tagBDSMMy Wildest Dreams

My Wildest Dreams


I whimpered, struggling as I woke. I tried to roll over onto my stomach, but my arms were restrained above my head, my wrists tied together. My legs were in a similar predicament, stretched out as I lay on my back on the bed, my ankles bound. It was probably the first time my legs had actually been closed in several hours. I wondered how long he'd let me doze.

A deep chuckle came from above me. I swung my head to the left and then the right, but I couldn't see a damn thing with the blindfold on.

"Shh, shh, shh." Rough fingers trailed lightly along my cheek, and I shivered. "You look so lovely, Lilly, my dear. Now, just relax."

I closed my eyes, as if that would make a difference, and took a deep breath. It came out shaky, so I tried again. When I could inhale and exhale without my body shuddering from his constant touch—and the hidden promises in his quiet command—I let my head roll to the side, my cheek resting against my left shoulder.

"That's a good girl." His fingers trailed down my neck, and then his warm hand cupped my cheek.

A sweet smell invaded my nostrils. It was the scent of arousal on his skin—my arousal. I had lost count of how many orgasms I'd had since I'd arrived. Most recently, he had languidly stroked my pussy and clit with those same fingers until I became a writhing mass of limbs. He had secured my wrists and then my ankles together as I came down from my high and drifted off.

Maybe I should make introductions. I am Lilly. I am a sub, as in a submissive. "He" is Seth, my Dom, or Dominant. We met online two years ago in a place where people with kinky sexual desires gather to openly discuss said interests, more commonly called fetishes.

I had never been with a partner who shared my fetishes before. Sure, I'd had sex. But it was always what us kinksters called "vanilla": straightforward sex in the normal positions. Sometimes we'd throw in a sixty-nine if we both wanted to get off at the same time giving and receiving oral. But never had I had someone controlling me, telling me what to do. Or what not to do in some instances. Not to mention the bondage, light as it may be in our relationship. I was also a little curious about the obsession people had with spanking.

I had been timid at first, especially after our first in-person meeting. It had taken me months before I'd actually met Seth. The first time was in a discussion group on the website. I had started a thread about the proper way to delay an orgasm since I was unattached and had to use my own two hands to do the job. I had heard that delayed gratification was highly arousing, so I thought I'd try it myself to get some practice in the meantime.

Seth was the eleventh person to respond to my thread and the only male. I almost missed his comment among all of the women giving advice...and flirting with me despite my "straight" status on my profile. What stood out the most was his picture. Unlike the pictures on the profiles most of the men I had either chatted with or had browsed while trolling for possible partners, Seth's picture was not a nude of him or some free random photo of an unknown guy's cock. Rather, it was a pencil drawing of a lion with a tiny, sleeping lamb curled in between its large paws. I later found out that Seth had drawn it himself. He was a protector, and that is exactly what I needed.

Ours was a slow-evolving relationship. A quick, private message here or there. A comment on similar threads or a topic one of us started in a group. And then we moved to the chatrooms. With the chatting came the teasing and flirting and eventually, the cyber playing. After about six months, he proposed that we meet in person.

Our roles had been clearly established from the beginning. He wanted to be in control, and I wanted to be controlled. Not always in the physical sense, but also mentally, with words at times. Oh, the power of words. I have learned to orgasm without a single touch. To know what my body was capable of ...that another person's voice could have such an effect on me... It was mind-blowing.

I remember the day we met very clearly. I had been giddy, waiting for Seth at the restaurant, seated in a booth away from the rest of the customers. It had been one of his directions. So had the clothes I was wearing: a red top and black pants. The former showed off my breasts, and the latter, my ass. I was well endowed on both ends, and I liked to flaunt them yet still leave plenty to the imagination. Seth had told me to pull my hair back. I had opted to braid my blonde hair instead of leaving it loose in a ponytail.

We had exchanged personal photos, so I had an idea of what he looked like. Yet when he walked up to the table, all five-foot-eleven inches and two-hundred-and-thirty pounds of him, I couldn't breathe. He was beautiful. At least to me.

He was overweight like me, yet he wasn't obscenely so. Perfect cuddling size. His black polo emphasized his thick arms, and I couldn't wait for him to wrap them around me.

