tagBDSMMystery Turns to Submission Ch. 02

Mystery Turns to Submission Ch. 02


"Well how much more of it can you bring out of me?"

"How much more do you want me to bring out?"

"All of it baby, all of it. I want you to make me your complete cumslut, and even move onto the next level eventually."

"The next level? Are you referring to what I think you are referring to?"

"Yes Ma'am, that's exactly what I am referring to. I'd love to be made to love the taste of another man's cum, I want so badly to suck it out of your pussy, or suck it off his pussy coated cock just for you. I would so love it if you would feed his cock to me." She just stood there, her mouth dropped, as She had no idea that he even had these thoughts, never mind wanted to pursue them. "Ma'am are you alright?"

"Yes I am alright, you just completely shocked me, I Never thought I would ever hear you say something like this to me."

"Is this a bad thing Ma'am?"

"No baby, not at all. I just never expected to hear you say this."

"Would you do it for me? Would you pull it out of me completely and make me your cumslut?"

"I will...but do you want to pick who's cum you will suck out of me and who's cock you want to suck, or are you going to leave that up to me?"

"Your wish is my command Ma'am."

"Very well, I have just the person in mind for this. I will talk to him tomorrow and see if I can arrange it. You go get some sleep my baby; you're going to need it. Just remember I know all of this is exciting you, (she rubs her hand over his once again hardened shaft) but I don't want you to touch yourself until we are together again is that understood?"

" UHHH Yes Ma'am."

"Very good." She kisses him softly, stroking his cock, precum covering the tip of, she gathers it onto the tip of her finger, feeding her finger into his mouth, watching the look of need, and hunger in his eyes as he savors the taste of his own juices leaving him with a throbbing, aching cock and heads on home. As he watches her walk out the door, he begins to realize just what he has gotten himself into. The more he thinks about it, the even more aroused he becomes. He so badly needs to touch his cock, and give himself some much now needed relief, but in the back of his mind he hears her telling him not to. He locks the doors and heads to bed.

The night seemed endless, tossing and turning, he just couldn't settle in, his cock still fully erect, his balls so tight they were beginning to hurt. It had been a really long time since any female had left him in this predicament, although when they did, he always took care of it himself. However this time is different.

"Maybe if I call her, and beg for her she will let me cum." He rolls over, turns on the light, looks at the clock and realizes that she is probably asleep right now, and she would be very upset if he were to awaken her now, but he just couldn't take the discomfort anymore. "I have to try, maybe she will let me." Picking up the phone he calls her. When she answers the phone all he hears is,

"It is three a.m. this had better be important."

"I am sorry to awaken you Ma'am but I am so uncomfortable."

"What do you want? What are you asking for?"

"Relief Ma'am, please I need relief."

"You're going to have to do better than that, if you want me to let you stroke what's now in my control."

"Please Ma'am, please let me stroke my cock, please let me cum, I will be your good cumslut and do what ever you tell me to, please Ma'am I need to cum so badly."

"You are right you will be, but I cannot grant that to you tonight. I am not doing this to punish you, but I need you to close your eyes and turn that pain into pleasure, I want you to think about sucking cum out of my freshly fucked pussy, and off that cock that you had just watched fucked me. And I want you to imagine that big phat cock fucking your virgin ass for the first time because it will." He moans softly as he envisions what she is telling him. "I told you earlier tonight that you would be my ass fucked cum slut."

"Would you like for me to worship that cock?"

"That's what my good little cum slut does, and the way you will do that is to offer your ass willingly to it."

"Would you like for me to worship both of you?"

"OH YES, but you know that your main focus is ME. You take orders only from me. Is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good now remember what I told you, you will NOT touch yourself until we are together again. Now I want you lay there and just think about all of this. I know its probably going to begin to hurt more as you become even more aroused, but you have to learn to turn that pain to pleasure. Be my good cumslut now and do as you are told. I am going back to sleep. I will contact him in the morning and arrange it all."

"Very well, good night Ma'am."

"Good night."

Lying in bed, his mind consumed by thoughts of a man's cock in his mouth savoring the flavor of his Mistress's juices on it, and the taste of his cum being shot deep into his throat as she has him suck him off, the thought of that very same cock deflowering his virgin ass, all these thoughts were taking him over completely. Now all he needed was for his mistress to collar him and he would know his role, and he would serve her completely. Closing his eyes, he finally managed to turn that pain to pleasure, and drift off to sleep.

The following morning his phone rang, and again his heart took off to racing as he hoped it would be her on the other end with the details of what she has planned for him. Answering it he hears,

"Did you do as you were told last night? Did you turn that pain to pleasure, and not touch your cock?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Are you still aroused?"

"Yes Ma'am, my cock is still so hard."

"Good I want you to keep all those thoughts in your head until later today. You will arrive here at two O'clock today and we shall proceed with your training. You will learn the true meaning of being my cumslut. I also have a special gift for you."

