tagLoving WivesMy Wife, My Mistress

My Wife, My Mistress


Chapter 1: How it started

Just as I was hanging up the phone my wife Zoe came in from the garage. "Guess what honey?" I asked her. Before she could answer I revealed what I asked her to guess. "Randy is going to be in town in a few days and he wants to get together."

"NO!" Zoe cut me off from saying anything further. I was also taken back by how ferocious she was. "I will not permit that bastard to drag you into any further trouble."

My cute petite wife was often demure in her personality. Her current attitude was understandable considering who we were talking about, he was often the cause of quite the commotion both legally and illegally. On the other hand he was a lot of fun to hang around with. "How much trouble can he get me into in one evening?" I asked trying to figure a way to let her allow me to hang out with my former buddy. We haven't seen or even heard from him in three years since he moved away. Why he moved away has been much speculated over, most think it was because he committed some crime.

"Karl, aren't you still on probation from the last time you thought that?" she would often answer my questions with a question when she wanted me to figure out the answer for myself. Often I would intentionally play dumb just to mess with her. After all it was a lot of fun watching her get all frustrated with me when she thought she could teach me something.

My wife didn't like Randy. She told me that many times before he split town and was elated that he left. What I never told her was that if it wasn't for him we would have never have met. He had dragged me to a party that I didn't want to go to, it was at that party that I met my wife. Because of that I felt that I owed him and the only payment he wanted was someone to have some fun with. "Nope. I have been off probation for a year and a half now. Besides, I thought it was a good idea at the time."

"A good idea?" Zoe asked in disbelief. "A good idea? How in this form of reality could you consider having a go-cart demolitions derby in a supermarket parking lot in the middle of the night a good idea? How?" She was already looking exasperated and our game had only begun.

"I think the fifth of whiskey we had consumed had something to do with that." Smiling I continued, "At least I never let him drag me into his womanizing schemes just his fun ones."

Her face turned red giving away that she was about to get very angry. "Then how do you explain that photo of you in bed with that whore?"

That photo nearly destroyed our marriage but luck prevailed and my wife didn't leave me over something that wasn't my fault. "I was too drunk to stay conscious when that photo was taken. You know I don't even remember seeing her at that party."

She used her words to stab at me. "And yet the two of you were curled up naked together."

"We never had sex. Randy even confirmed that when you threatened to beat it out of him." Remembering how she held him by the front of his shirt in her left hand and in her right hand was a pen that she was threatening to stab him with nearly caused me to chuckle. My wife is very tinny compared to Randy and it looked quite comical.

"What was it that you told me that I could do to get even?" Before I could answer she continued. "Why would you let me have sex with someone else if it wasn't because you actually did sleep with that whore?" Her glare challenging me. The truth was that I found the idea of my wife sleeping with someone else to be a turn on but I just could not bring myself to tell her that.

"Why do you keep calling Karen a whore? She was one of your best friends." I said trying to change the direction of that question from our conversation.

"Was is the optimal word. Even with you been passed out drunk in that picture she wasn't. How dare she do that to me. Being part of a plot to drive a wedge between us. Unforgivable."

"She said she was sorry."

"Not only that." Zoe continued as if she didn't hear what I just said. "She posed for that picture to through off her husbands suspicions as to who the real father of her baby was."

"You mean?" I asked in surprise. Never once had I thought that her baby wasn't fathered by anyone other than her husband. Not long after that photo was taken Karen and Paul hit a rough patch in their marriage. I had always assumed it had to do with her pregnancy but not the way my wife just told me.

"Yes. That bastard friend of yours knocked her up. She told me all about how great his huge fat cock felt as it pounded his baby into her cheating cunt." I knew Randy liked to chase skirts, married or single, I just didn't know that he had gotten into Karen.

"I always thought it was your panties he wanted to get into." As soon as I said that I could see my wife's nipples starting to poke through her bra and blouse. I had always thought she was attracted to him regardless of what she said.

"He tried many times." she told me. I could feel my cock starting to stir. She had told me about each time he hit on her and just how far he got on each of those times. I would pretend to be angry with my buddy when in reality I had hopped he would score at least once with my wife. On a few of those occasions I am sure he got further than what she would admit.

