony could believe what was going on, but I know they both had big smiles on their faces!

It was at that moment that his cell phone rang, he looked down at the number and answered it saying, "oh hi honey, me, oh just watching the game, you know a couple buddies over, how was your flight?"

We could hear his end of the conversation as we watched him listed and then he went on, "ok, great, well, were going to watch the game, you get to bed early since you have that meeting tomorrow morning and I'll call you then ok?"

He listened a bit more then he said, "ok then, I love you too," and he hung up.

We all smiled, all being silent, and then we heard from my wife, "ok boys, here I come!"

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened as Yvonne strutted back into the room. She looked completely and utterly beautiful! She walked in with that full head of sexy hair bouncing. Her boobs looked perfectly pushed up and together in her sexy green/black push up bra, those 34C cups boobs, completely filling out her bra and on display!

As I looked down I could see her soft small tummy, not completely flat, but with a nice little shape to it, and my eyes went down to her pretty, small, little, sexy silky green/black tight panties!

Her panties we so tight against her vagina that they sort of formed to the shape of her cunt, making her mound look beautiful. The thing is, since the front her panties were green; you could clearly see that her panties were wet!

Her panties had been wet most of the evening, and between now and the drive home, it really wasn't enough time for them to dry, so they showed off the shape of her pussy, in a dark green wet tone. I wasn't sure if the other guys noticed, but I sure know that I did!

Then looking down past her arms and hands with her pretty manicured fingernails, past her toned brown legs, to her pretty pedicured little feet that were placed in those sexy, open toed, 3 ½ inch black heels! Fuck she looked fucking hot!

I felt so proud as my cock stiffened right then and there, in a nice hard state admiring my pretty little wife! I know that the three other cocks in the room had to be rock hard seeing her dressed in her bra, panties, and heels like that!

Jeff spoke up, saying, "Fucken Aye! Damn, you look fucking hot Yvonne!" Then turning towards me he said, "dude your wife is so sexy! Mmmmm mmmmm"

I looked over at Chris and Anthony and they both had wide eyes with their mouths slightly open, not believing that they were looking at my wife, another man's wife, in her sexy tight little push up bra and tight pretty little panties, right in front of them!

It's not every day that married men our age, get such a treat. My wife was real eye candy for all of us!

Jeff asked them openly, "So, guys, what do you think, is Andy's wife hot or what!"

"Oh, she is beautiful bro!" Chris said first, then Anthony said, "no doubt, I mean man, she is absolutely gorgeous!"

I felt so proud at that moment, so proud that my wife. My pretty little wife of over fifteen years was on display to all of these men. Some men might have been jealous, but not me, I was proud and happy that my wife kept herself is such great shape and that at her age; she had these men with their eyes glued to her, looking her up and down with so much enthusiasm!

Right then the game went into half time and some music came on the TV, and Jeff said, "Yvonne, why don't you dance for us, please? Oh you guys have to see her dance, she dances so well, so nice, oh so nice!"

She looked at me and smiled, I liked that. Then she walked over to me and gave me a kiss. As she did, she bent down, without bending her legs, and you know how high heels make a woman's ass go up even higher, so as she kissed me, (and I'm not talking about a small peck, I mean she French kissed me for a good 5 -10 seconds,) her nice, full, sexy, brown, Latina ass, was on display in those pretty, tight, little thong panties for all of the men to gawk at and admire!

I had my eyes closed when kissing her, when I opened my eyes, I saw all three of these men, one who had already fucked my wife twice, and two of whom I had just met about a half hour earlier, were all looking at her ass in those tight little thong panties.

She then stood up and as the music started to play, she started to dance. She closed her eyes and began the move her hips from to side, you know how Latina's like to dance, like Shakira, moving her hips from side to side and then gyrating them round and round!

Then she turned around to face the TV as she put her arms over her head and we all had a view of her smooth sexy full Ass!

I could feel my cock straining again in my briefs and as I looked over I could make out a bulge in all of their pants. Chris was in loose fitting pants and you could clearly see a tent in front of his pants. Anthony had on Dockers and you could also tell there was a bulge there. When I looked over at Jeff, he has a huge smile on his face, and not only was his cock hard in pants, as you could tell by the outline of his Big cock against his jeans, he actually had his hand on his dick, and he was moving his hand up and down the length of his inner thigh, over his jeans.

My wife turned to face us. I could see all three of those men, admiring every inch of my wife's nice, scantily clad body, in her sexy high heels.

The second half of the game has just started, although at that point all the attention was on Yvonne, not the game, and Jeff said, "Hey Yvonne, why don't you come sit over, it may be the best seat in the house!" As he patted his hand onto his own lap!

Chris looked at me, and I just smiled.

I knew she wanted to sit on his lap, so I said to her, "Go for it babe, I mean were all friends here, right?"

As I said that, I saw Anthony's face light up and Yvonne said to me, "Oh Andy, I love you!"

Just as she walked over to Jeff, I replied, "I love you too babe and yea, you do look hot!"

She smiled, stood in front of him, turned to face the TV and then just slowly sat her nice ass down onto to Jeff's lap! He put his strong hands on her hips right there in front of all of us, as she began to wiggle around on him. Her nice ass was basically bare, since the back of her thong panties just disappeared right up her butt!

