My Wild-on Waitress


I glanced towards Becka and noticed her labored breathing. She was anxious. I shared her anxiety and opted to be polite, nothing more.

"No need fer formalities... You can just call me 'Dave.'" I felt my head moving like a 'bobble-head' as I spoke. But the kid didn't openly laugh at what appeared to be my mental retardation but his eyes locked onto me like a gazelle caught in the open staring down a cheetah.

I almost jumped when Becka chirped happily, "I'll start dinner."

I tried to act casual wandering over to the couch. Sitting down, I tumbled into a well of fabric throwing out my arms to slow my descent.

"Spring's are broke on that side," Craig monotoned still staring at me.

Pulling myself from the chintz covered mire I scooted to my left and mumbled, "S'okay, these are all the rage, now."

There was a pause and then Craig smiled. I felt a little better but then his smile vanished again.

"I'm half black, you know." Becka's son said flatly

"Oh... I'm all white," I blurted out, not knowing what else to say.

"Do you like my mom?"

I hesitated. I was intruding into his world, a world that had been exclusive. I was an outsider and possibly competition.

"Yeah." I answered softly. "She makes me laugh. She's pretty. I like being around her. She seems..."

"Are you gonna try to have sex with her?" He blurted out. I froze. "You're gonna use a prophylactic, aren't cha? We learned about 'em in school."

"This is just a date." I chuckled. "What grade are you in?" I turned serious


"I don't think my fifth grade teacher knew what a prophylactic was."

"Welcome to the twenty-first century..." Craig deadpanned. "That's a line from a movie."

"You're not like the other kids, are you?"

"No. I'm not. I'm precocious."

Like a flash of lightening I realized this kid was playing a role: some amalgam of every movie kid grilling their mother's 'prospective date' looking for some weakness. Every move this kid had made was calculated to test me.

I smiled. "Precocious? You're absolutely predatory. Are you like this with all your mother's dates?"

Craig smirked at me sensing that I might be catching on. "You're the first one."

"Does that surprise you?"

Now, Craig laughed briefly. "I know all about the 'wild on' at the hotel." He offered up.

"Um, how do you know about that sort of stuff?"

"We've got cable TV." A slow grin grew on his face and I joined him in a heartfelt chuckle. "You seem cool enough," he continued. I nodded my thanks. "But, I'll only be down the hall and two doors away, so I can be back here in like under 20 seconds if there's a problem."

"I'll... be... on my best behavior."

"Just make her happy. Okay?"

"I'll... I'll do my best," I answered seriously.

"Mom!" The boy shouted though never taking his eyes off me. "I'm going to Randy's to play Xbox and spend the night! He got one for Christmas... er he's getting one. We have to test it out."

Becka poked her head out of the kitchen. "No... wait a minute. You can't..."

At last, Craig released me from stare. "It's already set. His mom is havin' her period."

"Jesus Craig! She doesn't want you hanging around when..."

Craig's shoulders sagged in typical fashion for the age. "Mom, she just sulks in her bedroom and eats chocolate. I'll keep Randy company."

"Um.." Becka glanced back at something in the kitchen. "Wait!" She pulled her head back and the clatter of metal broke the silence. "Shit!"

Craig turned to face me once again. He rose slowly and then held out his hand. I stood up and shook his hand, staring back into his piercing hazel eyes.

"You better help my mom. She's a better waitress than cook." I nodded. Then Craig turned and was out the door before Becka could say another word.

"Wait!" Becka snapped as I pulled around the corner into the kitchen. "Damn it!" She snapped. She held out her palm, a pink streak across the middle, while a pan sizzled in the sink, indicative of some injury.

"Here," I pulled her hand under the tap and let the cold water run.

She flinched. "I'm sorry. You must think I'm a terrible parent."


I held her hand under the running water for several minutes and then, together we set about making dinner.

Dinner was... dinner. The company made the fare seem like a banquet. We talked and laughed and before we finished, we were completing each other's sentences. I hadn't felt this good in a long time. And Becka looked flush. And even more beautiful.

Picking up my plate and hers I walked into the kitchen dropping everything into the sink where I spritzed the pile with water and a dollop of soap.

Becka hurried in. "Just leave those," she said in a rush. I turned my face towards hers but continued to run the water. She smiled nervously and moved to my side. I flipped a dish towel over my shoulder and cranked the faucet off.

