tagMatureMy Wife's Good Friend

My Wife's Good Friend



My wife Marg met Ilsa at their golf club and they soon became good friends, although it is difficult to imagine that there could be two such polar opposites. Marg is short in stature, voluptuous, outgoing and friendly. Ilsa is tall and thin, curt and humorless. She dismissed the ideas or thoughts of others, always had a better solution and had already seen or done that.

Initially Ilsa seemed to resent my presence as unwanted interference between her and Marg. I was indifferent towards her, not caring whether she liked me or not. But she and Marg hit it off and enjoyed each other's company.

As time wore on, Ilsa and I became more comfortable with each other. Her demeanor softened when we met and I experienced more of her pleasant side. We started to socialize with she and her husband Paul. We golfed, went out for the occasional dinner or party and visited each other's homes. Paul and I had little in common but we both accepted the situation for the sake of our wives.

Paul was not particularly pleasant towards Ilsa, being one of those men who practiced ridiculing and criticizing their mates in public. He was a control freak and it was apparent that not much happened in their married life that was not of his doing or direction. It became easier to understand why Ilsa acted sourly towards others, although she never complained or belittled him when they were apart. Her most common beginning to a sentence was, "Paul says ---."

As the weeks and months rolled by, Ilsa and I became more affectionate. There was nothing sensual but we just liked seeing each other. We kissed lightly in greeting and parting, our body contact and touches were more frequent and we were simply more comfortable together.

I would occasionally see her in the Mall. She would slip easily into my arms for a light kiss, while pressing her body against mine. I would slide one hand around behind her back at the waist and let it linger. I was starting to think of her in a much more complicated manner. I quite liked the feel of her and her reaction to my touch.

The next phase in our relationship became more sexual in nature. We engaged in humorous erotic jokes and innuendo although usually when in the company of our mates.

I often commented on her attire, particularly at the golf course. One day Ilsa appeared clad in a delightful outfit, shorts and golf shirt, the shorts presenting her ass in a provocative manner. I said to her, "Don't get close to me today wearing that outfit."

She said, "Why not? Don't you like it?"

I replied, "Oh I love it, you look great, but I might just touch something that I shouldn't."

She smiled and said, "You can touch anything you want."

We both laughed but we also realized that there was more to it than humor.

If she called when Marg was not home, we would chat about banal things for half an hour or more, not wanting to say goodbye. Our telephone conversations gradually shifted to more erotic chat. "Have you showered? What are you wearing? Need any help with your bra?"

They were silly nonsense phrases of course, but it was our way of letting the other know of our growing interest. It was similar to osmosis; the comments from each person altering the others thoughts. I was starting to think seriously of launching my first affair outside of marriage.

We were golfing as a foursome on one occasion. Marg and Paul had led the way to the next tee. The tee was behind a heavy bush and Ilsa stopped at the bush as the two others disappeared around it. She stepped away from her cart and turned to face me as I came up. Her hands were behind her as she waited for me, she had a light smile on her lips. It was an invitation that I accepted without thought.

I came close up in front of her and said, "What's the smile about."

She did not respond but continued smiling at me. I reached out for her waist and pulled her to me for a kiss. I moved my hand down first to her hip and then up along her side and cupped a breast as our parted lips lingered. That was all that happened and there were no words. We joined the others as if nothing had happened but I believe that we had turned a corner during that brief moment.

A few weeks following this encounter we attended a dinner and dance at the club. We were all feeling quite relaxed following cocktails, wine and dinner. We danced with our own mates after the music started and then changed partners.

Ilsa slid into my arms the same way she had when we met in the mall. One breast to the side of my chest and the other pressed around the front and one arm up around my shoulder.

My face was in her hair, near her ear when I said, "Damn, I love the way you greet me with your body like this. Do you do this with everyone you meet? Or just me?"

She murmured, "I think there is something a little special in it for you."

I was quite hard by now and my stiff cock was bumping against her hip. She was in heels and was almost as tall as I, her mound at the correct height to rub nicely on me. She moved to ensure contact.

I whispered, "Ah God Ilsa, that feels so damn good." I moved my hand down her back to just above her butt and pulled her against me.

She was pasted against me from her tits to her thighs, my knee partly between her legs. Luckily the dance floor was crowded and dimly lit. "I would love to kiss you right now." She replied by rubbing her body on me.

That evening as we all said goodbye, our kiss was very meaningful, her tongue slipped easily into my mouth. Paul and Marg were embracing at the same time so we allowed ourselves that extra moment to demonstrate the mounting desire we felt for the other.

We had advanced from dislike and disinterest, to affection and innuendo; and now to a mind meld of lust. I had expressed my feelings for her and she had acknowledged them by action more than words. She was in my thoughts when we were apart and my body hummed at the thought of seeing her on every occasion.

