tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife Shows Off

My Wife Shows Off


My wife and I have been married for 16 years and are fairly conservative for the most part. We are both in our early 40's. She is 6' tall 165lbs with wonderful 36D breast, thick long nipples, full hips and just a great ass! I am 6'5" 200lbs. Anyway, one night we decided to go out for a nice dinner while the kids were with their grandmother.

As we were getting ready, Susan asked me what I would like her to wear. Like probably most guys I kidded and told her a nice black skirt, knit sweater and thong. When she reached in to get her bra, I said I didn't mention anything about a bra. She just looked at me with a look of, 'you gotta be kidding'. Then she just said that you could see through the sweater. I had to agree a bit, but instead I told her to wear a half bra I got her the prior year. It would support her and would also cover her up for the most part. I couldn't believe that she was actually thinking about it, but then she put her bra back up, went and got the demi bra and put it on. Her tits looked incredible! Full and held high, with her thick nipples just above the top of the cups, her tits would make any man...or woman, love to have some time with them.

After getting dressed we went out to the car and started driving to the restaurant, my wife leaned over and kissed me, started to rub my cock through my pants and asked if I liked her dressed with her nipples and ass hanging out. All I could think of was to reach around her pull up the back of her skirt and start to rub her fine ass. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, "I take that as a yes." When we go to the restaurant, the valet opened her door to let her out and we went inside. Our table was not going to be ready for a few minutes, so we went to the bar for a quick drink. After a little talk, Susan leaned over and told me that when she was getting out, the valet had a great shot up her legs all the way to her panties and that she like a young guy looking at her. I told her that if she liked that, why not show a little more. I told her that I was going to check on the table, but that the way she was sitting at the bar, that if she turned around any, she would give anyone a great shot.

I went up to the desk and was told only about another three minutes or so, but to come on and on my way back to the bar, noticed that Susan had turned to watch a TV hanging down and had her legs spread just enough so you could see up her legs a bit, but not to be blatant. I looked to see who was in her line of sight and say a table of 3 guys probably in their 30's and they definitely were talking about her. I finally walked back to her and stood to her side and leaned down to tell her that the table was ready and that the table of guys were looking at her legs the whole time. She looked up with a smile and said, "Well then, let me not disappoint them when I get off this stool." With that she swung her legs open where there was no doubt about her panties and then hopped off and took my hand.

Sitting at the table, we ordered another round of drinks and my wife was just grinning from ear to ear. When the waitress left, Susan asked if I liked her showing her body to strangers. Without even hesitating, I told her that my cock was still hard as a rock just from watching her get off the stool. With that she held my hand, kissed it, and then placed it between her legs. "Can you feel how wet I am?" In all our years, my wife has never done anything like this in public. I was speechless...and my fingers were soaked. I started to lightly rub her pussy through her panties and she just closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. Luckily, I saw the waitress coming around the corner and pulled my hand away just as she came to our table. As she sat the drinks down, I told her we would need another minute to order. As she walked away, I got the impression that she knew something was up.

We finally ordered and Susan asked if I noticed anything about her. Knowing there was something that I would like, I started looking her up and down then after looking again, noticed that her nipples were actually popping thought her sweater top. A beautiful dark pink nipple was coming out from hiding in the black crochet. I couldn't help myself as I reached out and pinched one. To hear my wife moan in public almost made me cum. We sat and kept drinking and as Susan was finishing her third drink, I could tell she needed some food in her. Just before the food got there, she got up to "freshen up." She came back with the food on the table and another drink. She must have stopped by the bar. She sat down and started to just devour her dinner and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her nipples were still poking out and she just looked sexy as hell. As she finished, she looked up and asked if I would like dessert. All I could think of was getting home and getting her in bed. To hell with dessert. When I said no, she said she had a present for me. With that she reached in her bag and handed me a ball of cloth that turned out to be her thong. It was completely soaked. I thought she had maybe not made the bathroom quick enough, but then I smelled her panties and knew it was just from her being wet. Before I knew it the waitress was standing next to me with Susan's thing still under my nose. She just smiled and said that I hoped I enjoyed everything...Then she looked at Susan and said, "I just love your sweater. It really makes you stand out." Susan blushed a deep red as the waitress walked off.

Susan said, "Let's go."

I took her hand and we went out to the car. Sure enough the valet was helping Susan in and she just sat there with one leg in and one out on the pavement asking the valet if he knew a good place for after dinner jazz. When he finally he closed the door, I knew from Susan's actions that he had seen her legs spread with nothing covering her most private area and not a quick shot either. As we were driving off, Susan just leaned back in her seat and started to rub her spread thighs.

