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My Wife's New Job


It has been a bad year for us since the economy crashed. Last year we had sold our old house, bought another and now my wife Amy and I were struggling to make ends meet. We have been married for 26 years so having to struggle at this time in our lives is very hard for us. Our two boys are grown and living on their own so we had decided we could finally get a smaller place that we could fix up and retire in.

Over this past year we have remodeled the whole house which took most of our savings. There are two bedrooms plus an office that has its own separate entrance. I had just started a new business and had a two year lease on a small office space in the city. I was hoping that if things went well with this new business I could eventually hire a couple of employees and start working from home.

Just off our bedroom is an enclosed porch with a hot tub and small bathroom with a shower. It's a great place for us to relax in the evenings with a glass of wine, some nice music, and soaking in the hot tub.

Because my old business had been doing ok over the years we had decided that Amy didn't really need to work. She has been a stay at home mom which was great for our boys but also saved us a huge amount in day care and such.

She stayed very busy with the boys while they were growing up, volunteering at the school, and taking care of all the household needs. It was great to be able to come home to my beautiful wife every evening with dinner cooking and knowing that because of her all was right with our world. It's a full time job taking care of a household and she did a fantastic job.

She has also kept in very good shape. Before we married she had been a dancer so over the years she has kept up with all different types of dance classes plus going to the gym for workouts at least 4 times a week.

She is a petite woman at five foot one inches tall, and I stand quite a bit taller at six feet tall. Even after 25 years I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her tight sexy body. One of her best assets is her sensuous butt. Sometimes we go to the gym together and I swell with pride when we walk in. Every guy in the place will stop ogling over whatever twenty something girl has his attention and watch as my sexy 48 year old wife walks past.

I have mentioned to her how the guys are practically drooling over her sexy body but she just laughs it off saying that she is way too old for these young guys to be interested. I know that she's aware of the looking, but it is harmless and I think it makes her feel good.

I have noticed over the years that she is not shy with her body. She will wear sexy clothes when we go out for an evening or even at the gym in her tight spandex pants which show every curve of her hot ass. Being petite she also has small tits so she can go without a bra most of the time. This has caused a lot of looks when her cute nipples start to get erect and show through some of her gym tops.

I guess it sounds weird but over the years I have actually begun to get excited from seeing these different guys eyeing my beautiful wife. I will often work out away from her just so I can see these guys looking at her ass or noticing her hard nipples.

There have been times when I have caught guys looking down a loose top or dress while we were in a store or eating at a restaurant. Just knowing that they could see her tiny tits and succulent nipples would get me hard and I couldn't wait to get home and rip her clothes off.

We have always had a great sex life. Even after having two kids we have been lucky to have a great chemistry together. Of course there have been periods where things would cool off a bit but overall it's been great.

She has always been open minded to her sensual side but never out of control. Because of our openness with each other I have told her how some of these experiences have turned me on. I have even told her about different fantasies I've had about her and other men, always strangers looking at her ass or seeing her tits down her top, or even guys looking up her dress.

Even though she claimed no interest nor would admit any fantasies of her own, these confessions always seemed to raise the heat of our passions. There have been many times when after telling her about someone looking at her, or a fantasy of mine, I would find her very wet between the legs.

I guess knowing that she was aroused fueled my fantasies even further to the point of wanting to actually have some of them happen. I did not tell her this. I felt it better if she thought they were still just my imagination running wild.

So now after telling about our history, here we were having a bit of a hard time financially. One night while sitting in the hot tub with a glass of wine Amy mentioned that maybe she should look for a job to help out with our finances. She explained that she really didn't need to be at home with our boy's grown and gone now, and also it could be fun doing something other then cleaning or cooking.

It didn't take me long to realize that this was something that she wanted to do, not something that she felt forced into. We finished our soak and then took our bottle of wine over to the computer. I pulled up Craigslist just to let her see if there was anything that interested her.

She had never been on the site before and was amazed at the variety of things offered. After looking at all the job ads and not finding anything that appealed to her I could tell she was getting frustrated. To break the monotony I started clicking on other sections of Craigslist.

Soon she was directing me to click on this or that wanting to see who was selling what or what women wanted which man and so on. At one point she had me go to the therapy section. She was amazed at how much the women were charging for a massage session. I explained that some of these women weren't only giving massages.

My wife is not naive she just didn't realize that they were allowing women to advertise sex for money. There were also a lot of salons advertising $50.00 for one hour Asian massages. She immediately thought that $50.00 an hour was a pretty good wage until I explained that most of it probably went to the owner of the salon. The masseuse like a waitress worked hard for the tips.

I could see the wheels turning in Amy's brain as we scanned over a bunch more of the ads. While looking at one of the Asian ads she turned to me and asked me about happy endings.

Now before I go on I must tell you that some years ago my wife and I signed up for a couples massage class. It was a great class and since then we have been giving each other massages. Every time she is massaging me I get an erection and every time it has led to us having some great sex. I always joked that she gave the best happy endings.

