tagBDSMMy Wife's Black Master Ch. 03

My Wife's Black Master Ch. 03


I was sniffing the milk carton, trying to determine if it was still good, when Jane walked by me the next morning. She had a slight smile on her face and she was shaking her head, she thinks its funny when I do things like sniff the milk. Of course, she was completely dressed, covered from head to toe so that I couldn’t see the magic marker writing on her body. She was quiet, just giving me a brief kiss and telling me that she was going to go shopping before I went into the bedroom to get some sleep.

As soon as I heard her leave the house I went into her sweater drawer. The slip of paper was right where she had left it the night before, and I quickly memorized the address before returning it to its hiding place. Since Saturday was still several days away, this would give me time for a scouting expedition.

I wasn’t sure how she was going to get me to fuck her in the ass, and without letting me see the writing, but I couldn’t wait to find out. Just before my alarm clock would have gone off Jane kissed me awake. She was being very loving all of a sudden. There’s nothing like waking up, all warm with a nice morning hard-on, and being kissed and stroked by the woman you love.

I was confused about my feelings. I love her, but I had become very turned on watching her the night before. And, I was very turned on by her submissiveness to Larry. It suddenly became clear to me: I wanted to be her Larry, her Master. But I had no idea how to make that happen.

As we kissed I touched the dog collar around her neck, and drew back.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, just a little fashion statement. Very hip. Do you like it?” she lied.

“Yes. I think I do,” I said, using the lope when the leash would be attached to pull her toward me. She smiled, closed her eyes, and kissed me very hard. I was thinking how interesting it was that she responded to that little bit of rough control so passionately.

The room was in shadow. It was overcast and had started to rain. Jane must have thought that this was a good time to fulfill her commitment regarding her ass.

I had slept naked, and Jane was now stroking a very hard cock. “Do you want to do something a little different?” she asked. “Something I’ve thought about doing before?”

Normally I would have played with her a little, but with all the work up, I was in no mood to wait. “Sure,” I said. “What do you have in mind?”

She was under the covers with me, still completely dressed. Rolling over on her side so that her back was to me, she pulled down the sweat pants she was wearing. Her ass was pressed against my cock under the covers so that I couldn’t see anything.

“I put some lotion on my butt honey,” she whispered. “Would you make love to me there?”

Her hand was on my cock, rubbing me on her ass as she asked. Just as she finished she pushed back and I felt my cock pop inside of her.

A long “AAAHHH” escaped her lips as I sank inside of her.

I started to move in and out of her, slowly at first. I ran my hand over her hips, toward her clit, only to find that her hand was already there, stroking her pussy as I fucked her.

“Oh god honey. If I’d known how good this feels we’d have done it years ago,” she moaned.

As we fucked, I pushed the blankets down a little, and watched as she tried to pull them back up. Picking up the pace, I fucked her ass harder and faster. Her moans were constant now, as her fingers flew over her clit in rhythm with my cock. With a loud moan I came in her ass, and she stopped touching herself immediately, obviously fighting off the impending orgasm.

I ran my hand over her ass cheeks and between her legs as we caught our breath.

“Honey,” I asked enjoying the moment. “What’s on your ass? It looks like black marks or something.”

“Oh, its nothing,” she said much too fast. She jumped out of bed, my cock popping out of her ass, as she jerked her sweat pants back into place.

Bending back to kiss me she said, “Thank you for doing that. I think I’d like to try that again sometime.” And I think she meant it.

I stayed in bed for a few minutes after she left. I had been able to read the writing of course. It made everything much more exciting for me as I had fucked her. It took a long time for my hard-on to go down.

I left early for work. Very early in fact, and drove to the address that Larry had given her. It turned out to be a semi-run down bar not all that far from the station. I parked and went inside.

The bar was small; a half dozen guys were siting at the booths or at the bar. Two black guys and 4 white, so it was mixed, the bartender was black.

I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender looked at me funny and said, “Do I know you? You sound familiar.”

I introduced myself to him and told him that I worked at the radio station, on the midnight shift.

“Oh yeah!” he said. “That’s where I know your voice from. We have the station on here in the bar sometimes. Well, good to meet you. Let me buy you that beer.”

I stayed for almost an hour talking to the bartender. I made sure that the subject got around to sex at least once. We had a couple of laughs; I wanted him to get the impression that I was OK.

