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My Wife on Video


I am rock hard and jealous, turned on and nervous writing this today. It is a story I never thought I'd get to write. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my gorgeous wife, Val. I work in a large sales company. I have to travel a lot on my job. Sometimes I have to travel to London or other UK cities. Sometimes I have to meet with colleagues there to discuss company strategy. Now that's the boring part of the story concluded!

My wife and I have been together for 8 years. She is such a hot girl - I get excited thinking of her as much as I did when I first saw her. She's 30. About 5'9. Thin. Sexy. She has such a hot ass and her 34b tits are to die for. Firm and pert. She is a shy girl, who gets quite flirty when she is out drinking - which isn't a regular occurrence. Up until a couple of days ago I believed she had always been loyal to me. And I guess in a way she has. But let me fill you in.

I traveled to London last week to meet up with other company sales people for a pep talk. I got on well with a few of the guys. The company provided us with plenty free drink and the conversation was flowing. Eventually the hotel bar closed. One of the guys, Rick, invited a few of us up to his room. He told us he had beers. And he had some entertainment too! He wouldn't elaborate on what the entertainment was, but the beers up in his room were selling point enough.

When we got to his room he broke out the beers and took out a digital camcorder. He hooked it up to the TV. One of the guys slagged him a little about what the hell he was doing. Rick just smiled. He switched on the TV and we all sat down to watch.

At first it was tough to see what was going on. The screen was dark. But then someone put on a light and we could see it was Rick. He was grinning broadly, ear to ear. He began to speak.

"Rick's travels, tape 6!" He said. "This weekend, the 5th of May, I am in Ireland."

"For fuck sake, Rick - turn this shite off. Put on the titty channel or something!" One of the guys shouted. We all laughed.

"Let me tell you about my soon to be conquest," the TV Rick said. "Her name is Val. Isn't she sweet!" At this point he picked up the camera and brought it up over a bed. A hand pulled back the bedclothes to reveal a woman, fast asleep. My mouth went dry. I chocked on a cough. The others whooped and cheered.

"Hot hot hot!" One of the guys shouted. "This is more like it!"

I racked my brain. The 5th of May. Where was I that weekend? Where was Val? I stared at the woman on the screen. It was definitely my wife. No doubt about it. What the hell was she doing on this video? I felt like cornering Rick and asking him what the hell was going on. I watched as she lay conked out on the bed in a long t-shirt. I watched as a hand pulled up the t-shirt to reveal a pair of purple lacy panties - ones I knew well. I watched as he patted her ass on screen.

"This hot lady is out for the count!" He said back from the TV.

I couldn't talk. I felt myself getting hard. And getting angry. But I was compelled to watch. I couldn't hold back. Whatever happened here had happened, and I needed to see.

Rick paused the tape. A collective groan went up from the guys in the room. I was speechless.

"Nothing you see here leaves this room," Rick said. "I mean it. Or you will never see another tape again, and you will find it very hard to work with this company again. Do you understand?"

Everyone agreed.

"What about you?" Rick asked me.

"Uh, yeah. Of course."

"Good." Rick pressed play on the tape again.

"The guys and I met Val and her friends out tonight in Dublin. They were very friendly, and flirty. They had been drinking for quite a while!" TV Rick said, as he put the camcorder on himself again and started to strip. "We bought them lots of drinks and made them doubles. We even bought them champagne. Val here was the first to fall. The drink really got to her. She was staying in a friends house up here. So her friend and I brought her home. Luckily for me after her friend and I put little Val here to bed, her friend conked out too. I had my pick!" By now Rick was down to his trunks. He was well built, and not shy stripping in front of the camera. You could see the bulge in his pants was quite big.

Suddenly a memory raced into my mind. Val had been out with her friends that weekend. She had traveled to Dublin. She had been in an awful state when she got back on Sunday. She was the most hung over I had seen her. She had told me too that some English guys had bought them drinks all night. She even said they came back to the house for tea. But she said they were gentlemen and weren't after anything. I had told her not to be so naive. She said they knew they wouldn't get anything anyway, and they were still happy to have the girls company. But all was not as it seemed, apparently.

TV Rick moved back to the side of the bed. He pulled down the bedclothes again. Val didn't move. He rubbed her ass. Then he smiled. "I chose Val here because she was the hottest. Look at that ass! And she didn't stop talking about her husband all night. This girl is loyal. Not the type to fuck around. I like that!"

"Oh you're a dog!" One of the guys said. I was getting really annoyed now. I knew I should stop this, and stop the guys from seeing it. But I was hypnotised. I had to watch. I needed to know what happened.

TV rick placed the camera beside the bed and angled it so we could see everything.

"I have been looking forward to this," TV Rick said, sitting on the bed beside sleeping Val. "Val! Val!" He whispered to her. She didn't move. "VAL!" he said, a bit louder. He shook her a little. She was out. He slipped his hands up under her t-shirt. "Ohhhh nice!" He said. He was obviously gripping those firm tits. He slid his hands down the front of her panties. "Trimmed. I like it. But a bit dry."

He sat up on the bed and rolled her onto her back. She snored a little, but didn't wake. He pulled up her shirt and revealed those tits to the room.

