My Wife's Fantasy Lover


They had already had some but I felt this almost immediately. It was strong. Everything seemed different. I soon noticed that it had been a while since anyone had said anything. We all took a couple more hits, talked for a while and eat some munchies.

"You're right!" I heard myself say somewhere off in the distance. "This is strong shit!"

He just smiled. "You have no idea. Just wait!"

In no time we were all in another zone. I couldn't believe it.

"I told you it was trip weed, didn't I?" I heard Hunter say somewhere.

It was. I was in another dimension and so horny I could hardly stand it. I looked over at Kari. She looked great and so damned sexy.

Not long after, that paranoia of good grass began to set in. I began to feel that Hunter was orchestrating all this so that he could fuck my wife. It made me feel nervous and enormously turned on at the same time.

I noticed how sexy Kari was looking at him and I felt that she wanted to sneak into his bedroom after I was asleep.

Suddenly I felt like the pawn, but it was all so erotic that I didn't care. Besides I knew it was just the effects of the grass and made a choice to just go with the flow, what ever that was.

Kari was so nasty looking, her hair still tousled from dancing. Her breast looked fabulous as they moved slightly under the robe as she walked. Once as we were leaning over the bar in the kitchen, one of her breast slipped out of her robe.

She simple cupped it and put it back in as though nothing had happened but it drove me crazy, especially feeling that it might have been done accidentally for Hunter to see.

I looked up at Hunter. He was stoned and couldn't take his eyes off of them. My cock was raging and I felt that if I didn't put my cock in her soon that I'd be taken away by the white shirts.

My sense of time and space had long left me, but at some point Kari looked over at me and knew it was time for the bedroom.

Under the influence, she walked over and flung her arms around Hunter and kissed him quickly on the lips. "Night Sweetheart. I enjoyed out date tonight." She giggled.

"My pleasure." He said, a little caught off guard. "Anytime you can't find a date, please call me. That is if it's OK with your husband."

"Oh, I'll make sure it is." She giggled again and eased into the bedroom pulling the door to behind her.

I stayed behind for a second to just tell Hunter good night and how much I enjoyed having him there. He almost looked like he wanted to apologize for the night, but I didn't give him the opportunity and headed for my rendezvous with Kari.

When I stood up and went into the bedroom, the room seemed strange, almost like someone else's home. I wandered in feeling like I was in a dream. I couldn't wait to get in there and make love to her like this. It was so erotic. I couldn't wait to feel those wonderful beasts and, I couldn't wait to feel her nipples in my mouth.

When I walked in, it felt like a medieval parlor. The only lights were from the numerous candles she had lit. She loves candlelight. She was standing there her robe now completely open, as I'd imagined. Her breasts were magnificent especially in this erotic light. Underneath, she had on nothing.

In her hand she held out her blindfold to me.

"I want to play tonight!" She said. "When you fuck me tonight I want to imagine its Hunter fucking me." She said.

I felt a sexual dagger go into me, my cock stirring in my pants and my heart pounding. What a feeling! After a night like this and now she wants to imagine she's being fucked by him.

I took the blindfold and told her to turn around.

I had just watched her all night long wrapping her legs around his and rubbing her pussy against him as they danced. I'd watch him feeling her breast in the car and her flashing him in the kitchen, making eyes at him.

"I want to imagine his cock in me." She said. "You don't mind do you Sweetheart? It's not to late to continue our fantasy night, is it?"

It had always been exciting when we played this fantasy game, but in this mental state, she would be able to imagine it much more, it would be more like being there for her.

I fitted the blindfold, as always, snuggly so that she could see absolutely nothing.

I whispered in her ear. "I want to take you somewhere you've never been".

She turned back around to me, looking so erotic in the black leather blindfold, her sexy lips with fresh lipstick and the candlelight falling all over her accenting her shape.

"I think I'm already there." She said nervously. "Grass has never made me feel this way before."

Tony… I feel sooo nasty. This whole day I've thought of nothing but being a nasty wife and teasing the two of you. My pussy has been wet all day.

This sexy day and now with this grass, I feel like another person. I feel like I'm being someone else in a dream. And my pussy…I can actually feel how puffy my lips are."

