tagBDSMMy Wifes Surprise

My Wifes Surprise


What the fuck have we got into now?

That was the thought running through my head as I hung there.

Yes hung there!

Suspended as I was by my wrists, my arms stretched up over my head, my feet barely touching the floor, my whole body pulled taught.

I couldn't see a thing, the hood that had been pulled over my head made sure of that. I felt a cool draught on my naked body; yes I was also stripped bare as well!

I could here the voices all around me, but could not put faces to any of them.

Our latest circle of friends that Katee and I had met in our last visit to a swingers club. Six couples, who over a period of time we became close enough to for us to openly discuss our fantasies and fetishes, if going to a swingers club wasn't fantasy enough.

It turned out that the couples had broadly similar fantasies to our own and had been acting them out for months, one of the couples had an old barn and that had been turned into the playroom that I now found myself suspended within. Katee and I had been invited to join the group after some weeks of meeting them in the club.

Not that we did at first. We discussed it many times before deciding to give it a go, maybe it was the fact that we hadn't had a new experience for a while, that and the excitement of control being taken away from us and being placed in the hands of others.

So here we were, now part of a close knit fetish club where everything and anything goes, the only get out would be the mutually agreed safe word for everyone.

We were met at the door of the barn when we arrived at seven-ish, ushered inside and told to get stripped in one of the side rooms, men would be totally naked at all times, women could wear whatever fetish clothing they brought with them.

Katee grinned at me, she had brought along a rather nice black bustier that allowed her breasts to be on show at all times, a pair of black fishnet holdups and black stiletto shoes.

For my part I just stripped!

As the new couple to the group the rest made it clear that we were going to be the star turns and it would be up to us to entertain the rest for the evening. We helped ourselves to drinks and while finding it odd to see six guys totally naked, it was a turn on to see seven equally semi dressed women, all sporting bodies that I could willingly fuck all night.

After some small talk around the group we were taken to the main room, all manner of sex equipment and toys could be seen, vaulting horses, ropes, slings, if it was made for sex, it was probably in this room.

'Right everyone' it was Robert, the owner of the barn,

'Helen and I would like to thank you all for coming this evening, we're sure we will all enjoy ourselves, and to the new couple, remember, whatever happens you have the safe word and you will not go home disappointed, even if no sex happens for you at first, it will by the end of the evening'

With that the women excluding Katee came and grabbed me and led me away to the back of the barn, I had to follow as one of them had grabbed my cock and was using it to lead me away from the room. For my part I was willing to go along with this.

Once at the back things took a suddenly unexpected turn, four of the ladies proceeded to put on strap-on dildos of varying sizes, my hands were bound in front of me and the hood was pulled over my head.

'Ok, he's ready, let's get him tied up'

I was led, more cautiously this time back to the centre of the room and pulled to a halt.

'Right this is what is going to happen. Katee is about to be fucked by as many of us, men or women, that feels like doing so. For your part you will stay hooded until we decide to uncover you, the only sense you will have for now is your hearing, so make the most of it'

Huh? They were all going to enjoy Katee and I could neither see nor do anything myself? No way! I started to protest when a ball gag was forcibly pushed into my mouth.

The rope on my wrists was tugged and I went to step forward but stumbled, my knees coming up against something hard, I began to fall forward but was caught at the waist by something hard and padded; it must have been the vaulting horse.

As I tried to stand back up my wrists were pulled toward the ground by the attached rope making me stay bent over, my ankles were quickly bound to each corner making me spread my legs wide.

Unknown to me, but what she told me later, Katee had been instructed that this first part of the evening was for the ladies pleasure; her time would come later, when I was strung up. If she wanted to join in with a strap on she could, just not to let me know it was her.

I felt someone licking at my now parted ass cheeks and another mouth on my growing cock, even in such a position it still felt good.

'Now ladies, shall we take him?' a voice called out.

'Yes do him now, what about the guys? Can they have a go as well?'

'Of course, no limits here' the first voice replied.

