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My Wife, The Receptionist


Helena, my wife, began working for the doctor about 8 years ago. She is a very attractive brunette aged 37 and not only does she have a very pretty face but she has a matching figure. She has large breasts, slim waist and nice bum. She has a very trim figure after having 3 children. Admittedly the children have now grown up but she still mothers them just like she did when they were young. She also does a very good job of looking after me. Our sex life is very good and even though we are not as young as we were we never seem to find it boring.

The doctor is a charming man a little younger than Helena and he is married with 2 children. He is a very kind boss to her and looks after her very well. He often buys her little presents as an acknowledgment of the work she does. Her tasks are to make all the bookings for the consultations, keep all the records and accounts and also to make sure all the medical supplies are topped up. She works broken hours because the doctor's office is not always open and therefore she comes home when the office is shut.

I work as a salesman and this takes me all over the State. I am usually away from home for as much as 4 days a week although some weeks I don't go away at all. I love my work and I earn very good money which we use to pay off the mortgage on our home. Helena uses the money she earns to keep the house in order and to buy any necessities she wants.

Steven, the doctor, is considered a friend of our family as well as her boss. His wife and the kids visit us and we are often all together for a barbecue. His wife is quite different to Helena. She seems to be very nice but we suspect she is a little bit stuck-up with other people.

Anyway, Steven had been discussing over several months that his wife, Raylee, had been getting on his nerves but Helena, although a very good listener, didn't take much notice of him.

Both Helena and I really liked Steven and we would do anything for him. We had told him that on lots of occasions and also we were very grateful for him keeping Helena on at work as he could quite easily have employed a much younger and more attractive girl to work in her place. He could be described as a bit of a playboy! In all the time they had been working together Steven had never done anything which would upset Helena. They worked very well together.

This event, which I am writing about, happened some time ago. It was a warm summer afternoon and they were getting ready to close the office as his patient appointments for the day had been completed. As Steven was walking behind Helena, who was leaning over her desk checking some figures, he suddenly leaned against her back and reached around and grabbed her breasts with his hands. He held on to her and massaged her breasts and also squeezed her nipples. Because it was warm weather Helena was wearing only a thin blouse and her rather tiny bra. She also had on a short skirt and panties but she didn't wear stockings or pantyhose in the warmer weather. He held her and played with her breasts for several minutes before he released her breasts and stepped back. He then told her how attractive she had looked from the back as he was passing and he couldn't help himself.

Helena was more shocked by the suddenness of his actions and also surprised that he would do such a thing to her. When she arrived home for once I was at home. She told me all about Steven and how he had felt her up. I didn't know what to say or do and just looked at her for a moment. I then asked her if she was upset that he had felt her up. She surprised me by saying she didn't mind really but would have preferred to have some notice of his intentions. She also said, "I would have just let him feel me up if I knew he was that desperate!" This statement rather shocked me. I then said, "Would you like him to feel you up again if the occasion arose?" Helena smiled at me and said, "Darling, I can't really say now how I would feel but I would have to make a decision at the time!"

It appeared to me that she had been a lot more turned on by Steven's actions than I had first realized. I decided to leave the subject because I knew Helena would tell me all about anything he did to her. As luck would have it I had to go away on business the next day and I would be away for 4 days. I resolved not to ring Helena about Steven whilst I was away. I find I get the most truthful answers to my questions when I am holding her in my arms, mostly in bed. She can become very passionate if she has done something wrong and tells me about it.

As soon as I returned from my trip I could see in Helena's face that she had been up to something while I had been away. She has that lovely slightly guilty look about her. I didn't ask any questions until we were in bed. I always know I am about to hear something, either gossip or something involving her, because she gets into bed naked! Although she is not a prude by any sense of the word she usually wears something to bed. Usually is it a very light flimsy top which just comes down below her breasts. She is naked from there down! She looks lovely when she wears so little to bed - she says it keeps her shoulders warm. On the other hand, she looks even lovelier when she gets into bed naked - I just know there will be sex to follow.

This evening her excitement was hard for her to contain and I could see she was going to tell me something very exciting. When we had kissed and cuddled and I had felt up her breasts and sucked her nipples which she liked so much, I pushed my hand down between her legs and found her cunt to be dripping wet! With three fingers inside of her, I kissed her again and then said, "Well, darling, I know you have missed me but I guess you have something more to tell me which is making you so excited!"

She kissed me passionately and asked me if I would be cross with her if she told me what had happened to her while I was away. I told her I loved her and wanted her to tell me everything!

Helena nestled her head on my chest and I kept my hand on her breast and the other buried deep in her wet cunt. She began her story. "Darling, I told you I wouldn't mind if Steven felt me up again after the sudden episode earlier, well, he did it again the next day. I must have been ready for him because it wasn't a shock and I really liked the way he felt me up. This time he not only felt up my breasts and nipples but he also kissed me deeply!"