I knew she could feel his Big Hard on pressing into her ass as she wiggled around and we all watched. As the game went on, Jeff kept his hands on my wife's hips, allowing her to sort give him a lap dance.

After about five minutes or so, he said, "hey Andy, you know what, I think that maybe Vonny might get a better view right in front of the TV. What do you say? She should go over and see how the view is, from say, Chris's lap?"

Chris looked up at me, like saying with his eyes, "oh please, please let your sexy wife, in her small bra and panties, sit on my lap too....."

"Well, I mean, if you think she may have a better view from there, I don't see any harm in her sitting on Chris's lap, would it be ok with you Chris?" I said looking over at him.

As he sat there, with a clear tent in his pants, he said to me, "that would be great; oh I would love if your wife moved here and sat on my lap too!"

"Silly boys, I'll tell you want, I'll go around and sit all of your laps, one at a time, for about five minutes each, that way I can decide which the best seat in the house is!" Yvonne told us as she smiled.

She walked over to him and did just she did with Jeff, she faced him, as he looked her up down, up at those beautiful brown boobs all pushed up and together in her push up bra, then she turned around, so that he could see her full sexy smooth Latina ass in those pretty thong panties that went right up her butt, and she slowly sat down onto Chris's lap!

He was smiling, as she wiggled around, moving her ass back and forth on his lap, we all know, feeling his hard cock pushing up into her butt, thru his pants!

The same thing went on for about five minutes, as she did that with Anthony, and finally with me. We all loved it, along with looking at her being so sexy!

After sitting on my lap for about five minutes, Jeff said, "Hey you guys, don't you think that Andy's wife has beautiful tits?"

Again both of their eyes opened a bit more, as they didn't know how far this would go, but Anthony, at this point feeling pretty horny I would imagine, said out loud, "Fuck yes! I mean in that pretty bra, oh she sure does look like she has a really nice rack! I don't mean to be rude Andy, but oh yea, Yvonne looks like she has some nice titties!"

I smiled, I felt so proud of her, as I looked at her and she smiled back at me, she was the first to respond, saying, "Well thank you boys, I have to say that I think I have some pretty nice tits myself!" As she reached up, grabbed her bra cups, and gave her own big tits a nice squeeze!

I smiled at sexy wife, oh I love looking at her in sexy outfits and she looked so hot! Standing there in that outfit, with her hair all styled, her make up on and those high heels! I could feel my own cock straining in my pants too!

"Andy, what do you say that Yvonne, takes off her bra, come on buddy, I know how proud you are of your wife's tits, right buddy?" Jeff said.

Again, the thing was, he was right and he knew it! I am proud of my wife's big boobs, oh he was beginning to me know well and I knew he was showing off my sexy wife to his friends! That made me proud of her also!

I looked up at my wife, she had her head sort of turned down with her chin lowered, giving me that sexy look with her pretty eyes, so I said, "You're right Jeff, I do think my wife has nice tits, and they should be seen and admired!"

Both Chris and Anthony smiled, all staring at Yvonne as she bit her bottom lip and reached back and unhooked her pretty push up bra. She didn't allow the cups to come off of her luscious melons immediately, oh she toyed with us. Holding her arms in, as those globes of brown flesh squeezed together for our viewing pleasure.

She then turned around, so that we all could see her ass, that full ass, as she removed her bra and looked back over her soft shoulder at us. We were all like kids in a candy store, as she took off her bra and tossed over to me sitting the chair!

She then turned around; with her hand on her hips, like that famous Wonder Woman pose, and on display were my wife's beautiful, brown, full and firm sexy naked tits!

Those gorgeous fucking 34Full C cup bra boobs were on display! Every eye in the place, mine included were glued to my wife's nice naked tits! Oh I know how much I love my wife's tits, I know how much Jeff loves my wife's tits, and now his two buddies were feasting their eyes on her sexy boobs!

She smiled at us, all staring at her and she began to dance around some, oh moving her hips again and being the little exhibitionist that she is as, she allowed us to look at her like that. Dancing topless for four eager, excited, and hard cocked men!

I saw her eyes opened wider when she glanced over at Jeff, so I looked over and he had his pants unzipped and he was openly jacking off his big cock, right there in his living room!

I know men like Jeff, they are not ashamed of their big cocks, at all, even with other men present and he wasn't about to start being shy now. The look on her face, when she looked at him, made his other two friends look over also.

They looked like they couldn't believe what they were seeing him do, openly masturbate his huge pussy pleaser right there in front of us, including my pretty wife!

He said to us, "I couldn't help it, oh Andy, Yvonne is so sexy, I just had to take it out, it was uncomfortable straining in my pants, you know how it is, right buddy?"

Well I don't exactly how it is, I thought to myself, as my dick is only about half his size, but I went along, saying, "Well, sure, it's no big deal, I mean, I know my wife has a that tendency to make cocks hard, fuck mine is hard too!"

At that point, I made a decision, I wasn't going to be shy or bashful, even though my dick is average and not huge, I was so happy and proud that it was my wife that was making these men hard, so I proudly unzipped my pants, took out my rock hard cock and began to slowly beat off while looking at her too!

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