I felt coldness on my ass as a hand spread plenty of lubricant around. Then the pressure of the first dildo against my tight asshole, a gentle pressure that grew more and more as I initially tried to resist. Then with a gentle plop, it was in, gradually being worked deeper by its owner.

My ass was on fire, this dildo was twice as thick as Katee's all I could do was groan, but after a couple of minutes my muscles began to relax and whoever it was began long hard strokes into my ass. Her pace quickened and I could hear her gasping for breath before she lunged forward and fell onto my back, moaning in orgasm.

She had only just pulled out when another larger dildo was in it's place, here I was being anally abused by a group of women with strap-ons and yet my cock was a raging hard on.

That fact hadn't been missed by the attending ladies, as my ass was being pumped by a strap on I had a mouth envelop my cock.

I don't know how long it lasted but I counted nine changes of dildo, although I knew that a couple of these were the guys. It may sound obvious but you can tell the difference between flesh and plastic! I was released from the vaulting horse but not untied.

'Now, the rest of the evening can go as planned' said that voice again

I was stood upright when I realized my arms were being pulled up and over my head, leaving me to balance on my toes.

'My look how big his cock is' said a voice

'Just goes to show how guys really love to be fucked in the ass' the first one replied

A chorus of giggles and assents came from around me.

I don't think it was anything to do with having my ass fucked, that poor thing was now feeling raw and tender. It was more likely to be the events taking place that gave me such a boner. But I could indeed feel my cock pulsing and twitching, needing release but not yet being allowed it, unlike a couple of the guys who had used me. I could feel a mixture of lubricant and probably semen beginning to leak from my ass and run down my thighs, now I know what Katee feels like after a marathon session at home, a sticky mess!

'OK on to the main event' came that voice again

'You guys help get Katee into that sling and then fuck her until she passes out'

I heard several guys talking excitedly that their turn had come. I dearly wanted to see what was happening but couldn't

There was some noise from in front of me, rattling of chains and rustling of straps.

'Brian, the guys have got Katee fastened into a sex swing now' it was that voice again, close to my head, she must be sat on something to be so high, not speaking loudly, almost a whisper, I had to strain to hear her words.

'You should see your beautiful wife, totally at everyone's mercy. The sling will not allow her to do anything at all except to be taken by anyone. I am going to sit here and describe what happens to her, would you like that?'

I could only moan, the ball gag in my mouth stopping real words escaping, the saliva running from the corners of my mouth.

'Her legs are in the stirrups now, her thighs forced wide apart, I can see how red and swollen her sex is. Her arms are tied to the straps of the swing, her head hanging back loose, unsupported.'

I heard a squeal from in front of me, it could only be Katee. I struggled but was bound tight.

'Would you like to know what happened?'

I couldn't answer but let out a muffled yell of my own. I felt a searing pain in my left nipple. It gradually subsided but stayed burning in the back of my mind.

'Oh we do love our nipple clamps in our group, you'll both enjoy them as well'

Another scream from Katee and I knew what would follow in the next few seconds, but even so it was still a shock as a second clamp bit into my other nipple.

Katee's screams turned into a low moaning sound, then stopped.

'Oh look at that' the whispered voice began, 'Graham is deepthroating her and she is taking it all!! I have never seen anyone take a cock all the way to the base before. Katee is going to be very welcome in our group with that kind of skill'

I felt a tongue on my cock, then had it enveloped by a mouth, another mouth sucked on my balls then a third at my ass. I was torn between wanting to think of my own pleasure and what was happening to Katee; wanting to be sure she was alright. But she hadn't shouted the safe word, so things must be ok.

'How does it feel to have your cock sucked by a man? You'll be able to return the favour later when we take off that hood'

My cock grew harder if that were possible. A guy sucking my cock? They expected me to suck one of theirs later? I hadn't thought of that happening. I don't think I could bring myself to do it, so best try and avoid that coming up later on.

'Leave his cock alone, we don't want his spunk all over just yet' the whispered voice had risen several octaves and the cock sucking stopped

It returned to its barely audible pitch.

'Katee's going to get it now, the guys are lining up to fuck her, her fanny is going to be awash with spunk, then the girls will have their turn. You guys are ok with your cocks but what we girls really need is to be well and truly filled, and the only way we can get that is to satisfy ourselves with our nice strap-ons.'

