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Myrtle Beach


Copyright © 2001. This material is copyrighted by gr8fluke. Any publication, reproduction, retransmission or other use of the descriptions and accounts herein without my express written consent is prohibited.

This is an early effort at a first person narrative. As with most of the things that I post here, this is experimental, I have a thick skin, and criticism is appreciated.

* * * * *

I was twenty-five, and my wife, Hadley, a year younger. We had just returned from a four-year hitch in Hawaii and were glad to be back on the mainland. Life at our new home, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was good. Hadley hadn’t found a job jet and occupied herself with exercise, house keeping and working on her tan in the yard behind our military quarters Jump school, long runs and hours of push-ups and sit-ups put me in the best physical condition of my life..

God, she looked good then. Four years of the beach, swimming, surfing, and diving, had toasted her naturally dark complexion to a golden tan and toned her body to perfection. Her breasts had plumped to gorgeous thirty-four Cs during her pregnancy with our daughter and had retained their size and shape. Long black hair hung almost to her tight round ass. The daughter of a Baptist preacher, she initially wore clothes that concealed her body, but Hawaiian hedonism and a new sense of self-confidence allowed her to take pride in her appearance. Now she tended toward short skirts, tank tops and silky fabrics that accentuated her form.

Hadley’s penchant for tiny bikinis while sunbathing in the small patch of grass behind our brick military quarters earned many disapproving stares from the wives of the older sergeants. My work, keeping old Vietnam era helicopters running, was rewarding but left me with plenty of leisure time to spend with Hadley, and our marriage experienced a sexual renaissance. Before the birth of our daughter, Hadley endured sex as a marital chore, but now she relished it. Where she had been guarded and prudish in our lovemaking, she was now ravenous. Previously, she passively accepted my oral ministrations, now she relished them. Before, she would barely touch my penis; now she was a voracious cocksucker. Hadley became more sensual and inventive almost daily, and we spent hours examining one another’s bodies. She lost every trace of her former inhibition. Some of my hottest reminisces are of slow, hot, sweat covered lovemaking on our waterbed in a tiny unairconditioned bedroom.

We met Mike and Thelma through my work. They were both senior non-commissioned Officers in their early thirties. Mike was tall, and Hadley thought Mike was extraordinarily handsome. He had dark hair, olive complexion, a swimmer’s build, and athletic grace. Thelma was my height with light brown hair bleached lighter by the sun and cut in a short professional style, runner’s legs, tight ass, and pert hard breasts. She was hot and knew it. Thelma was also the most sexually aggressive woman I had ever known.

Mike and Thelma had just married and were moving into a larger home and would be between homes over a four-day weekend. Our daughter was spending the summer in Florida with my folks, so we invited Mike and Thelma to bunk with us in our two-bedroom apartment. The living space would be tight, but they would save the cost of a hotel. Mike was appreciative and stopped by the liquor store on the way over to stock up on Strohs, vodka, mixers, wine, ice, and food.

I was in the kitchen when they arrived Thursday evening. Thelma came into the kitchen and began laying out pizza, sandwiches and ice. Hadley led Mike into our daughter’s bedroom so he could drop off their things.

The windows were open, and the fans were running, but the kitchen was still hot. I wore cutoff jeans and had long since abandoned my shirt because of the relentless North Carolina heat and humidity. I stood in a corner of the kitchen pulling paper plates from a cabinet when someone moved in close behind me. Thinking Hadley had come to the kitchen for a quick grope, I turned around expecting a kiss. I started when I turned.

Thelma stepped in close. She reached around my waist, pulled me toward her, looked into my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Heat. The kiss was totally unexpected. Her lips were scorching, her hard breasts and erect nipples ground into my chest. I was covered in a light dew of sweat from the heat; her body had already soaked her light t-shirt. As she pulled away her t-shirt clung to my body.

"Damn! What the hell was that?"

"Nick, shut the fuck up and kiss me again"

"What about Mike and Hadley?"

"Worry about me. Mike will take care of Hadley."

When we had hung out before, always as couples, there was the usual light flirting but always verbal. This was a quantum leap in our friendship. There had never been the slightest hint that there was a possibility of sex. Hadley and I had not even had sex before marriage and never discussed anything kinkier than cunnilingus and fellatio. Fucking outside of our relationship never crossed my mind. Well, until now.