"I can get those... um..." Her chin pointed up at me while her mouth parted. I leaned in to kiss her. She threw her arms around my neck and practically jumped on me, her open mouth pressed full into mine.

"Mm." I mumbled, unable to speak with her attached to my face.

"Shit! I'm sorry," she whispered pulling her body back from mine. "I'm just so nervous."

I caught her quickly tugging her back against my chest pinning her clenched fists between us.

"It's just, the towel's wet," I explained as I yanked it off my shoulder. Becka laughed and slowly, cautiously slid her arms onto my back and moved her face towards mine for another kiss.

Kisses are foreplay, but hers was four and half. Both her palms pressed against my face now as she directed her attentions to my lips. A gentle chewing motion from her jaw massaged my lips in what, I am sure, was the best kiss I ever got.

Her quiet moans and the urgent undulations from her hips were like Spanish fly and I clung to her as if I had some fear she might try to bolt from me.

"Wait!" She whispered into my open mouth.


"I don't. I don't..." Her breath left her in a rush. "Um... I haven't been with um..." She cleared her throat. "Um..."

I smiled and pressed her body into mine, tightly. "Everybody in the touring company has to have a blood test every six months, okay?" She nodded her head against my chest. "Not that I need one," I continued. "I haven't been with a woman in... in a while." I finished.

"How come? You're a great looking guy and..." She pulled back slightly to look up at me.

"When I was on tour with the band I found my release in 'many' women and 'much' drugs. When the band went under, I found myself in the bottle. Then I started gigging again and... wanted to be the perfect physical specimen. You know, working out and all that. Then it... was all things intellectual. I wanted... to be an egghead.

"After that I had a girlfriend for about 5 years. I never cheated on her. Not once. But that ended about three years ago and then... music became my sole refuge..." I shook my head.

"Gigging 300 nights a year, some times two shows a day... and so I haven't been with anybody in a while."

"How long?"

"About three years."

"Why not?" She whispered.

I sighed heavily. "There's nothing more disheartening than watching a former rock and roll idol, with his arms tightly wrapped around a couple of adoring gray-haired widows from Florida, swapping stories about their colons." I sucked in a quick breath to speak but stopped.

Finally, I answered. "I guess I've been suffering from ego cancer." I shook my head again. "Or maybe the soul... I don't know..."

"What's that mean?"

"I've been playing in the background so long... I'm starting to feel like the background. If the drums aren't there somebody's gonna notice. Lead guitar, singer... same thing. But if the bass player doesn't make the gig nobody but the manager is gonna notice."

"Maybe it's time to be 'Dave'... and not 'the bass player' any longer."

"Yeah. Maybe I give that to me for Christmas," I muttered.

I stared into her eyes and leaned into a deep satisfying kiss with Becka. Picking her up off the floor I felt her legs wrap around my waist and I was able to easily haul her into the bedroom where I fell onto the bed, her still entwined on me.

"Um..." There was a slight tremble in Becka's voice. She swallowed hard before she went on. "My ex-husband was... really big and... uh it was usually kinda quick... and not always... satisfying." Becka softly whispered the last word. A plaintive look in her eyes touched me.

"Becka, I'm not 'really big' and I promise I'll do everything I can to make it... satisfying." Her eyes searched mine before she pulled me into her kiss.

I let my hands roam up and down her ribcage until I slowly began to circle her breasts. She arched her back to allow my hands under her sweater. A quick tug and I flipped her top to the floor and I played with the clasp of her bra until it popped free.

Well-formed even breasts greeted my exploring hands in the dim light. Puffy nipples, larger than I expected, with a dark halo surrounding her raised pink aureole, rose up above the smooth expanse of her pale breast. Her breathing was labored now.

A tickle from my tongue, painting short vertical strokes across her nipple, brought a hiss from her throat and prompted her aureole to tighten and wrinkle, lifting her tiny bud to my mouth. I sucked it deep inside, like I was starving.

"Oh God." She moaned before she pushed my face from her warmth. "When I was breast feeding Craig I thought I was a pervert because it felt so damn good." I smiled and slipped from her grasp to suckle at her again, gnawing gently on her flesh.

