tagBDSMMystery Turns to Submission

Mystery Turns to Submission


Coming home after his nightly work out, his body glistening in sweat, suddenly as he reaches for his bottled water the house goes dark. The softest of sounds heard now behind him start his mind to wander. Just as he began to turn around to see what the noise was (although the house was dark so he really couldn't see) catching him off guard the softest of hands grab onto his hips, a body presses against his, pushing him forward into the counter. Feeling his shirt slowly being slid up his back, and a tongue following up the center of his spine, he suddenly hears a voice whisper to him.

"Do not move, you are so sexy like this, I am going to make you mine tonight." Reaching up a blindfold is placed upon him.

"What the...?"

"SSHHH I didn't tell you to speak either. Take this off very slowly for me." Reaching between his shoulders he grabs his shirt and removes it.

"Drop it." As he drops his shirt as he is commanded to the mysterious hands cascade down his sides, around to his belly and ever so slowly up his chest." By now the thought of someone taking control of him in the dark is really arousing him, feeling his cock tenting against his shorts he begins to feel his body succumbing to her touch. He moans softly as her hands take hold of his erection.

"Follow me, do not speak and do not question, just do as I say." She commands to him in a very soft voice. She didn't want to give away yet just who she is. As they reach the bathroom, she releases his cock and commands him to stay put. The feeling of being controlled by someone that he cannot see has his cock fully erect and throbbing with anticipation. Hearing the shower running his mind began to run wild.

"Oh my god who is woman? Why does she have this power over me? What the hell is she going to do to me?" those were all unanswered questions that he soon hoped he would have answers to, although he knows she told him not to question. Suddenly he felt fingers attached to his nipples twisting and pulling them gently yet firmly, not enough to hurt him but enough to get his undivided attention.

"UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!! He lets out in a deep whimper as his back arched and his throbbing shaft throbbed harder. Feeling those fingers releasing his left nipple they are replaced with her teeth, gently nibbling on it.

"Are you going to be a good boy and do as your told?"

"Yes" he replies in a soft whimper.

"Good boy, I told you I'd make you mine tonight." Taking hold of the waistband of his shorts, she drops them to his ankles. "Step out of them and kick them aside." Doing exactly as he is told, he kicks his shorts aside and once again his now aching shaft is taken into her hand. "Come forward with me." Walking him into the bathroom, she stands him in front of the sink, the room filled with steam, his body still heated from his work out. "Don't move." She commands. Walking behind him she swats his ass.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck!" he lets out in a scream, his hips hunch forward, his erect shaft rests against the cold porcelain of the sink.

"Put your hands on the sink and lean forward."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Does it excite you having a woman take control of you?"

"Yes oh my god yes it does."

"Does it make you feel sluttish?"


"Yes what?" she asks as she swats his ass again.

"Yes Ma'am."

"And what do sluts get?"

"Used Ma'am."

"That's right and tonight I will use you for my sexual pleasure. If you obey my wishes and fulfill my needs first, you shall be rewarded. You will NOT cum until you are told to is that understood?" quickly she tightens the grasp on his shaft.

" UHHH Yes Ma'am."

"You will have NO inhibitions tonight, I will use you in any way I see fit, by the time I am done with you, you will be my ass fucked cum slut. You will serve only to me, it will be me that you desire, crave and need to touch. It will be me that you ache to make cum. It will be me that you yearn to fuck and make cum repeatedly over and over again to get your reward, and it will be me and only me that you crave to make you cum is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now get in that shower." guiding him by his shaft to the shower she helps him in. getting into the shower, he feels the water running down his back. He stands there and awaits her next command. "In the water NOW!" He backs himself into the streaming water as it runs over his head, down over his face and down his body. Again she takes his cock into her hand stroking him gently yet forcefully. "You are all excited aren't you? You like the idea of being my slut don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Your cock is so hard and your balls are so full of cum, you want to cum tonight don't you?"

"Oh yes Ma'am I do."

