tagErotic CouplingsMy Young Client Ch. 03

My Young Client Ch. 03


The last encounter I had with Katie still stuck freshly in my mind. It was my first opportunity to taste her and have my cock inside her wet pussy. After our last session when she left she had let me know that there was a surprise waiting for me in the locker room. When my client left and I looked inside I found her pair of tight black gym shorts left inside one of the lockers with a very damp crotch. When I lifted them to my face and inhaled the scent of Katie's pussy was all over them. It immediately caused my cock to spring to life and I masturbated furiously while inhaling her scent and thinking about the incredible sex we had.

That kept me going all week until I had the chance to see her again. Just wrapping her lycra shorts around my member caused me to get hard imagining her tight pussy wrapped around me again. We had been exchanging email messages all week about various things she was asking me about, and at this point they were more than a little bit playful and flirtatious. We also talked about her school and life in general. I got more out of her about her life via email than I had when we were face to face. She was truly an amazing young woman who just had an unusual occupation.

When I carefully probed a bit more into why she chose escorting she said that the hours were better than stripping and it made more money, plus she got to choose who she actually had sex with. She told me that it wasn't something she was planning to continue after she was done school, she wanted to have a good career and a family as well. Most of her clients didn't even want sex; they just wanted someone to talk to and companionship. Her agency was one of the better ones in our city and when I checked their web site her rates were several hundred dollars an hour. After experiencing her body first hand I knew that she was worth every penny.

The next time I saw her actually wasn't at the gym. The night before I was scheduled to see her some of my former colleagues and I were out for a decent meal which we did occasionally. Sitting at our table facing the door I saw a very well dressed gentlemen enter and Katie was on his arm. She looked absolutely stunning dressed in a simple white blouse and a short skirt with sheer stockings on, like an incredibly hot secretary. Her hair was down as usual and styled so that it framed her small face and showed off her blue eyes as it cascaded over her shoulders. She was the type of girl who made heads turn, and turn they did, including the guys that I was with as she walked by.

"Wow, look at that." one of my friends said with a leer. "If she's his assistant how could he not be hitting that? If any of my staff looked like that I'd have a hard time"

"She's one of my clients" I revealed. They all openly gaped at me because the majority of my clients were much older and I couldn't remember the last one that was really physically attractive.

"Geez man, that's about the hottest thing I could imagine working out in front of me. What is she, 25?"

"20." They all laughed and the requisite daughter jokes started, along with several stories about clients that had flirted with them. As they broke out in laughter I saw her look over at our table and glare straight at me. I locked eyes with her briefly. As I got up to head to the bathroom and walked towards her table she glared at me again briefly and then when her date said something to her she changed her face into the seductive smile I had seen the very first time she had laid in front of me naked. Now I knew that a lot of what I had seen was just an act put on for the benefit of her clients. It made me wonder what else that I had seen was just an act.

The next day when she came in things were tense as soon as she walked in. She got changed into a fairly demure selection of workout gear just like she had worn during our very first assessment. The only problem was that anything she put on was tight and only drew my eyes to her ass and breasts. But I saw her a bit differently now. Seeing her on a date with an actual client made me realize that I was just like any other male that she was with. She wanted something out of them and provided sex as a solution. As much as I had hoped there was some emotion involved between us, or at least the beginnings of it I knew that there wasn't much chance of that.

I tried to keep things light-hearted but she was having none of it. As much as seeing her body as she worked out aroused me, I was also concerned that something was wrong. She kept refusing to do any exercise we had done in the past that required me to spot or touch her in more intimate ways like I had before. Her frosty attitude made not only the workout but also any conversation difficult. Finally I got fed up and I had to break the tension.

"What's wrong? You seem a bit off today."

"Nothing." She said with an obvious lie in her voice.

"Listen, if it is about me seeing you out last night..."

"It isn't that. I don't care if you see me. You know what I do."

"Then what is it? You're acting like you don't even want to be here."

"Did you tell your friends about me?" I suddenly realized that she thought I had told all of my friends about her and we were having a laugh at her expense.