I reached down cupping one breast in my hand and put the nipple in my mouth. It felt like satin. My skin was sensitive to every touch. And I knew hers was too.

"I want to fuck your brains out tonight." I said. "I want you to tell me how you want to fuck other men for me." I said enjoying her state. "Ohh I will!" She said.

"You liked me watching you dance with him didn't you?" I asked. "You liked him rubbing his cock against you and feeling you in the car! Didn't you?" I pressed.

"I did! I loved it. Knowing you were watching me made it all that much better." She admitted.

"Meeee tooooo!" I said. "I loved it."

"I felt so nasty, my pussy wanted him. It wanted both of you, and it still does."

"I know this sounds stupid, but my pussy feels like she is pulsing and wanting all the cock she can get. I'm more turned on now that when we were dancing"

I love for her to talk to me like this.

My hand went down below her tummy and in between her legs. My finger felt the slinkiness that had already found its way to her outer lips. My fingers encouraged her as they toyed and teased her.

"You do, don't you?" I said. "You want other men to fuck you and make you be bad for them? God, that is sooo hot. I can't believe I'm married to such a sexy woman!"

My finger continued to tease her clit as I told her what I was going to do tonight. "I'm going to tie you up, and then I'm going to let Hunter actually come in and fuck you." I said as though I was serious.

I could see her slightly shiver as the threat hit her. Of course, I'd teased her like this before, but tonight it was different, very different. And she knew it. Tonight she knew that he was only a few feet away, undressing in the next room, and she got more turned on than ever.

"I know you've been dying for him to make love to you and tonight I'm going to make sure he does."

"Are you really?" She shuttered wanting to believe that fantasy.

"Fantasy Rules still apply tonight!" I told her. "You have to do everything and anything I tell you too. And I want you nasty! Do you understand?" I said seriously, as I continued teasing her clit.

"Oh yes! I understand!" She said slightly quivering.

I helped her onto the bed and told her to lay back on the pile of pillows and that I wanted to watch her play with her pussy.

I want you to be that other woman tonight, the bad girl inside you that wants to come out. The nasty one." I said.

"I will!" She promised. "I already feel like that's who I am."

I told her I wanted to play with her self and to imagine that Hunter was in the room watching her. " Then I want you to let him lick your pussy and fuck you all he wants tonight." I told her, wanting her to let her imagination go free. "And I want you to enjoy it."

With that she moaned and obeying, sank back spreading her legs and floated off into her imagination. Then she gave me a full view, separating her beautiful slick lips, as her delicate fingers began rotating over her clit.

Suddenly, something hit me! 'I could do it!' I could do it and she would never know.

In my distorted reality I realized that I wanted Hunter to see my sexy wife like this, nude and blindfolded, lying back on the bed with her pussy exposed for him to see.

It didn't cross my mind what might happen after that. In my aroused state, I was only thinking that she wouldn't know that he was really there, and I wanted him to see her like this, nasty and erotic.

She'd been teasing him all day and I knew this would really turn him on. Now was the time. It might be the only chance I'd ever have.


As she played with her self, I quietly found my way out the door and into Hunters room. He wasn't there, and then I saw him. He had just stepped out of the shower and was standing there, nude, toweling off right in front of me, his big cock swaying back and forth as he did.

Suddenly I found myself staring at it for a few seconds forgetting what I wanted to say.

I'd teased Kari, telling her how nice it was, and that he was more endowed than me, but I didn't remember him having that nice a cock and not quiet that size. Nice, but not quiet that nice.

It arched over as though in a half hard state. The had a distinct full ridge around the big puffy head as it bobbed there.

"What's up Bud?" He asked as he toweled his hair dry..

"Aaaah, I want to show you something." I said.

He stopped for a moment, looking at me. "What?" He asked.

"Something you'll like. But you have to come now, and you have to be absolutely quiet."

I was trying to keep from shaking, I was so nervous about what I found myself doing.

He looked at me with that mischievous smile and gleam in his eye, wondering what I was up to, but was ready to follow.

He wrapped his towel around his flat stomach as he followed me out of the bath.

Just before we left his room I turned to him. "Absolutely quiet or we'll both be looking for a new place to live! Got me?"

