My Wife's Fantasy Lover


Soon the side of his hand was grazing her pussy as he rubbed. I knew what this was doing to Kari, so I turned where he couldn't see me. I let my hands run down her sides and under her loosened suit. I cupped each breast in my hands and messaged them.

When I looked back again he was on her buns, pouring more oil on her and rubbing it in, making her ass Jiggle as he went. He looked as though he was needing bread.

I messaged her breasts, as his hands were sneaking feels or her ass. Then I took each of her nipples between my oily fingers and lightly rubbed and pulled them, being sure they got the attention they wanted.

When it was obvious that we finished what had been requested, she grabbed her top and rolled over. Then we started the same process over on the front.

She made sure her breast were covered and I did her stomach and arms while he did the front of her legs up to her bottoms.

When he got to her suit, she grabbed the sides of her bottoms and tugged them up, exposing a thin white strip of skin on each side of the suit.

"Hunter would you be sure to get right inside my tan lines? I don't want to get burned there like I did last time." She said, as though she were asking him to hand her a towel.

The front of her suit was now only inches across, and just covering her, her pubic hair which was now, trying to peak out the sides. By her pulling the fabric up like that, the suit bottom now looked like a thin pouch of bulging, pussy lips. His mouth had to be watering.

His oiled fingers rubbed along her tan lines, just fractions of an inch from her pussy. It was easy to see he was making sure she didn't have any unprotected white area.

I knew what it had to be doing to Hunter. But she played it strictly innocent, not letting on at all that she was doing anything provocative or to turn us on.

When we were finished I asked. "Is that good Honey?"

Never opening her eyes, she quietly muttered. "Ohhh yea, I'm doing very fine." As though she had deeply enjoyed of our hands all over her.

I looked up and Hunter had suddenly taken a quick dive into the pool. As he jumped in, I saw why. He had a raging hard on that he would never have been able to hide, if he had walked back to his chair.

A while later she oiled me down. Hunter had gone into the house to make more frozen drinks. She got on her knees in front of me and rubbed oil all over my thighs and then her hand went up under the loose leg of my suit. She found what she was looking for and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

She looked toward the house to be sure Hunter was gone and pulled my cock out though the bottom of the leg and wrapped her warm mouth around me, licking and sucking.

"You like me teasing Hunter, don't you?" She asked.

I stood there dizzy from it as I watched the door, afraid that at any moment he was going to pop back through and catch us. She licked it and stroked it a few times and took it back into her mouth. Then moaning she looked up at me with a fun smile.

"Now we have to put him up. Don't want to get caught. Do we?" She said looking back toward the door. "If we got caught I might have to do the same for Hunter."

Then she stuffed my hard back into my suit and wrapped her arms around my legs putting the oil on the back of my legs, pressing her face to the crotch of my suit and giving my cock a quick good bye peck.

Then she stood up and did my chest leaning forward and lightly kissing one of my nipples and brushing her cheeks against the other.

Just then Hunter came back through the door, drinks in hand.

"Your turn Hunter." She said, smiling at me and turning to him. "Front and center."

She stood squirting oil into her hands and wiping it across his chest to start.

"God!! I had no idea you were so…so…in such good shape!" She said quickly, realizing that she had just embarrassed herself. She picked up her drink.

"What a yummy drink!" she recklessly stumbled trying to recover, saying it before she had actually taken a sip.

After composing herself, her hands again began caressing all over his chest and shoulders, spreading the oil over him, but it looked more like she was feeling him off, than protecting him from the sun.

Then she kneeled in front of him and worked her way up, inconspicuously letting her hands graze underneath the front of his boxer suit as she oiled his upper thighs. I knew she was hoping she might cop a feel of his equipment as she did. Then she ran her arms and hands around him to get the back of his legs, teasing herself by accidentally brushing her forearm against his cock.

From my chair it looked like she was about to go down on him. We were all silent, as each was experiencing something erotic about the scenario. She loved it. She was really getting into innocently teasing herself and us.

After napping in the shade, Kari asked us 'if we wanted to go out and party a little tonight'. "Let's go dancing!" She said.

She loved to dance and I know Hunter used to dance a lot too.

Hunter said it sounded like fun, but he didn't have a date and would feel like a third wheel.

