My Wife's Body


The story is short, because it happened too fast.

The transformation seemed to happen instantly, and the beginning eludes me the most. My wife and I, traveling through the South to get to somewhere. I don't remember where.

The crooked looking tree beneath which we stopped to take a picture. The rainstorm somewhere in eastern Alabama the night we slept in the car. The beautiful black woman that sold us the crab cakes who took a particular interest in my wife's apple pie recipe. The sound of the door chimes as we left the dingy café.

We made love and then slept. The sleep came on so strong that I don't remember the end of the love-making at all.

When I awoke, I was on the left side of the bed. This was off-putting, and I didn't realize it until I rolled over to spoon with my wonderful wife and almost fell off of the bed.

I turned back to face my wife and when I had gotten my hand just to her hip, I knew something else was wrong. Something I could have never imagined. Something that snapped me as wide awake as I could have ever been.

I could not feel my penis at all.

That familiar piece of my anatomy did not slide to the bed-sheets as I rolled over to touch my beautiful wife. I touched her, though, and she awoke. She turned to face me, and that is when I knew what had gone wrong. The person I was in bed with was not my wife, but me.

The startled expression on the face looking back at me suggested that behind those eyes which were just as shocked as mine was my wife. She now had my body. And my penis. And I had her body.

I was in my wife's body.

The thought took a moment to register. I almost wanted her to do something, to tell me what happened. I lay on my back, contemplating whether or not I should touch myself to confirm it to be real. I didn't think I should, at first. It didn't feel right. We had to get to the bottom of the mess before...

She sat up. My wife, in my body. Her movements uncovered me from the waist up, and I froze. I felt like I was violating her by occupying her body. I wanted to apologize when she looked at me, but she smiled. I could see why, as the sheets revealed a penis that was becoming erect.

An involuntary warmth began to grow in me that I could not stop. I suddenly wanted to have sex with my wife, but the arousal I had been accustomed to felt strange. It was not outward, but inward. It felt like waiting, like someone was coming home and I just couldn't wait.

There was comfort in my wife's unwavering gaze, as if the whole ordeal was natural to her. She reached her hand down -- my hand -- and placed it where my penis would have been.

A strange calm came over me immediately. She was in control, and I felt like I wanted her hand there forever. She did not move it. Just looked into my eyes with a smile, as if to say, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

I kept expecting that familiar muscle to be there, to grow and harden in her gentle hand. I felt no other urge but to surrender.

Just as I thought this, I felt two fingers enter the vagina that was now mine. I had no idea what would happen, but after these two fingers -- my fingers -- entered me, I did not care what happened next.

I let my wife finger me until I came.

It did not take long, and I suspect that I knew why. She knew what she would have wanted, and the rubbing of just the right spots inside me made me crazy. Getting wet for my own wife in her body felt like a sacred honor that she was giving me. I was feeling what I do to her every time, because I knew these spots almost as well as she did.

I came in her hand and closed my legs to keep her hand there. I couldn't let it leave.

The penis that had been in front of me the whole time -- my penis -- was in my hand a second later. I rubbed it briefly and saw my wife's eyes fill with delight.

I sat up and put it into my mouth. I held it with one hand as I slowly moved it in and out, and gently caressed her buttocks with the other.

Even as I sucked the dick that was my own, I could feel my wife's pussy getting wet again down below. It was the thrill of giving this pleasure to my wife.

I felt it before, whenever I went down on her, but it always just made me hard. My muscle felt the heat, but now the heat was everywhere, growing from the crotch up. I now knew why she always wanted me to come.

And then she did. She came, and I felt it shoot into my throat. It was wonderful when it happened, because I was aware of the gift I was giving. I was giving her pleasure, my wife, and the most curious kind of pleasure a husband could give.

The taste that lingered when I pulled it out was unpleasant, but I didn't mind at all. I was distracted by my wife's euphoria. She remarked how effortlessly the orgasm happened, and how hard one would have to try to hold it back. It just feels too good, she said. It takes more control than you realize, I told her.

I went to get a glass of water and found myself staring at my wife's naked body in the mirror. I had never been more in awe of her body than at that moment. And more horny.

I was mesmerized by her body, and began to play with it. I was still pinching the nipples when my wife emerged in the bathroom. She put her arms around me while I continued to play with her breasts, and she slid a hand down to rub my pussy. We looked at each other in the mirror while she rubbed my pussy. I could feel her penis touch me.

I was still wet, and I felt her getting harder as I started to moan. Every response that poured out of me had the sound of my wife, and it made me hornier.

She fondled me and stroked my breasts with me. She took my nipples in her fingers and rubbed them quickly like she must have rubbed them a thousand times before, and she put my ear in her mouth and began to suck it.

I came again in her hand immediately. I turned to face her and kiss her, but she was already on her knees. She was spreading my lips apart, and I was telling her I loved her. I felt her tongue, and I told her again.

I lost strength in my knees, but she caught me. All I could think to tell her was how much I loved her, and she just held me against the counter and continued pleasuring me. I came again. I'm pretty sure I came a third time too. It was hard to keep track because it doesn't happen at all like it does for a man. Not at all.