“So, Celine Dion walks into a bar, and the bartender says: ‘Hey, why the long face?’” He looked at me funny for a moment before starting to laugh. Probably shouldn’t give up my night job.

By the time I left, we were good friends and I promised to come back.

The next day Jane was going to be busy on a long planned community event, so I took the opportunity to drive to Los Angeles to visit a friend of mine. When I got to work that night I was exhausted. I also stopped by the bar again and spent time cementing my new friendship with the bartender. He asked me if I might be interested in a “special” show that they were doing in the bar on Saturday for selected clients. I told him what kind of show and he said, “a sexy one!” Naturally, I told him I was very interested.

Jane was becoming increasingly withdrawn as the weekend neared. She was quiet and a little jumpy. I know that part of the problem was that she didn’t know how she was going to get out Saturday night with me at home. What she didn’t know was that I had already solved that problem for her.

I also think she was nervous, wondering what the night would bring. There was more than a little excitement and anticipation in that nervousness, of course. We didn’t have sex again, and her mood would swing from one extreme to another. One minute very loving, the next cold and distant.

I also hadn’t forgotten that she was bringing herself to the edge of orgasm twice a day and that Larry wasn’t allowing her cum. I did surprise her in the bathroom on Friday as she stood at the sink working on her face in the mirror. I was surprised, when I put my hand on her pussy from behind that she was sloppy wet and open. She moaned, grabbed the sink and lowered her head, her hips pumping against my hand for just a moment before she moved away from me.

“Not now honey,” she said giving me a kiss. But her breath was ragged and her face flushed.

Saturday morning I told Jane that I had to go to Los Angeles to see a friend of mine in the radio business, a friend she knows, and that I wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon. I apologized for not telling her sooner, but that it was important. At first, I could see this look of relief on her face, and then she remembered herself and tried to act upset. She didn’t carry it off very well of course.

I was at the bar more than an hour before Jane was due to arrive. When I walked in I saw Larry and the bartender watching the door and checking out each person. I waved and got a friendly greeting back. It was clear that my bartender buddy was vouching for me with Larry.

This time I sat in a booth in the dark at the back of the bar. The red-haired barmaid came over, a dyke-looking woman, pretty with a nice figure, her hair cut in a man’s style, and an athletic walk. She got my order, and we talked for a minute. We’d talked before when I had been there, and since she’d been hearing my voice on the radio she thought she knew me better than she really did.

The bar slowly filled with men, about ½ of them were white and the other ½ either Black or Hispanic. No women at all, except for the barmaid. Larry and the bartender kept a close watch on the door and somehow weren’t allowing anybody in that they didn’t want.

At exactly 10:00 the door to the bar opened and Jane walked in wearing her new sundress. The bartending very quickly locked it behind her and put out the “closed” sign.

Jane looked around the bar nervously, her eyes wide, before spotting Larry and walking directly to him. The men made way for her as she walked, they were very quiet, watching her breasts sway under her dress. She was wearing her dog collar, and when she stopped in front of Larry, her nervous shaking made the metal links move. She kept her head down the entire way not looking at anybody, and yet her excitement was obvious, at least to me.

“Boys,” Larry said. “This is my new slut. Slut, get on your knees for your Master.”

Jane glanced up at him, her eyes wide and her face growing redder before dropping to her knees on the dirty bar floor. Her hands at her side, her head down. Larry bent forward and snapped a leash onto her collar, a long one on a windup reel.

“Stand up,” he ordered. We all watched as Jane quickly got to her feet.

Turning Jane around so that she faced the crowd, Larry ordered her to take off her dress. The room was very quiet, but erupted in jeers as Jane’s dress hit the floor, revealing her to be completely naked underneath.

Jane stood quietly as the men looked at her and talked among themselves. I could see that her nipples were hard, her chest was flushed, and her breathing was very rapid. She continued to look at the floor, refusing to meet anybody’s eyes.

“I’m going to walk my slut-pet around the bar here for a while, on her leash,” Larry announced. “So that she can introduce herself to each of you. Please feel free to touch her if you want. But, no fucking or anything like that. Just a nice feel.”

I knew that I had to be careful here. I was going to have to disappear into the restroom, or something, when they got close. But I decided to watch until I had to move.

