tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Young Black Lover Ch. 02

My Wife's Young Black Lover Ch. 02


Our renewed invitation to my wife's new young black lover to visit us regularly was mutually agreed upon and anticipated by all.

On his subsequent visits I was continually mesmerised and a little shocked by the sheer power and strength of this young black Adonis that was a beautiful source of sexual satisfaction for my wife.

Adolescent and immature he may be accused of being and some might say that his lack of sexual experience, coupled with his 19 years, would indicate that he would not make a good lover for an older more experienced woman.

However, no-one who cast their eyes upon this black youth, could ever say that this 19 year old was in any way underdeveloped physically for sex. A point my wife would totally agree with.

His tight beautiful black skinned torso and muscular physique disputed if not negated these suggestions or criticisms. Sexually, his physique was astonishingly well developed, a handsome young chiselled face, which was childlike and forever smiling, a firm slender body that rippled with muscles, his biceps, thighs and chest being considerably larger than most. Not only this, but most importantly, an amazingly large cock that's size and girth belied his years.

This so called youth was to satisfy my wife sexually in ways that others, including me, never managed to achieve. The orgasmic moanings and squealings he caused to involuntary emerge from my wife were unprecedented. The way my wife's body convulsed and jerked under him as he, high up on her, had deep and beautiful penetration of her pussy with his monstrous black cock, was and is, incomparable. The difference, I believe, is, that this young black, despite his inexperience and youthfulness, seemed to put his whole physical being and energy into every sexual performance he had with my beautiful blonde wife and as always she responded so fully to him.

These moments of raw animal lust are etched beautifully forever in my mind. I will never forget the magnificence of watching that strength and youthful power being devoted to my wife's repeated need for intercourse with him. On one of his many visits I witnessed this youths talent demonstrated as he was having sex with my wife in our lounge.

We'd had a meal and some wine together knowing that afterwards we would adjourn to our large lounge where I'd watch my wife being pleasured by this young black youth.

I'd watched them fondle and partly unclothe one another and perform various acts of mutual foreplay.

At my request, my wife would always wear heavy glossed pink lipstick during oral sex with him, pink being the colour of lipstick that best contrasted against his black cock skin. She would, for my benefit, purposely leave bright pink lipstick rings around the thick black shaft as she knew how exhilarating and exciting it was for me to see her leave her ‘pink lip mark' on him. They were a constant reminder to me during their sex that my own lovely wife's lips had been fastened round this large black prick. I'd particularly look with anticipation for these lipstick rings to disappeared into my wife's pussy when he mounted her.

My adorable wife loved to perform oral sex on him and enjoyed playing with his large ebony rod. She particularly savoured the control it gave her over him. I'd watch as this muscle bound black youth become powerless and rooted to the seat as my large breasted wife knelt between his legs and began to engross herself in his fantastic cock.

She'd start by holding the flat hairy base around his cock tightly down into his groin, making his cock stand completely erect and looking considerably long with it's broad mushroom head plump and enlarged at it's tip. She would look at it in amazement and sometimes gasp at just how big this young boys cock was. It was covered in thick protruding veins up and down it's length and the underbelly had a very pronounced cock-tube running up the centre from deep within his balls to the V of the plum shaped head of his cock. This youth enjoyed when my wife vocalised her sheer wonder at how big and beautiful his cock was. He was rightly, proud of it.

Then, starting at the cock root, she'd slowly slide her wet tongue up the vein bulging black shaft, gently kissing and mouthing it with her glossy lips, feeling the large veins bump gently on her mouth.

On reaching the large protruding head she'd run her wet tongue around it before her glossy lips would part and it would disappear into her warm wet mouth. I'd watch as her blonde head would gently bounce up and down on his lap as more inches of thick black cock were enveloped by her glossy pink lips.

Eventually, with an audible ‘smack' of her lips, the massive head would reappear covered in a mixture of saliva and his own juices. She would then begin to concentrate her attention on the huge protruding head, flicking the distinct and bulbous V shaped underbelly with the tip of her tongue making his cock sway back and forth. She'd curl her long pink nailed fingers around the shaft and slowly and lightly stroke it while the tip of her tongue would trace along the large thickened ridge of the deep purple head. Clear fluid would ooze from the tip of his cock and his face would contort as he fought to stop himself from ejaculating all over my wife's beautifully made up face as she licked and sucked.

I also insisted that she wear her wedding ring while having sex with her young lover as the sight of my wife's gold wedding ringed finger wrapped around this lad's big black cock was an awesome and exciting scene.

Often she would have a small bottle of olive oil prepared beside the seat and when finished with sucking and licking him would then begin to oil his colossal black cock with it, slowly massaging the veiny ebony shaft and large plum sized head with her fingers until it glistened like glass. She'd stroke him long and hard occasionally taking him in her mouth.