His hair was dark and although short, it had a natural wave to it that gave it some texture. I had raised my hands from my lap, instinctively wanting to run my fingers through those lovely locks. But a flash in his eyes warned me to resist the temptation.

Oh those eyes. They were dark as well, matching the chocolate brown of his hair. And they focused directly on mine. I shut my mouth, suddenly aware that I had been gaping, and smiled up at him. When he smiled back, those eyes shone brighter, almost melting my insides.

I had remained seated when he introduced himself and held out his hand to shake mine. It was my first act of submission to him in person. My life had never been the same again.

We waited until our sixth meeting before entering a bedroom, but even then, we started from the beginning despite our online encounters. It just wasn't the same, especially for someone like me who had never done this before. Talk about feeling awkward. But Seth was—and is—a very patient Dom. He took his time with me, showing me the ropes. Well, those didn't come around for a few more months, but you know what I mean.

This evening had actually been my idea. We'd been apart due to our jobs, and now we both had the whole weekend off. During the course of our relationship, we had discussed our own secret desires in detail. Ones we had never shared with anyone else before, even on the website where we met. I felt ready to embrace one of mine, and Seth was allowing me that experience.

I had held my breath, waiting for his response. As my Dom, he had every right to decline. Yet in the end, he had not. I had allowed him to fuck my ass, one of my soft limits, as a thank you. He had made it quite pleasurable. Enough so that I was considering moving the action off that list entirely.

Despite agreeing to my wish, I knew that I would have to be patient for Seth to decide when it would happen. It had been several weeks since he'd reached a decision. I was getting worried that he had changed his mind, but this morning I had received a simple text that said, "This is your night. My place 2:00pm."

And so our encounter began early. I had literally been fucked ten ways from Sunday thus far, and enjoyed every minute of it. And although thoroughly sated and achy, I still anticipated for when Seth would come through with his promise. I didn't doubt that he would, but we did have all weekend, and it was only Saturday evening.

The feel and then the taste of his thumb brushing against my lips brought my mind back to the present. I moaned as he pushed his digit into my mouth and rubbed it against my tongue and teeth. Then he stroked it in and out. The rest of my body tingled and felt jealous, as he wasn't touching me anywhere besides on my face. Yet as I sucked on his thumb, my nipples tightened and my lower muscles contracted. Just this simple motion on his part was turning me on. Well, that and my lack of control due to being restrained. Not to mention the fact that I was completely naked as well.

"Open wide, Lilly." He gently grasped my chin and tugged down.

I knew what to expect before I felt him press the tip of his cock against my lips. I darted my tongue out to taste him. I had already sucked his cock earlier, but that time, I was kneeling on the floor between his legs, my hands tied behind my back. He had wrapped my braid around one hand and held me still while he controlled the speed and depth. He had released my hands at the end to stroke him off all over my breasts. I could spend all day with his multi-textural cock in my hands.

Once again, I could not touch him except with my mouth. And he had the advantage since he was above me. I gagged a couple of times when he tried to go deeper, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I loved feeling the thick rigidity of his cock sliding against my tongue. The tip brushing against the back of my throat. The skin so soft as I sucked on him. The overall hardness thrusting between my lips, coated with my saliva and his precum.

I concentrated on breathing through my nose. I wished I could see his expression. I knew how his forehead pinched together in the middle while he concentrated on both receiving pleasure on his part and ensuring that I was comfortable on mine. Yet the blindfold limited my sight right now. So I imagined his face, his tense body instead.

He placed both hands on the side of my head and held me still while he slowly pumped in and out of my mouth. "Moan for me, baby."

I obeyed, knowing that he loved the vibrations my sound made on his cock. And all the while, my breasts bobbed gently when he rocked against the side of the bed. At least I assumed he was standing beside the bed, his firm thighs smacking the edge of the mattress with each thrust. There wasn't another logical explanation for how he could get the correct angle otherwise.

It was a few minutes before he pulled out suddenly. I knew what was coming next. "Nice deep breath, baby. There you go."

