tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Wonderful Secret Ch. 02

My Wonderful Secret Ch. 02


I felt like I was going to explode inside. Such was the anxiety, excitement, fear, horror, and arousal I was experiencing. I had no one to talk about it with. I had no one to tell that I had been caught dressed as a girl. I had no one to share the secret that Mark had taken me home and treated me like a real girl. Only I knew what that first kiss felt like. Why was I so repulsed by his strong lips and tongue and his prickly mouth and chin? Why was I so turned on I could hardly breathe?

All I did know was that he had organised for me to go over the following Friday night. He told my mother it was a net gamers club, and that I would need to bring my PC, and that I would be staying late. She was so pleased that I finally had a social life; she insisted that I go along, even though I was having second thoughts. Bringing the PC was a clever ruse to hide the fact that I would need to take my girls clothes over to his house. It would be a little odd to take a bag along when visiting a mate's house, but if you were taking a computer, then you would expect a couple of boxes and a bag or two.

Each Friday evening after that first night he would come around to my house to pick me up. He tried to avoid my mother but she was so excited about me having a real friend for a change that she used to hang around and wait for him. It was always almost unbearable for me as she tried to make small talk with him and find out what we were doing that evening. Usually Mark could fob her off with a technical description that I'm sure even he didn't understand. Eventually we would manage to get away, the box containing all my girl gear sitting safely on the back seat, its' contents cleverly hidden by my computer.

Once at his flat I would slip into the bathroom and commence my transformation. When I emerged we would carry on much as we had in the library. We were pretty much, a couple of computer nerds who for some strange reason got on really well when I was dressed as a girl. For me, it was because as a female I could be myself. I didn't have to try to be like a 'normal' boy – something I didn't know how to do and subsequently did very badly.

We would play computer games, discuss nerdy computer science or science fiction topics, watch movies, and generally just hang out. Toward the end of the evening, he would sit me on the lounge next to him and we would kiss. Each week he would get a little more adventurous, and I a little more comfortable with his gentle and nervous explorations, until he went a little too far and I would shudder and pull away. This was normally the signal that it was time for him to take me home. He was often a little cold to me when I re-emerged from his bathroom as a boy. He was never unkind, but I could sense his frustration with the whole situation. I feared that it would not be long before it all became too much for him, and my wonderful little adventure would come to a grinding halt.

It was much to my surprise then when mid way through the following week I got a phone call from him. I was to go over to his house on Friday as normal, but he also told me he wanted to take me out to dinner and I was to wear something sexy. This alarmed and excited me all at once. I had longed to go out looking really good, instead of dressing like a serious girl student, but looking sexy would surely only encourage him to perhaps go further than I was willing to go. That's what scared me. I enjoyed kissing him, and looked forward to doing it again, after all, it gave me a hard on, but what if he wanted more? Then he really took the words out of my mouth. "It time you met my parents."


Mark picked me up as arranged. He didn't talk much in the car. When we got there he ushered me into his flat and instructed me,

"Get ready, I'll be upstairs for about 15 minutes"

I set about getting my self to look like a girl. I was an expert at applying makeup by now. My cock and balls were snugly tugged away between my legs and held in place by my tight black panties. I had a very slinky black cocktail dress. I knew I looked good in it, but I was having some difficulty in getting the false breasts I had recently bought to sit right. They were the gel type, which came with their own special bra. But they would not behave.

Eventually I discarded the bra, and just let the tightness of the dress hold my tits in place. It was risky, because I would look really stupid if they moved, but they looked so real without the bra, especially the little rubber nipples as they poked through the black fabric of the dress. I rolled a brand new pair of black thigh high stockings up my freshly waxed legs, and slipped on the black, shiny high heeled shoes I had had so much difficulty acquiring. I looked hot. A little on the slutty side, but that only added to my excitement.

I nervously awaited Marks return, and stayed in the bathroom until I heard him come in. He called out to me, a little angrily, as no doubt he expected me to be ready by the time he got back. I said nothing, I just walked through the door and stood there, looking at him. He nearly fell over when he saw me. The look on his face will live in my memory forever.

It's a look little girls dream about and older women try to remember.

He tried to talk but was unable to get the words out. Our lips collided in an unbelievably powerful, smouldering kiss. Such was his passion that it was my turn to nearly faint. I found myself being supported completely by his arms. He kissed his way down to my neck and nuzzled me there, while his right hand played with my right breast through my dress.

