My Wife, My Sister and Me


Now Jan had her knees at Donna's waist and Donna's armpits were behind Jan's knees. This was how Donna and I usually did it and it allows much better access.

Whatever they were doing they both were enjoying it. One or the other was always in orgasm and sometime both together. The sound and to odor of their sex was overwhelming as was the bucking and quaking of their bodies.

Eventually they wore each other out. Jan looked out from beneath Donna and saw me and gave me a big wink. By then I had come again and both girls were a mess from my cum. Jan gave Donna a little smack on her rear and said.

"Off me girl. I need to roll over into the pool and then me need to take care of your husband and my brother."

Donna began to unwind herself and looked at me. She had kind of a sheepish look and I realized that she thought that I might be unhappy. I too gave her a light slap on her butt and said.

"You heard her. Into the pool with you. But I doubt that you have energy left over for me tonight. Tomorrow my turn will come. Come being the operative word." With those words I picked up wife and threw her into the pool. As she hit the water I did the same to my sister.

They had a good time washing each other and then found their was to the shower. We had an outdoor shower which had 4 shower heads and hot water.

The idea when I designed it was for romantic showers with my wife but there was plenty of room for three. I got it set and the water warm and motioned for the girls to join me.

We spent a joyful quarter hour or so rinsing and soaping one another. The most joyful part for me was the washing of my super hard prick by my sister. To this day I can not imagine why I didn't come at the first contact. After all these years I was finally beginning to fulfill a oft repeated fantasy of sex with my lovely sister.

We turned the water off and dried ourselves and each other and then Donna took my right hand and Jan's left hand and walked us to our bedroom. The covers had already been pulled down. There were candles and soft music and I found myself being pushed down on to the bed.

The girls acted as if they were a well trained tag team. I was on my back and spread eagle as Jan began to kiss me. As our tongues explored each other Donna's tongue was exploring my cock. Up and down it's full length it went stopping each time it got to the head to circle it lovingly.

After just a couple of minutes as if by signal they switched places. Then it was my wives tongue in my mouth and my sister doing wonderful thing to my cock.

Janet' ministrations were different. What she did was to open her mouth wide and then as her upper lip traveled up and down one side of my cock her tongue was rapidly licking up and down the other side. It was different and it was too much. I was coming.

"I'm coming." I warned. "Sorry but I'm coming."

Donna quit what she was doing to me and as my cum began to spurt deep in my sisters mouth she began to do things to Janet's clit.

I guess the combination was to much for Jan to resist and in the middle of swallowing my cum she had to stop and voice her appreciation of her own orgasm.

After Jan quit swallowing Donna stopped playing with Jan's clit and began playing with her own. I reached out to my wife and put two fingers into her pleasure zone. I began to do those things which I knew brought her the greatest pleasure. Jan knee walked over to her and kissed her and Donna began to come.

I felt her cunt pulsing around my fingers as their kiss muffled Donna's sounds of enjoyment. After Donna wound down we all fell flat on the bed exhausted. I being closest to the bottom pulled at the covers and offered them across to my wife and on to my sister and we soon slept snug and cozy.

I awoke about 5:00AM and managed to slip out without waking either girl. I peed and then went outside so that I could shower without disturbing them. From there I went to the kitchen and fixed some cereal and milk and sat down at the breakfast bar to eat. I didn't bother to dress.

As I was about to finish I felt arms around me from behind and someone's tongue in my ear. "Was I as good as you hoped?" I heard Janet whisper and I felt her naked breasts against my back.

I nodded. Jan continued. "What an incredible night. I will never forget it."

"I may have been the first ever recipient of a pussy licking from your wife but she was incredible and as for you, it's the first time I ever had an orgasm from giving a blow job."

"Well sis, I loved it and your technique is different from any previous experience. But most of all I think the fact that it was you doing it was the biggest part of the thrill."

"Well Jim hopefully Donna will let us finish our unfinished business." Jan bent down and whispered softly into my ear saying. "I certainly want to feel your cock come inside of me." She paused for a moment and then added. "Did you ever know that I watched you masturbate when you used to do it out in the woods?"

I remembered doing that and I blushed as I have never blushed before or since. I had found a small clearing in the woods and for some reason I loved to go there and jerk off. I would undress and be completely naked as I did it.

"You didn't?"

"Yes. Nosy bitch that I am I figured it out and I would sneak out and watch you and diddle myself. Usually I did myself as you did. Forgive me?"

"No, I'm mad that you didn't join me."

"I almost did once but I was convinced that you'd be pissed at me. Dumb I know."

"OK, I forgive you but now you owe me a demonstration." I turned my head toward Jan and she kissed me. It turned into another very passionate kiss which left us both panting and with erect nipples and cock.

"Caught you again. Don't you two get enough kissing?" It was my very naked and very sexy wife.

"Jim just forgave me for spying on him when he went out into the woods to jerk off."

"That would be the price of admission. Did he put on a good show?"

"A couple of time he spurted like a hose. Most of the time less than that."