"So did he succeed?" I asked hopefully.

"No." She told me dashing my fantasy to just remain just that, a fantasy. "And you had better not go out drinking with him while he is in town either."

"If you don't trust us together so much why not join us and keep an eye on me?"

"Because I don't trust him. He would probably slip you a micky and then when he helps me get you home he would make his move. Already having liquored me up he may even succeed in getting that enormous cock into me. Is that something you want? An unfaithful wife?" I could tell that Zoe was getting a bit more turned on.

I had to swallow back the truth and lie, "No." A short lie I hopped would be more believable than a long one.

"Good because I don't plan on using that free indulgent you gave me."

Chapter 2: The Plan

A few days latter when I was changing my cloths after work my wife called out from our bathroom. "Karl, Honey, I think I may have found a way so you can see your old friend and I could be there without being their."

Confused. "What? I don't understand what you just said."

Zoe walked out of the bathroom but she didn't look like herself. Her normal red hair was covered in a long blond wig and her eyes were no longer blue but green. That alone may not be enough to fool anyone that we knew but she also didn't dress the way she normally did. Her skirt was much shorter than any I have ever saw her in, so short that it didn't hide the straps from her garter belt that held up her stockings. She also had on a blouse that plunged down between her lovely breasts exposing lots of cleavage. A pushup bra must have been in play since her bigger than normal breasts looked even larger and helped make them look like they were about to spill out of her top. Patterned stockings with extra tall heals along with a lot more makeup completed her disguise. I barely even recognized my own wife.

"Wow." was all that came tumbling from my lips.

Smiling my wife twirled around before asking, "You like?"

All I could do was node my head yes. Zoe was a beautiful woman and dressed like a slut she radiated sex and lust in buckets. I was helpless before her, drawn to her. Before I knew it I was standing in front of her pulling her to me. Before our lips could touch she pushed me away. "No." she said, "I don't want to mess up this outfit before I use it."

In my confusion of what she just said I was able to get out some words. "What do you mean?" I asked hopping to find out what was going on.

"It is quite simple really." Zoe smiled. "I am not your wife." She held up her left hand to show me that her wedding and engagement rings were no longer on her hand. I started to say something but before I got more than a syllable of a grunt out she continued. "I am Lola your mistress and I will be with you when you go and hang out with your dangerous buddy."

"I have a mistress now?"

"Yes you do and we have incredible wild monkey sex. You fuck me behind your wife's back and she doesn't even know despite the fact that your wife and I are best friends."

It all just seemed to be just too weird. "Zoe..."

"My name is Lola." snapped my wife.

"You really aren't Eve are you?" Eve is my wife's identical twin sister.

"No I am not her. Eve doesn't know anything about this." She stopped to ponder something for a moment. "Though it may not be a bad idea to get her involved in this. Just in case Randy fails to believe I really am Lola then Eve can play me, I mean your wife Zoe, to convince Randy that I am really Lola." Again she paused. This time she looked at me kind of funny. "This is getting kind of confusing isn't it?"

"Uh Ya. It is more than just kind of confusing." I answered being totally convinced that my wife had flipped her lid. But I was sure that I would forgive her if she would just let me use the hard on her slutty outfit was given me. Then a thought occurred to me.

"I think this is a wonderful idea. Randy wouldn't believe that I have a mistress. Pulling his leg like this would be some payback for all the shit he did to me."

"So you think we could pull this off?" my wife asked.

"Not sure but we might if you can keep up your smoking hot sex appeal in that outfit. It would distract him from the truth but it would also ... well ... nothing."

"Well nothing what?"

"I have never seen Randy make a move on a married woman in front of her husband but unwed girls he had no qualms in making a move on them in front of their boyfriends." Looking deep into my wife's eyes I just held her gaze for a few moments before continuing. "He will almost defiantly make a move on you if we do this."

I could almost see the excitement my wife was trying to hold back escape. "You think so?"