"Got cha!" He said, fumbling to keep his towel synched around his waist.

"She thinks it is all just a fantasy game. She will not know you are really there." I said. "So this has to stay just be between you and me." I said as I began to realize the repercussions, if she were to find out. It would be serious.

"No problem here." He assured me.

We found our way back in and she was still lying back against pillows, her legs spread, her mouth slightly parted as her fingers franticly rubbed her clit. It seemed like I had been gone for hours, but knew it had only been a couple of minutes and she didn't miss me at all.

I told her that I was back now, slightly startling her out of her dream.

"But I want you to keep playing with your self for a while. I want to watch." I said and she continued.

"Did you like dancing with Hunter tonight?" I asked her.

"Ohhhh you know I did." She said.

Did you like feeling our cocks when we rubbed them against you on the dance floor?"

"Mmmmmmmm! Yesssss! I liked it!" She said, her fingers began moving faster.

"Was his cock hard when you were sitting in his lap tonight?" "Ooohhhhh yesssss!"

I looked over at Hunter. His eyes were glued to her pussy and his towel had become a tent.

"Did you imagine what I told you to while I was gone?" I asked. "Did you imagine that Hunter was here in the room watching you play with yourself?"

"Yessss. I imagined he was sitting over in the chair watching me."

"Would it turn you on if Hunter were in her watching do this? Do you really want him to know what a little slut you want to be?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh yes. I wish he knew what a slut I am inside."

"You'd like Hunter to help make you a slut wouldn't you? You'd like to feel his cock against you again, wouldn't you?"

"Ohhh yes, I bet he could make me into a slut. I bet he could make me do nasty things. I'd like him to fuck me, right in front of you, so we can show you how much we want each other."

She was pinching one of her nipples with one hand and the other was bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm, and my cock was raging.

"I have a surprise for you tonight Honey!" I said coolly. Hunter is standing here next to me in nothing but a towel, and he is watching you."

She flinched drawing her knees quickly together. I didn't say anything.

Then she realized, falsely, that I would not have really brought him into our fantasy, and she let her legs lay open again. Again falling back into our fantasy and showing him her pussy again.

"That's better!" I said. "He is a pussy man and I wanted him to see how beautiful your pussy is and how you trimmed it a little bit for him."

I looked over at Hunter putting a finger to my lips to be silent.

"I'm going to pull the chair over to the foot of the bed so he can relax and have a better view, and I want you to give him a good show. I want you to show him what a little trashy woman you want to be for us."

I pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and had Hunter sit in it. Then I held each of her ankles dragging her toward me to the edge of the bed, genitally putting her feet on each arm of the chair. Then I went around and fluffed her pillows to make her more comfortable.

He now sat between her feet, now just inches from his arms and her pussy just a couple of feet from his face, on the edge of the bed. He sat in dumbfounded silence at what was happening.

I put his hands on each of her calves, so he could touch her. I stood behind him to talk, so she would think it was me touching her as I talked, and told her that I wanted her to show him her pussy.

She held a lip between her fingers on each side, and pulled them apart letting him see the slinkiness inside. His hands began to caress her legs, first her calves then inside her legs, lightly pushing them outward, helping her to spread them more. Then as she began toying with her pussy again, he caressed the insides of her thighs.

"Would you like me to let him to lick it for you?" I teased her.

"Mmmmm." She purred.

"Would you like me to let him to slide his cock into you and fuck you?" I questioned. "You like fantasizing about Hunter, don't you?"

"Mmmmm yessss! I've fantasized about him fucking me." She said.

"Would you want us to both fuck you and make you do bad things, make you be a decadent little girl for us?" I asked.

"Yesssss!!! I want you to make me do what ever you want me to do, make me prove to you that I will be the kind of 'bad girl' you want me to be."

"Well, we're going to do that." I said. "Hunter is really sitting here watching you be bad." I said. "And if you turn us on enough I may let him lick your pussy tonight."

This time she just relaxed more into the pillows, moaning as she circled her clit faster with her slick fingers.

"God, my pussy feels so sexy." She said feeling the grass. "Ohhhhh gaaaa!" Her fingers moved faster and faster.