"Yes Ma'am, I will see you this afternoon."

"Don't be late and be on your knees with your eyes staring to the ground when I open the door is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now off with you go get your errands done. until this afternoon my cumslut."

"Bye Ma'am" getting himself together he does as he's told and heads out the door to run his errands. The entire time he was out, his mind still full of these erotic thoughts, he realizes that today will be the day that he becomes what he truly feels he is. The time has arrived, and at Two O'clock sharp, kneeling on her doorstep, he knocks on her door, as she opens the door, she finds him kneeling with eyes lowered as she commanded.

"Good boy, now crawl in here."

"Yes Ma'am." On his hands and knees he crawls inside.

"Up on your knees now, and look at me, don't say a word, just look at me." Doing as told he kneels. "Did I tell you today that I have a special gift for you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"What are you to me?"

"Your cumslut Ma'am?

"Are you ready to be completely mine?"

"Oh yes Ma'am I am so ready." Turning around she picks up his special gift off the table.

"Then with this collar, I make you mine, this is a symbol of what you are and whom you belong to, as long as you wear my collar, I will protect you and will never let harm come your way. Now come forward and be collared." Slowly he moves forward on his knees, stopping in front of his Mistress, she runs the collar up his back, over his shoulders, down over his chest, over his throbbing aching shaft, and back up. He moans softly. "Remember now, this collar can be taken away just as easily as I put it on you, don't disappoint me."

"I won't Ma'am I promise you this." Gently she puts the collar around his neck and fastens it.

"Now I have a surprise for you, I told you yesterday that I would arrange something for you, and I have done exactly that. Behind my bedroom door is the beginning of your new life. You will worship him and his cock, but I will only command you. You will worship me in any way that I see fit for you to do. And you will offer your ass to him on my command. He will not hurt you, I will not allow it, and he has already been informed of this. But you're doing this for me, is your way of proving your loyalty to me and to our new relationship. Are you ready to enter this new world with me?"

"Yes Ma'am." Little does he know that the man that lies naked on the bed behind this closed door is someone that he knows very very well. "Now before we go in there I have one more thing. Get onto all fours." He does as commanded, and she brings out his leash and attaches it to his collar. "Now you are ready, lower your eyes, do NOT look at who is in here until I tell you to." Leading him into the bedroom, crawling on his knees, she commands him to stop at the bottom of the bed. She blind folds him and commands him to stand.

"Look what I brought, this is my cumslut, and he's our play toy today." Hearing her say this to someone about him for the first time sent his mind running wild. "You can do with him as you wish, but you will not hurt him, he belongs to me."

"Stand up for me cum slut." He stands as commanded. Slowly she begins to undress him, exposing his nakedness to the stranger in the bedroom. Suddenly he feels hands touching his chest that he now knows aren't hers. Instinctively he tries to back away. With a crack of her riding crop over his ass she commands, "STAND STILL!"

"Yes Ma'am I am sorry Ma'am." He stands still as this strange mans hands roam his body.

"Oh yes He will do nicely, is he a good cumslut?"

"Yes he is only under my command." This mans hands wandered down to his cock. His fingers slowly wrap around it.

"Oh my god!" He couldn't help but yelp, as he has been so aroused now for such a long period of time with no relief.

"SSShhh it's alright, I know just let him do this I promised you he wouldn't hurt you and he wont." Gently he begins to stroke him, gathering his pre cum onto his finger, he sticks it onto his bottom lip. Feeling this man's fingers onto his lips, his head turns toward his Mistress.


"Do it, let him put his finger in your mouth, enjoy what he has for you." Parting his lips, he accepts the stranger's fingers full of his own precum.

"I want him to touch me now." The strangers voice whispers. Hearing even the whisper, he then realized just who was in this room.

"Give me your hand babe." Giving his hand to his Mistress, you need to trust me now. The worst thing you can do it deny it to yourself. If you just let go and let that side of you come out it will be so much easier for you."

"Permission to speak Ma'am?"


"Ma'am, I know who is in this room."

"Yes you do, I did it this way on purpose. I am testing you and your loyalty to me, if you are completely loyal to me then you will even be able to worship your own best friends cock for me. But now I have one question for you. Are you sure you want to watch your best friend fuck me and are you ready to allow him to fuck you?"

"Yes Ma'am I am your cumslut, and I will do as you command, no matter what it may be."

"Kneel before him do it now." He does as commanded. "Take his cock into your hand, and prove to me you are my good cumslut, suck his cock for me, I am right here. If you do it right you will make me cum just by watching you." He didn't say another word, he's been waiting to prove himself to her, and he knew he could do it now. Taking his phat cock into his hand, he leans in and envelopes a mans cock for the first time.