Sliding my hands up my wife's back I pulled her to me and whispered into her ear, "It is a distinct possibility and he will use that to his advantage."

As if trying to catch her breath she muttered, "How?"

"He will count on me not stopping him unless I want him to let my wife know that I am fooling around on her with her fake best friend Lola."

Zoe pushed me away. "Fake?" she blurted out. "Do I feel fake?"

"No but you do feel like my wife dressed like a slut in a blond wig." I smiled.

"So I am a slut now? Am I?" Demanded my wife.

"Nope." I told her. "You would have to actually sleep around to be a slut. Right now you are one hell of a hot looking woman about to play a very dangerous game."

"How dangerous?" my wife asked suddenly unsure of herself.

"Let me ask you. How far are you prepared to take this deception?"

"What do you mean how far? All that is going to happen is that we get together, have some drinks and the two of you will talk about old times. The main reason I will be there is to prevent him from dragging you off to some stupid stunt. When he dose that is when I tell him that we have to get going. End of story."

Her simple expectation of what would happen if she did this caused me to chuckle. "What's so funny?" my wife demanded.

"That isn't how it will go down. It may start that way but he will try to separate you from me and take you back to his room and ravish your hot body. If he can't get you away from me he will try and make it a threesome."

Zoe started to look a bit flushed, "You think so?"

"Yep I do." I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "If you want I can make some kind of excuse for the two of you to be alone together?"

My wife gave me a perplexed look, "Why would you do that?"

"So that you can continue to lead him on." I told her. This time I kissed her on the lips in order to buy me some time to think. "Then when you get him all hot and bothered you can rip your wig off and denounce him and storm out." I know it was a lame excuse but I didn't think she would want to hear the truth that I was hopping that she would give it up to Randy. That she would let him take her back to his room so they could fuck each others brains out.

Before my wife could realize what I really wanted I went on the attack. Pulling her to me I slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed her as our lips met. She began to melt in my embrace. Pulling up her skirt in back I slid my hands under it to feel her bare bottom.

Zoe's eyes popped open and pushed me away. "No." she said. "I don't want to ruin this outfit this way."

"Then take it off. I really need to fuck you." I said as I tried to pull her back to me. My cock was rock hard and it was trying to rip through my shorts.

Reaching between her breasts Zoe began unbuttoning her blouse. "Fine. My pussy is ..." Pulling off her shirt, "I could use a good hard fucking too." She nearly moaned in a horse sexy voice.

It didn't take us long to finish undressing before I found myself between my wife's legs as she lay on her back on our bed. She still had on her garter and stockings. I had told her if they got ruined I would by her some new ones before we went out with Randy.

Just as I was about to plunge my cock into her steaming hot cunt she stopped me and handed me a condom. "Here put this on quick." she panted. They were our only form of birth control. She went off the pill a year ago and we have been discussing about the possibility of starting a family. Tearing open the package I quickly rolled it on my hard cock and plunged deep into my wife almost in one motion.

"Oh yes. Fuck meee." Screamed my wife, or was she still pretending to be Lola. I didn't last long. I fucked her as hard as I could and we both came about the same time.

"O' God I love you." I told her as we clung to each other as we both came down from our sexual high.

"I love you to." She told me. We continued to just hold each other before she saw the time. "Oh my god. I got to get going or your wife will find us like this." She jumped up and raced off to the bathroom.

Ten minutes latter Zoe came out wearing a simple summer dress looking radiant. "Hi honey I am home. Did you miss me."

I didn't know what to say. It was her game and I was still trying to figure it out. She looked down my body and saw the used condom still on me. "You have been a naughty boy haven't you?"

"Huh?" I stammered.

Zoe let out a giggle that turned to laughter. Once she regained control of herself she said, "Come on get dressed, it is getting late and we haven't done anything about dinner yet."

Chapter 3: Gone Astray

A week latter when Randy finally made it into town, Zoe, dressed up as Lola, and we went to have dinner with him at the hotel he was staying in. As we walked into the restaurant Zoe asked me, "Are you sure you want to leave me alone with him?"

