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My Wife on Adult Vacations


This is the story of our first and only group sex experience so far.


My Wife and I are both 31 years old and are both born on the same year. Last year, to celebrate our 30th, we decided to go to a romantic vacation in Dominican Republic for one week to celebrate.

We had been married for 10 years at the time (we met in college and decided to marry soon after). My wife is of Eastern European decent, is white, long brown hair, size D breasts. She is 5'3" and weighs 130 lbs with a nice hour-glass shaped body. She likes to keep her vagina and genitals shaved and her pussy is very tight and has a very nice peach color.

Before we met, she did not have any serious boyfriends and the extent of physical contact was just touching (no sexual intercourse). My dick is around 6" and average width. So whenever I try to play with my wife with a dildo, she is uncomfortable since it is very big and she is very tight. She takes pills and was doing so at the time of our vacation so that I didn't have to bring condoms on our trip (didn't want to have to show it at the airport to the customs people).

For a while before our vacation, I had fantasized about us swinging with another couple, but my wife is very conservative and did not want to go through with it. But she had agreed that during sex sometimes she would get nasty and talk about other men's dicks and having sex with them....

Anyway, we arrived at a nice Hotel and the weather was perfect. After spending all day at the beach, we decided to go back to the hotel and go to the pool after dinner. At around 8 pm we entered the pool. My wife was wearing a very nice red bikini she had bought just before our vacation.

The pool was very nice and comfortable and it had seats inside the pool so that we could just stay in the water to rest and drink. Soon after we entered the pool, we noticed that there were 6 very good looking young girls in and around the pool and they were all over 4 middle aged men.

It was obvious that they were not couples, but they were very sexual and teasing each other. We didn't really know what was going on for about an hour until after my wife went to the bathroom and came back. She told me that she talked to one of the girls who was from the same country where my wife is from and they had a conversation in the bathroom.

The hotel we were staying in shared the swimming pool & the Sauna with another smaller hotel across from us which was used for an Adult vacation company. The men typically pay about $2,500 to stay for a few nights and are guaranteed a girl every night. My wife had always thought the men who do these things are typically losers.

We tried to have fun regardless, but soon noticed that 2 of the men were checking my wife out and kept talking amongst each other. I also noticed that my wife seemed to like the attention. I asked her why, and she told me that she was surprised herself - but she enjoyed the thought that the men who could have the 20 year olds, actually were interested in my wife instead. I was kind of exited that my wife was taking the attention of the men, so I didn't interfere.

I felt pretty safe there even though it was now around 11pm and there were only the 2 men left in the pool and my wife and I. The others were sitting by the bar outside and talking. Soon I noticed the 2 men were getting closer to us and they introduced themselves. Both were friends and business men age 42 (Mark) and 40 (Bill). Mark was from California and Bill was from North Carolina. They looked decent and were nice, so we started conversation with them. I noticed they kept reducing the space with my wife and at one point both men were practically touching her from either side but my wife was not noticing it due to being consumed in conversation with Mark. I didn't know if I should go and stop it, but somehow I was getting a hard on watching this.

After about 15 more minutes, one of the guys (Bill) started really focusing on me and talking about his business and asked if we could go to the bar to talk. I actually was interested in the business he was in and wanted to get some info, so I agreed. I told my wife and she told me she will stay and talk to Mark for a while.

After about 1/2hour when I came back to the pool, I didn't see my wife. I got really worried all of the sudden. But then Bill told me that they have a very nice game room in their hotel and perhaps my wife is there with his friend. When we went there, I was shocked to see the other girls were all topless and the men were all nude there and somehow Mark had convinced my wife to take off her top as well so that she didn't look out of place. When my wife saw me come in, she got nervous that I would be upset and came over to talk to me. She told me that she really liked the 42 year old guy (Mark), and told me that Mark had asked if he could touch her a little. She reassured me that she would not have sex, but would likely touch his dick as well since he was really hot for her and it wouldn't be nice for him to play with and not her with him. I was with his friend and uncomfortable with the whole thing, and kind of shocked that my wife was going this far. It had always been a fantasy - I never thought she would actually be with another man. But it was only petting and touching each other, so it wasn't going to be too serious. Before I could answer, Bill came over to me and said to relax, it would be fun and would add excitement for us.