Jane walked from man to man saying, as Larry must have instructed her, “Hi, I’m Larry’s slave-slut.” She looked down, but she extended her hand to each man. They would all take her hand before touching her, running their hands over her breasts, her ass, between her legs. It was clear that Jane was very turned on, moving her hips and spreading her legs. I heard her moan more than once. Each time she did Larry would pull on the leash, and her head would jerk as he told her that she wasn’t allowed to enjoy herself that much. Jane would apologize and Larry would let the men continue what they were doing.

At one point I caught sight of the barmaid watching with a mixed expression of disgust and lust on her face. That was right before I ducked into the restroom because Jane and Larry were too close to my booth. It was hard to take a piss even with all the beer I had been drinking, what with a hard-on and all.

I didn’t come out of the restroom until I knew that Larry had moved my wife back toward the bar.

I could hear the men around me talking about her. “Did you feel how wet her pussy was, man?” one said.

“Christ yeah. Like putting your fingers into a bowl of warm oil,” I heard another reply.

“I loved when she moaned, man. Like she was really liking it.”

“And her tits, man. They’re perfect!”

Larry was introducing Jane to the barmaid now. “Have you ever kissed a woman, slut?” he asked her.

“No,” Jane replied glancing quickly at the barmaid before lowering her gaze once more to the floor. The barmaid had a slight smile on her face, her eyes wondering over my wife’s naked body.

“Well,” Larry said. “It’s time for you to do that. Kiss her, bitch. Make it nice too.”

My breathing stopped as Jane swallowed deeply and leaned forward touching her lips to those of the barmaid. The dyke barmaid had no patience with a nice little girl kiss from Jane; she grabbed Jane by the back of her head she kissed back, hard.

Like the men, her hands were all over Jane’s body. First her tits, then between her legs, where they quickly went to work on my wife’s over stimulated clit. Jane broke the kiss to throw her head back, moaning loudly as she hunched down spreading her legs, trying to increase the contact with the barmaid’s fingers.

“I think your slut likes this Larry,” the barmaid said as she pinched Jane’s nipple with her free hand.

“Boys,” Larry announced. “I promised you a show tonight, and a show you’re going to get. You’re going to see my nice new whore, my new MARRIED whore, taste her first pussy tonight. How about that?”

The guys were cheering as Jane looked first confused and then scared at the announcement.

“You ready Linda?” he asked the barmaid.

“Whenever you are Larry,” she replied.

“Slut,” he said addressing Jane. “It’ll be much easier to eat Linda’s pussy if you get all her clothing off her first. Go ahead and strip her down.”

“Yes Sir,” Jane replied looking even more nervous than before.

Her hands were shaking as she unbuttoned Linda’s blouse and bra exposing a small pair of pointy size A-cup breasts. She knelt to undo and pull off Linda’s jeans, the guys hooted and hollered as Linda’s bushy red-haired cunt was exposed.

“OK,” Larry said. “Linda has agreed that ‘her’ boys get to direct the action tonight. What do you want to see my whore do to her first?”

“Suck her tits!” someone yelled.

“You heard him slut,” he said to Jane. “Suck her tits. Make her nipples nice and hard for us.”

Linda stroked Jane’s hair as my wife made love to her tits. Sucking and stroking, licking and kissing, Jane was taking to the task.

A number of instructions were shouted over the next hour. Jane licked and kissed Linda’s ass, she humped Linda’s foot with her pussy. She rubbed her beautiful breasts against Linda’s cunt, before finding herself between Linda’s thighs eating her first pussy.

I would never have expected it of my wife, but Jane licked and sucked Linda’s cunt with obvious enthusiasm. Linda moaned, groaned, and ground her pussy against my wife’s mouth. Finally, she screamed in release, cumming hard as Jane sucked her clit, three fingers buried inside her.

Jane sat up then, her face dripping with pussy juice, her own hand between her legs stoking herself. Her eyes were glazed, her breathing very ragged.

“Don’t you be cumming, bitch” Larry ordered. “I’ll let you know when.”

“Ah Larry,” Linda said. “You’re cruel,” as she replaced Jane’s fingers with her own.

Jane was rapidly losing control as Linda worked on her pussy.

“Please don’t make me cum. Oh god. Please. I can’t stand it. Larry!!” Jane moaned.

I don’t think there was a single soft cock in the bar as we watched Jane explode in orgasm. Screaming and collapsing onto Linda, she came for what seemed like several minutes. Her orgasm continuing growing, subsiding, then growing again until, finally, she was silent, lying on the bar.