I looked down at my sexy wife all tarted up. "Do you think you can do it? I don't mean getting him all hot and bothered but the second part. The part when you turn ice cold on him and leave him with a pair of blue balls?"

Taking a deep breath more to steady her own nerves than need for more oxygen, "Yes I can." She didn't sound very convincing.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." She looked up at me her eyes moist, "What happens if I can't and ... you know?"

With my arm already around her I squeezed her to me. "Then you get to use that free pass we have talked about."

"Will we still be us if I do?"

"Sweetie, I love you no matter what. Besides right now you are Lola my mistress not my wife so ..." I just left it hang.

"Thank you." my wife said laying her head on my shoulder as we walked into the restaurant.

"Hole fuck Karl. Who the hell is this tasty morsel?" Randy greeted us.

"Hey Randy." I greeted my long lost buddy. "This is Lola a friend of mine." I introduced my wife in disguise to my friend.

Pulling out a seat for my wife Randy said to me, "I thought that you were still married to Zoe. What happened for you to end up with this hot babe?"

Sitting down I said, "Zoe and I are still married."

"And you are banging this total hottie. My hat is off to you man." Randy said as he sat down. "I never thought you had it in you."

"So what you been up to these last few years?" I asked.

"I got this great job selling crap on the east coast and before you know it I am like regional manager."

"That's great." I said.

"Four months ago they rearranged the sales regions and they transferred me out here."

"Wow wonderful." I said, "We can hang out like old times." I can feel my wife tens up.

"Ya just like old times." he looked over at my wife. "Well maybe not quite like old time since you are banging this hottie I can introduce you to a few more."

"Zoe and I don't like to share." my wife chimed in.

Randy looked back and forth between the two of us for a moment before asking. "So Zoe is OK with you banging this hot chick?"

"She doesn't know."

"So how did you hook up with this babe?"

Before I could answer my wife did, "Zoe is my best friend."

We ordered dinner shortly there after. Through the rest of dinner we chit chatted about the old days and what has happened since. During the dinner Zoe did try her best to get Randy to say something, anything bad about herself. Randy never took the bate and didn't say anything derogatory about my wife other than that he almost got her into the sack once but wouldn't elaborate.

Then my phone rang just before dessert was served, right on time. "Hello." I answered. After a brief conversation I put the phone away. "I am sorry." I told my companions at the table. "I have to cut this visit short. Have to take care of a problem down at the plant."

"Oh poo." Zoe said, "I was just starting to have fun." Picking up her glass she downed the last of her wine.

"Why let the evening end now just because mister party pooper here gets called away." Randy said to my wife.

Pouting she said, "Karl is my ride."

"Well if that is all you are worried about I can make sure you find your way safely to a nice warm bed."

"Oh your bad." Giggled my wife.

Getting up I pulled a few bills out of my wallet and tossed them onto the table. "That should cover our part of dinner."

Randy picked them up and handed them back to me. "Nope. Your money is no good here. Dinner is on me. Well, my expense account anyway."

"Are you sure?" I asked as Randy forced my money back into my hand.

"Yes I am. Now run off and fix what ever problem it is you have then go to that hot wife of yours and give her my best."

"She didn't want me to be here tonight so I doubt giving her your best would be a very good idea." I told Randy then to my wife I held out my hand. "Well?"

"If it is alright with you I would like to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening." Zoe said keeping to her script. Leaning down I gave her a kiss then bid them both farewell.

Getting into my car I wondered how long it would be before Randy made his move and how far my wife would let him go before shooting him down. I was to wait here in the parking lot. She didn't think it would take more than an hour so I pulled out a book and began to read it to pass the time. That was till my phone rang almost an hour latter.

This time it really was my job calling me to fix an actual problem. Calling my wife I told her about what was going on and offered to give her a way out. I could drop her off at home before going into the office but she declined. "I have things well in hand." she giggled. "If I need a ride I can either call a taxi or my sister." I told her that I loved her and went off to work.

Three hours latter I found myself back home and my lovely wife wasn't there. I called her cell but it just rang and rang before going to voice mail. "Hi Honey, this is Karl. Give me a call when you get this." was all the message I left.

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