"Jesus Katie, I would never do that to a client, and I would never make fun of you or what you do. Everything between us is totally confidential. I'd be in just as much hot water if people knew..."

"Knew what?"

"That we have had sex. That I have been having sex with a client" I put it out there because it seemed that it was better between her and I if we were just honest with each other. "It's not like I've ever had sex with a client before, especially one like you."

"What's that supposed to mean? You mean a hooker?" She fired back angrily. I was shocked.

"No! Of course not. I mean that if people ever saw us together they would laugh. You're half my age and incredibly gorgeous, any guy would be lucky to be seen with you and be able to spend time with you. I think you're amazing." And I meant it. The more I got to know her personally the more I wanted to know.

Her eyes shined with what looked like the start of tears. "You mean that?" she said.

"Yes. You're not only the hottest girl I have ever seen, you're smart, funny and you're going places. What you are doing right now might not be ideal, but it's all for a good reason. I don't judge that."

"Thank you. It means a lot to hear someone say that. I want you to know that getting to know you and the work you are doing with me has been great too. I'm just a bit worried..."

"About what?"

" I've done things with you already I've never done with a client. Do you think I let clients ever come inside me or leave clothing behind knowing that they are going to use them?" I had hoped not, but I had no idea. "It's because you have been kind to me without expecting anything in return. I don't know what to do about it except give you parts of me that I don't give other people."

I was fine with that. There was a different kind of tension in the air now, and if I didn't know better I would have leaned in and given her a strong kiss but I knew she would turn me down. She smiled at me.

"Is that it for today?" I looked at the clock and realized the time had flown by.

"Yes..." I said slowly, wondering what might happen.

"Are you busy tonight?" I was surprised by the question. She had never mentioned seeing each other outside of the gym setting before.

"No, why?"

"I want to see you. Outside of here. And I can give you a special reward for being so nice to me."

"Why don't you come by my place for dinner tonight? I'd love to see you outside of here. Just one thing..." she looked at me curiously.

"I want you to not be working if that makes any sense. Let's have a night together without worrying about anything else." She smiled and nodded. It was a big step for me since I hadn't had a woman in my place for a long time. We finished up and as she left she leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Considering the way our last two sessions had finished off it was definitely different but part of me wanted it that way. If we were going to change our relationship then we had to take things outside of the coach and student scenario and into something else.

That night I had prepared a nice pasta meal with some wine and when the buzzer rang I let her in. Hearing a knock on the door, I told her to come in. When she walked into my condo I almost dropped the bottle of wine I was holding. Her outfit was almost exactly the same as she had on the other night but with a subtle difference. A loose cream coloured blouse that was open just enough to show me a lacy purple bra underneath was on top, and a plaid skirt was on the bottom which was cut higher than her knee to show off a set of white stockings and tall heels. Her hair was back in a ponytail like she wore while she was working out, but her makeup was done perfectly and she was wearing glasses. The heels were just high enough to cause her ass to push out, creating a schoolgirl effect. It was like she had intentionally dressed to make herself look even younger than she already was, but there was no way for her to know what a fantasy of mine it was to see her like that.

I think she noticed that I was speechless. "I thought I'd wear something you might like. Gym clothes are great, but sometimes I like to get dressed up." I nodded without any words. "Dinner smells great." She walked across the room towards me and wrapped her arms around me for a hug. I couldn't help but lower my head to her hair and inhale. There was a faint scent of vanilla in her hair, which caused my cock to immediately stiffen because I had mentioned to her before how much I liked that scent. She held the hug just long enough to be able to feel my hardness push against her and then grabbed the wine out of my hand. Turning towards the kitchen I watched her long legs and gorgeous ass sway away from me. Her skirt was just short enough to be able to see the tops of her stockings begin. All I wanted to do was take a picture so that later I could use her shorts to masturbate while thinking about her in this outfit. I wondered what was going to happen tonight.