I told my wife sure, but be careful.. My wife said she will and returned to Mark who was still sitting on the couch naked with a hard on waiting for her. As soon as my wife returned, Mark lay her on the couch and lay beside her with his dick on her swimming bikini. He started kissing her mouth while pressing her nipple with one hand and guiding her hand to his dick. His dick looked the same length as mine, but was thicker and had a nice round mushroom at the tip. Bill kept reassuring me that it was ok and to relax. I was still in shock since my wife would always close the blinds in our house when we were naked for privacy, but here she was topless with a naked man lying beside her kissing her breasts and she holding his dick. But no one except for me and Bill were looking at them. The other 2 men were playing pool and other games with the girls in the other room and there was no one else in the lobby area of this hotel. The lights had also been dimmed, I guess for these types of activities since the hotel was mainly for men to have fun with imported girls.

As I watched, I noticed that Mark tried to put his hand inside my wife's bikini to touch her pussy. But my wife kept stopping his hand every time and told him she didn't want him to touch her there. But after a few minutes of constant trying, and asking, he slowly moved his hand inside her bikini and put his fingers inside. He then started touching her pussy. I could see my wife was getting really hot since her bikini was getting wet with her juice. Mark seemed to really know how to play with her pussy.

I was sweating. But Bill was smiling, kept bringing me drinks and kept telling me to take it easy and just have fun watching. After about 10 minutes of kissing and touching each other, they got up and came towards me and Bill. Mark went to talk to Bill and my wife came to talk to me. My wife told me that Mark had asked her to go to his room since it would be more comfortable and he has a very beautiful suite overlooking the ocean. I didn't know what to say. She reassured me that she is not planning on having sex, but may jerk him off until he cums. I agreed. She then asked if I could wait about 15 minutes so that Mark and her could have some privacy without feeling awkward. I agreed again, since at this time I knew Mark and Bill were not violent or aggressive as Mark asked for permission each step of the way.

So I went to the pool table with Bill for a quick game, while my wife and Mark went to his suite on the 3rd floor penthouse. It was around 12:30am at this point so I had to go up at 12:45am or so. I didn't have a watch since I was still in my swimming suit so I asked Bill to let me know. We started playing and I kept wondering what my wife was doing with Mark. But soon I got into the game and the girls were distracting me since they were also teasing the 2 other men in the other room and dancing to some music.

I must have lost track of time with the distractions and Bill did not inform me. When I asked him the time, he said it was 1:10am. I was shocked and asked him to show me Mark's room. Bill smiled and said "sure, no problem". We went up the stairs. When we opened the door, I was shocked as I entered the room.

As I entered, I saw Mark and my wife fully naked, my wife lying on her back on his king sized vibrating bed with her legs wide open in spread eagle position. Mark was on top of her with his dick all the way inside as my wife was moaning with each of his thrusts. I felt like my heart just dropped. I didn't know if I should run to the bed and pull Mark off my wife, but she seemed to be enjoying it and before I could do anything, Bill told me to relax and watch her have fun!

I noticed that my dick was hard. My wife was having fun. Mark really knew how to have sex and kept a steady pace with pushing his dick all the way in. It was like he was a porn actor. He really had a lot of experience and his dick and balls were fully shaved like my wife's pussy. At that point I noticed he was not wearing a condom. Even though my wife was taking the pill, I still didn't want Mark to cum inside my wife. So I asked Bill if they had any condoms. He said there may be some in the lobby in one of the machines.

I went to the bed and my wife looked at me and said "Sorry baby, we got carried away and you were not here, so we just couldn't stop". Mark wouldn't stop fucking her as I was talking to my wife, but turned to me and said, "Man, she is wonderful". I told Mark, "Hey man, I need you to wear a condom". He said not too worry, he is decent and disease free. He pushed his dick all the way in my wife, both of them sweating, and said "while I have been with 20 or more women in my life, I always wear a condom with them. But I trust your wife to be clean and she told me she is on the pill". My wife also said that Mark will pull out before he cums.

