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MY Wife's Fantasy


My wife, Karen and I have been married for 8 years. I am 35 and Karen is a little younger at 32. Although neither of us were virgins when we married, we equally didn’t have a great deal of experience, with Karen having slept with only one previous partner and me only two.

About my wife; I know these stories all start by saying how your wife has model-type looks and huge breasts. Well I’m sorry if this is a disappointment but she is actually very petite with equally small breasts. Although an impartial observer would probably describe Karen as having average-to-good looks, I think she’s gorgeous. But of course I am extremely biased and love her, very much.

Our sex-life up until the start of this, had been satisfying, but with hindsight, was not very adventurous. Anyway back to what happened.

One night as we were cuddled-up in bed, just after having had sex, Karen turned to me and asked “Do you have any sexual fantasies you dream about fulfilling?”

Well I was kind of shocked because Karen has never wanted to discuss anything like that before. “Yeah, I guess so” I replied.

“Like what” she asked.

I immediately started worrying…. what do I say…. would she be offended if I said anything she didn’t like. I was cornered. So I decided to answer with something vague “Oh I don’t know just something to make it a bit different occasionally” I replied and then continued “How about you, there’s obviously something on your mind”

Karen blushed so I knew I was right, seizing the upper hand I carried on “C’mon tell me what it is you fantasise about”

“Well there is one thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but you have to promise that you won’t think badly of me” she replied.

“Of course I won’t, I love you” I replied, definitely intrigued.

“Well I sometimes wish for something, well, rougher” she said looking a little nervous.

“Like what, less foreplay, more spontaneous” I asked.

“No more than that”

“What then………….go on tell me it all”

“OK, well I’d like you to take me against my will”

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. “What do you mean, rape you?”

"Well to give you the whole story, my fantasy is be to be surprised and over-whelmed by a stranger, and then forced into it” Karen said “Obviously I wouldn’t really want it to be a stranger, I want you”

“Do you mean wear a mask or something and then ravage you” I asked not really sure about what I was hearing.

“No you were closer the first time, I want to be attacked, fight back but ultimately be forced to submit and then be taken, again and again”

“You want to me to attack you and rape you” I asked, somewhat stunned.

“Yes I guess you could put it like that”

“Just how far would you want to take this”

“All the way, I trust you not to really hurt me”

“You want me to hurt you” I said in total disbelief

“I want you to control me and force me. I’m not into pain so just something mild, so that I believe that you would hurt me if I didn’t do what you want” she continued “I want it to be realistic but I trust you to not go too far”

“I’m not sure I could do that, I love you and I certainly don’t want to hurt you”

“I know you love me, and I love you too. What we have is very special and very loving but I guess I would like to experience the danger and I find the idea of being used for sex a real turn-on” Karen explained.

“I don’t like the idea of it….Suppose I did do it, and you change your mind and don’t like it. How would you feel about me afterwards and how would it affect our relationship”

“Look, I know you love me, and I know you would only be doing this for me. How could I hold anything against you when you’re doing it for me? I promise nothing will change how I feel about you, please do it for me”

“But what if I hurt you”

“I trust you”

“What if you change your mind and hate what I am doing”

“I won’t and if I do, it’ll be my fault”

I thought for a moment, “What about a safe word or something – that way I’d know you don’t like it anymore and I can stop”

“No, I thought about that and I think that would ruin it. I want to know that once it starts I am completely helpless. It won’t be the same if I have an easy way out. There will be no sense of danger that way”.

“I just don’t know about this. What about if you don’t like the experience and you get back here angry with me. How is it going to affect our lives and relationship?”

“I promise you that anything you do will be fine with me. It is MY fantasy and you would be doing it at my request, therefore it is entirely my fault if I don’t like it.” Karen replied, “What if I also promise you that when we get back, the first thing I will do is to make love to you, to prove that nothing has changed”

“I’m still not sure about the idea”

“Please, pretty please, do it for me” Karen begged.

“I’ll think about it” I said trying to avoid the subject for the time being.

