tagIncest/TabooMy Wonderful Uncle John

My Wonderful Uncle John


My Uncle John is going to be here any minute now. My sister and I are anxiously waiting for him to arrive. He is our favorite uncle. He is pretty young looking and active for his age. He also doesn't act like a grownup but he is. He always finds time to be with my sister and me. He takes us out to the mall, movies, dancing, and to the beach.

My sister and I are very close. We are each other's best friends and there is nothing hidden. Since we were little we would visit Uncle's john's house, he would host us for a whole weekend and let us use his pool and his hot tub. We used to walk around the house all day in our bathing suites or tank tops and panties. We talked him into wearing his speedos some of the time. It was a very cute sight. We would put suntan lotion on each other. But that was all so innocent and sweet and we loved him so much then.

Then we grew old. I turned 18 and my sister 19. During one of our visits to my uncle, my sister and I stayed up all night talking about how hot Uncle John is. That is when my sister asked if I saw his "tent" earlier that day. I knew what she was talking about. I had seen Uncle John's shorts get really bulgy. It seemed rather large of a bulge, which he always tried to hide from us. It didn't help that he was giving us back rubs in the hot tub. We felt special knowing that my sister and me caused Uncle John to have a huge hard on.

That night we wondered what it would be like to see it for real. My sister wondered what it would be like to touch it. She also wanted to know if I ever wondered what it would feel like if we were to grind our butts against his tent. We laughed but then the laughs turned into moans. We both noticed that in the darkness of the room, thinking that the other person would not notice, we both were rubbing our clits. When we both realized that our hands were in our panties we moved closer to each other. Our sides touched. We started to feel the heat from our bodies which helped us get over the edge. I lifted my tank top over my chest and started rubbing my nipples. My sister did the same with hers. Right when my sister said:

"I bet Uncle John has a huge cock. Wonder what it would be like to touch it. Wonder what it would feel like if he was touching us like this."

We both moaned and came almost at once. We came and came and came. Knowing that my sister is now copying me I lift my both fingers out of my pussy and sucked on my pussy juices on my finger. It was almost time for Uncle John to come tuck us in. He usually sits on the edge of the bed and talks to us for a few minutes and then kisses our forehead and leaves. This time we told him we were scared and we asked him if he'd like to snuggle with us and put us to sleep. He agreed and we told him to slide in between my sister and me so we can snuggle up to him at the same time.

My sister wraps her legs around his waist but then the leg slides lower and now she is deliberately resting her soft shaved legs against his big tent, which was growing. It was my turn to follow so I replaced my sister's leg with mine. Only my leg was placed in a way that the tent was resting between the undersides of my knee, which I bent immediately. I heard a soft groan and moan from him and all I could do was breath heavy and smile. We cuddled with him pressing our breasts against his chest and kissing him all over. I could feel the hardness of my nipples grind against his chest. At the same time our legs continue to assault on his thing which was by now huge fat thick and large.

"Uncle John, why don't you sleep here with us? We get scared sometimes."

He reluctantly agreed but we figure he had lost all is mental capacity to think rationally. We told him that we knew that he likes to sleep in his boxers and no tee and that we would like him to sleep comfortably as he is used to and not to worry about us. He looked at us for a second, we nodded, and he took off his shirt leaving his boxers on. My sister was a bit more bold than me. She said,

"You know uncle we sleep only in our panties too."

Then she proceeded to remove her tank top. I hesitated. It was going faster than I expected but I took off my tank top too. We were both in our panties now. We laid back next to him and this time our bare skin and hard nipples were rubbing against his sides.

We also started grinding our hot little mounds against his leg, which felt really good. My legs were still wrapped around his large thing. At one point, pretending to adjust my leg, I accidentally touched his thing with my hands. It was fuckin' huge and fat. I didn't bother removing my hand and just started stroking his fat cock. My sister looked at me, winked and started cupping his heavy and large balls thru his shorts. Very quickly we both helped to yank out his boxers. We glared at the thing for a couple minutes speechless. It was huge. It must have been 9" long and about 5" thick and it was fully shaved, large heavy big balls also shaved and huge rubbery tip. Uncle's cock tip was like a mushroom.