I put in my two cents worth saying. "Probably I hadn't come in a few days when that happens I sometimes shoot a big load."

"You can say that again." said Donna. If it's in my mouth I almost drown but in my cunt it really feels great. Sometimes I can't hold it in though. Especially if we do it twice."

Donna looked at my empty cereal bowl and said. "Is that all you're eating. Jan and I have plans for you and you need a lot more strength than that bowl of cereal will give you. She proceeded to cook up a big breakfast which we all devoured.

After the dishes were cleared and in the dishwasher Donna said. "Jan give me a hand changing the bed will you. We made a real mess of the bottom sheet and I do hate to get laid on a dirty sheet. How about you Janet?"

"I agree, and with your permission I do hope to get laid before the weekend is over."

"That's the plan." said Donna. With that said they went upstairs together. About half way up Jan who was in the rear goosed Donna and they went giggling hand in hand down the hall.

Thinking it proper to give them some privacy if they needed it I went out and began servicing the pool and putting the patio in order

A while later Donna came out and fussed around in such a manner that I knew that something was on her mind. After a few minutes of that I said to her. "OK, what?"

Donna took her time answering.

"I was wondering. Since the weekend is kind of going our way and Jan and I have broken the ice and it looks like you and Jan are going to do 'IT' and probably more than once and since we started planning this I've been thinking a lot about Al and I was thinking about inviting him to come down."

She spewed it all out in one continuous sentence. I had long known that she and her brother Al had sex with each other long, long ago. Donna's descriptions of their encounter had sparked several immediate orgasms in me. I suspected that she would like to relive that experience and I was all for it.

"Sure." I said. "Give him a call. If he's free invite him down."

"He's free. I spoke to him Wednesday and he was bowling in a tournament yesterday and he said that once that was over that he was free until Tuesday."

"It's settled then. Give him a call." About ten minutes later she was back.

"All set. He'll be here about three. Now if you have no objections Jan and I are going shopping. Be back after lunch." Just then Jan walked through the door wearing very sexy shorts and a top that left little to the imagination.

Then I realized that Donna was sexily attired in a short skirt and a flimsy top. I realized that the outfit that I earlier thought was for my benefit were really for mankind in general.

That was fine with me as long as it was 'look but don't touch' and I was confident that it was. In spite of everything aside from one experience swinging our first sin since our getting together was Jan. Al would be the second.

Before they left they came over to kiss me good-bye. Jan was on my left Donna on my right. As they bent over to kiss me each taking a brief turn on my lips I slid my hand up their inner thigh.

In Jan's case I was able to get a finger under her shorts and give her quick finger. In Donna's case as I reached the top I found no panties to impede my finger so I gave her about two fuck strokes with my finger as I developed a woody. The girls laughed and went on their way.

As they left my mind began to visualize what might be happening in a few hours. I was suddenly very horny and very hard.

Donna had a fond memories of the lead up to their first encounters and of two fantastic sexual encounters with her brother.

A couple of subsequent get togethers did not go as well and things ended there. I realized long ago that it was anticipation that had really fueled her intense reactions during their first encounters.

First was simply the anticipation of having sex with her brother and the second was that he supposedly had a 'big one'.

The truth was that he was not really that big. He was about the same size as me. The fact was that Donna's previous experiences had been with younger guys who were not fully developed. Early in our relationship she thought I was 'extra large' also. I allowed her to believe that until she found out differently.

Fact was that we were all childhood neighbors. Al and I were friends since grade school and spent much time at each other's house. Until he joined the service Donna was Al's pesky sister Janet was mine up to a point. Al had been Janet's Senior Prom date.

A few months after the encounters between her and Al (which I didn't know about at the time) we saw each other one night at a square dance club. She was at a table with a guy and another couple. I felt a twinge of jealousy. Of course I had no right to that feeling but I was uncomfortable staying around.

I left and was walking to my car when I heard her call. "Jim. Jim wait up."

I turned and she was standing just outside of the door hugging herself against the chilly night air. "Jim, take me home." It was half command and half request.

We left and stopping for a pizza on the way. We were about done when her three companions entered. Ellie who was her best friend was carrying her coat and her pocket book.

"You forgot this. Call me tomorrow." Then she looked at me and winked and said "Hi Jim. Bye Jim." and went back to her two male companions who seemed more amused than upset as they found their own booth.

We drove to her house and she invited me in. Her mother was just on her way to bed and she seemed un-surprised by her daughter's companion.

She simply said "Hi Jim. Been awhile, don't be a stranger." and she pecked my cheek and went off to bed.

Donna made some wine coolers and we sat on her enclosed back porch and talked. It was somewhat chilly and she found a quilt and draped it over both our shoulders. I had my arm loosely across her shoulders as we talked.

She fixed some coffee and we talked.

She fixed some sandwiches and we talked.

There had been some times in our youth when we had profound conversations but this evening was more of a catching up of events.

Along about 3:00 AM she decided by then I had decided that she was no longer obnoxious kid sister of my best friend.