“Thank you, I love you so much”


For the rest of the week Karen kept asking me about it. I was also a little disturbed to find that some part of idea turned me on. I put that down to the fact that sex with Karen always turns me on.

Eventually after a couple more days of heavy pressure from Karen, I finally relented and agreed to do it.

Karen suggested that we rent a secluded country cottage for a long weekend. That way we could make as much noise as we wanted without attracting any attention.

“I’ll get there before you and check us in. My husband will be away on business. And you will be some criminal who is on the run and needs a place to hide-out for a couple of days” Karen explained.

“You’ve been thinking about this a lot, haven’t you……….I bet you already have a place in mind” I replied.

“Actually, yes I do” she said looking a bit sheepish and fetching a brochure for me to look at.

“OK, book it” I said, resigned to the inevitable.

Karen gave me a big kiss, we decided on a date and then Karen phoned them to book it.

That night Karen seduced me in bed saying how pleased she was and how the idea turned her on.


So, it was all arranged; Karen would get there on the Friday at 3pm collect the keys, go to the shops to stock-up on food and drink, get unpacked and wait for me. I was to leave work as usual, go home to change and then get to the cottage sometime after dark - in character.


Over the next few weeks I started surfing the web and reading erotic stories to get some new ideas for the weekend. I also started buying a few items for some of the activities I had in mind. I was determined to do this properly for Karen and give her a weekend to remember.

I spend some time thinking about my character, what was he like, what he would wear and what else he would have with him:

I decided that I would play a bank robber, that I had just done a job and needed a quiet place to lay-low.

If I was robbing bank then I would have a ski mask to hide my identity and I would need a weapon. A gun was out of the question so it would have to be a knife and I would probably have some duck tape to tie-up the bank staff.

I then thought about my “victim” she was a married thirty something used to living for long periods on her own, in a remote area:

She would probably be into the country-life, horse riding, walking etc. The idea of a riding crop came to me. This would be something she might have around the house and it also fitted with some of the ideas I had.

Being on her own for long periods, she would of course, have a good supply of sex toys (I know what you’re thinking, but hey this was my contribution to the fantasy).

I also thought about how to make the whole thing last a weekend but still make it the intense experience for Karen that she wanted:

If my character was going to be with Karen for a whole weekend I would have to think about how to “hide” my identity from her, if this was real he wouldn’t want to be recognized after the event.

Karen wanted to be taken repeatedly. Now I’m only a mortal man and well 2 or 3 times a day is my limit. So I needed some back-up – so the toys were a good idea.

And lastly, I thought about myself and what I wanted, given that I effectively had a blank cheque for the weekend, whether Karen realised it or not.

I kept all my plans and purchases as a surprise for Karen despite her constant probing.


The weekend finally arrived. On the Friday morning I double-checked that Karen still wanted to go through with this, which she said she did.

“If this does go horribly wrong, are you absolutely sure that you can put it behind us and still love me when this is over” I asked.

“It starts when I get to the cottage and ends when I get back here, everything that happens in between is my responsibility” Karen replied “I love you and I promise to show you how much when we get back here on Monday, whatever happens”

“Then for my last deed as your husband until Monday afternoon, I hope you have a great weekend, I love you and I’ll see you when we meet back here”. I gave Karen a long hug and kiss goodbye and went to work.

As is typical when you have plans, I had to work late that day. I finally finished around 6pm and drove home. I changed into my outfit, leaving the ski-mask, knife (especially blunted) and duck tape on the passenger seat, and put my stash of purchases in the back of the car.

Karen had packed my clothes with hers so I had everything I needed. I finally left the house at about 8pm and set-off on the drive to the cottage. In the Friday traffic the journey took a little longer than I expected, and I eventually pulled-up at the cottage just before 9pm.

The cottage was set way back on its own from the main road. A dirt-track ran from the main road through a wooded area and then along some fields up to the cottage, and must have been at least 500-600 yards long. I had to drive along very carefully so as not to damage the car on the extremely rough track in the dark.