Once I found my tongue we moved to the couch and started to talk while enjoying the wine. As incredibly hot as she looked she amazed me with her ability to talk about all sorts of topics. We lost ourselves in conversation and I lost myself in taking in her body in the hot outfit she had on. She even brought her legs up on the couch at one point to show me the lace panties she had on underneath her skirt. They matched the colour of her bra. I could only imagine seeing her dressed in only sexy lingerie in front of me instead of the usual sweaty gym attire I was used to seeing.

The great conversation continued when we moved to the dinner table. As we ate my cock was continually straining against my pants. All I wanted to do was grab her, kiss her hard and take her to my bedroom so I could fuck her all night long. I suddenly realized about halfway through dinner that I was falling for her. Hard. She was half my age, a client and a prostitute and I was falling for her. That was probably pretty dangerous.

As we finished eating and I poured her another glass of wine she motioned me back to the couch. I sat down and she sat down close beside me. I could smell her again and it was easy to notice that we both had a bit of a buzz going from the wine. It was like any other date that I had been on in the past, but with a much younger, hotter girl who just happened to be dressed in clothing that would give any man a raging hardon. Reaching out, I put my hand against her face and stroked her cheek. Maybe it was the wine, but I wanted to put my feelings out there.

"Can I tell you something?" She nodded. "You and I come from two different worlds. I'm old enough to be your father. I really wanted to help you at first but now it has changed into something different. You're so beautiful and have so much to offer but I need to know that you're not just here because you feel like its...work." I let that last bit hang out there so she would know what I meant by it.

She looked at me, and it wasn't the look of seduction I had seen on her face more than once.

"I wouldn't be here doing this if I didn't want to be." She gently took my hand. "You're the first guy in a long time that I think has actually cared about me for more than what I can offer them in bed." I nodded. "When I asked myself over here tonight it was to show you that I really want to be with you, but you also have to accept what I do right now and promise me that if we get closer you won't interfere. I have sex with other men." I had tried to forget that part of things, but it was always in the back of my head. "As long as you can accept all of me then I can tell you that there is always going to be a part of me that none of my clients ever get, just like when you're with your clients."

"All I can tell you is that I'll try." I promised. "That, and we can't see each other anymore in the gym unless it is to work out together." She grinned.

"So, I have something I want to give you." She said.


"Me." She pushed me back on the couch, slowly climbed on top of me and lowered her mouth onto mine in a deep kiss. Her soft lips tasted like the wine she had been drinking and her tongue gently pushed into my mouth as my hands wrapped around her. She traced her tongue across the top and bottom of my lips and then stuck it out for me to gently suck on as I moved my mouth fully onto hers. As we kissed our hands started to roam, hers to my belt and mine to the buttons of her white blouse. After battling with our tongues for a while we were both breathing hard and starting to pant.

I pulled back and looked into her eyes and moved in for another deep kiss with my tongue sliding into her mouth. I just couldn't get enough of her lips and tongue after being denied them before. Her hands undid my belt and my hands started to undo the buttons of her blouse but she grabbed my hands and pulled away, standing up.

"No, I want you to watch me. Get that cock of yours out for me." Quickly I pulled my belt off and undid my fly to let my member spring free. She leaned in to give me one harder wet kiss and stood up in front of me. Facing away from me she started to sway her hips to an imaginary beat slowly back and forth, moving her firm ass from side to side. Grabbing the clip in her hair she pulled it out and her hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her legs flexed inside of her stockings and her skirt gently swayed, teasing me by showing me more of her stockings as she moved. She bent forward slightly so that I could see that her purple panties were a thong that cut up the centre of her ass cheeks and her fat pussy lips were covered in silk. The stockings ended without garters and then there was just a hint of skin from the tops of them to the start of her ass cheeks, which flexed and stood out proudly due to the four-inch heels she was wearing. I wanted to grab her and bury my face in it.

Turning around her hands went to the buttons on her blouse. She was still swaying lightly back and forth as she started to slowly undo them one by one, exposing more skin and her purple lacy bra underneath. By now my hand had a firm hold on my cock and was stroking it up and down. A drop of me oozed out of the head already to show her how turned on I was. As she finished the buttons on her blouse she stripped off her blouse and dropped it on my lap, and as the light material grazed my cock I grabbed it and brought it to my face to inhale her scent again.