"But you won't will you?"

"No Ma'am, not until I pleasure you first Ma'am, and you allow me to cum."

"Get on your knees, but stay in the water." Still blindfolded, he kneels as commanded. Removing her clothes she gets into the shower with him. Standing with one foot on the side of the tub, and the other on the bar of the shower, she takes hold of the back of his head.

"Ma'am I wish I could see you."

"Not now, right now you have something to do, in time you will be allowed to see whom I am, right now I want to cum, and I want you to make it happen. Eat me my little cum slut, make me cum, and you'd better make me cum hard, its time for you to earn your name."

"May I touch you while I do so Ma'am?"

"Yes you may, if that's what it takes for you to accomplish what I need, then do it. Now no more question, EAT ME NOW!" Pulling his face directly into her now cum soaked pussy, his tongue extends, licking her cum laden pussy lips, the water still running down over his face. Spreading her lips apart, his tongue delves deep inside her pussy, exploring all her inside.

"Oh fuck you're a good boy, you really want your name don't you? His head nods. As he pushes his tongue deeper inside. Her hips hunch forward, as she begins to fuck his tongue. Finding her clit, he flicks it gently, she pulls him even tighter into her, mashing his face to her.

"Oh you had better not stop now, suck my clit and make me cum." Taking her clit between his lips he begins to suck and nibble on it. He feels her body beginning to tremble. "Harder, suck it harder, I want to cum and I want to cum NOW!" harder and faster he sucks her clit in and out of his hungry mouth.

"OHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" she lets out in a scream, grabbing onto the top of the shower wall, and the top of the shower door, her body in convulsion style shakes, her orgasm rips through her body like a warm knife through butter. Releasing all her cum into his mouth. As her body began to settle, she backs him up and steps down off the tub. Running her hands over the sides of his face she whispers,

"Your such a good boy, and a good boy has earned his reward."

"Thank you Ma'am."

"Your reward is as follows, you are now allowed to fuck me, I want that cock inside me, and because you were such a good boy and a wonderful cum slut, I will not hold you from Cumming for me."

"May I see you now Ma'am?"

"No not yet, you have another task to complete. If you fuck me right, when we are done, I will then allow seeing who I am."

"Yes Ma'am." Getting onto her hands and knees in front of him, she looks back and gives him yet another command.

"Fuck me, Fuck me now, make me cum again, only this time all over your hard cock." Reaching forward, he finds her hips moving himself in behind her taking his cock into his hand he finds her opening. Pushing the head of his shaft inside her, he had to hold himself back from coming almost instantly as her pussy is so warm and so very wet. Slowly he impales his length and girth inside of her. Her internal muscles take hold, and suck him deeper inside as she pushes back against him. "Oh fuck yes your cock feels so good in me. Fuck me you little cum slut, make me cum again." With that, he relentlessly impales himself in and out of her, getting harder and faster with each and every command given to him. Feeling his cock growing harder inside her, his balls tightening, he knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

"Oh please Ma'am, I need to cum, oh god I need to cum."

"Then cum with me my boy, you have very well earned It." Just then her body began to shake once again, his body tensed, his head threw back, and they both let out with window shattering screams, as his cum released inside her, shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside her, and her cum coated his cock and balls. As their bodies settled together, she once again backed him up, she praised him, and gave him one last command.

"You clean me up now, and you will then be allowed to see who I am."

"Yes Ma'am." Standing before him once again, she guided him to her pussy, his tongue gliding along her mixed cum laden lips, cleaning her of all their mixed juices.

"Now stand and share it with me." Standing before her, he leans down kissing his newfound Mistress, sharing with her their juices that he had just removed from her lips. "You have done very well tonight, now I shall reward you one last time. Remove your blindfold and see who I am." Removing his blindfold it was at that very moment that the woman, who in fact has turned him into her personal slut, is the woman that he loves.

"It was you the whole time?"

"Yes baby, it was me, I always knew you had this side in you, I just needed to bring it out."

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