Thelma dug her fingernails of her left hand into my chest and scratched them down to my nipple. As she twisted my right nipple, she leaned back in. I kissed her. It was soul scorching. I sucked the hot breath from her; felt her right hand squeezing my cock; and expected, at any moment, that Hadley and Mike would walk into the kitchen. I pulled away and three inches of my erection protruded over the top of my shorts and throbbed against my navel. Thelma used her thumb to rub pre-cum over my cock head. Footsteps.

As Hadley and Mike stepped into the kitchen, I turned to hide my erection and opened the refrigerator using the door as camouflage and praying that the cool air would have an adverse effect on my throbbing hard-on. "Shit, that was close." Imagining divorce and the abrupt dissolution of a perfectly good friendship withered my cock in seconds.

Hadley leaned over my shoulder and stretched past for a Strohs, "Mmm, that cool air feels good," and then nipples digging in my back through a thin silky top, lips touching my ear whispering, "God, tonight I’m going to fuck you so hard."

Mike noisily popped a top, "What the hell, it’s a long weekend, we’ve got plenty of liquor and food, let’s head for Myrtle Beach in the morning and camp on the beach till Sunday."

We all loved camping and Hadley and I owned the requisite gear. Hell, there was a brand new 4-man tent in the storage shed that hadn’t even been used. Thirty minutes later their station wagon was loaded and we were all sitting on the floor of our cramped living room pleasantly buzzed, sipping screwdrivers and munching pizza, eager to set out on an adventure.

After an hour of sitting on the floor sucking down vodka and orange juice and laying alcohol misted plans for the weekend, Mike stood and stretched, "Hell, if we’re gettin’ up early, I’m hitting the sheets," pulling Thelma by the hand, "Come on baby." They disappeared into my daughter’s room.

I leaned forward, now on my hands and knees, moved toward Hadley, seized her earlobe with my lips and sucked it into my mouth. She eased back and pulled me to her, "Come on baby, I’m ready for that fuck." I inclined toward her, snaked my hand under her shirt, palmed her breast, and ground my crotch into hers.

Mike cleared his throat, "Ahem!" he coughed, "Hate to interrupt, but it’s so damned hot we can’t sleep. Got a fan?"

"Shit." We only had one portable fan and it was already positioned in our bedroom, and the weather, even with the windows open, was stifling.

Hadley made the only reasonable suggestion, "We unplugged the heater on our waterbed to make things cooler. We’ll all bunk on it tonight. Ya’ll get ready for bed and come on."

I groaned inwardly realizing that there would be no sex tonight. Then Mike and I went to the bedroom and stripped down to boxers while the ladies retired to the bathroom to prepare for bed. Minutes later they emerged in t-shirts, giggling conspiratorially. We all crawled into bed, Mike and I in the middle ladies on the outside, and tried to sleep.

I must have drifted off. Considering the heat we had foregone a cover and lay on a simple spread over the waterbed. The cool of the mattress was soothing. I woke to the feeling of the breeze from the fan gently blowing over me and tickling the hairs on my leg. I had nuzzled into Hadley. My left hand draped over her and held her breast under her light shirt. My cock protruded through the vent in my boxers and nestled between the cheeks of her ass. Skin. She hadn’t worn panties to bed. Not like her considering that we had company in bed with us.

She rolled toward me and pressed her lips to mine. Then she whispered, "Ohhh, I’m so horny. Please make me cum." She grabbed my penis and began rhythmically squeezing, "Please baby."

Moonlight poured through the window. I glanced at the other couple. They were still and quiet. I kissed Hadley and moved my hand to her cunt. Hot and soaking. I considered the options and figured that the only way to do this without waking our friends would be to lick her cunt to orgasm and for her to reciprocate. I slipped down her body trying not to make too many waves.

The scent was an intoxicating combination of clean sweat, musk, and her own sweet lubrication. My cock throbbed against my stomach. Hadley ground her cunt into my mouth and I sucked her clitoris and traced its shape with my tongue. She was so hot that I could tell this would be quick. A gentle wave lifted me. She groaned. Another wave.