"Don't be silly!" I said looking over at Kari. "Kari can be both our dates tonight"

"No, I'll be Hunter's date tonight." She said. "He hasn't had a date in a long time and you have me all the time. You can be the third wheel tonight." She said to me with a giggle.

The way she said it stirred a sensation through my cock.

"Great!" I accepted "Hunter, you officially have a date tonight with my wife."

Kari said. "Great, I'll get ready." And went into the house, her fine rear swaying good bye to us as she went in.

I lingered back with Hunter watching. He looked over at me with a mischievous look. "How do you ever let that woman out of your site."

Then he said. "Got a surprise for you TonyO!"

He brought out, from behind his back, a large joint.

Kari and I hadn't smoked grass in years. We never really got into it and especially anything harder. Usually if we did it, it was for the purpose of enhancing a wild sexy night. We did love it during sex though, especially when we wanted it wild and kinky.

We loved that 'other world, dreamy, mental place you go. I particularly loved it when I would smoke and then lick her pussy for what seemed hours. I would seem like nothing else existed, but her sweet pussy and me.

"This is some of the best weed I've ever had." He said. "Got two ounces from a friend of mine a while back. Thought if my wife and I would try it, that our sex lives might brighten up."

He shrugged his shoulders. "She'd never even try it, and hammered me for buying it, so I've been saving it ever since."

"Wanta do a few toaks?" He asked.

'Noooo! Sorry." I said. "I'd love to, but I never did like smoking and being in public. Too paranoid a feeling for me! We used to smoke, but it was always at home alone for sex, not out in a crowd."

"But, I tell you what!" I said. "We can have some when we get back in tonight. That would be fun!"

He handed me a couple of joints. "For your special sex nights!" He said.


I went into the bedroom to dress. I came up behind her and glided my hands under her suit and cupped her breasts, lifting her top over her head. As I took her nipple into my mouth the smell of sun tan lotion and the feel of her slippery skin was magnificent.

I pulled back to look at her. Her puffy nipples looked so sexy. I took one in my mouth again letting the softness of it roll under my tongue. I laid her down on the bed and pulled her bottoms off, spreading her legs. I kissed her on her patch of hair as my fingers parted her lips. Her pussy was so wet.

"Did your pussy enjoy teasing Hunter this afternoon." I asked innocently. "You really like having him around, don't you." I teased.

"Hmmm, what do you think?" She said.

"Well…I'd say, he seems to be very…ahh… stimulating?" I said.

I lowered my face to her, and as she parted her lips for my tounge, I began licking her juices and feeling the electricity go through me. She lay back, enjoying, as I played with her clitoris.

"I can tell you like teasing him and I want you to keep doing it." I said.

"Hmmm! Then what shall I wear tonight?" She asked, her eyes twinkling down at me. "Something seductive and revealing?"

I opened my eyes and looked back up at her. "Yes." I said with a smile. My cock stirring against the bed as I lay there licking her. "K!" She said. "Midnight trashy or summer slut?"

"Summer slut!" I said feeling the air of excitement at her attitude.

She reached down separating her lips for me again. "MMmmmmm! You doooo lick my pussssy…sooooo…ggooo…ood, bu…ut we havvve to get up no…ow."

"Gaaa that feels good." She said gently pushing my head away.

"We have to get up and get ready Tony."

I could tell Kari was excited, by the way she pranced off to her shower, picking her drink up as she went.

"Oh Hon!" She called me into the bath. She looked delicious standing there nude, peaking from behind the shower curtain, with her fresh sun and tan lines.

"'Do Fantasy Rules' apply tonight." She asked.

"Tonight?" "Why?" I asked.

"Well, you know. We've never had a real 'Fantasy Rule Night' when we were around anyone we knew, and you know. Hunter is with us and all." She said.

I thought for a second. This was getting to be fun. "All 'Fantasy Rules' apply! You can do what ever you want, but you have to be a sexy date for him and you have to turn him on.

"Reeealllly?" She asked.

"Isn't Hunter one of the men that you fantasize about making love to?" I asked.

"Well, you should enjoy the night even more." I said.