Our phone calls became more frequent and our chats became more intimate. I always asked what she was wearing, from the type and color of her clothes to her undies. She always replied seriously and I believe accurately. A simple discussion like that would have me holding my hard cock in my hand. Eventually I said, "I am hard thinking of you Ilsa, my hand is in my shorts holding my cock."

"Oh Jim," she said in a husky voice, "I wish that you would not tell me that, I will be thinking of you all day."

"And how do you think I will feel," I moaned; "I will think about being naked with you. Kissing and touching you, making you desire me and wanting me to enter you."

Our telephone discussions became very explicit when we discussed our sexual preferences. I asked her about oral sex and she told me that she often went down on Paul but he did not return the favor for her. And that he seldom fucked her after being blown. And despite the fact she could no longer conceive, he always wore a condom. And then with a giggle said he only used a pack of 3 a year.

I suggested that if she ever gave me a chance that I would run the full drill on her from toes to nose with my tongue and lips. She laughed at that and said, "You are starting to get my attention."

Ilsa called me one morning. Paul was away on business. I was alone working in my home office. She knew that Marg was away and made no pretense of wanting to talk to her.

I asked, "What are you up to today? Any plans?"

She replied, "No, nothing in particular, I have just showered and dried my hair and was thinking of what to wear for the day."

I repeated my standard opening, "And what are you wearing now if you are not yet dressed?"

"Oh, just a robe, nothing else at the moment."

My throat constricted but I stumbled out the next query, "Do you have your bra and panties on yet?"

She waited a few breathless seconds and then, "No, I was just about to put them on, they are laying on the bed in front of me."

I groaned at the image of her removing her robe and pulling on her bra and panties, "Let me come over Ilsa."

I could hear her breathing and it was several seconds which seemed like minutes before she said, "Oh Jim, much as I want to, I don't think that you should."

I pleaded with her a little more. But she seemed quite certain that it was not going to happen, so I suggested maybe another time and said goodbye.

I had a severe case of lover's nuts building and was just about to go to the bathroom to resolve it when the phone rang. It was Ilsa.

"Please come over Jim, I will unlock the gate as you arrive." They lived in a gated community but she was able to see the gate from her front room and open it with a switch.

"I will be right there, stay as you are in your robe." She did not reply.

Her uncertainty appeared to have evaporated; she had obviously decided what would happen next. She slipped into my arms just as the door closed behind me. If she were wearing anything under her robe, it would have had to be of very thin material. Our first kiss alone together was hot and tongue filled. She pressed her full body against me while my hands worked down her back to her ass.

I had hungered to feel her ass since watching her golf in shorts. I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands, kneading and massaging them. I ran my fingertips down the crease of her ass to the back of her legs.

I fumbled with the belt on her robe and opened it. I stepped back a bit and looked down her naked body for the first time.

She leaned back against the wall, her eyes smoky hot and said, "I was so nervous of you looking at me naked, thinking that you might not like my body, but now I don't care, I just want your hands on me."

Her small breasts hung loosely, nipples jutting out from large brown aureoles. Her body was angular and gaunt, high shoulders, ribs and hipbones prominent. Her torso was quite pale between the tanned legs and shoulders and arms. Her dark bush was speckled with gray. There was a space between her thin legs at the juncture with her pussy. I was about to test whether the old adage that 'the closer the bones, the sweeter the meat' was based on fact. She looked absolutely great and very desirable.

We kissed as I held one of her breasts in my hand, rolling and pinching the nipple. I said, "You have a beautiful body and it is all that I have imagined it would be. Let me taste it."

I worked my way down from her face and neck to her tits, the nipples now almost exploding in anticipation of being sucked. I rubbed my face between and under them. She raised one tit with shaking fingers to offer the nipple for my attention.

I moved her up against the wall, forcing a leg between hers and sucked her nipples. I worked a hand between her legs until the edge of my hand was rubbing along her wet slit.

I stepped back and started to undress. Her hands worked on my belt and zipper and soon I was standing in my socks only. She gained confidence at the sight of my stiff cock pointing up at her chin, taking it in her hand to stroke.

She turned and walked away from me, dropping her robe on a sofa near the door and heading for a spare bedroom. Quite frankly I would have preferred fucking her in Paul's bed but I was not about to argue that point. I watched her thin body, long legs and jiggling ass cheeks moving away from me. I was mesmerized for a minute but soon followed her into the bedroom.

She turned to me as I entered the room, her eyes were smoky with lust and she rubbed her hands down her body in anticipation. She sat down on the bed and waited for me to get closer before reaching out for my cock. She brushed her hair and face on it, looked up at me and said, "I have been thinking about this every since you first rubbed it on me."

After licking around the knob and shaft she swallowed at least half of it in one gulp. My legs stiffened and I shivered at the sudden sensation of an expert mouth sucking my cock. "Ah, sweet hell, be careful Ilsa."