She also loved to witness his reaction when she would uncover her large tanned breasts for him and leaning forward gently, take hold of the thick black cock root in her hand, and glide the big slippery cock head, in turn, over each large areola and nipple till they too sparkled with oil. Then, placing the oily shaft between her large breasts, he'd moan and groan as she cupped them in her hands and began lifting and squeezing them up and down the black polished shaft, flicking the large shiny head with her tongue in the process.

By now he was ready to discharge the loaded pump root of his massive and ever thickening shaft and she knew it. My wife had the unique ability to tell just when he was about to cum.

Releasing his long slippery cock from between her now oily cleavage, my wife stood up. She looked gorgeous.

She was naked except for the obligatory black stilettos she wore. Her blonde hair tied neatly up, her shapely legs and round tanned buttocks were an awesome sight and now her large tanned breasts with large light brown areolas glistened with oil from his cock.

Turning round to face me she lifting a high heeled foot over his black muscular thighs, and straddled him.

Lowering herself, this young lad placed his black strong hands on her tanned hips, and held her steady as he guided my wife's wet and distended pussy lips over his rampant black cock. Gripping her steadily, I watched as my wife reached down between her open legs and held his huge veiny black cock in her wedding ringed fingers.

This young black Negro boy then lowered my wife till the huge oily purple plum shaped head of his cock nestled between my wife's enlarged and wet pussy lips. They seemed to open like petals to the sun as the mushroomed head approached them.

She gasped loudly as she felt the large bloated head stretch her apart and ease itself into her penetrated wetness. With ease her pussy lips slid down his thick cock, inch by thick inch, filling her until her buttocks rested on his tight black stomach. A ring of oil glistened around the massive cock shaft where my wife's stretched vaginal lips were tightly wrapped around it.

Her pussy was so lubricated by the oil from his cock, that she was able to go balls deep on this initial impaling onto his cock. She lay back against him gasping and moaning. My wife groaned loudly as he moved her on his cock, no doubt she was feeling the large head stretch her inside again as he now cupped her large tanned breasts in his hands as she lay helplessly impaled on his huge black cock.

With slow powerful movement of his strong hips, I watched as four to five inches of thick young Negro cock eased in and out of my wife, his black hands cupping and squeezing her breasts as he fucked her.

My wife squealed and moaned with each inward stroke no doubt feeling yet again his thick black veiny cock invade her narrow pussy channel and the mushroom head reach far inside.

Lying back against this young black lover my wife was in ecstasy and came so wonderfully. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open and rhythmically moaning and panting as he cupped, squeezed and played with her massive tits while his cock slid in and out of her very wet pussy. Her juice trickling down the sides of his long black cock.

He then, placing his large black hands under her tanned legs, lifted them up and wide allowing him to raise his hips up more so his cock went in deeper. My wife squealed feeling her pussy lips stretched round the massive pole, her high heeled feet dangling and swaying at each stroke of his cock as he continued to fuck her deep.

Then, releasing her legs and placing his hands on her hips he motioned for her to raise herself up and forward so she could ride his cock. My wife clutched his black legs with her white hands to steady herself, and leaning forward began raising herself up and down the huge black veiny shaft. Her huge tits swaying back and forth at each plunge of her pussy lips down his cock. His strong black hands held her hips as he watched my wife's pussy lips slide up and down his massive cock shaft. He loved that. She would squeal when he with a downward push on her hips would plunge her pussy down to the thick base of his cock making her feel the large bloated head fill her deep within. He would occasionally reach round to hold each heavy breast as she continued to fuck his huge cock.

He then motioned for her to stand up and I watched as his massive slippery cock slid from my wife's wide stretched pussy lips. She looked desperate to get that cock back inside her as he stood and motioned for her to sit on the seat. His huge vein filled cock swayed back and forth as my wife sat on the edge and lay back into the seat and in anticipation open her legs wide. Her large tits jutting up as she lay there waiting for him to mount her again.

Leaning forward he positioning himself between her wide stretched tanned legs and held on to each arm of the large leather chair. Her legs were now hooked over his muscular black arms and dangling free, and as he moved forward this caused her legs to spread wider and be pushed back so her pussy was raised upwards and perfectly positioned for his huge cock to re-enter her.

Guiding it with her hand, my wife squealed very loudly as this huge black veiny cock once again slid between her open and swollen pussy lips and did not stop till his tight black balls were brushing against my wife's tanned buttocks. Her eyes were wide and nostrils flared as she felt his huge cock head press against her womb. She'd tried to place her hand on his chest in a vain attempt to stop his cock from going further inside her but to no avail. He was truly balls deep. No part of his thick cock shaft was to be seen as motionless he allowed my wife to feel his cock fill her. My wife gasped and cupped her breasts for him to suck and lick as his massive prick lay still and stretching my wife's insides.

