My Wife Opens Up

byMargin Walker©

"Mmmm, yes," she moans, her eyes closed and head thrown back. I lean in to kiss her neck, pushing my hips against her, my hands gripping her smooth legs. My knees are digging into the cabinet with her legs draped over my thighs. I drop my mouth to the top of her cleavage, licking the exposed skin of her breasts. She moves her hips with me, her hands gripping the edge of the counter, her legs dangling towards the floor, her boots thumping against my calves as I thrust into her.

I lean back from her, looking down at our joined bodies. I see her long, beautiful legs spread wide, her knees bent with her luscious thighs pressed against my thighs, the skirt pushed high up to her hips, and her feet dangling against me. I watch as my cock slides from her, her pussy gripping the shaft firmly, then slides back into her, moving slowly, pushing in deeply, to watch it move inside of her.

"Oh, Mike, yes," she groans, "Fuck me deep, fuck me fast." Turned on by her words and her moans, I start pounding into her. She leans her body back further, her lower back curving down towards the sink, pointing her hips towards me. I move in long, fast strokes, watching as my cock plunges in and out of her, and hearing the moist, slipping sound of her wet pussy sliding along my shaft and the slight snap of my hips smacking against her pelvis and thighs. I'm moaning and grunting, gritting my teeth as I try to hold on, feeling my dick plunge into her further, pushing inside of her, moving so fast, moving so deep.

I can't hold on anymore. I'm too turned on. I grind into her, my hands grip the backs of her thighs tightly as the cum bursts from me. I continue to move into her in long, deep strokes, my body shuddering, barely able to keep standing, as the semen squirts from my cock.

"Oh God, Becca," I moan loudly. I pump into her a few more times, letting the last of the cum leak from my penis. She's looking up at me, her face flushed, her eyes hazy with lust. "Oh, Becca," I say, "I'm sorry. I just couldn't hold on anymore. You're just too hot for me." I laugh softly, feeling my softening penis twitch inside of her.

"That's okay," she says, and leans up towards me. She presses her lips to my lips. Her tongue probes my mouth quickly. She leans back, looks at me and says, "I told you to be quick. You have friends waiting. You can take care of me later."

She moves her hips around my dick and smiles. Then, she slides her feet to the floor. My penis pops out of her as she settles to the ground and straightens up. She kisses me once more, and pushes me away from her playfully.

"Go refill your friends' drinks. You've kept them waiting long enough," she says. I lift my pants and underwear back up, shove my sticky dick inside, and refasten my pants. She tugs her skirt back down to her thighs. "I need to go clean up," she says. She walks past me. Her fingers lightly drag across my chest as she passes me, heading towards the bathroom.

I grab a dishtowel and wipe the sweat from my face. Then, I grab the four mugs and walk to the back porch to refill them. As I walk back into the den, all three of them are staring at me with big grins on their faces. Trying to be nonchalant, I set the mugs on the table, grab mine, and fall back into the chair. They're all still watching me as I drink from the mug.

"What?" I ask innocently.

"Took you long enough to get that beer, didn't it?" Josh asks mockingly.

"Oh, I helped Rebecca in the kitchen," I say and turn back to the television. The game is already well into the third quarter.

"Yeah, we heard you helping her," Brad says.

"Yeah, you helped her real good," Josh adds and all three of them bust out laughing.

"Shit, you guys heard that," I say, feeling my face turn red.

"Of course we did," Brad says. "We heard everything."

"We even thought about coming to watch," Kurt says.

"Hell, I was thinking about joining in," Brad says.

"Yeah, that's all right, I don't swing that way, Brad," I say.

"Yeah, Brad, you were trying to fuck me," Josh says.

"You'd have loved it," Brad replies and throws his arm around Josh's shoulders. Josh pushes him away.

"Well, what's the score now," I say, trying to change the topic.

"Still 17-3," Kurt says, "But the Browns are looking like they're about to score." They look at me and laugh again.

"Mike already scored," Josh mumbles through the laughter.

"Drink your beers," I say, smiling as I settle back into the chair. We watch the game as the Browns are in the midst of a long drive down the field into Steelers' territory. Rebecca walks into the den carrying a plate with nachos. She lays the plate on the coffee table.

"Who's winning now?" she asks.

"Steelers still, but the Browns are definitely about to score now," Kurt says.

"I hope so," Brad says, "I'm ready to hit that joint."

"A joint?" Rebecca asks.