I could hear the rhythmic creaking of straps as the first guy began his fucking of my wife. The creaking kept up a steady pace before gradually increasing. I could hear one of them beginning to grunt and breathe heavily; I could also hear Katee becoming aroused as well.

'You would love this Brian. Katee with a slick cock being pounded in her fanny and another in her mouth. Totally helpless. She can't move at all, all those straps holding her up like that, she can't clamp on with her legs, she can't hold on with her arms. She's just being used as a fuck doll and guess what? She's enjoying it all'

I heard the guy that was fucking her grunt loudly as he shot his spunk deep inside of Katee.

'Oh she just loved that' came the whisper

'Look at her fanny, gaping wide and wanting to be filled, well the guys aren't going to disappoint her, the next one is getting his cock in there now'

Then once again I could hear the straps begin to swing and creak again. I was being tormented beyond what I thought possible when another pain coursed through my body.

'Did you like that?'

I couldn't answer of course, just feel the pain as some sort of clip clamped down on my cock head and some sort of probe was pushed into my ass.

'This is my latest toy; let's see how you like it'

My cock leaped upward and my body became rigid as a shock coursed through my lower body.

'I can change the settings on it to make it stronger if you wish. It's a lovely little electric shock machine, a bit like those abdominal exercisers you can buy, only this one is for exercising cocks' a little laugh escaped her then.

My cock began to bounce and pulse like it was going to split open and pour out its contents onto the floor, each pulse being accompanied by a sharp bolt of pain.

'Your on the lowest setting here Brian, but I do like the way this pulse function makes your body jump, later when I get to fuck you for real, I want to try it with this still attached, that should be fun'

I groaned, how much was my body going to endure this evening?

I was shaken from my inward thoughts by Katee's voice, she was pleading for orgasmic release, it seems that the straps she was bound by were having the same affect as my own, giving others pleasure whilst denying our own.

'All the guys have had their turn now Brian, Katee is well fucked and covered in cum. The girls are about to use her now, would you like to watch?'

I couldn't answer but very quickly nodded my head; I need to be rid of this hood.

'Very well, let's be getting that hood off. You'll be able to see what a group of women can really do to each other, we'll show you how to really have sex and enjoy it'

The hood was pulled off of me; I blinked my eyes a few times and began to regain focus again.

Katee was held up from the ground in a sex swing, her legs wide apart and cum running from her pussy, her labia distended from the pounding she had taken, I could see how her nipples were swollen from the clips on them. I looked down and saw my own were almost as large.

'Ah yes, the nipples, we haven't finished with those yet, just hang there and wait' my tormentor laughed in my face.

They released some of the rope, allowing me to support my weight on my feet properly rather than on the toes bringing me some much needed relief.

I concentrated on watching the ladies pleasure themselves and Katee for the next hour, they fucked her with dildos, they fucked each other. They used vibrators on Katee's clitoris until she was literally jumping and twitching in the sling like I was with the electric shocks. Yet in all that time she was not allowed to cum, like me she must have been yearning sexual release.

One of the ladies came back with the biggest strap on I had ever seen, it had to be a foot long and the thickness of a cola can. No way was that ever going to go into Katee's fanny.

How wrong could I be! She stood between Katee's legs and the obscenely sized dildo made contact with her fanny; two of the ladies stood one on each side of Katee and braced her for the onslaught of that monster.

I had a close up view as she began pushing, first the head slowly entered those abused puffy labia, then the shaft began to follow, the ladies on each side not having that much to do, Katee began to moan in pleasure as the monster went deeper.

'See I told you us ladies like to be really filled, something you guys with normal sized cocks can't do for us' the whisperer had found her normal voice.

The huge strap on was almost fully inside now, amazing me with how deep it must be, the wearer began to fuck Katee with it and Katee was responding in kind, begging to be fucked, pleading for it to be pushed deeper.