Then, slowly he withdrew his cock till the thick edges of the large cock head appeared between my wife swollen and stretched pussy lips. My wife gasped as he plunged his cock back in deep and out again, then in again, then out again, each time until her pussy lips were stretched around the cock head, then back in, to the hilt. She came repeatedly making her so wet that his cock slid smoothly in and out.

This he continued to do, getting slowly and deliberately faster at each stroke. It was almost mechanical in it's action, like some massive piston. His balls were tight at the root of this massive black rod, the veins up and down it stood proud of the shaft, my wife's vaginal lips feeling each one as he slowly and smoothly slid in and out of her. She had some of the most fantastic body wrenching orgasms I'd seen her have as this so called youth fucked her with this big cock. Watching his cock slide in and out of my darling wife as she moaned and came yet again was awesome. From my position, I had sideways view and watched with amazement the tireless pumping of this youth as he fucked my darling wife. My wife clasped her hand over her mouth as he fucked her for at least ten minutes in this helpless position she took under his fantastic body.

Then once again, I watched this young man's body convulse and quake as his balls violently emptied themselves into my wife's pussy. The cock pumping convulsions were once again met with squeals and moans from my wife and at each pump thrust of his warm cum inside, her eyes widened and her mouth opened in silent screams.

He remained balls deep inside her as his cock coughed up it's last drop of fluid. My wife panted and continued to moan as she felt each cock spasm within her. Slowly it subsided and I watched as he once again erotically kissed my wife full on the lips before he slipped his large ebony cock from my her pussy. My wife squealed as yet again she felt the huge barbed head dislodge from her. I could hear the wet ‘pop' as it left her pussy lips. Even in a semi slack state it looked utterly amazing with thick shiny shaft and large mushroom head as he stood and walked towards the door to clean himself up.

My wife lay still, her large chest heaving with spent sexual excitement. She looked wonderful, I noticed again that his heavy white liquid was oozing from within my wife and trickling down her rounded buttocks. Her pussy lips still gaping and stretched from the invasion of his massive black cock and looking at her knew that this would not be the last time I saw them together that evening. I was not wrong.

After they had cleaned themselves up and dressed, we all sat in the lounge and had a few drinks and chatted about his next visit where it had been suggested that they act out some scenarios my wife and I had developed throughout our marriage. He seemed very keen as some of them were very erotic. I could tell that both were getting excited about it.

It was getting late and I suggested that we should head for bed. This young man bid us goodnight and headed for his room.

My wife and I after putting things away retired to our bedroom. As we passed his room we noticed his light was still on and I looked at my wife and knew she wanted to feel that big cock inside her again. She knew he was leaving early next morning and may be weeks till she experienced such sex. We continued down the hall to our bedroom where I got ready for bed.

While in our room my wife undressed but didn't put any night wear on. She walking about naked for minutes looking unsettled and meddled about at her dressing table not coming in to bed.

I eventually said to her that if she wanted to go through to his room for the night then it would be ok with me. At first she pretended to protest a little but when I went over and took a pair of white high heels from the cupboard and placed them on her feet, she knew I was indeed ok about it. She thanked me and began tidying her make up and hair. She looked fabulous standing there, breasts jutting out and naked bar a pair of very high white stilettos. She kissed me and I watched as my wife walked naked down the hallway to his room. She looked wonderful, large bouncing breasts, tight tanned buttocks and shapely legs accentuated by the stilettos heels. She knocked on the door and I heard him respond. I could hear faint talking and the sound of my wife walking across the varnished floor of his bedroom.

It didn't take long before I could hear the rhythmic moanings and gaspings of my wife and the heavy creak of the bed. I ventured down the hall way and peeked through the slightly opened door. My wife was lying under him, legs high and wide as his black tight buttocks rose and fell as he fucked her. I could hear my wife tell him how much she enjoyed his cock and loved being fucked by him. He then rose up and grabbing one of my wife heeled ankles in each hand, spread her legs wide and deep fucked her. She squealed and moaned.

I decided to leave them and going back to bed fell asleep still hearing the sounds of my wife's pleasure coming up the hall from this young mans room.

I awoke when I felt her slide naked into bed. It was now 4am. My wife had been in his room for three hours. I said I hoped she'd had a good time and in response took my hand and placed it on her pussy. It was sopping wet and my finger slid easily into the gaping hole that his huge cock had left. It was wet and slimy and I could feel that her pussy had come under a real pounding from this young lads massive black cock.

When morning came he'd left early and as I awoke and threw the covers back I could see the effects this young lads cock had made on my wife. Her pussy still gaped and her lips were swollen. Cum still trickled from her and formed a wet pool beneath her.

I was happy as my wife now had someone she liked being fucked by and that I admired watching her with we were all becoming close friends.

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