I could feel his erection pressing against my leg and hear his heart pounding in his chest.


I managed to whisper. He pulled away slowly, staring cautiously at me, unsure as to what I was pleading for.

"If I am going to meet your parents I would rather get it over and done with. I have to fix myself up now."

I scolded him, and turned to the bathroom.

"I'm sorry!"

He blurted out.

"It's just that you look so damn hot! I want to kiss you some more."

"Well, if all goes well with your parents, and you help me get through it, maybe I'll let you!"

He smiled a wicked but happy smile.


We made the short trip upstairs to meet his parents. His mother was washing dishes and without approaching me, called out cheerily,

"Hello, Andrea isn't it? Don't you look lovely! Don't mind me, I'm just finishing off my chores."

I smiled and nodded. Mark ushered me into the lounge room where his father was watching football on TV and drinking beer.


Said Mark tentatively. Mark's father took a swig of beer and looked up at us. I froze in horror as his eyes widened and bulged when they fixed upon me. He coughed and sprayed beer all down his shirt. I thought he had recognised me.

"Orrrr Dad!"

Moaned Mark, turning red with embarrassment.

"Hey, I'm sorry kids, you gave me a bit of a start there. Good Grief son! No wonder you've been so secretive about her. She's gorgeous. Miss Andrea, isn't it?"

Mark's father stood up and leant forward and offered his giant hand for me to shake. I timidly offered my hand and his massive bear hand engulfed mine and held it tightly.

"Pleased to meet you."

I said, in my female voice. It sounded strange and awkward, but Mark caught my eye and nodded. Mark's mum joined us and offered us a drink. Mark declined for both of us. His mother sat down and looked relieved to have completed her housework. I got the impression that the men in this house didn't do much housework.

"So what have you two got planned for tonight?"

She asked excitedly. I felt myself turn red.

"Some of the net gamers are coming over and we were going to battle."

Mark answered, almost too quickly. We had to keep the computer gamers theme going in case our parents ever swapped notes. Mark's father rolled his eyes and shrugged, I'm sure he was thinking that he were in Marks shoes, he wouldn't be playing with a computer! He pretended to watch the football, but I could see him checking out my tits whenever he thought no-one was watching. It was strangely exciting.

"Oh Mark, surely that's not much fun for Andrea! Why don't you take her somewhere nice?"

Scolded his mum. Silence filled the room. I stole a glance at Mark, he looked back at me desperately. I noticed all eyes were on me.

"It's OK, Mrs Stephens, really! I'm totally into computers, so I find it interesting. Mark's teaching me so much."

I managed to say eventually, catching Mark's eye and raising my right eyebrow ever so slightly. He certainly was teaching me things, but so far, nothing to do with computers! His parents stole a glance at each other and smiled. His mother beamed back at me, his father continued to perve at my tits, although he did manage a nod in my direction, as if to say, "you're OK!"

"And how did you meet?"

Mark's mother enquired, breaking the silence, and smiling at the pair of us. Luckily Mark stepped in.

"Andrea's doing Comp Sci like me, only she's in first year. We met at Uni."

His mother smiled happily and nodded to her husband.

"Mark, you hang on to this one."

She added sternly, staring at Mark intently.

"Well, we'd better get going."

Mark said and walked over to me and guided me out of the lounge room.

"It was nice to meet you!"

I cried out as we past through the kitchen. I heard his parents return the compliment and his mother shout something about "seeing more of you." Next thing I knew we were outside in the cool night air and walking down the stairs to Marks flat.

The second we got inside we burst out laughing. It was such a relief and things had gone so well. Mark reminded me of how his father had sprayed beer all over himself when he saw me. We broke up laughing again. I had to race to the bathroom in fear of wetting myself.

When I emerged from the bathroom Mark had poured us both a glass of wine and was relaxing on the lounge. I joined him and we clinked glasses in celebration of our successful ruse, and laughed again. It had been so exciting and I was really turned on. The wine was just what I needed to loosen me up.