All the guys were cheering them on, all of them either wanking their cocks or one of the few remaining ladies sucking or wanking for them. Nothing was said but the two ladies on each side of Katee left and re-appeared a short time later, once again taking up their positions on each side of her; both had a little metal tray with them.

Without warning they both pulled on the nipple clamps stretching out Katee's nipples and taking her breath away. With the other hand they quickly pushed needles through the nipples and in seconds had put a piercing into place and removed the needles, securely closing the little barbell's in place.

It was done so quickly Katee had only time to gasp her surprise before it was done and over with.

The ladies stood and came over to me; I swallowed hard, but made no sound, the ball gag still in my mouth. I knew what was coming and in seconds I too was pierced, a sharp pain, that subsided quickly, the clamps were released and the burning of circulation began to return to my nipples.

In front of me Katee was pleading for orgasm again, the woman with the giant strap on pulled free and Katee's fanny was gaping wider then I had ever seen it.

'Ok everyone, it'll soon be time to pick a partner and enjoy ourselves, but first we have to finish off with the ladies finale' with this everyone let out a cheer.

The whisperer, left my side and knelt in between Katee's legs, getting up close to her abused fanny I thought she was going to lick her but no. She lubricated her fingers and began to finger fuck Katee's well lubed fanny, first two and then three fingers, Katee was responding and trying to push down on to them, only she couldn't get any grip due to the swing.

Four fingers rapidly followed, the woman's thumb brushing Katee's clitoris. She looked around at everyone and they all chanted out 'Do It!!' in unison. She grinned at them all and then up at me.

Without warning her hand thrust forward and disappeared completely inside of Katee's fanny. I looked on in awe, something I had always wanted to try but never had. Katee was going wild as she was fisted, the hand stretching her fanny even larger than the strap on. The woman leant forward and clamped her mouth onto Katee's clitoris.

Two others began to suck on her newly pierced nipples and yet another straddled over her face smothering her with her fanny.

It all had a desired affect, Katee exploded in the biggest orgasm I have ever seen, her own ejaculate squirting past the woman's hand and spraying over her tits. The orgasm lasted a long time before gradually subsiding leaving Katee exhausted.

They lowered her to the floor where she seemed to fall into a light sleep.

'Don't worry about her, she'll be awake shortly and wanting to fuck like it's going out of fashion' said the whisperer.

'But we have some unfinished business I think'

I was untied and instructed to lie on the floor; she came over to me as everyone watched. She straddled my body and squatted down on my still very erect cock. I still had the probe in my ass but the clamp on my cock head had been replaced with a very fine wire that encircled it instead.

As she bottomed out on me she leant forward and began to play with my pierced nipples.

'You may not have noticed, but everyone of us has similar piercing's, we hope you both keep them in and will join us again in future, we'd love to have you both as part of the group'

Before I could answer a fanny was over my mouth and doing it's best to suffocate me, the two ladies one on my face, one on my cock, leant in to each other and began to kiss. The lady on my cock began rocking driving me insane with lust, and then it happened.

The electric shock through my cock and ass, I thought my cock was about to burst again.

'Oh yes!, Graham we have to try this together' the whisperer said

'You can feel how big your cock grows with each charge of electric, it feels fantastic'

I was beginning to agree! The electric charge and her rocking motion was having a delirious affect on me, I was about to cum and cum hard. I wasn't the only one, the two ladies who were mounted on me started to cum as well, the one on my mouth began to leak fluid which I drank down but kept on licking her.

The one on my cock was trying to force me deeper and deeper, she turned up the voltage and my cock swelled so much it hurt, I gripped her thighs tightly trying to get even deeper, I knew I couldn't hold back any longer and told her so.

She turned up the voltage even more and my cock a few seconds later exploded with gallons of cum, or what felt like gallons of cum, each pulse of electricity bringing forth another torrent of cum, she screamed out herself and orgasmed with me, flooding my cock and balls with her own ejaculate mixed that of mine.

We all recovered slowly, only then did I notice that most of the others had left.

'We'll be leaving now; we all have our own rooms where we go with a partner, when Katee comes fully round you can use that room over there. Either spend the night or get yourselves together before leaving, we'd love to have you again'

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