Since she asked I told her about a time before we were married that I had gone to the city with a couple of friends. After drinking a bit we ended up at a massage parlor. I'm not sure why but I was a bit embarrassed telling my wife about getting a happy ending and leaving a $20.00 tip.

Not to put a bad rep on massages I reminded her of the time we went to a high end resort and during our stay we got massages. Those cost us about $100.00 each and there were definitely no happy endings involved.

We soon finished with Craigslist and headed for bed. After all the talk about massages and happy endings I was pretty horny and when Amy came to bed naked I was immediately hard. I asked her if she wouldn't mind giving me one of her great massages.

She looked at me with that sly sexy grin of hers and told me to lie face down. I must say that she has developed a very good soothing technique that includes a little bit of all the different styles we learned in our class.

She seems to have a sense for hitting all the right spots. I don't get massages from anyone but my wife because I know it would be a disappointment. Even our $100.00 resort massage wasn't as good as my wife.

At one point she was sitting on her knees straddling the back of my legs and pushing down on my butt then up and over my back. This motion was forcing my hard cock into the mattress and soon I began to drift into my fantasy place.

I was imagining that Amy was giving a massage to some stranger. I could almost see her atop of some guy and running her hands over his naked body. The combination of her hands and my nasty thoughts was driving me crazy with lust. As she brought her hands back down over my butt I turned over and she saw my hard cock.

She gave me that sexy grin and began running her hands up my chest and then back down to just above the tip of my cock. What a tease she was. I started to reach up to fondle her hard nipples but she caught my hands and pushed them back down to the mattress. Looking into my eyes she sexily said "excuse me sir, you know there's no touching the masseuse".

After a couple of times doing this she slowly slid her hands down to my cock and began to stroke up the shaft. The look on her face was as if she had never seen my cock before. She looked so hot with her suckable little tits jiggling as she began to stroke me even faster.

I must admit that after all these years this was actually a first. We have had sex in so many different ways and positions but she had never once just stroked me off.

I was in sexual heaven as I closed my eyes and went back to the fantasy of my wife masturbating some stranger during a massage. She must have felt that I was getting close because she began stroking me even faster.

Just as I was about to cum I opened my eyes and watched as the stranger arched up and started to shoot his cum all over my beautiful wife's tits and hands. I don't think I have ever cum so hard.

What amazed me even more was that Amy was actually aiming my cock towards her body, letting the cum spray over her tits and drip off those very aroused nipples.

She kept up her stroking until she had milked every drop from my sensitive cock. I swear that hand job had been one of the best sexual moments that we had ever had.

As I was now coming down she kept one hand on my cum covered cock and with the other reached between her legs and began to bring herself off.

This was another first. Until this moment she had never masturbated in front of me. Still stroking my now hardening cock she closed her eyes and started to moan as her fingers worked on her sensitive clit.

She looked so amazingly sexy as she hit her peak and let out a sensual moan of pleasure. Her whole body was shaking as she came. I was totally mesmerized by this hot woman arched in orgasm, squeezing my hard cock while cum was still dripping off her tits.

When she had finished with her orgasm Amy slowly leaned forward until she was lying on top of me. I could feel her heart beating wildly as she kissed me with a passion that I still find amazing after all these years.

After a quick shower we settled back into bed for the night. I couldn't sleep as I kept picturing my wife with hot cum spraying all over her body. I began working on an idea that if successful could help our situation and also help to fuel my depraved fantasies.

The next day while at my office I formulated my plan. I didn't know quite how to approach her, and I really didn't think she would go for it but I had to give it a shot. I was hard most of the day while imagining my wife giving $50.00 massages.

That night while we were eating dinner, she began to tell me about her day looking for work. She seemed a bit defeated as she told me about all the places she went to and how no one was hiring. I hated seeing my wonderful wife feeling so down.

It was now or never so I eased into my thoughts about something that she could do for work. I explained how I thought she was the best masseuse that I had ever had, that she had a special talent for doing great massages.

I then explained that I had the office space in the city and that it was actually too big just for me alone. I told her how it could easily be converted for use as a massage studio. There was a spare room that had a connecting bathroom with a shower. I had been using the room for storage so with some cleaning out and maybe new paint it could be used as a studio. Being at the back of the building it even had its own entrance.

I could see that Amy was thinking over what I had said as she took another bite of her dinner. I had no idea how she was feeling until after another swallow of wine she started to ask questions.

The class that we had taken was very extensive but it did not give her any kind of certification and she was wondering about a business license and being legit.

I told her that we would have to do this under the table so to speak. I explained that I thought we could advertise in the legit section of Craigslist and we would try to filter out any one who we thought would be an undesirable.

She asked what she should charge and I said that I thought she could get from $60.00 to $80.00 plus her tips. If they wanted to use a credit card I could run it through my business account, but then it would show up in our taxes.