"Yeah, I hope that's all right, Rebecca. I brought a joint to celebrate," Kurt says. He pulls the joint out of his pocket, and waves it in front of him.

"Fine with me, as long as I get to hit it too," she says.

"Of course, after everything you've done for us today, it's no problem," Kurt answers.

"Yeah, in fact, why don't you sit over here and watch the game with us awhile," Brad says and pats the couch next to him.

"Maybe I will watch some," she says and walks over towards me. "Scoot over," she tells me. I slide over in my oversized chair and throw one of the pillows off of it. She squeezes into the chair beside me, draping her legs across my legs with her feet dangling off the front of the chair, half facing the television and half facing the guys on the couch. She puts her arm across my shoulders and I lay my hands on her bare thighs. I look at Brad who is obviously disappointed that she chose to not sit on the couch.

We watch as the Browns run the ball into the end zone. Kurt jumps up out of the couch and yells, "There you go. I told you. Now it's time for the comeback."

"Shut up and light it," Josh yells at him.

"Chill out," Kurt says and sits back on the couch. He pulls the joint and a lighter out of his shirt pocket. "Here's to the Brown's comeback." He places the joint to his lips and lights the tip. He puffs on it a few times as he burns the paper off of the end, and then inhales deeply, pulling the heat into the joint, lighting it. The lighter goes out, and the tip of the joint is glowing red as he finishes inhaling. He holds it for a few seconds, and then blows the smoke out slowly. "This is good shit. This was expensive, so take it easy." I smell the smoke drift by me and it smells wonderful.

Kurt leans over and hands the joint to Rebecca and says, "Ladies first."

"Thank you," she says and grips it between her fingers. Rebecca smoked pot several times in college, but hasn't since she graduated. I remember how much she loved having sex when she was high. I would get her high then, just to have incredible sex. She sucks on the end of the joint and takes a deep puff. She hands it to me as she holds it in. I take a pull from it and watch her as she exhales. The smoke is very smooth going down, not skunky or bitter. I fill my lungs and then lean over to pass it back to Kurt. He hands it to Brad next to him.

I blow out the smoke and turn to Kurt. "That's smooth weed," I say.

"Yeah, it's really good," Rebecca agrees.

"Thanks," Kurt says, "But it better be good for how much I paid for it."

Rebecca and I both sink lower into the chair as the marijuana soaks into our brains. As the joint makes the rounds a few times I can feel it taking effect nicely. I feel like every never ending is alive and firing. I can feel Rebecca's body pressing on top of me. I wrap my left arm around her bare back, and my hand settles on her smooth stomach. My other hand is slowly moving up and down her leg, feeling the smooth, cool skin, my fingers tracing along her inner thigh.

Finally, the last of the joint comes back to us. "This will be the end of it," Kurt says as he hands it to Rebecca, "So enjoy it."

Rebecca takes a hit, and passes it to me. I take a hit and pass it back to Kurt. Then, she grabs me and pulls my head towards her. She leans in and presses her mouth to my lips. I open my mouth, kissing her deeply. The sweet smoke mingles in our mouths as her tongue finds my tongue. My hand slides up her thigh, feeling the denim rub against the back of my hand.

She separates from me and says, "Mmm, I did enjoy it."

The guys finish the joint and Kurt puts out the roach with the tip of a wet finger. My body feels electric. Her fingers playfully twisting in my hair make my scalp tingle. I can feel my dick getting hard underneath her as I massage her upper thigh. She leans towards me and begins kissing my neck, sucking at the skin. I think that we probably shouldn't be doing this here in front of my friends, but I stop caring as her tongue licks my ear.

The room is very quiet as the guys drink their beers and eat the food on the table. The sexual tension in the room is thick, and the guys don't even pretend to be watching the game, but are staring at us.

"Damn, guys, are you just gonna do it right here in front of us?" Brad says, breaking the silence.

"Brad, shut up," Josh says.

"No, I'm sorry," I apologize. "We should stop Becca." I slide my hand from under her skirt, but leave it lying on her thigh.

"Well," she says, looking at the guys on the couch, "We could just do it right here. If you wouldn't mind."

I laugh, knowing that she's just joking. "Yeah, that's funny," I say.

"No, I wouldn't mind," Brad says. "We almost saw you both going at it earlier anyway."

"Yeah, and we definitely heard you, in stereo," Josh adds.

"Did you?" she asks, "Well then, it wouldn't be that much different if we did just screw right here."