"I do not want him to think you're coming on to him though. I just want him to feel like he has a sexy date. Do you think you can do that?" I asked. "Or, are you not as erotic a woman as I thought you were."

"Ohhhhh, Ok. Ohhhh I, I think... I can dothat! I just had to have you to tell me that that's what I had to do it." She said with a flair of excitement. "It's been a long time since we've had a 'play night'. I think this could be even more exciting."

"Now, I've got to get ready for my date, so you run along and take your shower like a good boy." She said with a wet kiss, a smile and then gently pushing me toward the door.

I was sitting on the living room sofa having a drink and waiting for the two of them to finish getting ready.

Kari came out of our bedroom and over to me. She looked great.

She was barefoot in a flowing, medium length gauge skirt and a gauge top.

I pulled her over to me and slid my hand up under her skirt and up the back of her legs feeling the curves. My hands moved up behind her thighs to her panties. I kissed her stomach lightly and looked up at her as I tugged them down with both hands. She looked at me questioning as I continued pulling them down past her knees and let them drop to her ankles.

"You don't need these tonight. Won't it make you feel sexier without them?" I asked.

She smiled. "Hmmm! Sure will."

"Why don't you loose the bra too." I suggested.

She stepped out of her panties and reached under her top, skillfully slipping her bra out and tossing it back onto the bedroom. I could faintly see those large pink nipples pressing against the fabric "Better?" I asked.

"Much better." She smiled turning and twirling across the rug letting the wind catch her skirt as it flew up almost revealing her bare ass and pussy. "I feel freeeeee!" She said in fun with a giggle.

Just then, Hunter walked in just missing her twirl.

"Did I miss anything?" He asked

"Naaa." I said. "Just a little of Kari's new dance routine." I said.

Again I caught Hunter trying to look closer without being obvious.

Her breast moving under the fabric as she walked over to him to give him a hug. Her light nipples and her light pubic hair could just be faintly made out underneath, subtly revealing that they were bare underneath. She gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

"I'm ready for our first date. Do you need a drink before we go?" She asked him.

"You're going to let this woman be my date tonight?" He asked. "Yea! I think I need a drink." He said teasing and shaking his head in disbelief at how nice she looked.

She was radiant and had never acted this excited about our 'special evenings' and god I loved it. I had always been turned on by the idea of her being erotic and sensuous in front of other men, but her being this way in front of my friend was really turning me on much more.

We chatted finished our drinks and headed for the door.

"Let's go in the Miata, and let the top down." I suggested.

"But that's only a two-seater." Kari said.

"Awe it'll be more fun in the convertible and…heck, you can sit in Hunters' lap."

She turned and looked me in the eye as she suddenly realized the benefits of going in the two-seater.

"OK?" She said open-eyed. "Yea, Let's go in the Miata."

After dinner we talked for a while and by the time we got to the club on the other side of town, it was already filling up

We started out with some Tequila shooters, 1800 of course. In no time we were all buzzed and dirty dancing to the Latin tunes. She said the each time I danced with her I had to ask Hunter. "He is my date tonight, isn't he?"

They did look so sexy, her arms around his neck and their hips rubbing and gyrating together as if they were in a bed not on a dance floor.

A few times the three of us danced. I let my hand glide over her ass. The sexy gauge fabric felt so sexy under my hand as it moved over the shape of her ass. I would be rubbing up against her from the front as she sandwiched her from the back, both of us grinding ourselves to her.

A couple of times after she'd been dancing with him, and I could, I subtly let my hand feel up the back of her legs to her pussy. Her juices told me everything I wanted to know.

No too long before we left, I was sitting a song out and reached into my pocket. I felt the two joints that Hunter had given me. I looked at her out on the dance floor enjoying herself. She was already so turned on. What would this do for her.

Then I thought, 'I wanted them to have some before we left, so they would be feeling the effects as she sat in Hunters lap on the drive home.

We stayed on another thirty minutes or so then decided to head to the house.

As we walked out to the valet, her breast swayed under her blouse and the club lights shown right through her gauge skirt exposing the silhouette of her legs.

Kari climbed in and nuzzled into Hunters lap, silently giggling as she did. I knew it wouldn't take his cock long before it would be getting hard and I wanted her to feel it under her.

After we were on the main road, I pulled the joint out.