"Wow!" One of the guys said. He was already rubbing his crotch.

TV Rick started to massage her tits. Then he started to lick and suck them. I couldn't believe it as I watched her nipples stand to attention. Then I realised I was standing to attention myself. He played with her tits for a while before kissing down along her body to the top of her panties. He smiled at the camera, and then proceeded to remove her panties with his teeth.

There were Ooos and Aaas in the room as her trimmed pussy was revealed and her tight body was nude for all to see. One of the guys even had his cock out. "That body was built for fucking," he said.

He threw her panties to the floor. Then he spread her legs. She spread easily. I couldn't believe she wasn't waking up. Just how much had she drank? Rick started licking her pussy. I started rubbing my cock. "Mmmmm- tasty and sweet!" Rick said. He slipped a finger into her. "Damn she's tight. I can see she has never been stretched. Got to lube this hot pussy up!" he said.

I took offence at this. I have a decent size cock. A solid 7 inches.

Rick licked and sucked and finger fucked her on screen. He even licked her ass. He got out of the bed and picked up the camera. The next thing we were looking at was a close up of Vals pussy and clit. Rick even spread her lips for us. Then he put the camera back and began licking her again.

"You lucky fucker!" One of the guys said. "That is one hot married pussy you got there."

"It was peachy," Rick replied.

After licking her for what seemed like a half hour he got out of bed and dropped his trunks. He grinned at the camera. his cock wasn't long, but man was it thick. Thick as an arm. He got back onto the bed and put his cock on her tits. "Looks right there!" He said. Then he put his cock on her lips. "Or there! Wish she was awake to take it. But I don't think she'll be waking for a while."

He then went to the bedside and got a condom out of his pants. Funnily, considering what I was watching, I was releaved.

"Why didn't you ride her bareback?" one of the guys said.

"Because I'm not an idiot!" Rick said.

Rick rolled the condom onto his thick knob. "The moment of truth!" he said. He put his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed in. "Ung - she's tight....so fucking tight..." He was having a hard job getting in to her. But he wasn't going to give up. Meantime the look on her face has changed from conked out to a sort of lustful pain. But she wasn't waking up. With a lot of pushing he finally got it all in. "Damn! This is one of the tightest pussies I've ever fucked." He starts fucking her slowly, spreading her legs a bit more. Licking her tits. Pushing in and out of her. "Ung, that's right, you tight little wife slut. Take it all. You love it. I know you love it." After fucking her like that for a while he pulled out. "Damn, she is so tight I don't want to cum too early. I want to enjoy this fuck! Don't you, Val?" He pushed her head up and down. "That's right. You've got some prime hard cock here for your pleasure my dear!"

With that he rolled her over onto her belly.

"What an ass!" One of the guys said.

"What an ass!" TV Rick said.

The guys all laughed at this. TV Rick licked her ass. "Sweet!" Then he put one hand on her ass and used the other to spread her. He ran a finger across her pussy and brought it to his lips. "Mmmmm" Then he pushed his cock into her pussy. "Damn she's still .....so......tight....um, um, ung, ung...yes baby that's it! Yeahhhhhh!" He was lying on top of her now. She still hadn't woken up. I was stroking, along with everyone in the room. He even slapped her ass a couple of times, and tugged a little on her hair. He angled her face towards the camera. She was out, but looked like she was really enjoying it. Her face was a pleasure and pain cocktail.

Rick began to jack-hammer her ass. And she began to moan! I couldn't believe it. I looked at her face, but her eyes were still closed.

"That's right baby! You love it! Cum for me baby!" Rick said as he pounded her. She moaned louder. The look on her face was priceless. She was loving it. She was cumming. And still her eyes were closed.

"Unnnnnnffff I'm coming!" Rick moaned, gripping her ass. Perversely the fact she was giving him such pleasure turned me on. I came on my hand. Rick collapsed on top of her. He kissed her neck. "That was so fucking good," he whispered. "Mmmmm, yes John," she moaned. She must have thought it was me! Rick sat up and looked at her. Her eyes were still closed. He smiled and slid off her. He took off the johnny and threw it in the bin. Then he picked up her panties and put them in the camcorder bag. He picked up the camera and gave us one last look at freshly fucked Val. He gave the us the thumbs up on screen. Then the camera went blank.

"I have to go to the bathroom," one of the guys said, scrambling out the door. Rick looked at me. "I see you couldn't wait."

"Er, that was one of the hottest videos I've ever seen" I said.

"All the guys say that. Val is a big hit!"

"How many guys have seen it?" I said.

"To be truthful, only a select few. About 20."

I got hard again. "Any chance of a copy?"

"Sorry mate. I can't have copies making their way around. You'd never know who'd see them!" He laughed. I laughed. "But you know where to find me if you ever want to see it again. Check these out."

He took a pair of purple panties from the camera bag and threw them to me. The guy beside me grabbed them and sniffed them. "You lucky dog" he said. "She smells hot."

I made my excuses and left at that point. I was feeling sick and angry, but hot and horny too. I couldn't wait to go home and fuck Val myself - thinking of all those guys wanting to fuck her just made me ten times as horny. So I went back to my room and rang her and told her what to expect when I got home.

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