No drug I had ever tried gave me the euphoria I had in that moment, and it was only the beginning. Every inch of my sweaty, rose-colored skin was tingling. My head had trouble staying on my shoulders, and my wife stood before me smiling. I was aware of the lack of muscle tone in my wife's body, and of how her tender skin felt on the cool tile floor as I sat on the floor, legs sprawled out before me.

Her penis stood proudly before me, and as my body settled back into itself, I wanted it more than ever. Without skipping a beat, she stretched out a hand, and walked me back to the bed.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, and I straddled her. I sat for a moment while her penis tickled my clit. She smiled, but seemed nervous. I knew why, of course. If it didn't last, she would feel ashamed, but I felt like this was a problem I could solve.

I reached around and took her penis and slipped it in. I tried to contain my glee over the whole thing long enough to get her to focus. Then I slid down to rest on her waist. Her eyes were wide, and I couldn't help but laugh. The feeling of my wife's pussy with my own cock inside it was totally ecstatic.

Every movement felt like another dose of some drug I couldn't explain. Every. Little. Movement.

And I didn't care if she came. I decided it, even if it meant no more orgasms. This one was for her.

I pulled her close enough to feel my tits against her chest. I was still sweaty, and I moved up and down, slowly at first. I knew everything she was feeling by how she was responding, and when I knew it was coming, I started moaning loudly and picking up momentum. I was coming for real, and I didn't stop coming until I felt her shoot inside me. It was positively electric and our eyes locked. We knew it together, and we loved each other.

For a fleeting moment, as we kissed passionately, I could have swore the feeling was the same as when we made love before. Only for a moment did it last, but for that one moment, it seemed like the body swap never even happened. It didn't even matter in that moment. That is how I knew we made it.

The nerves around my waist and my belly almost felt like they were on fire.

And this is where the details become a little fuzzy. I know we showered, and I know my wife fucked me from behind while I still had soap on my tits. She even pulled my hair, this I remembered. We drifted back into bed and we were fondling each other some more when She appeared.

The black woman from the café.

She was completely naked, and her eyes were focused on me, now spread eagle from where my wife was fondling me. I didn't know what to say at all. She stared at my body -- my wife's body -- and her eyes stopped at my pussy. A quick glance from my wife told me this was a set up. I didn't know what to feel by this.

The only thing I could actually think of was whether or not this woman was going to eat my pussy. I kept my legs open for her, hoping she would, and not caring if my wife would be offended by me letting a strange woman go to town on her pussy.

And then she grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed. She knelt down and spread my legs as far as they would go and sank her tongue so deep into me and so fast, I shamelessly jerked.

She was unchanged, and I felt her tongue move faster than I ever knew a tongue could move. It moved with such deliberate and calculated movement that it touched every one of my wife's spots with ease. Even places my finger would have a hard time reaching.

Again, this part is a blur. I don't know how many times this woman made me come. It would be easier to count the seconds she was in the room and I was not coming. She had no mercy.

I remember opening my eyes to see her and my wife -- in my body -- staring down at me. I hadn't realized I had formed tears, which was strange because I felt no pain whatsoever. It was simply a sexual intensity few people likely experience in their lifetimes. I was sure I could take no more.

Then she slid onto the bed and knelt with one knee on either side of my left leg. She grabbed my right and held it up, bent. By the time I felt her pussy touch mine, I had no strength whatsoever. I was simply putty in her magical hands. She was like a sorceress summoning ever ounce of energy from my wife's body, and she was pulling it out through my pussy.

And I never wanted to give it up more. I wanted her to take it all. As exausted as she made me, I wanted her to have more and take more. My new pussy -- my wife's pussy -- was hers. And she took it.

Her thrusts were perfectly timed and deliberate. It wasn't rough, it was simply constantly increasing pleasure. I was more aware of my crying and of my total lack of resistance.

When she stopped, I almost didn't notice the change. I could not move a muscle in my body. Not a one. I tried.

I started with my toes. Couldn't wiggle them. I was more aware than ever of my weakness, because I could not move at all.

I could not even move my head to watch the woman have her way with my wife, and I did not know how many times she made her come with my dick.

When I finally mustered the strength to turn my head, I saw that she was making my wife erect with very great ease, and it could have been the tenth time for all I knew.

I heard my wife say a number -- I think it was six -- while looking down at the magic the black woman was making with her new penis. She fell back down and let it happen again. She turned to me with a look that seemed like a distant idea of the look I must have had. Like there was nothing to fight, and nothing to fight it with.

She was still looking at me when her head started bobbing up and down, as the woman began to ride her again. My only regret was not knowing the pleasure my wife was experiencing in that moment. This woman's hips moved with such confidence, and I could seen in my wife's moans every moment when she clamped down on her penis just to pull out that last orgasm. She had no doubt it would come, and it did.

The black woman now stood before us both like a proud woman, having conquered us both. She did not explain a word of it to either of us.

She turned me on my side to face my wife, and did the same with her. She placed my hand on my wife's penis, and my wife's hand on my pussy. She clapped for herself and let out a triumphant laugh, then disappeared.

I will never know what the hell happened, but as my wife would remark later, there's something to be said for southern hospitality.

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