She stepped forward. "Undo me." She said, turning slightly sideways to show me the zipper on the side of her plaid skirt. Taking my hands off of my cock I gently pulled down the zipper and she danced away before I could bury my face in her stomach. Again swaying her hips gently she eased her skirt down inch-by-inch exposing her purple panties to match her lace bra. As her skirt dropped to the floor she again turned around and bent over deeply, exposing her firm ass in only her thong and her stockings encasing her legs. Her skin was made even darker in the lack of light and she was a vision of everything I had ever fantasized about come to life in front of me. Her heels pushed her ass up and out towards me and I could help but lean in to take a strong smell of her pussy.

She pushed my legs apart and stepped in between them. My hard cock was standing straight up between us and was crying out to be touched. She started to dance erotically in front of me, and every time I raised my hands to touch her she pushed them away. She leaned in to let her breasts brush against my mouth.

"I bet that cock of yours wants some relief. Why don't you touch yourself for me." She whispered into my ear. Eagerly I took a hold of my cock and started to gently stroke it. As I did she moaned and straightened up, moving her hand to the front of her panties and starting to rub slowly up and down. She pulled her panties off to one side, showing me just the faintest hint of wetness trailing from her pussy and slid a finger inside herself. We were slowly masturbating in front of each other. As my cock grew harder I knew that I would soon be at the point of no return, and looking into her eyes I silently begged her for some release, hoping that she would give me what I wanted so badly.

She reached down and took my hand off of my cock, that was now throbbing and so full it was ready to explode. Turning around she revealed her firm ass cheeks but then crouched down and pushed back. It made the crack of her ass touch my cock, which firmly wedged itself in the centre as she pushed back. About an inch more and I would have slid inside of her but because her panties were still in the way I felt the silk thong begin to slide up and down my member. She was masturbating me with her ass cheeks and I lay back, knowing that it wouldn't last long. After a few strokes I bucked my hips and cried out as a massive load of sperm shot out of my cock, covering her lower back. She moaned when she felt my warm seed hit her. My cock continued to pulse and release its load on her back and it started to drop slowly down between her gorgeous ass cheeks.

I almost passed out from the intensity, not only from the orgasm I had but also from seeing her sexy body dancing in front of me and then watching her ass flex as she almost rode my cock.

She turned around and smiled at me. Standing up I took her face in my hands and gave her a deep, long kiss, again sliding my tongue into her wet mouth. Her panties rubbed the last bit of come out of my cock as it started to deflate.

"Oh my god." I said. " I've never felt anything like that before." I moaned after breaking the kiss.

"That's just a starter." She smiled up at me, kissing me lightly again. "I need a shower now, do you want to join me?"

She took my hand and led me towards the bathroom where I stripped off the rest of my clothes. As we kissed again I unhooked her purple bra and let her breasts free. I dropped the bra and leaned in to suck her nipples lightly and run my tongue around them. She moaned and pushed her crotch against me. I knew she was just as horny as I was at this point and wanted to give her the same pleasure. Her stockings were next to go. As I slowly lowered each of them down I took my time and stroked her panties with my fingers and tongue before I slid them off of her feet. She pushed her wet crotch into my face and I inhaled her musky scent while teasing the outsides of her panty line with my tongue. Standing up and kissing her again, I slid her panties off of her hips and turned to start the hot shower.

When we climbed in I let her get wet and rinse my seed off of her back, then leaned in for another kiss. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel her breasts firmly against me and my cock rubbed against the sparse hair on her crotch. I couldn't get enough of her tongue in my mouth and our hands roamed freely around each other's bodies while we made out like teenagers under the hot water. One of my hands found her pussy and I slipped a finger gently inside of her to feel her wetness. She moaned into my mouth. Sliding another finger into her I started to explore with my fingers, stroking inside her until I felt her sensitive areas respond and felt her hands start to clutch at me.

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