I told them that I still want him to wear a condom so that there would not be any risk of pregnancy and I don't want him to cum inside her. So I went and got some change from Bill and went downstairs to get a condom while Mark was still fucking her. It must have taken me 5 minutes or so to find the machine, to get a condom and come back up.

Just as I got back to the room, I saw My wife was in doggy style position sucking on Mark's dick and Bill was standing behind her. Just as they saw me enter the room, Bill spit on his hand and wet his dick and then very quickly pushed it inside my wife's pussy. I was speechless! His dick was my size, but was curved and had a much bigger "Mushroom" head. My wife seemed to really enjoy it and she had let loose. Bill looked at me and said, Mark says your wife is very tight and wonderful, so I hope you don't mind since she has already been fucking and I wanted to get a piece as well. He then smiled and said, why don't you join us and we'll have fun until morning! This will definitely be a vacation for you two to remember!

I looked at my wife. She smiled and told me you always fantasized about this. We are on vacation and it is one time in our life we can do this. She looked funny since as she was taking, Bill kept pushing his dick in and out of her pussy and Mark just kept wanting to get his dick in her mouth. Everyone was sweating. At this point, I said, what the hell. Sure. I through the condom aside, realizing now I have to worry about 2 dicks and only have one condom. More over, it looked like they had sent me down on purpose so that Bill could use the moment while my wife was hot to join in as well. As I came towards the bed, I asked one last time for Bill and Mark to please pull out before they cum. They said sure, but don't worry - she is on the pill and it is more fun for everyone to cum inside. Since my wife doesn't like anal, I had to wait beside the bed, holding my wife's left hand as they fucked her mouth and pussy with so much enthusiasm. My wife was too busy sucking on Mark's dick while Bill was fucking her, but was holding my hand tight. She was moaning.

All of a sudden I could see Bill was about to cum in her. I didn't try to stop him and my wife turned so that he could cum in missionary position like he wanted. Mark sat beside her face on the bed jerking his wet dick on her mouth as she turned to suck the tip of his dick.

Bill quickly opened my wife's legs and pushed his dick all the way in after 8 or 9 thrusts gasped for air as he moaned and came inside her pussy. He kept his dick in for a few minutes until he emptied all his cum was in her. Then he pulled out his now limp dick and lied on the bed beside my wife with a happy smile on his face. Mark quickly replaced Bill's position and mounted my wife. He fucked her for a few minutes more while I was holding my wife's hand and we looked at each other. Then he lied on top of her kissing her breasts and pushed his dick all the way in and let out a gasp and moan as he also came inside her. He kept his dick in and kept pumping her pussy and I could see some of his or Bill's cum dripping out of my wife's pussy as his dick was losing it's fullness. When he pulled out, I saw my wife's pussy was left open with having been fucked for over 2 hours straight and with thicker dicks than she was used to. I could also see some more of the cum dripping out and more inside. She was exhausted, so I told her that I will do her the next day after she rests and is cleaned up. Bill and Mark asked us to stay since the bed is big enough for all of us and Bill had a second bed. My wife was in a mess but she wanted to shower just as Bill did. So we agreed to stay.

Bill and my wife went to the shower together and I could hear them having sex again. But I was too tired and fell sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I saw Mark and Bill on my wife again and they told me since they have to go back that day, they wanted to have fun with my wife for the whole night.

By around 1pm Bill had come in my wife 5 times and Mark 4 times in about 12hrs of constant fucking. My wife was exhausted. We said our goodbyes and they left back home. We stayed another few days before our vacation was finished but we kept having sex together and talking about the experience. It worked out well and we haven't done anything like that since. But our sex is fun just thinking about what happened that night.

My wife is now much more sexual and our relationship is as strong as ever.

The End

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