"Wanta light up?" I asked.

Kari was excited that we had it and Hunter was 'all for it' too.

I told them to go ahead and I'd wait until we got home since I was driving.

We cruised along as they took turns toaking on it. In no time I could tell they were stoned.

We had about a 30-min. drive back out of town, so I took it easy. After about 5 minutes their silence became apparent, indicating that they were both enjoying the ride.

I looked over at one point as we passed under a light, it shining into the car, I could see that his hand was under her blouse feeling her soft breast.

Her breasts are luscious, and I knew how they were feeling to him. He must have been in heaven.

He had no idea that I knew what he was doing.

Kari, one time suddenly, looked over at me and caught me looking at them. It was as though I was frozen, caught spying on their private moment. Then she smiled and simply looked back toward the highway in a daze as she sat there and he continued feeling her up.

My system was turned on to the core. I could feel my cock tingling, wanting out. I loved it. No one said anything the entire rest of the drive.


Once we got home, Hunter went into his bathroom and we went into our bedroom. I threw my shirt off and laid her on the bed, lifting her skirt up over her stomach exposing her sexy pussy.

She spread her legs for me. Her pussy was soaking wet. I put my face against her lips, planting soft kisses on her. I could see the juices running out of the bottom of her pussy. The feel and the site were so erotic.

I had to hold back from devouring her right there.

"How did you like your ride home?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh, it was nice!" She said.

"Are you glad we went in the two seater?" I asked

"Ohhh yesss."

"Could you feel his cock?" I asked prodding her on.

"Yesss. I could feel it all right. If he'd pulled my skirt up I think he would have slid right into me." She said.

I told her how it looked like she was making love to him the way they were dancing on some of the songs.

"Well, you told me that I had to turn him on, didn't you." She asked.

I told her how, as the three of us were dancing that I was imagining that both of us were fucking her.

"Ohhh, meee tooo." She said. "It was like our fantasy nights, only better. I was imagining it as he rubbed his cock against me dancing."

"Could you feel it?" I asked.

"Oh yea, I couldn't help but feel both of you. You both kept bumping and rubbing up against me. It was like both your cocks were teasing me at the same time." She said. I felt like I could cum right there on the dance floor and I didn't care." She said. I put my thumbs on either side and pulled them apart so I could see the juices that Hunter had stirred in my wife. She was so slick inside. It was so erotic; all of it. Especially seeing how turned on he had made her.

I lowered my face to her, brushing my lips across her soft lips. The sweet smell of woman. I kissed her lips and then dipped my tongue inside to taste her.

I love that first slick touch of turned on pussy against my tongue.

She moaned and I licked deeper tasting as much of her as I could. She was wonderful and giving me all the juices that I wanted. The soft and fleshy feel of her pussy against my cheeks and tongue was wonderful.

Letting my tongue start at the bottom of her slit, and I guided it to the top, scooping as much of her as I could, then I buried my face into her licking and lapping her clit.

"Honey… Honey?" She moaned down to me. "Baby…I don't think…I don't think my pu…ssy has ever this! Gaaaa! What kind of grass is this anyway? I feel like my pussy is telling me what to do!"

I began rhythmically licking her to bring up higher. I wanted her to cum right there before we went back into the kitchen with Hunter but…

"Tony! What are you guys up to? Not in that bed yet, I hope?" I heard Hunter say somewhere off in the foggy distance.

Kari slowly regained herself out of dreamland and raised up.

"Hunters calling us!" She said.

She put her hands on my head and pulled me up to give me a deep kiss. "Come on darling. I don't want to either, but we have to go back… for at least a few minutes." She looked me in the eye. "But we are going to finish this soon."

I got up and went into the kitchen to join him, skillfully wiping the pussy juice of my cheeks. Kari went into the bath to freshen up.

After she'd freshened up she joined us, this time, in a black sheer robe. The result was that her nice full nipples were very visible as they moved underneath the haze of fabric.

Hunter handed me the new joint that he had just fired up.

"Ouuuu goodie!" She said taking it from me when I finished. We both knew that sex tonight was now going up another level. She was always very susceptible to the effects of grass, and loved falling into that disoriented and vulnerable feeling she fell into when she smoked it.

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