I parked next to the garage and took a walk up to a window and looked in. The cottage was larger than I expected and looked like a small converted barn or something. There were low, thick wooden beams below a tall roof space and a large fireplace. I could see Karen sitting on the sofa watching TV.

I put on the ski mask grabbed the knife and tape and walked to the front door. This was it.


I knocked on the door and waited ready to pounce. Karen came to the door and opened it.

As she opened the door I pushed inside and lunged at her grabbing her by her wrist. In a quick move, Karen slapped me hard across the face, broke free and ran upstairs. I followed swiftly after her, a little surprised by the slap. She ran into what looked like a bedroom and tried to close the door but I pushed through, grabbed her and threw her to the bed, jumping on top of her.

I slapped her across the face (hoping that I didn’t do it too hard) “Stop struggling bitch, if I have to hurt you I will” I said in an aggressive tone.

It took a bit of struggling but I got her onto her stomach and managed to tape her hands behind her back.

“Listen, I am going to stay here for a couple of days and then I’ll leave. Behave and you won’t get hurt, misbehave and you’ll wish you hadn’t, got it?”

“Fuck off” was her response (did my Karen really say that?).

I flipped her over but wasn’t careful enough. All too quickly she brought her knee up and caught me squarely in the groin. I slapped her hard; any thoughts about taking this easy were now briefly removed from my mind.

“You’ll pay for that bitch” I said grabbing her and eventually managing to tape her legs together.

With her hands and legs bound, I retreated from the room to allow my balls time to recover from the assault. I went down stairs and after a brief sit down went unload the car. I hid all my purchases in the small store room just off the lounge.

The low beams gave me an idea, and fortunately, I had brought some rope with me.

I went back upstairs. Karen had managed to get to her feet but couldn’t do much since her legs were tied at the ankles.

I put her over my shoulder and took her down stairs and into the lounge. I put her face down on the sofa, keeping one knee on her back to keep her still.

I then reached for the first pair of manacles I had brought with me and attached one her left wrist. Putting her arms over her head I quickly attached the other manacle to her right wrist.

I then tied one end of the rope to the chain between the manacles and stood her up underneath one of the beams. Karen struggled a bit but it was fairly easy to loop the rope over the beam and then pull hard enough so that her hands were held high above her head.

I then tied-off the rope on the beam and left her there for a while.

After about 10 minutes, I got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and started cutting away all her clothes until she stood there naked. All throughout this Karen had been cursing at me but now I had her exactly where I wanted her.

I went out to the store room and retrieved the second of my purchases, the riding crop.

“OK bitch, I said you would regret kneeing me” I said showing her the crop. I could see the uncertainty in her eyes.

I walked to her side and then gave her a flick of the crop across her buttocks. She gave a yelp.

I then proceeded to give her a dozen more strokes becoming a little more forceful with each one.

When I finished, Karen immediately started cursing at me again.

“Would you like another dozen strokes, bitch” I asked

“NO, no more” she pleaded

“Then I suggest you change your attitude to me, you will address me as Sir while I’m here”

“Asshole more like” she snapped back

I immediately gave another hard stroke with the crop, making her yelp in pain and surprise.

“Try again”

“Yes Sir” she replied

“That’s better. Now I need a drink, let’s see what you have in your fridge” I said walking into the kitchen.

I returned with a beer and sat on sofa watching her. I finished my beer and then fetched the spreader bar that I had purchased specifically for this part, and attached it to her ankles after cutting away the tape. With her legs spread wider Karen could only just stand on tip toes to avoid hanging by her hands.

With the scissors I then very carefully started to trim her pussy hair.

“What are you doing you pervert” Karen shouted at me.

I picked-up the crop and gave her two quick, hard swats. “You don’t learn do you bitch, watch your mouth”

With my electric shaver I then tackled the shorter hairs and after a few minutes had completed the task, leaving Karen with a completely bald pussy.

“Oh you liked that did you” I said, sliding my fingers along her newly shaven slit and feeling how wet she was. I pushed two fingers inside her and fucked her with them rubbing on her clit with my thumb. Karen was obviously very turned on and responded almost immediately. “So you want to come, do you?”