"What?" I stutter, not liking the direction this conversation is going, "It's way different. No way."

"Why not?" she says, looking at me, "I want you, you want me." She looks at them on the couch. "They want to see me, and probably want me too."

Brad nods his head and says, "Oh yeah." Josh nods, agreeing with him. Kurt stays quiet, relaxed back in the couch, just listening to us.

"No fucking way," I say, getting angry, "This is not turning into a fucking orgy. No fucking way." Picturing my friends fucking my wife really pisses me off. Letting them see her strutting around in her sexy outfit and hearing us screw in the kitchen is one thing, but letting them fuck her is not going to happen. "This has gone way too fucking far."

"Calm down," Rebecca says, rubbing her hand on the back of my neck. "I'm not talking about an orgy. How about if we just screw right here, and you guys can watch, but can't touch? No joining in."

I'm confused as she says this. What the hell is she talking about? She sounds so rational, but I know that the sexual tension and the marijuana are working on her. Normally, she would never even think about this type of thing.

"Not what I had in mind, but sure," Brad says.

"Go for it," Josh says, his eyes locked on her.

"It's your house," Kurt says, "And I sure would enjoy a show."

"What? You're all nuts," I stammer.

"Why?" Rebecca says, leaning towards me. "Thinking about having sex in front of your friends is making me really wet." She grabs my hand, spreads her legs apart and pulls my hand between her legs. She's not wearing her thong and she presses my fingers right to her pussy. I do have to admit, she is very wet.

"Holy shit," Josh whispers from the couch. Their eyes are watching my hand between her legs as she moves my fingers along her pussy. She leans in to kiss me deeply.

"I want you," she whispers to me. "I want you now more than I ever have before. Fuck me here and now." Her hand is pressing against my stiff cock, massaging it through the jeans. How can I say no to that? She presses her mouth to me again. I move my wet fingers to her clit and rub it gingerly. She moans in my mouth. Part of me knows that we shouldn't be doing this, but there's enough alcohol and pot in me that I just don't care. I've never seen her so turned on before. I figure that maybe my shy wife has found she's really an exhibitionist.

She separates her body from me, and slips down onto the floor. She sits on her knees, pushes my legs wide, and positions her body between my legs. She reaches up to unbuckle my belt. She opens my pants and I sit up slightly as she pulls my pants and underwear down to my thighs. My hard dick stands at attention. The pot and alcohol must be working well because I don't feel embarrassed sitting naked with a raging hard-on in front of my friends. She wraps a hand around the shaft and leans in pressing her lips to the tip. I watch her as she opens her mouth and moves her head down, sliding my cock along her lips and into her mouth.

I can see the guys on the couch, watching us. Brad is rubbing himself through his pants. As her head moves up and down in my lap, I can see her ass pointed into the air giving the guys a good view of her pussy. She reaches a hand underneath her between her legs.

"Damn, she is hot," Brad whispers, "She's rubbing her clit."

Her tongue slips along my shaft, wrapping around it, cleaning it from our sex earlier. Her hair tickles my thighs as her head bobs in my lap. She wraps a hand around the base of my dick and slides it up and down behind her mouth. She moves her mouth to the head of my penis and opens her mouth. I see her tongue licking the sensitive skin underneath the head while her hand jerks up and down the shaft. She looks up at me, her eyes wide and glazed, stimulated by the sex and the pot. She covers the tip with her lips and plunges her head down halfway, then lifts back up, with only her tongue sliding along my cock. She licks the head quickly and pulls her head back from my crotch.

"Well, what now," she says, turning to look at the guys on the couch, "How should we start fucking?"

Brad and Josh look at her, stumped with glassy eyes, barely aware they were asked a question, massaging their stiff dicks through their pants. Kurt finally responds, "Get on top of him."

"Okay," she says and stands in front of me. She places her right knee on the chair beside me, and I move over making room for her left knee on the other side of me. My hands touch her thighs and glide up to her waist pushing her skirt up to her hips. She crouches over me, her hair hanging across her face as she looks down at me. She bends down to me and we kiss. I move my hands up her body, feeling her hips through the crumpled, denim skirt, moving to the cool, bare skin of her waist, and up her side to the tight jersey. I feel her pussy lightly brush the tip of my hard cock, pointed up towards her body. I move a hand behind her body and reach down to grab my dick. I rub the head along her wet pussy lips and then guide it to her hole.