"Oh fuck yes!!" his best friend lets out in a scream "that's it your such a good cock sucker, I knew I've always called you a cock sucker for a reason. Placing his hands onto the back of his head, he tries to force him down onto his cock. Seeing her cumslut suddenly in distress, instantly she slapped his hands.

"LET HIM GO NOW! You won't do that to him, he has to learn, and he won't learn if you force it down his throat."

"You said he is a cumslut, so cumsluts should be able to swallow my cock."

"And he will, but your not going to force it on him. Now shut the fuck up and let him do this. Go ahead and continue now your alright." Very hesitantly he did continue to suck this cock. Little by little he began to take more and more of his shaft and really began to enjoy it, and so did his best friend, he began to moan, and whimper as her little cumslut was about to cause him to cum.

"Oh I am going to cum, do you want me to cum in his mouth?"

"Are you ready for this?" her cumslut didn't say a word; he nodded his head.

"Do it, go ahead and cum in his mouth." Feeling his cock hardening even more in his mouth, and his balls tightening, he began to suck harder and faster, with one last deep thrust into his mouth, his best friend shot his load of hot thick cum deep into his throat. Almost in shock, he just swallowed it all, and continued to keep sucking and licking.

"Ok stop, come here to me." She commands to him. Removing his mouth from around his cock, he kneels once again before her. His body trembling, she knew. She removes his blindfold, making him look directly at her. She knelt down with him, wrapped her arms around him and just held him and reassured him of his good doing. "We have to continue now. I want you to help guide his cock inside me."

"Yes Ma'am." Looking over at his best friend, he realizes that his cock is still hard, and he's waiting to fuck his Mistress.

"Permission to speak again Ma'am"


"I want to say something to him Ma'am."

"Go ahead."

"Just remember one thing, I may be a cock sucker, and I am her collared cumslut, but she is still my girl, and just because your about to fuck her, doesn't give you the right to hurt her, if you do I will hurt you, cause I protect her as she protects me."

"You need to shut up, right now you are nothing but our play toy, I will do what I want with her." Taking a hold of her arm, he pulls her onto the bed; spreading her legs placing them over his shoulders rather quickly he mounts her.

"Wait a minute, I told him to do something, its alright he's not going to hurt me, come over here, get up on the bed and do what I told you to." Doing as she commands, he gets onto the bed, takes his best friends cock back into his hand and helps to guide him into her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh fuck me!" she lets out in a scream as his girth pushes deeper inside her. Pushing her legs back toward her chest, he thrusts deeper inside her, harder and harder.

"Come here my cumslut, I have a reward for you for being such a good boy. I want you to feed me your cock while he fucks me. Turning herself enough so she could hang her head over the side of the bed, he stands above her and feeds his cock to the warm wet mouth of his mistress. Almost like a rabid animal she devours his shaft, deep into her throat, (she has always loved sucking his cock). The harder and deeper he fucked her pussy, was the harder and faster she sucked her cumsluts shaft. Just as she felt his cock slamming harder inside her, his balls tightening, his back arched, and at the same her cumslut was whining and moaning and his cock was hardening in her mouth, at the very same time they both screamed as they both came together, one shooting his cum deep into her throat, and one into her pussy. She swallowed all of his cum and sucked for more. Suddenly he hears the words he's been aching to hear her say,

"Do your job, cumslut.... show my lover how much you love his cum." And with that, he made his way between her legs, and proceeded to suck out all of his hot cum from deep inside her. There's one last thing to go, you do this, and you will be completely mine and you will have passed your tests. You know what you have to do." Looking up at her from between her legs, he just smiled at her, he wanted to make her proud of him and he wanted to prove his loyalty to her. He looks back at his best friend.

"I offer you my ass, as a form of my complete submission to her, please fuck my ass." His best friend just looked at her.

"Are you sure you want me to do this to him?"

"He is doing this for me to prove himself to me, go ahead, just remember he is still your best friend, don't hurt him, he hasn't ever done this before." Taking the lube off the side table, he begins to lube up his ass, as well as his own cock, and slowly and I do mean slowly begins inserting his finger inside his puckered hole.

"Ohhhhh god...it hurts!"

"It's alright, he's just going to let it sit there for a minute until your body begins to accept it. Remember turn that pain to pleasure." As that pain converts to pleasure, his body begins to relax and accept the intrusion. "Oh god more please I want more, fuck me, I need your cock inside my ass" mounting up behind him, spreading his ass cheeks with one hand, with the other he slowly guides his well lubed head into his ready hole. Slowly the head enters, but instead of him pulling away, he felt himself pushing back toward him. Once his spinster muscles relaxed, and his girth entered into his canal, his tongue pushed deeper inside his Mistress's pussy, craving all of their cum mixed juices. As his best friend came one last time deep inside her cumsluts ass, it was at that very moment that they both realized that this is the life style that he wanted with her, and he never looked back.

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