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This is the second story written by my friend, I'll call her "BB". BB has given me full permission to submit this story and she is anxiously await your feedback. Any comments will be appreciate by BB and Myself..Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


So the scene takes place in his office. The man is a mystery man..I still have no face for him. I enamoured by him...I can refuse him nothing.

He told me to come to his office, so I did. Once I arrived, he had me close the door, lock it and come to him. I obeyed without question. He stands up and tells me in a deep assertive tone to remove my clothing. I step out of my heels, unzip my skirt and let it slide down to the floor, my blouse is next. I stand before him in my black lace bra and panties, I unclip the bra and drop it to the ground...then slowly slide my panties from my hips, they slide down my legs and I step out of them. My clothes laying in a pile at my feet. He picks them up and moves them to the chair in front of his desk. He comes up behind me, hand sliding down my back, over my hip and onto my ass. He strokes it gently, then gives it a playful smack. I let out a small moan of surprise. He chuckles. I hear him removing his clothes behind me...walking over and laying them onto the chair that he layed mine.

He goes back and sits in his leather chair that is situated in front of me. Tells me to kneel, which I do. I reach over and strokes his already fully erect cock. Asks me if I like what I see..I answer with a soft yes. He lets out a soft moan and tells me to be a good girl and put my mouth to good use.

Now the fun is about to begin

(I will write it like I did the last in a "you and I" format... more intimate that way)

I begin circling the head of your cock with my tongue. teasing it, tasting the drop of precum forming on the tip. My pussy getting wet in the process, I love pleasuring you.

As I take you into my mouth, I graze my fingers down your shaft, stroking you. Moving down to gently play with your balls, rolling them in my hand. Giving a gentle tug.

I would take you as deep as you could go. Swallowing as you hit the back of my throat to add more sensation and pleasure.

I don't want you to cum, not yet. So I go easy and playfully tease. What I really want is for you to fuck me, I pull up off your cock and beg you to take me. My pussy so wet, clit aching...

Not sure if you will grant my request or if I am to feel this yearning for a while longer. I hope you are wanting it just as much.

You say nothing, you begin to stand bringing me up with you. Bend me over the desk and kneel behind me...licking and sucking my wet pussy. You push me slightly forward and stand upright, teasing the opening of my glistening pussy with the tip then shaft of your cock. Easing into me...

I let out a moan of pleasure, the way you feel filling me is indescribable. I bring my hand down and play with my clit as you thrust deeper into me...

I tell you to go harder, deeper....hold nothing back. I want you to make me scream with the feeling of pain and pleasure.

You pull out and turn me over onto my back, lifting my legs and resting them on your chest. You plunge back into me, this time deeper. You start thrusting harder and harder, I begin to rub my clit faster.

Your hands caress my breasts gripping and roughly pulling my nipples. One of your hands reaches up to my throat gripping briefly then forcing your fingers into my mouth.......

Your forcefulness has me almost cumming right there. The way you gripped my throat sent a sudden rush through me. I run my tongue along your fingers, sucking on them, imagining they were the same cock that was inside me now. The feel of your hands on my body, your cock filling me... never wanting it to end.

You thrust so hard into me I scream, my body shudders ... I move my hands up your body to your chest. I give your nipples a pinch and tug, showing you I love it when you get rough with me. I rake my nails down your chest.... god you are going to have me cumming.

I feel your cock throbbing inside me, I know you are wanting to cum...needing to cum. You pull out of me, grab ahold of me and pull me down to the floor. You strectch out on the floor, turning me around, backing me onto your throbbing cock.

You watch me as I rise and lower myself onto you...slowly at first then picking up speed. Using the thumb of your left hand, you begin teasing my asshole before entering me....I gasp as it breaks in.

Moving your arm around me, your right hand seeks out my nipple, pulling sharply making me whimper. Your hand then raises to my head where you grip my hair and pull my head back. You lean forward and start biting the back of my neck.

The pleasure you are giving me has me wanting to pass out. It feels like a dream, one I do not want to wake from.

As I ride your cock, I lean back more...the feeling of your finger in my ass is incredible..I never thought I would enjoy it that much. I grind down harder onto you, moving faster...I just can't get enough of you inside me.

I reach down and start playing with my clit, the sensations on that mixed with what you are giving me is about to throw me over the edge.

With my right hand hand I reach lower, cupping your balls, playing with them...tickling them with the tips of my fingers my nails grazing along the soft skin, pulling at them. I love how they feel.

I can't take it anymore... I tell you in a raspy voice I need to cum...I want you to cum with me.

We buck and writhe both heading to that moment. You feel my pussy tighten as I start to cum. You feel the wetness on you as I cum wildly..my breathing deep and fast.

I feel your cock throbbing, you grab hold of my hips as you start cumming hard and deep into my pussy.

You push me off and make me kneel in front of you once again...offering me your pulsating cock.

With no hesitation I eagerly take hold of your cock. You can see the juices of our pleasure all over it. I run my tongue down the shaft, tasting us...mmm I love it.

I part my lips and take you into my mouth. Caressing you with my tongue, sucking hard, pulling you in deep. I pull off your cock, suctioning as I go. Running my tongue down the underside of your shaft.

My tongue now teasing your balls...licking you in a circular motion. I take one into my mouth, giving it a gentle suck as I caress it with my tongue... then the other. Making sure I clean up every bit of our juices.

I move back up, my hand stroking your cock still. I bring the tip back between my lips.. giving it a final lick ..

"You are not done yet." I knew this was coming. For me to speak while on my knees in front of you, begging to be fucked was wanted and desired for. We both knew a punishment would take place for it.

You have me lay face down on the desk. I hear you remove the belt from your trousers. You walk up behind me and start to whack my ass with it. Leaving a bright red line with each stroke...each hit also bringing a moan from me.

Then, using your hand you slap my ass cheek....I shriek in delight asking you for more..... you oblige of course..

My ass feels like it is on fire from the belt, when your hand came across it... the mixture of heat and tingling pain went through me. The affter effects of my climax was still with me. I feel as I am in almost a sedated state.

I want to feel your touch some more, asking for more... and being rewarded with it...is more then I can bare. My body so sensitive, you have me on a high that i don't think I can get down from.

With every smack of your hand, my body moving with the force, sending a shiver of pleasure and pain through me. My pussy getting unimanigably wet...more so then before. I never thought it possible.

Your hand now stroking my red, sensitive ass...both of us breathing hard from the pleasure, the passion we have experienced. You lean down and place a soft kiss on the red mark on my ass..making your way up my back. Lean into me and whisper into my ear "that was incredible".

I chuckled and tell you just wait for tonight...

The End

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