She lowers her body down on me in a sweet, slow descent. Our mouths are locked together, tongues probing, as the head of my cock penetrates her, easily sliding inside of her. My hands grab her waist, feeling her hot, smooth skin under my touch. I feel my cock entering her further as she slowly lowers herself onto me, her pussy grasping me tightly. Finally, her butt settles onto my thighs with the entirety of my member encased by her yielding body.

Her hands slip down from my shoulders rubbing my chest through the t-shirt. I press my butt into the chair, my cock sliding out of her slightly, and then push back up, sliding back into her.

"Mmmm, God," she moans as she separates her mouth from me. She straightens her back with her breasts rising in front of my face. I pump my hips under her, feeling my cock move smoothly inside of her in short, deep strokes. The chair squeaks softly underneath us. I raise my hands to her tight jersey and force them underneath it, pushing it up her chest. She reaches down, grabs the jersey, and pulls it over her head. She tosses it towards the couch and hits Josh in the chest.

"Can I keep this?" he asks.

"Sure," she mutters, "I don't care."

I hear a zipper being opened and see Brad pull his cock out. He begins stroking it as he watches us fucking on the chair.

She begins pumping her hips on top of me as I knead her breasts. I press her left breast to my mouth and move my lips over it, kissing every inch of her firm breast. She pushes her chest against my face, writhing against me. My hands grab her thighs, caressing the smooth skin, feeling her muscles contract as she twists her body around my hard cock. Her hands reach down and push my t-shirt up to my chest to settle on my sides beside my stomach.

I see her turn her head, watching the guys gaze at her. She watches Brad stroking his cock and matches her rhythm to his. I stop moving my hips, allowing her to ride me. As Brad slides his hand slowly up and down his shaft, Rebecca moves her body slowly up and down my shaft, twisting me deeper into her as she hits bottom.

"Like this," Rebecca whispers to Brad. She pumps her cunt quickly on the tip of my cock, her pussy rubbing against my cock head. "Pretend it's you," she moans to him. He strokes his hand along the tip of his cock, matching her rhythm. I move my hands back up to her breasts, caressing them with my fingers, playfully pinching her nipples. She drops her hips lower, sinking half of my cock into her each time she descends. She watches Brad as he does the same with his hand.

"Now, fuck me deep," she groans loudly, and plunges her pussy down onto me, her butt slapping against my thighs. I lay my hands gently against her breasts, feeling them bounce against my palms as she thrusts her body on top of me, her back arched, her hands grabbing my shoulders.

I see Brad is rubbing his penis in rhythm with her movements. Josh is lazily rubbing himself through his pants, slouching on the couch with his eyes half-closed watching us fuck dreamily. Kurt is sitting upright examining us like a museum display. He picks the roach off of the table and tries hitting it again.

I move my hands down to her lower legs and feel the tough leather of her boots. She's still moving in the long, deep strokes, trying to feel the entire length of my cock sliding inside of her. I arch my hips up towards her wanting to impale her deeper. She groans loudly as I push against the depths of her vagina, her head thrown back with her hair draped along her back.

"Oh God, that's good," she moans. She rocks her hips against me with her butt firmly planted on my thighs. My cock moves inside of her, pressing against the walls of her cunt. I twist against her, probing her, rubbing inside of her.

She sets her hips back and pulls away from me slightly. She kisses me once, and then turns to look at my friends on the couch. "How should we fuck now, guys?" she asks.

"Doggy style," Brad blurts out.

"Okay," she agrees. She lifts her body off of me and my wet cock slides out of her. She grabs my hand and pulls me up from the chair as she stands up. She leads me over to the coffee table, very close to the couch. She kneels on the ground and lays her hands on the table so that my friends are looking at the right side of her body. She looks back up at me, and beckons me, "Fuck me from behind. I know you like doing this." We rarely do it doggy style, but I love to do it. She says that it's a little too painful for her.

I step out of my pants and underwear and kick them to the side. Then, I kneel between her legs and point the head of my cock to her open pussy. I slide it in easily, feeling the underside of my cock sliding along her pubic bone. I grab the inside of her thighs and push her legs a bit wider, lowering her hips for smoother fucking. She tilts her ass down towards me. Her hands are gripping the edge of the table with her arms held straight, her back slanting up towards the ceiling. I watch as my cock emerges from her until I can barely see the head and then sink it back into her almost all the way, but not entirely, knowing that the full length of my cock in this position would be uncomfortable for her.

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