About 3:30 AM we had our tongues in each others mouth. Fifteen minutes later I had found that she had beautiful boobs which didn't need a bra to support them.

By 4:00 AM my trousers and underwear were down around my ankles and her panties were someplace in the vicinity. Our hands and fingers were busy exploring each other's private areas.

About 4:15 Donna began kneeling across me and my hard dick soon became buried deep inside of her.

Four months later we slipped off and got married much to the joy and relief of our families and friends.

Not long after Al finished his tour and went into the Auto Parts business over in the next town. We saw a lot of each other and were partners both in an airplane and in a cabin cruiser. Back when our relationship began to turn serious Donna told me of the encounter between she and Al.

It did not upset me in the least. Having had similar feelings toward my own sister I understood totally and felt no anger. He was simply another part of her history.

The joyful part of events in her history occasional recounting of something in the middle of lovemaking which usually brought me to sudden orgasm.

Similarly my occasional accounts had a similar reaction in Donna particularly if she knew the lady involved.

So much for the reminiscing. The girls returned about two hours later giggly and flushed and with a couple of packages about which they were very secretive. Apparently there were several signs of interest in their bodies by both guys and girls. None had interested them much and none had been obnoxious.

It was about a quarter till three when Al showed up. After being properly greeted the girls went outside to the pool. Al and I took a couple of beers and went to the living room.

After a little catching up Al looked at me and said. "What's going on here Tom? A little matchmaking? Not that I'm objecting I've always had both love and if you don't mind me saying it, lust, for that sister of yours."

It took me awhile to quit talking around in circles and to bring Al up to speed. He was embarrassed that I knew about him and Donna. I was embarrassed to tell him about Jan and I. I didn't tell him about Donna and Jan. By the time it was all said Al was sitting there with a grin on his face and a very obvious hardon.

At that point we left our clothes on the floor got our third beers of the afternoon and walked out to the pool to join the skinny dipping females.

WE dove into the pool and each of us came up close to our own sister. Al and Donna kissed and rubbed crotches and Jan and I watched with shared amusement.

Things got very hot very fast and in just a few minutes they were doing sixty nine on the same cushion that had seen similar use the night before. I was glad that I had hosed it off.

We were still in the pool. Our eyes were only slightly above the level of their badies. Al was flat in his back and Donna was flat on top of Al. She was holding his cock in her far hand and her near hand was at her side.

She was bobbing up and down on him and there was a lot of saliva visible. I could see the side of Al's face bobbing slightly as he licked her. His hands were holding the cheeks of her ass. Her ass was moving up and down and Donna was getting the best licking possible.

They didn't waste much time having their first orgasms. Some cum was mixed with Donna's saliva as they were switching to the missionary position for some earnest fucking.

"That give you an idea brother of mine?"

"Definitely." I quickly found another cushion and we laid down together not far from Donna and Al who sounded as if more climax's were coming. They were kissing and at the same time Al's hands and fingers were giving serious attention to Donna's boobs.

My sister reached the cushion first and she was on her back with her knees up and far apart as I settled between them. I had no trouble entering as she was already wet and slippery.

I quickly reached maximum penetration and paused to savor the moment.

"At last brother of mine. It's been a long time coming. Coming being the operative word." As she spoke her cunt muscles seemed to grip my cock as if she was afraid to loose it.

I began to slide outward and Janet followed me up. Then her bottom dropped and I slid out almost to the point of fall out. Then as I started back in she again lifted herself and met me half way.

Soon we had the dance coordinated and we were fucking hard. From nearby I could hear the familiar sound Donna makes as she approaches orgasm. The thought passed briefly through my brain that we were going to climax together but that we would not be together.

Luckily our back yard and pool area afford total and absolute privacy. Over the next moments there were many instances of loud moans of ecstasy and lust and yelps of passion as each of us verbalized our reactions to our orgasms.

Eventually we were all worn out. I happened to catch Donna's eye and she gave me a happy wink. We all more or less fell into the pool and recovered our strength.

Donna thoughtfully had earlier set a cooler at the edge of the pool and soon we were refreshed. Later we sat naked around the patio table and devoured snacks and drinks.

Later the girls whispered together and then said that they both wanted it doggy style and that they had a private bet as to which guy would come first.

Afterward we agreed that it was a tie. Then followed a brief nap then it was four under a hot shower followed by grilled steaks and fixings.

Somewhere along that line the previous day and evenings events were discussed and Al got the whole picture. Since he had missed seeing Donna and Jan together he requested and encore. I promptly concurred

The girls must have expected that because they said only after Al and I did sixty nine for their pleasure. So, we did and then they did.

Monday we took the boat out and anchored in a deserted cove and fished. After lunch on fresh fish there was some skinny dipping. Following that Al and Janet ended up in the forward cabin and Donna and I made love in the cockpit. (No remarks. Please.)

A few months later Al and Janet married with Donna and I being the honor guard and our families and friends looking on. That was about a year ago and now the girls are planning what apparently is going to be a weekend orgy.

That's all folks.

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