Then his cock was sliding back in until I buried my nose against a cluster of coarse curls, his balls nestled under my chin. Sighing, I locked my lips around him. Amongst the scent of sweat and sex were traces of sandalwood. He always sprinkled some of his cologne around the base of his cock before having me give him a blowjob. We'd discovered it made the act more pleasurable on my part. A nice distraction when I had my nose shoved into his groin for extended periods.

After a few short strokes, his hands tightened on my head and he went still. His cock jerked before warm liquid filled my mouth. Tears suddenly pricked the edges of my eyes, and I whimpered.

"Swallow, baby. That's a good girl." Seth grunted a couple of times, and I tried not to gag as he finished. There was a soft plopping sound as he pulled out. He let go of my head, and I felt the heat of his presence disappear. One hand returned to the back of my head, supporting it as he tilted it up. "Open."

The taste of 7-UP was cool and refreshing as I swished it around my mouth and let it slide down my throat. I wasn't very keen on swallowing semen, but I did it for him. And he always rewarded me with a soda afterwards. I loved him for that.

When he laid my head back, he caressed my cheek. His hand found my breast and fondled it, hi thumb grazing over my nipple, making me moan. The he leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. His breath was warm when he spoke. "You've been so good today, Lilly. I think you deserve a little reward. Would you like that?"

I struggled to swallow as my heart rate sped up. "Yes, Sir."

"Very good."

He left the blindfold on and my wrists bound together but no longer to the headboard. He uncuffed my ankles, massaging them in turn as he removed the bindings. Then he helped me sit up and scoot back on the bed so that I was resting against a pillow and the headboard. It felt so good to have him touch me, as brief as it was. It felt even better to be upright. My back always got a little stiff after staying in the same position for too long.

I heard Seth's footsteps as he shuffled his bare feet across the rug. The door creaking as it opened. The soft click as it shut again. A clink of metal as a belt was undone. A zipper scratching as it was lowered. Clothes rustling as they were removed.

No words were exchanged, but they weren't needed. I was somewhat glad. I feared that if either of them spoke to me, I would change my mind.

I focused on breathing again. Slowly in. Slowly out. My wrists lay on my lap. I snaked a finger out and teased at the buzzed hair around my pussy. It helped a little, distracting me while also arousing me. And I would definitely need the latter for this.

When a large hand cupped my right breast and caressed it, my breath caught in my throat. The bed shifted as someone sat down on my left side. Another masculine hand cupped my left breast, this time squeezing.

"Relax, Lilly." Seth's whisper in my right ear sent shivers down my back.

I leaned my head toward his voice, and he rewarded me by pushing his tongue into my mouth as he kissed me. My head moved towards his as he pulled away. I moaned. I wanted so much more.

"Put your head back, baby."

I obeyed. I closed my eyes, fully embracing the sensations igniting my nerves, pushing away my frustrations. A hand still fondled each of my breasts, a thumb occasionally brushing against my nipple. Now, fingers also trailed up and down my neck on both sides.

A whimper escaped when two sets of lips pressed against my chin. When two tongues lightly touched my skin and ran along my jawbone. When breath like a hot breeze touched my ears.

The pillow behind me supported my neck as I tilted my head back even further. It was getting difficult to remain passive. I didn't usually struggle with Seth, unless of course he told me I could respond. But now with two partners?

I tried so hard, but my fingers twitched in my lap as both of my nipples were suddenly pinched. My body arched as my fingers brushed against my pussy, and I cried out.

"Patience, baby. Patience."

I licked my lips at the disappointing sound of Seth's voice. I knew from experience that he would kick it up a notch, drawing out my pleasure now. I did enjoy a little sensation play, and he knew it very well. It was my punishment for disobedience. Despite my curiosity, we had discovered that I really wasn't into spanking. But withholding release...that always reminded me to behave. At least until next time.

Someone lifted my still-bound hands up and placed them behind my head. I must be a sight: naked, blindfolded, my hands propped behind my head so my arms stuck out like little wings. My new position thrust my breasts forward, and I gasped as a mouth latched onto one nipple and sucked on it before the owner alternately flicked his tongue and nipped with his teeth.

The same process was repeated on my right breast. I could tell that was Seth from the way he was a little rougher with his teeth. He knew my boundary between pleasure and pain.