"Jeez," she hissed as her head burrowed into the pillow. I turned my attention to her other breast and got the same reaction. Becka was a most responsive woman. It might have been her age or maybe her ex-husband was in a hurry but I was surprised that her physical pleasure had not been stirred given her body's response to my actions, this night.

I jumped up quickly, leaving Becka panting, so I could peel off my shirt.

Her palm slid down my chest and stomach while she let her fingers dance over the remaining ripples I had invested so much time and effort to create years earlier. "Damn. You look good, Dave."

"Bless you," I chuckled. I slid behind her with my back against the headboard and I pulled her back flush to my chest so I could better explore her tantalizing breasts. Nipping at her exposed neck I let my fingers gently twist the nub of her nipple. Reaching back, Becka dug her fingernails into my scalp pulling my mouth into the hollow of her neck that she now offered up to me so willingly.

Short panting breaths from this sweet woman fired my ardor. I wanted to make her feel ultimate delight. I needed to make her feel alive and like a sexual being.

My right hand drifted to the top of her jeans, plucking at the buttons, while my left hand rubbed across the top of her puffy bosom, each finger bouncing over her nub in turn. Her fingernails dug into my forearm.

"Hurry," she whispered pressing me to undo her pants and fondle her sex.

I've never considered myself to be a sexual maven, but Becka made me feel like the god of carnal delight. I had never been as excited as I was right then. A beautiful, funny, pleasing woman was responding to my touch in a way that would make any man tremble.

I could not take it any longer. I shoved Becka over and leaped from the bed where I ripped open her pants and practically yanked them off her slim legs. She kicked at the pants as if they were on fire. Then she slid her simple cotton panties down to her ankles where she flicked them across the room with one kick. Her body was sleek and inviting with a singular gentle curve that started parallel to her bellybutton and ended at her knees. As pleasant as her face was her body was greater.

I knelt between her legs and slowly lowered my face towards the small stripe of dark hair that would guide me to heaven.

"Um..." There was some trepidation in her tone. "I've never had... um... you know... that," She swallowed hard as I inched closer to her feminine well. A well that called to me with a simple sweet scent of female lust. A delicate aroma not overpowering or fishy but pleasing and plain. Plain desire.

Her eyes grew wide as I neared my target. My tongue peeled apart the sticky resistance of her swollen puss. Searching her vertical lips I found my prize quickly and she knew the instant I had.

"Uhn!" Becka yanked my face away from her trembling flesh so she could search my eyes with hers. After a moment and several panting breaths she shoved my face roughly back to her sex where I might taste her honey.

"Jeez!" Her back arched and her heels dug into the mattress. I slapped my palm onto her slim belly to control her bucked hips while my tongue dug into her slippery warm folds.

Slapping at her clitoris with my tongue was sending this sweet woman into orbit and I knew then I was the god of carnal delights, even if only in Becka's world. I knew I could live a lifetime with that.

"Wait! Stop!" she growled but I could feel her approach to ecstasy and I would not be deterred. A squeak from deep in her chest slipped out causing me to insinuate myself deeper into her sticky sex while she strained to free herself from my grasp.

Her feet kicked at the mattress and her tiny fists balled up the sheets. When the veins in her neck bulged, holding her breath like she would never breathe again, I knew I would make this woman experience the ultimate physical joy.

Her entire frame shook, bouncing the bed beneath her body, while she still tried, in vain, to push my face away from her overstimulated sex. Twisting her head violently back and forth now, I watched as her mouth fell wide open, though silent.

"Jeez!" A hiss burst forth at last and her twisting body finally broke free of my grasp. Her feet continued to kick at the bed pushing her away from me like she might back up the headboard and then the walls.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" She begged between pants. She put her hand up to cover her eyes while repeating "Ohmigod" over and over. Her body still trembled, when she was finally able to open her eyes and stare down at me.

"Oh... my... God..." she chuckled now. "That was... every bit as good as I hoped it would be." Now, Becka laughed loudly. "Whoo!" I hushed her quickly which only made her giggle more.

"Dave, that... was... fun..." she finished bobbing her head with each word, a smile still painted across her pretty face. She collapsed back onto the bed and sighed aloud.

Now, it was my turn. I slid off the bed and stood up quickly. Becka turned her head to watch me as I peeled off my pants. When my erection bobbed free a slow smile came to her face.