I held her head still and slow fucked her mouth before pushing her backward on the bed, her feet still on the floor. Our eyes locked as I fingered her slit while leaning in over top of her. I hooked two fingers inside her pussy, rubbing her clit between them as I stroked her and whispered, "Ah what a beautiful pussy. It needs to be fucked."

I ran my tongue around my own lips, signaling to her that I was about to live up to my promise to suck her pussy. I loved the thought that I was about to provide her first pussy licking. It is by far the best preparation for a woman.

As I began to lower myself she cried, "Oh God Jim, I'm going to pass out!"

I knelt between her legs lifting them onto my shoulders and kissed my way along her inner thighs. She arched her back lifting her pussy as she felt my hot breath on her slit. I kissed it first and applied two long licks from butt hole to her bush. I forced my rolled tongue into her, probing as deep as I could.

She grabbed my head and pressed her pussy against my flattened tongue and rubbed on it. She cried out as I closed my lips on the tip of the clit, sucking it gently. I clamped my lips on each pussy lip in turn, sucking and pulling them out wards. She raised her ass up and clamped her knees on my head, her entire body vibrating.

She cried out, "I am coming already, God this is so hot, oh Jim."

I moved my mouth up her body, kissing and licking my way to her nipples and neck; then we kissed with wildly lashing tongues as I pushed her more fully onto the bed.

I rose to my knees between her legs and gazed down her gaunt body. Ilsa was in total submission, her eyes just slits, her arms spread up each side of her head, her tits slewed to each side of her body and legs open with her knees raised. Her cunt was still quivering from my lips and tongue work. I lay my cock along the upturned slit, the knob in her bush, my balls between her spread legs.

She remained motionless as I used my hand to rub my cock in her slit, only a low moan escaping her pursed lips. I worked my knob into her and felt her pussy squeeze it repeatedly. I rolled and pulled at her nipples while enjoying the feel of her cunt sucking my cock.

I sunk my cock all the way into her, bringing moans from the both of us. I whispered, "Let's fuck now baby."

She reached upwards for me, grabbing my shoulders to pull me down on top of her and said, "Yes, lets fuck."

My hands slipped up under her shoulders as I covered her with my body. I felt her tits squashed against my chest as I began to drive my hips in and out. Her pussy came fully alive and we soon found the perfect rhythm. Her fingernails dug into the flesh of my butt as our intensity mounted.

She thrust her hips up each time I stroked into her, twisting her pussy around my cock with a corkscrew type movement. "Come in me, fuck me, I want to feel your cum," she groaned.

We soon did and I enjoyed a toe-curling ball-tightening ejaculation of the sort I had not experienced for some time. I lay there on her, exhausted, my cock still pulsing inside her. We finished off with a few last delicious strokes as my cock softened and her pussy convulsed around it, slowly squeezing it out.

I lifted myself back to my knees and watched the knob of my cock slip out of her cum filled pussy. I remained in that position and said, "Look down at it Ilsa, was that beautiful or not, I love your pussy and want to leave my cock in it forever."

She smiled up at me, "That was beautiful, so much pleasure, but I knew it would be like that with you. You are so tender and loving. Can you stay a while?"

I rolled to her side, propped myself on an elbow and ran one hand up and down her body. "I would love to stay for a while. It will not be long before I will be ready for you again."

She reached over and took my soft cock in her hand, "Not too long a wait I hope. Hmm, some reaction already."

I leaned in over her and found her lips with mine. I clenched her entire pussy in my hand, pressing the heel of my hand on her mound and grinding away at it. I finger fucked her as she worked away at my cock. We kissed passionately again, her lips softening as I probed her mouth with my tongue. Her jaw slackened in submission to my tongue and fingers.

As my cock stiffened in her hand she slowly worked her way on top of me, pushing me to my back. With her knees planted each side of my hips she leaned ahead to present her nipples for another round of sucking.

She moved her hand down between us and pulled my knob to her slit and rubbed it. My cock had hardened enough that she was able to stiff finger it part way up her hole. She straightened up, holding her tits in her hands and with her eyes closed began to rise and fall on me. I held her by the hips and let her continue for a very relaxed piece of ass.

We became one body, joined at the hips and lost in another world. As the intensity grew stronger and the need to cum took over, she lowered her upper body down on me, her tits jammed against my chest and her mouth buried in my neck while her ass began to pump wildly in a twisting sort of drive that consumed my entire cock, from the base to the knob.

I pulled her ass up a bit to allow me room to fuck her and began driving my cock up, my thighs slapping her ass cheeks with each stroke before jetting a belt of cum in her hot twisting cunt.

We had travelled a long path to get here, several years of mounting desire for each other culminating in a wonderful afternoon of lovemaking.

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I would like to fuck a few of my wife's friends.....

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