She came up with the thought that she could charge $60.00 for cash and $80.00 for credit. This is when I knew that she was actually interested.

All through dinner and then even after we worked out more details until we both knew this was going to happen. The next day was a Saturday so we went to the office and began to clean up her space.

It wasn't long before the room was empty and ready for her special touches. After a trip to the local hardware store we were back with paint and things to decorate her studio with.

I had not seen her this excited about something in a very long time. I began to feel guilty that I was turning her newly found vocation into something nasty in my dirty little mind.

When we got home that night we were beat. Into the hot tub and then straight to bed where I gave her a nice long massage which again led to some great sex but nothing like the night that she stroked me off.

The next day we brought more things that she wanted from home including a very nice massage table that we had bought when we took our class. She had done a wonderful job at decorating her space and with the lights out and the scented candles lit it felt so calm and relaxing.

She even had all the towels and sheets that she would need stacked neatly in the bathroom linen cabinet. We had agreed that she should offer the shower before and after the massage so her customers would be clean when she worked on them and be able to leave that way. She had even set up the shower with special soaps and toiletries to be used by her customers.

She already had a collection of oils that she liked to use so those were at the ready on a small table in the corner. She also brought down her personal ipod stereo with some great music for a relaxing massage.

That night we worked out her ad that we would post on Craigslist. As we were going through what to say I felt her start to get uneasy about what she was about to do. Who would these men be and how would they treat her.

I had always known that we were talking about legitimate massage even though I had my own secret fantasies. She shocked me a bit when she asked me how I thought she should handle situations where the men wanted more then just a massage. I could tell this made her uneasy.

I told her that if it came to the point that she was uncomfortable she should just be firm in the fact that the session was over. I also told her that I would install a buzzer that would connect to my office. I would make sure she would be safe.

We set up the ad that night listing the day time hours that she would be available. We had a separate cell phone and number that would be used only for this purpose. That night we both had trouble sleeping but for different reasons. Hers was anxiety and mine was fantasy.

On Monday morning we left the house at 7:00 am for the 40 minute drive into the city. After parking in the garage we were walking to Starbucks when she got her first call.

James was from out of town here for some business meetings and would like to get a massage this morning before starting. My wife explained her costs and a time was arranged for 8:30. He would be taking a cab from his hotel so she gave him the address and explained about the rear entrance.

Because of the short notice my wife went straight to the office to change and get things ready while I continued on to get my morning coffee. The whole time I was wondering what she would be wearing and how the guy would respond to her massage.

When I got to the office I opened the door to the hall that separated our spaces to check on my wife. When I looked into her room I couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing a white smock like dress which almost made her look like a nurse. She was bent over lighting one of the scented candles and her dress was riding up so high I could almost see the bottom of her ass cheeks.

She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and I could smell the hint of her perfume in the air. We had talked a little bit about what she should wear and I made the comment that she should dress to be comfortable but also to get good tips. She was definitely dressing for the tips.

As she straightened up I came into the room and asked if everything was ok. The dress was buttoned up the front but she had left the last two buttons at the top undone. I knew that if she were bent over you would be able to see down to her tits.

Nervously she said she was ready. I gave her a kiss and hug, wished her good luck and went back to my office.

Just as I was sitting down a cab pulled up and out jumped a guy wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt. He was carrying a briefcase and one of those hang up bags which I assumed was his business suit.

He looked to be somewhere in his fifties with graying hair but in decent shape. He looked like an ok guy not some sleaze bag so I was feeling relieved.

Through the paper thin walls I could hear the soothing music that my wife had put on and was imagining her in that short dress when I heard him knock at her entrance door.

Now it was me that felt the anxiety as I heard her welcome him into the studio. When I heard the door to her room close their conversation became muffled and I started going crazy wondering what was being said.

I tried to do some work but I couldn't stop thinking about what was going on in that room. I hadn't had the time to install the buzzer that we had talked about so I was even starting to worry that she might not be safe. My imagination was running wild when I heard them both laugh out loud.

That made me relax and I could stop worrying. That one hour seemed to be taking forever when suddenly I heard the shower turn on. After about ten minutes I heard my wife and the business man talking in the hall while he waited for his cab.

When he finally left I rushed through the door and found my wife in the studio bathroom cleaning up. The air was filled with the scent of the candles, the oil and my wife. She was picking up the used towels that had been thrown into the corner basket and the sight of her beautiful ass in white panties is what greeted me. Her dress had ridden up to the point of exposing her sexy pantied rear.

I couldn't resist. I stepped up behind her and ran my hand up between her legs. She actually let out a little scream as she jumped up and away from my searching hand.

She seemed very relieved that it was me who had touched her but gave me a playful slap on the hand that was now touching at the front of her panties under her dress.

Her face went deep red as she saw that I could feel her panties were soaked around her pussy. I now knew that at some point during the massage she had become very aroused.

Before I had a chance to say anything the cell phone we had got her began to ring loudly in the other room. We both stepped into the room while she answered the call.

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