I looked up. Mike was kissing Hadley passionately. Her shirt around her neck, and his big hand covered her breast. Thelma was peering over his body and her hand vigorously pumped his short angry looking erection. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life: my wife kissing another man while I licked her cunt and his wife looked on. I moved my mouth down and traced a long path from Hadley’s ass to her clit with my tongue. She grabbed my head with her hand and ground her pussy into my mouth. The muscles in her legs tightened and clinched my head tightly. I felt her throb under my tongue. The feelings too overwhelming, she pushed my face from her cunt. I rolled away and sat up.

Hadley panted hard like a runner; Mike held his hand against her face and looked into her eyes; Thelma looked at me. Thelma moved first. She stood up and the bed rocked. She walked to the foot of the bed and reached down for my hand. She gripped it tightly and pulled me up. Thelma held her finger to her lips as if to shush me and gently shook her head. She led me out into the living room.

Up to this point I had really not considered the implications of the situation. I was a raging ball of hormones driven by my desire. The residual effect of the alcohol kept me from judging clearly. My cock was hard and I simply reacted. Thelma turned toward me in the living room. She pulled the t-shirt up over her head and as she lifted it away her athletic body stretched sinuously. The moonlight illuminated her like a pagan priestess. I reached for her and wrapped her into my arms. She breathed onto my neck and I could feel a flush spreading across my chest. We kissed. Her breath was sweet and hot and she vacuumed my tongue into her mouth and sucked it hard. We sank to the floor.

Her body was hard and muscular. We pulled together and my cock probed her cunt. Her pussy was covered in sparse hair; her slit oozed lubrication. She hunched up trying to capture my erection and I pushed forward. She was tight. I eased into her and she gasped. I tried to pull back but she grabbed the cheeks of my ass, dug her nails into me and urged me deeper.

"Come on," she begged, "fuck me."

Incapable of coherent speech, I forced myself in up to my balls and grunted, "Unh! Unh! Unh!"

From the hall came the steady rhythmic slap, slap, slap of one naked sweaty body on another and Hadley’s cry of release, "Mike! Mike! Yes! Yes!"

The sound of my wife calling Mike’s name electrified us. Thelma bit into my chest and pounded her groin into mine. She hunched her crotch looking for the pressure to send her over the edge and found it. I felt her pelvic bone ride the ridge of my cock, and she spasmed.

"Cum! Come on! Cum in me," she cried.

As she came, I withdrew almost completely and then hammered into her with long pounding strokes that took me over with her. The orgasm came from deep in my gut and my cock throbbed pulsing my cum into her. We gripped each other for long minutes feeling the slowing pulse of our bodies until, finally, I rolled away and felt the cool hardwood on my back. I cupped her matted, cum drenched mound and felt our slick collective ooze seeping into my hand.

The house remained silent until I heard the faint slosh of the waterbed and the soft pad of footsteps in the hall. I looked up and Hadley stood over me. She was beautiful, flushed, hair mussed, and visibly distressed. She reached out for me. I kneed up from the floor and came to my feet. We came together in the darkened room, and Hadley pulled me to her sweat slicked body. She looked into my eyes searching for evidence that we were still O.K. I kissed her tenderly and she drooped into me.

Another body pressed into my back. Thelma enveloped the two of us in her arms and we stood quietly in the dark.

Seconds later Thelma took us gently by our hands and led us back to the bedroom.

We lay in the quiet room, Hadley and I, Mike and Thelma, holding tight to our respective mates. The bed moved. The movement of slow, gentle lovemaking stirred the bed.

Hadley looked up. She held my eyes with hers still searching for a sign that our relationship had survived. Mike and Thelma’s delicate rocking created slow waves that moved us together. I leaned forward. Our lips met. My hand on her thigh encountered the remnants of his semen and her lubrication, the residue of sex. My cock hardened and Thelma pulled me over her. With exquisite slowness I eased into incredible slickness and heat. In spite of her recent liaison, she still gripped me with surprising power.

We lay there soundlessly, softly moving together, gently reaffirming our union. Hadley held me while she nestled her head into my neck. The soft wetness of tears dampened my shoulder. Suddenly, she gasped, "Nick!" Her thighs tightened around mine. I felt her throbbing deep within and was overcome. I pushed in until our pelvic bones met and felt the final, soothing release. Her cunt spasmed again, and as our orgasms blended together so did our fluids, Hadley’s, Mike’s and mine.

She held me, refusing to let me go. I drifted off to sleep embedded deep within her with soft words whispering in my ear, "Nick, I love you. Nick, I love youNickIloveyouNickIloveyou . . ."

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