My sister got up and immediately put his balls in her mouth motioning me to suck his fat cock. I have never sucked a cock so big in my life. I had to take one inch at a time to get my mouth used to the fat thick cockmeat. After a few minutes of trying I could touch the tip of his cock in the back of my throat and it felt good. After about 2 minutes of sucking his fat cock he shot his thick white ropey load down my throat. I had to work really hard to hold his cum in my mouth. After he had cummed in my mouth I kissed my sister and let her taste and drink some of his cum. Uncle John was still catching his breath when quietly my sister placed her mouth around his cock and sucked him back to life. She was massaging his balls as she sucked his cock. Finally she got to taste his cum first hand. Some of it dribbled out of his mouth, which I licked it up. While I was licking his cum off of my sister's face, I tugged on the fat thickness. After a couple minutes, I said;

"Uncle John you are a naughty man. We like your cock Uncle John. We want to fuck you but you know we are saving ourselves for when we get married."

There was sadness in our uncle's eyes. We wanted to tease and torture him some more but looking at his bulging hard cock twitching in our hands we decided not to keep him in suspense anymore. We were about to give him the surprise of his life. I jumped up, stood in front of him, bent over, spread my ass cheeks, and said:

"How about you fuck my tight ass hole uncle John? You want to slide that monster cock up my anus?"

Uncle John was dumb-struck. He had no idea what hit him. He sat there with his mouth open. So I quickly turned around, faced him, spread my ass cheeks with both hands, looked into his eyes, gave him a big smile and sat in his lap until his big fat hot monster cock slid right into my tight anus. Just the initial shock of fucking my tight anus and then having so much cum built-up, uncle John started fucking me hard. His balls were slapping and grinding against my pussy making it wet. He grabbed hold of my tiny butt cheeks spread them wide and started bouncing me up and down onto his cock. I could not believe that I took his whole fat cock deep inside my anus. It was buried up to the hilt.

While I was bouncing up and down my Uncle John's huge cock my sister came over kissed my lips licked my nipples and then, like a slut pro, she spread her pussy wide open with her hands and sat on Uncle John's face. But wait, I could see her pussy. She was rubbing her pussy in front of me. So, oh shit, oh my god, she was having him eat her anus. That was so fucking hot. I wanted to have my ass tongue fucked too. Right at that very moment I felt his cock swell up in my anus making me realize that I had his FAT huge mancock shoved up my anus. This was an incredible feeling. It was intense and I could fee how stuffed my tight little ass hole was.

I came onto his cock immediately. I drenched his balls and his thighs and his cock with my babygurl juices. I motioned my sister who immediately got up. We switched placed. I sat on my uncle's face and presented him with my anus and my sister started to suck his cock bringing him back to life. I noticed that my uncle was interested in eating my pussy first. Who was I to argue? He has been such a great uncle. He deserves to eat a sweet sexy 18-year-old pussy. My sister brought my uncle's cock back up to its full hardness and then squatted down onto his fat cock and took his cock up her ass hole. While I shoved my now wet creamy pussy in his face to have him lick and suck my cunt. After a few minutes of tongue fucking my horny pussy he shoved his tongue up my anus after he help spread my ass cheeks. I was in heaven. His tongue was so big and wet.

After about 10 more minutes of my sister riding Uncle John's fat cock in her anus I heard him groan and moan so loud it made me leak pussy cream in his face again. I realized that both my sister and my uncle were cumming at the same time. Lots of cum was dribbling down my sister's thighs and her pussy and onto uncle's huge balls. After they both came and I came at least one more time onto his face, I helped lick off my uncle's cum and my sister pussy juices off of my uncles balls and cock. I licked my sister's anus too which tasted oh so good.

We cuddled each other and fell asleep, happy and satisfied. I realized just how much I love feeling a big cock up my asshole. I can't wait to have my uncle fuck my tight little ass hole doggie style.

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