“Oh slut,” Larry said. “I am so disappointed in you,” but he was smiling. “You’ll have to be punished now.”

“Yes my Master,” Jane whispered. “Please punish me for disobeying you.”

Larry pulled my naked wife out of the bar by her leash, carrying her dress for her, and I slipped out the back to my car.

I followed Larry’s car as far back as I dared. There was somebody else driving, Larry and Jane were in the back. I saw her head pop up from time to time, but mostly I assumed she had her face in Larry’s lap. As I drove I stroked my hard cock.

They drove into a parking lot where people could park and catch a bus. At that time of night it was mostly empty, and they pulled to the very back near some bushes and trees. I continued to the McDonald’s about 100 feet down the road where I parked and made my way back toward the parking lot through the trees.

When I got there I was shocked at the sight of my wife, on her knees beside the car, naked, the leash attached to her collar and held by Larry, giving both men blow jobs. While Larry’s cock was very thick but not too long, the other black man’s cock was huge. Long and thick, the veins visible along with length, his balls hung in an enormous sack between his legs.

Jane was gagging on the two cocks, going from one to the other, saliva dripping from her chin, as Larry instructed her take more down her throat. Jane had never seemed to like sucking my cock, but she was working hard on both of these with enthusiasm. I suffered another sock when I realized that Jane’s hand was buried between her thighs, feverishly stroking her cunt.

Larry pulled on Jane’s leash, pulling her head off the other man’s enormous cock. “Do you like that, slut?” he asked.

“Oh yes, Larry” she panted as she continued to stroke the hard cock she had been sucking just a moment before.

“We’re both going to fuck you tonight Jane. You’re going to get both of our cocks at the same time. Do you want to know how?” he asked.

“Oh god yes,” Jane was panting as she looked up at Larry’s face.

“One of us is going to fuck you in the asshole, while the other fucks you in the pussy. Do you think you’ll like that, bitch?” he said.

Jane’s hand flew from the cock to her mouth as she breathed in sharply. “Ohhhh..” escaped her lips.

“You did say that your husband opened your asshole for you, didn’t you?” Larry asked.

“Yes Master,” she whispered.

“And, that you liked being fucked in the asshole?” he continued.

“Yes I did, Master. I didn’t think I would, but I almost came while he did it.” I knew it! I knew she’d been close.

“That’s to be your punishment. But If you happen to cum while we’re fucking you, that’ll be OK,” Larry told her.

While this conversation had been going on, the other man had gotten a blanket out of the car and spread it on the parking lot. He was now laying on it, his immense cock sticking straight up in the air.

“Get on that cock bitch,” Larry directed, pulling on Jane’s leash.

Soon Jane had her knees on either side of the man’s hips and was lowering her pussy onto the head of his cock. The head itself was mammoth, almost as big as my fist. It was only because Jane was so wet and open that she was able to get it inside at all.

I watched in awe as she slowly slid down on this large black cock, moaning the entire time, her head hanging forward, his large black hands stroking and pinching her tits. Jane had to pull on her pussy lips from time to time to make it easier for him to continue.

I would not have believed that she could get the entire thing inside herself, but she did. It took a long time, but eventually that cock disappeared and Jane was siting on him. Her moans and groans never stopped, but only got louder. I’m not sure she was still aware of her surroundings, she seemed lost in what was happening. Soon she starting to push herself up and down on the cock, fucking herself and moaning louder.

“Tell me how your cunt feels slut,” Larry directed her.

“Ohhhhhh…so full….so stretched….god he’s huge…. my cuuunt… sooo gooood….” my wife moaned. As Larry bent forward to rub something on her asshole, Jane moaned even louder.

I realized that I was holding my breath as Larry rubbed the head of his thick cock on her asshole. As he pushed inside, Jane screamed but didn’t try to pull away.

Larry eased his cock into her ass very slowly while Jane held still and the man continued to fuck upward, into her pussy. He would stop from time to time to give Jane a moment to get used to being so full, before pushing further.

Soon he was all the way inside and Jane was moaning again, louder than before. Her eyes had rolled back in her head as both men started to fuck her in unison. Their immense cocks fucking her as she tried to hold still. Drool was once again running down her chin, her mouth was hanging open as her moans grew louder.

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