“Yess” Karen gasped.

“Too bad” I said stopping and walking away.

“Bastard” she replied. That earned her another swat with the crop.

I sat and watched TV for a few minutes, by this time Karen’s legs were trembling with the strain of standing on tip-toes for so long.

I then asked her “would you like to be let down?”

“Yes please”

“Yes please, WHO”

“Yes please, Sir”

I then loosened the rope, helped her to kneel down and then tied it off so that her hands were still held above her head. I stripped off my clothes and walked in front of her, aiming my cock at her mouth.

It is extremely rare for Karen to give me oral and even then she will only do it briefly, normally stopping at the first taste of pre-cum. She has steadfastly refused to continue it anywhere near to conclusion. Little did she know, but tonight would be different. Karen had begged me to do all this, she wanted it rough and she wanted to be forced to do things against her will, so I figured that this was fair game.

“If I feel any teeth it’ll be curtains for you – I’ve already killed one person today, so its up to you if it stays at one, understand bitch” Karen nodded her head.

I pushed my cock to her lips and she eventually opened up, letting me slide it in. My cock had been oozing pre-cum and Karen got an immediate taste. She quickly pulled back making a face like she was going to throw up.

"Suck it” I ordered, pulling her back by her hair. “And make it good or there’ll be another dozen lashes for you”

Karen started, slowly at first but gradually picking up. As she did I let go of her head and after a minute or so it seemed to me as though she was enjoying it. She moaned as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. I was going to come quick and I knew she wouldn’t want to swallow so I put both hands on her head and held her tightly by her hair, tilting her head up further so that I could look into her eyes.

I was positive Karen would still be expecting me to stop soon, and then fuck her (as we would do usually whenever she did this). I looked down at her sucking on me and said “Get ready to swallow it bitch”.

Karen’s eyes flew wide open and she tried to pull back, but my grip on her hair prevented her from moving. A gave two more thrusts and then my cock erupted its load, springing into her mouth and over her tongue, giving Karen her first taste of cum.

She jerked as the first salty stream hit the back of her throat. Karen’s eyes bulged even wider, pleading with me to let her go but I kept a tight hold, as my cock continued to fill her mouth. It must have been quite a big load too because we hadn’t had sex for three days.

Holding her head tilted upward as I did, also prevented my cum from leaking out of her mouth, effectively forcing Karen to swallow it. When I had finished and I was sure that she had swallowed it all, I pulled my cock from Karen’s mouth and wiped it onto her face. “Not bad bitch” I said.

Karen coughed and snapped “Fuck you, asshole”.

“I don’t think so bitch…..… but I may fuck you later……….Oh, and was it my imagination or did I sense a little reluctance to swallow just then……...I’ll bet you don’t do that for your husband, do you…….what a disappointment you must be to him” I said, wondering if had I gone too far with that comment.


I left Karen and went to get another beer from the fridge, and some more things from the store room.

“I don’t see why I should still wear this mask” I said grabbing the duck tape and the two specially prepared foam pads.

“It would be in your best interests not to struggle for this” I said as I put the pads over her eyes and sealed them in place with the tape. “That’s better” I said taking off the mask. “I can’t have you identifying me to the cops, now can I”

“Time to stand again” I said pulling on the rope and helping her up not making her stretch quite so high this time”

“But my arms”

“Hurting are they”



“You bastard”

“That’s another two swats you just got yourself” I said and then gave her two good strikes with the crop.

I got myself another beer and left Karen standing for about an hour, as I watched TV and then cooked a pizza.

Watching Karen standing there naked and tied-up got me ready for action again and I wanted to try out her newly shaved pussy.

I stood up and started to caress her breasts from behind.

“Get your hands off me” Karen said, a little unconvincingly.

A trailed my hands down her body to her pussy, which was dripping wet as I expected. My now erect cock was ready for action so I grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her from behind”

I soft “Yessss” escaped Karen’s lips, as I started a slow rhythm.

“So my little bitch likes it” I teased

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