As she did, I quietly moved over to her bathroom and pulled out her large, very life like dildo and brought it in.

I held my eager cock in my hand and took a large drop of precum off of he head and spread it over the head of the dildo. I looked down at Hunter as he watched me. Then I watched as he brought a hand full of cock from under his towel.

It stood there in his hand like a large piece of meat, full and puffy. His cock also had a huge accumulation of precum dripping down the tip of it. His finger grazed over the tip collecting a substantial collection of clear liquid and smeared it with mine on the dildo to lubricate it for her.

I took it the dildo, putting it to her pussy, and rubbed it around just inside her lips getting it slick for her.

"I want you to lay there and think about this being Hunters cock." I said as I worked it into her.

"And I want you to it and show Hunter how you love big cocks."

"MMmmmmm, Ohhhhh yesss!" She said as she took it from me and began working it around the outside of her pussy getting it ready. Then she slowly began working it into her pussy, her skin puffing out on the sides of her pussy as it began to slip in. Soon it began easily sliding it in and out as Hunter watched, spellbound.

He leaned forward, running his hands right up to her pussy as she fucked herself. Her breathing got heavier and heavier as his hands messaged her and she began pumping the large cock into her.

"You like big cocks! Don't you?" I said.

"Yessss! You know I do!"

I stood back and looked at the scene. It was so sexy.

There she was, lying on the bed, her legs spread vulgarly wide, fucking herself as Hunter leaned forward, messaging all around the outside of her distended pussy, as it swallowed the big cock time after time.

I felt like I was watching a movie, some surreal erotic movie.

His hands were adding to her pleasure. Then without notice he took the dildo from her and slowly began fucking her with it. She lay there arching her pussy up to it, fucking it, as he teased her pussy, pulling it out and running it all around her clit, then plunging it back into her and fucking her with it again. He was making the cock her lover, teasing and tormenting her with it, and she was responding, trying to get more of it as he teased her.

"You like the way Hunter fucks you don't you Kari?" I said from behind him again.

"Ohhhhh god yesss! He's driving me crazy with that thing." She said still thinking the fantasy lover was me.

Then I told her again that I wanted to let him lick her pussy. "I can tell that he wants to badly." I said.

"Ohh god yesss! Lick my sweet pussy. Lick it for me baby." She said.

My hands on his shoulders, I pressed forward, signaling him that he had my permission, then I hesitated.

"First… I think we should… be sure you don't change your mind about being our slut tonight." I said. "I'm not sure the blindfold will be enough."

I held Hunter and pulled him back in his chair. I quickly found our sheepskin leather restraints. We had bought them at a sex shop when we were out of town on a trip. They were very comfortable and she was going 'nowhere'. I tied her legs wide open and her wrist above her head to the headboard.

When I turned back around, I found Hunter had gone into the bath and returned with a razor and shaving cream.

He looked at me questioning.

"Kari, Hunter has a surprise for you. He wants to shave all of that hair off of your pussy." I said.

She squirmed a little but before she could say anything he'd begun applying the shaving cream all over her pussy lips, up on her sexy mound and up toward the base of her stomach. She looked like she was covered in whipped cream.

I told her that we were going to shave her whether she wanted it or not.

She moaned and squirmed, arching her hips and pussy up to us. It looked like her pussy was both eager and wanting to escape. It looked like it was talking to us, begging us to control it.

Fully inescapable from our attention now, he brought out the razor and delicately began to shave her. First all the hair on the mound and then downward toward her lips.

She didn't move a muscle. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to make a slip. She just moaned as we did what we wanted to with her body.

Then he very gently pulled and maneuvered her lips, so not to hurt her, and shaved everything from her rear to her stomach. We wiped her clean, revealing the most feminine thing I'd ever seen.

Her pussy was completely bald. She had no hair anywhere around her pussy. Her lips looked huge in comparison to the way they had ever looked before and smooth as a baby's butt. Her tan lines just added to the fairness of her new exposed skin. It looked much more defenseless.

I had no idea that her pussy looked that…god…there were no word to describe it to myself. I had always looooved licking a sexy pussy and wanted her to shave it but this was beyond my expectations.

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