"I can handle that," she boasted. Her hand quickly wrapped around my cock. "That's a reasonable size." She leaned forward and kissed my glans. Looking up into my eyes she asked, "How big are you?"

"Does that matter?"

"No," she answered with a giggle.

"I'm seven inches..."

"Damn. That's all I needed," she finished, before she slipped my glans inside her warm mouth to suckle on me. She bobbed forward but quickly gagged and pulled away to clear her throat.

"Ahem... Sorry, I'm out of practice." She smiled at me.

I moved onto the bed so I could press her figure back to the mattress and make sweet love to her.

When the tip of my cock pressed against her wet opening she whispered, "Really, I'm not very big, so go slow."

I nodded and thrust forward. Her body yielded, her eyes staring directly into mine as I entered her. I pulled back to her entrance and pushed forward again. Her body allowed more of my flesh inside her. Again I pulled back and thrust hard between her open legs. Becka's mouth opened just as her eyes closed. One more time and I filled her. I flexed and pushed to her depths. She flinched.

"Careful," she whispered, her eyes only slits now.

With each thrust from my hips I could feel her sticky sex clinging to my flesh, hanging on to me as though letting me slip away with deepest regrets. Every time I pushed forward again I felt her body open up to me, welcoming me back into her accommodating warmth. She sighed now each time I plumbed the deepest regions of her body.

Hers was a sweetest love and as I increased my rhythm her mouth opened completely and I was drawn into it, falling forward so our mouths could embrace and our tongues could entwine. Her hands clutched at the back of my head as though she wanted to consume me completely.

Small grunts told me she was approaching a climax. I wanted to share that moment but I was nowhere near satisfied that I had taken all she could give. Gritting her teeth and pushing my face from hers roughly she whined into my chest as she rolled over the top of her peak. Panting into my skin she whispered again: this time the words were not words at all but the ravings of a woman's passion.

I continued to press myself inside her yielding body building my own climax. I felt it approaching and I tucked Becka's delicate knees under my shoulders and attacked her open loins.

"Wait, slow down!" she begged but I could not. She was sucking me inside her with every thrust. I pounded away at her.

"Okay, now." Her voice was barely a whimper.

I let loose with the passion of my entire life filling her with all the love I could muster. Her flesh spasmed on mine, milking me of every drop of emotion I would ever have. A roaring in my ears drown out the world and for that moment it was only Becka, and only me, and only us: me wrapped tightly in her warmth and her clinging to my offering.

When I could finally open my eyes again, I saw Becka beneath me, panting, her head still buried in the pillow. I fell on her in search of her mouth. When we found each other she sucked my tongue in where she could milk it as her sex had milked my cock moments before.

Becka continued to breathe heavily for several moments until she started to giggle. Wrapping her legs around my waist tightly so I could not escape, she giggled louder, before she leaned into me and slapped her open palms onto my ass cheeks, her face pressed against my chest. And still she laughed. Then her body went completely limp and she fell back onto the bed.

"Whoa," she whispered staring at the ceiling. "That was great..." She began giggling again. I leaned in and kissed away her giggles.

I don't know what the record for lovemaking is: but Becka and I at least earned an honorable mention that evening. After each time, we would both hiss and beg for mercy. But within minutes found ourselves joined for yet another series of orgasms that seemed not to connect us just physically but spiritually. I could have died at that moment and went to heaven a contented man.

We had made love for the umpteenth time and after our mutual climax I rolled over holding my sweet Becka so I was still inside her and she could rest on top of me. We must have fallen asleep. I awoke to gentle music and thought for a moment that maybe I had died and gone to heaven. But then I realized it was only the clock radio bringing the two of us back to planet earth.

Becka drew in a deep sleepy breath and nuzzled her face back into my chest. A tiny giggle escaped her lips as she rocked her hips gently against mine and I realized I was still buried inside her. My flesh responded quickly and I chuckled quietly, pressing my palms into her firm ass.

She quietly moaned, "God, I'm so sore... but don't you dare stop that."

"At least close the door, you animals." Craig's voice broke the silence punctuated by the slamming of the bedroom door. Becka and I laughed quietly.

Becka was in a hurry so we could only share a warm and delightful shower. She was more than happy to let me wash her entire body with care and affection. She hugged my head to her breasts and kissed the top of my head repeatedly as I tenderly soaped and cleansed every inch of her slim body.

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