This seemed to be turning into a totally different scenario than I had expected. She went on, "Once we had been kissing for several minutes and I was getting very turned on, he stopped, stepped back and told me he couldn't help himself because I looked so wonderful to him. He told me he was completely turned on by being able to hold me but he thought he had better stop before he did something wrong! I asked him what he thought might happen if he hadn't stopped and he grinned and said, I don't want to do anything which would place our friendship and work relationship at risk and I don't know how far you would be prepared to go with me!" I could see this whole business was becoming serious and judging by the wetness of her cunt which was making noises as I swished my fingers around in her, she was very aroused right now! I told her to go on with the story.

She continued, "I told him I really felt a lot for him having worked so closely for so long and than I had managed to suppress my thoughts about him up till now. He then came over to me and kissed me again, much harder and more passionately than before. He asked me if I was in a hurry to go home and, when I told him you were away, he asked me to move into the examination room with him. I became even more excited at this suggestion and followed him. When we were in the examination room, he closed the door - I didn't know why because we were the only people in the building - and pulled me to him and he kissed me hard again. He didn't attempt to feel me up then and I know that if he had tried he would have found me to be as wet as you find me now! He kept on kissing me and I could feel his hard cock pressing into my belly! We kissed, and did nothing more, for about 20 minutes and I was as turned on by this as I have ever been before - I really wanted him to feel me up at least! He glanced at his watch and told me he had to make a home visit to a patient right now and would have to continue this at a later date! I was almost shaking with passion at this stage and I begged him to tell me when we would be able to kiss like this again! He told me he would try to make it for the next afternoon but it would depend on his work load!" Helena stopped talking then and turned her head around and began kissing me passionately. I wondered if this was how she had been kissing Steven, but at least she had been telling me what had happened between them and I loved her for her truthfulness! I then asked her what had happened on the next afternoon?

Helena kissed me again and then pulled her mouth back about 6 inches from me and said, in a low, sexy voice, "Darling, please fuck me!" I was so hard by this time I really wanted relief and so I rolled her onto her back, she spread her legs for me and grasped my cock and pulled me into her cunt! She was so wet and juicy I just slipped into her normally firmer cunt! We fucked just like we had when we were just courting so long ago! Once I had cum in her cunt and she had reached her orgasm at the same time, I kept my cock in her and very slowly moved it in and out helping me to keep my erection. I begged her to continue her story.

The next part was obviously going to become very exciting judging by the way she was holding me so tightly to her body. She continued, "The next afternoon when all the patients had cleared and we were alone in the office, Steven went over and locked all the doors and then asked me to follow him into the examination room. Once we were together in there, he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately and at the same time he was feeling my bottom and my back. I had expected he would make a pass at me so I had worn a thin blouse and bra and panties and short skirt just like the previous day but when most of the patients had gone, I went into the spare office and removed my bra and panties. I also undid most of the buttons in my blouse and then stuffed my bra and panties into my handbag. When Steven was feeling up my bottom as he kissed me, he must have discovered I wasn't wearing any panties because he pulled up my skirt at the back and caressed my bare behind. This made him very excited and he soon had an erection pressing into my belly and his fingers stroking the crease in my behind. He must have realized immediately that I wanted him and so he just walked me over to the examination table, pressed me face down over the edge and then lifted my skirt up over my back and began to kiss my backside!"

I knew at this stage that my wife had been fucked by Steven! I wasn't too sure of my feelings about this but didn't make any comment but asked her to continue, at the same time I continued to gently move my cock in and out of her cunt.

"Well, you can guess by my story so far that I was lying over the edge of the table with my whole backside exposed to him. There was a little pause as he undid his pants and then I felt his hard cock press between my legs! I knew he was going to fuck me so I just moved my legs apart a bit and soon he found my cunt and with a quick shove he entered me! Naturally I had never seen his cock and I was surprised to feel just how big it was in me. It really filled me up and I felt the head of his cock bumping my cervix! Although my breasts were pressed onto the top of the table, he pulled me back slightly and then undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and pulled it off my body. He then grasped my breasts and nipples and played with them until I could feel he was beginning to tremble as his orgasm was building. Needless to say, I had already cum several times and just as he shot his huge load into me, I came with him with a huge climax which just about caused me to faint!"

While she was telling me what had happened I had been gently moving my cock in her cunt keeping it firm but now I couldn't wait any longer and I began fucking her as fast as I could go! We both came together soon after - we were so turned on by what she was telling me! I wanted to hear more.

Helena continued, "Once his cock began to wilt, he pulled out of me and turned me around and began kissing me hard. He also reached around and undid the clip on my skirt and soon that was on the floor with my blouse. I was standing naked in front of him. He quickly shed his clothes and we were both completely naked standing in front of each other! Thereafter we continued to kiss and he felt me up for quite a long time. I had hold of his cock and was stroking it gently hoping it would get hard again. I didn't have long to wait before it was like a piece of steel rod! This time he lifted me up onto the examination table, climbed up after me, spread my legs and then fucked me again only this time it took longer for him to cum and I had several orgasms while he was fucking me! After he had cum in me for the second time I really knew I had lots of cum in my body and he moved quickly to get some tissues so that he could wipe up some of the leaking semen. Although the examination table is not very wide but very soft because of the bedding on it, we remained together on the table for some time just caressing each other. He asked me how I felt about what had happened and I simply told him I loved what we had done and that I would tell you all about it as soon as you came home! He didn't seem to worry that he had just fucked his friend's wife - he just seemed very satisfied with it all!"

