tagGroup SexMy Wife's Seduction

My Wife's Seduction


A true story

It had always been a major turn on for me imagining and seeing my wife being pleasured by a total stranger, so recently I began toying with the idea of having her seduced by a complete stranger.

I had offered her on an adult dating sight and as you can imagine there was no shortage of offers. The Lucky guy was a 73 year old grandfather called Adrian. After exchanging many emails and calls we set the date and went to work.

I had booked a hotel were I would get my wife into relaxed and comfortable state. The rest would be up to Adrian. After about 2 hours into the evening and my wife having had a few glasses of wine, I noticed Adrian. He looked up at me and gave me a nod. He made his way over and sat at the table next to us and before long he began to chat away in a very innocent manner. He cleverly made reference to the fact he had been let down by his friends and was on his own. She fell for it hook line and sinker as after 20 minutes of chit chat over the two tables and more wine she asked him to join us.

Adrian sat beside my wife with me on the other side as the tables were round. As the night passed and with my wife really in a comfort zone, I left to go back to the bar on my deliberately delayed return my wife made her way to the toilet. Adrian then advised me that whilst away my wife had asked about older men could they still perform. Adrian told her "why not find out yourself" He told me my wife then rubbed the palm of her hand around his crotch feeling the outline of his semi aroused cock. Adrian said she smiled and gave a "mmm" of approval.

As the night wore on there was a little flirting from my wife who was now rather tipsy. She made indications she was now ready for bed. She made her way up and as was the norm on our hotel outings I reminded her that she was to prepare herself in the usual manner, as I would be up shortly to fuck her.

We waited for around half an hour before making our way up to the room, which was in darkness. I opened the door bringing Adrian in. Making my way from the short hallway I could see my wife's stocking clad silhouette lying on the bed. I lay beside her kissing her whilst gently rubbing her already very wet cunt. Whilst kissing her neck I asked would she like to feel Adrian's tongue and cock on and in her pussy, she gently answered "yes".

At this point I gestured for him to come over and he wasted no time in pulling her panties to the side and feasting on her pussy. This was fucking amazing as I lay there sucking on my wife's nipple hardened tits and kissing her I could feel the pleasure ripple through her, the enjoyment she was receiving from his tongue. I lent over and put the lights on as I did not want to miss a trick. Adrians tongue was exploring every section of my wife's pussy and ass and fuck she was loving every second of it. Her moans of pleasure were muted, but somehow deafening. Her body was covered in goosebumps as her moaning increased. Adrian then rose from between my wife's legs and brought his cock up to her mouth were she began to stoke it and gaze at it for a while with a smile. She opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking his shaft and balls like there was no tomorrow. She was holding his cock in two hands whilst sucking on it's head, tasting his precum. She was eating this like she had not been fed in weeks and boy he was loving the attention. Whilst having his cock sucked upon he again lent over and began working his tongue into my wife swollen pussy, sucking and biting on her clit whilst again fingering her ass. She was in heaven and I was starting to grow wings myself. whilst sucking on her clit he thrust his fingers into her willing hole and began to forcefully finger fuck her at pace she was almost there as her body twisted and arched whilst I am up there with her left tit in both hands squeezing and hanging on to her solid nipple with my mouth. She was moaning and if the other guests did not know what was happening they did now as she let out a deafening moan of pleasure as her pussy juice shot from her hole. Adrian held her clit tight in his teeth as I did her tit, both of us pinning her down. Again she let out a scream as her juice pumped from her pussy , she was shaking with pleasure as again she came hard squirting more pussy juice over the room. Adrian stood up and I moved away as he wasted no time in easing his large cock into my wife's soaked and willing pussy

She moaned loudly as it worked it's way into her love hole. She had never had a cock like this in her life and boy she was loving it. He was fucking her with long deep strokes I lay there watching my wife's pussy being stretched, pulling her pussy inside out as he withdrew his cock which was shining with my wife's pussy juice. He began to now fuck her with some pace as again her breathing changed. He was fucking her quickly, but forcibly whilst kissing her neck which she loves. It was not long before the squelching of my wife's pussy juices began to be evident which had me ready to explode then again she moaned loudly as he withdrew his cock allowing for her juice to escape, again he quickly plunged into her bringing her off again and again. Boy he was an expert fucking her in between sucking on her eager pussy. She was exhausted, but he was not finished he gently flipped her over on to her knees and tongued her ass whilst rubbing on her now very swollen clit and she was loving it as her moans filled the room. Slowly he directed his fat cock into her pussy and held her hips whilst thrusting into her pussy. She was quivering as she quickly climaxed and collapsed onto the bed. He continued to fuck her with enthusiasm as she moaned with every stroke then his breathing also changed as I could see he was tensing up and getting ready to cum. With a few more quick deep thrusts he pulled his cock from my wife's worn used pussy and wanked off a huge load into her mouth which she barely had the energy to keep open, but like the good girl she is she allowed him to empty his balls right down the back of her throat, she licked every last drop squeezing his balls and gripping his shaft tightly whilst pulling her hands up towards her mouth ensuring he was empty.

She lay there for over an hour in total bliss and satisfied beyond belief, her nipples still erect and her pussy having been used like never before. This was without doubt the biggest turn on ever which as we have Adrian's number will no doubt repeat the performance.

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