Almost before I knew it, we started to kiss. It was soft and warm and wet and gentle. I found myself really enjoying it. I let his hand wander up my leg and under my dress. He was so calm and slow in his movements and even though I felt very nervous, it was obvious that he knew what he was doing, and so I let him. I decided that the time was right to trust him and let him take charge. As he started to kiss me with his tongue his fingers lightly stroked my panties and I could feel my own arousal build. Before too long he had slipped his fingers under my panties and freed my tiny but stiff cock. Then he commenced to ever so delicately stroke it.

He continued to tongue kiss and touch me down there. I could feel a deep, urgent yearning, a horrible tension, like the walls of a dam bulging with flood waters. He had lit my fuse, and I could hear the terrifying hissing as the flame crept closer to the charge. Then I felt it happening. Like a freight train thundering towards me, it is on me before I knew it. I shuddered and cried out like a girl as the most intense climax I had ever experienced rocked my body and mind. I'm sure that I felt the earth move, and I certainly felt a hot sticky mass spread though my panties.

Eventually I composed myself. I had tears in my eyes and I buried them in his shoulder. He dried my eyes with a tissue and kissed me very tenderly. Then he whispered,

"That's just the tip of the ice burg, baby"

I smiled at him. It was a blushing, tearful, but grateful smile. He was so gentle, so sweet. I felt so much for him. I frightened myself as I tried to reconcile my emotions. I would have done anything he wanted. ANYTHING! But I didn't want for him to ask. I wanted to give.

I got up and poured myself some wine. He leant back on the sofa. I came over and sat on the floor in front of him, between his legs. I looked at the bulge in his pants. I went to touch it. As I did he undid his buttons and fly and out it popped. I was much bigger and fatter than mine, but then again, all cocks I had seen so far were bigger than mine.

I touched it. It felt just like mine, only fatter. I stroked it, like I did to mine, he started to freak out. His head shook from side to side. I stopped. He calmed down.

Then I reached forward, licked my lips and stuck my tongue out. I looked up at him. He was so excited

"Oh God, have I died and gone to heaven?"

He hissed between clenched teeth.

I smiled. I so wanted to make him happy, to give him back what he had so lovingly given me. I licked the shaft of his cock. Starting at the balls and slowly running up to the head. I had never even thought about sucking a cock before, but it just seemed so natural, so easy.

When I reached the rim of his helmut he cried out, and I pulled away to observe him. Was I doing it right? Was he enjoying it? His eyes were clenched shut and his breathing was shallow and tight. I waited for him to relax. When his eyes slowly opened he looked down at me.

"Oh yes, that's so fucking good!"

He hissed. I smiled up at him and repeated the slow tongue run from his balls up to the head of his cock. He repeated his previous statement. It was just the encouragement I needed. I was happy to lick him like this all night long! I continued to lick him this way. The over powering urge I had to please him surprised me, but I could not fight it. I sensed him needing more stimulation so I gently grasped his shaft and let my lips engulf his straining purple helmet. I bobbed my head up and down very slowly, allowing my lips to slide back and forth over the ridge where his cock head joined the shaft.


He winced and pushed his groin toward my face. I was so pleased to be able to pleasure him this way.

Suddenly he screamed as if in intense pain and bucked wildly, causing me to pull away. I feared at first that I had hurt him but I watched in amazement as a huge stream of cum shot into the air. I had never seen an orgasm like that. Had I not backed away when I did I suspect I would have had my teeth knocked out by his groin as it thrust up to the heavens. He lay there panting, eyes glazed over and semi closed, a pool of cum filled his navel and spilled down onto his matted pubic nest. It was like he was drunk.

I went to the bathroom and tidied myself up. I re-applied my lipstick and straightened my hair and dress. When I came back he was still there. I mopped up his cum with a hand towel, and poured him a glass of wine. I sat next to him and placed the glass to his lips. He took a sip. He turned to me. The colour returned to his face and a smile beamed across it.

"Gosh that was great"

We melted into a kiss and remained in each others arms for at least an hour.

We did eventually go out for dinner, but the whole affair was just a blur to me. I remember the atmosphere in the restaurant was very warm and cosy. I remember the food being very good, and the wine blood red and seductive. I remember the looks I got from the male patrons there. But mostly I remember the warm glow that emanated from my body, and the adoration I felt for Mark. I don't remember the drive home or whether we did anything, although I suspect I would have remembered that.

I do remember waking up the next morning in my flat and wondering how I deserved to be feeling this happy.

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