"Do you want to see me expose myself some more ore are you ready to take me home?" asked Susan

I have to say I really wanted to take her right then, but I was so hard thinking about her showing off to the college kid getting our car, that I just had to see her acting like this a little more. I told her that we would go to the club the kid told us about, but that I wanted her to suck me until we got there. Without even hesitating, she leaned over unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I one movement she had me mostly in her mouth. She was so warm and soft. As we came to a stop light, a truck stopped right next to us and could see her head in my lap. Reaching over, I pulled up her skirt, showing them her ass and told her to spread her legs some more. I can only image the guy's view. Placing my hand on my wife's head, I told her to suck good because someone was staring right between her legs. With that I could feel her mouth tighten and saw her left hand snake between her legs. From the sound in the car, I knew she had to be fingering herself. As the light turned green, the car next to us honked and just smiled. Before, we even got to the club, Susan had swallowed a whole mouthful of my cum and fingered herself to a climax.

We paid the cover charge, went and got a couple of drinks and sat at the bar again. By now, Susan didn't really spread her legs, but she sure wasn't keeping them closed either. We talked a bit, but mainly were trying to see the reaction she was giving, when a guy walked up and introduced himself as George who was in town on business. He asked if we minded if he danced with Susan to which we both looked at each other. Neither knowing what to say, he just reached out for her hand, and before I knew it, they were both on the dance floor swaying in each other's arms. Every now and then his hands would slide down her back to her ass, but not too long. I ordered another drink and when I turned around, I could see they were more in the center of the dance floor and I couldn't see them as well. I just sat and would watch them every now and then and look at the other women there. Definitely a nice place to be if you were single.

Well after about 15 minutes, Susan and George came back and George went to the restroom. When he was gone, Susan leaned over and said that George had been grabbing her ass a bit in the beginning, but by the time they were closer in the back of the dance floor that he had gotten bold enough to run her pussy. She said that his fingers were thick and at one point had three fingers in her on the dance floor. She said that there were several couples who had to know what was going on and were just watching his hand moving under her skirt. Right before she came, she felt air across her bottom and realized that he had pulled her skirt up in back to rub her ass, but was also fully exposed to a young couple next to her. After 16 years of marriage, she was touched for the first time by someone other than me and had cum all over his hand. After almost passing out, they came back to the bar to see me.

Neither one of us wanted to go any further with someone else. When George came back, we said that this was all very new and that we hoped he understood and thanks for the memories. He didn't look at all upset, but just said, "Well, I am kinda a bit uncomfortable, would Susan mind just giving me a hand...?" Both looking at his pants, we could tell that indeed he had a very large erection and between the drinks and play Susan said, "It is only fair. Let's go out to our car."

Once in the car, Susan and George were in the backseat and I was I in the front watching for anyone walking by and also looking at my wife undoing the pants of another man. When she had his pants pulled down past his knees, I was quite impressed with his cock. It was only about 7" long, but thick as I can imagine. Susan started to give him a hand job and play with his balls at the same time. Soon George had Susan's sweater unbuttoned and open squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. This is one thing my wife loves and that is to have her nipples pulled and tits treated roughly. After a few minutes of George moaning, I looked back and Susan had her mouth wrapped around his cock sucking him as deep as she could. Only a few inches, but her mouth was stretched wide just trying to get it in. After about ten minutes, I could hear his breathing getting louder and knew he was about to cum. As he grabbed the back of Susan's head, I knew she would soon have a mouth full of his hot cum. Sure enough, he just held her head in place and I could see Susan's throat swallowing his cum, then it started to run down her chin. When he was through, he just thanked her and got out of the backseat zipping up his pants. Susan just looked at me and asked if I was upset.

All I could think of was burying my face between her thighs and eating her cunt. I told her to get up front and play with herself until we got home. Once inside, I just threw her on the couch and started to eat the wettest pussy I have ever tasted. Her thighs were coated with her cum from the night. As I felt her cum on my tongue, I undid my pants, let them fall around my ankles and sunk into her with one stroke. Sadly, I came very quickly, but as she lay there with her legs spread and my cum oozing out of her, All I could think of as cleaning her up with my tongue and making her cum again.

We haven't done anything like this again in the past several months, but out 17th anniversary is cumming up and I think I may be able to get some more drinks in Susan and see how far we may take it.

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by Anonymous03/15/18

My wife has very big nipples

When in doors after few drinks asked wife put see through top on no bra and both go out late because be turn on if men or lads noticed wife’s big nipples we done this about six times we were 38 one nightmore...

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by Anonymous08/21/17

Lucky Guy

I'm 80 yrs old and I thank you for a Big Lift it gave me..lol

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by Anonymous07/18/17

great wife

What a lucky guy to have a wife that will do that for him. I hope she will continue and even get a cock in her pussy while he licks her clean like my wife does for me. Licking cum filled pussy is a greatmore...

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