I took shallow breaths now as they tortured my breasts with just their mouths. Yet their actions traveled deep and straight to my pussy. I concentrated on the sounds of their heavy breathing and wet suckling. I gripped my braid in both hands, thankful to be able to hold onto something.

"Now, Lilly!"

I screamed as they both bit down on my nipples and an orgasm ripped through me. The only thought in my head was that I was flying. I released the hold on my hair, letting my head loll to rest on my shoulder once more. Panting, I felt the shudders slowly subside.

Twenty fingers now trailed up and down my sides and stomach, occasionally brushing the undersides of my breasts. It was heavenly. My breath hitched when the fingers moved lower over my hips and then the tops of my thighs. They gently parted my legs and traveled further south to my knees, shins, and feet. On their way back north, the slid along the insides of my legs.

At my knees again, they pulled my legs up so my feet were flat on the bed, making me feel bared and vulnerable. Seth had done this quite often, usually before going down on me to suck on my clit and fuck me with his tongue. But I had no idea what to expect now.

For the longest time, nothing happened. No one touched me. At all. I was starting to breathe normal again when a finger brushed against my clit. I cried out.

"Don't move, Lilly." Seth's voice was low and serious.

I bit my lower lip, stifling a whimper. I wanted to arch my body toward that finger, to feel that intimate touch again. Instead, I pressed my head back into the pillow, my muscles straining to keep my body immobile. But it was impossible not to flinch when a finger dipped completely in between the swollen folds of my pussy. And then a hand was on each knee, holding my legs apart as more fingers explored. Rubbing. Stroking. Pinching.

A loud cry broke through my lips when one finger plunged inside of me. Then another. And another until there was at least four stroking in and out, stretching me open. I was so sensitive after the previous hours that Seth and I had played together. I wanted to beg them to stop. But that would also mean the end of my fantasy. I wasn't ready to throw in the towel on that one. Yet.

So far, we'd done all of the standard positions with our own kinky twists. Bending me over the bed on my stomach with my feet on the floor, my hands tied behind my back while Seth took me, pulling on my braid like a leash. Missionary with my knees up by my head, my body bent in half so I could see his thick cock sliding in and out of me on each stroke. Cowgirl, again with my hands behind my back. Reverse cowgirl with his cock in my ass. Sixty-nine with me on the bottom so that Seth could control the depth of his cock in my mouth, sometimes so deep it was suffocating.

In between, when I wasn't passed out from exhaustion, he used vibrators and dildos to keep the orgasms coming. I wasn't blindfolded the whole time, but when I was, it really heightened the arousal. Took away another level of control for me and made me rely on my other senses.

Yet, despite the discomfort I'd felt when waking after all that sex, I anticipated the completion of my fantasy. Sudden shudders wracked my body as the two men's constant stroking brought me over the edge again. Then their fingers were gone, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness.

My mind was a little hazy. For a moment, I thought I was on a ship rocking in the ocean. Then I realized they were moving me, climbing around on the bed. Someone pressed his lips against mine briefly, and I hoped it was Seth. My arms were lowered and the cuffs removed. Both men massaged my arms from the fingers all the way up to the shoulders and back again.

"Get on your knees and lean forward."

As I obeyed Seth, I felt him crawl behind me and put his legs on either side of mine. In front of me was a wall of hard muscle. It was warm as my cheek pressed against it, and two strong hands grasped my shoulders, holding me steady. Below me, I felt the soft tip of a hard cock poking at my breasts.

"Take a deep breath, baby. That's it."

A whimper escaped as I felt Seth's fingers stroking my pussy from behind. He dipped at least two inside me and swirled them around my clit a couple of times before moving back to rub my fluids around my asshole. I whimpered again, biting my lip when he pressed a finger inside me up to the second knuckle. I must have tensed up because I heard him sigh. His exhale was deep enough that it brushed against my back, making me shiver.

"I'm doing this for you, Lilly. Be a good girl and cooperate."

I blew out my own breath and tried to do what he asked. I was a bundle of nerves that had gone haywire and weren't sure what to do anymore. It helped when our guest stroked my back. I gripped his thighs, remembering that I could now use my hands.

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