I still didn't really know how I felt about having my wife fucked by someone else but I philosophized that it was probably better to have her fucked by someone I knew and could trust rather than a stranger if she was to be fucked at all! Helena told me they dressed after that and went to their separate homes. Before they parted Steven asked Helena if she would come to work next day without her panties! He told her he might just get another urge during the day and want to take advantage of any time which might be available. Helena told me she went to work as he had suggested wearing only a thicker shirt (she didn't wear a bra either and the shirt couldn't be seen through) and her short skirt! She told me she felt wanton as she was going to work dressed as she was.

"Steven came to the office after doing some home visits and it was about 10 minutes before the first patient would be seen. He called me into his office and, when I was standing between his open legs, he ran his hands up my legs until he reached my hairy cunt. He grinned at me and told me I was a good girl for coming to work dressed as I was. He then bent me over his desk, pulled his hard cock out of his pants and quickly thrust into me! I was so excited I came almost immediately and Steven followed me soon after. He soon pulled out of me and told me he was now much more ready to see his first patient! I tried to walk carefully out of his office but his cum was starting to run down the inside of my legs. I was frightened some of the patients who were sitting in the waiting room would see my messy legs but no one seemed to notice! His first patient went into his office and I quickly moved to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up as best I could. I could feel my face was very red from my excitement and the redness just wouldn't go away. At lunchtime, Steven called me back into his office when the last patient had gone and asked me how I was feeling. I tried to explain just how excited I felt and he told me he felt the same way. He then bent me over his desk again, pulled his hard cock out of his pants and fucked me again! By now I was something of a mess but this time there weren't any patients to witness me walking to the bathroom to clean up! I was so thrilled to have been fucked by Steven twice that I really began to wonder what you would say about it when I told you. I knew you would understand but I didn't want to overdo the sex until I had your permission. Later in the afternoon when the surgery had cleared of patients, he took me into the examination room, removed all of mine and his clothes and fucked me again on top of the table! I hadn't been fucked 3 times in one day since our honeymoon!"

I felt I should attempt to fuck my wife again but although the spirit was willing the flesh wasn't and so I had to content myself with holding my wife and playing with her cunt and her clitoris! I was able to make her cum several times before we decided it was time to sleep. Although it was a little uncomfortable at first I still managed to keep my fingers in her cunt as we rolled over to sleep.

Naturally when we woke in the morning I wanted Helena to continue her story. We both used the bathroom and then returned to the bed for her to tell me more! Still lying naked in our bed, with the morning nice and warm, Helena agreed to continue where she had left off the day before.

"I decided I wouldn't wear any panties to work next day and also didn't wear a bra. Steven only worked a half day because of his work schedule and so, when the last of the patients had left we sat in the office and ate our lunch. When we had finished and had cleaned our teeth etc., Steven asked me to come with him into the examination room! I followed him eagerly knowing what was to happen next. This time he kissed me and caressed me and slowly removed what clothes I had on. Soon I was naked and I helped him get naked too. Then he lifted me up onto the examination table but this time he moved me down to the end of the table where the gynecological stirrups were located. He pulled my legs apart and fastened my feet into the stirrups. He then pulled the frame as far apart as possible stretching my legs into a completely open position. He then pulled up his chair and thrust his face into my cunt. He began licking and sucking my clit and the lips of my cunt and I began to cum straight away. After he had made me cum 5 times, I was literally shaking with excitement and I was so aroused I couldn't think properly. He then pulled a low stool to the end of the table and standing on this brought his cock to just the right height to enter me. He thrust into me and began to fuck me hard. I just kept cumming and before long he came too. He pumped a huge load into me and then, as his cock began to shrink, he pulled it out with a plop! He then surprised me by putting his face back into my cunt and began sucking his cum out of me! When he had been sucking for some minutes and I had cum again, he moved up to my face and began to kiss me. What surprised me most was that he actually had a mouthful of his cum and during the kiss he passed this into my mouth. I was quite surprised by this but I do like to swallow cum and so I swallowed this lot. It tasted a bit different to your cum because it also had the taste of my cunt but I loved it just the same. He left me strapped in the stirrups and moved around the surgery collecting some of his paperwork ready to go out on home visits. After I had been lying there for about 15 minutes and my legs and thighs were beginning to ache, he came over to me again and began kissing me, playing with my breasts and nipples and also thrust his fingers into my wide open cunt. He brought me off again - I had completely lost count of the number of times I had cum that day. The last thing we did before leaving the office was for him to release me and then he asked me to suck his cock. I had no hesitation in getting down on my knees in front of him and, taking his hard cock into my mouth, I began sucking him as hard as I could. It really didn't take him long to cum and so I swallowed his cum for the second time that day. This load tasted much better being just cum!"

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