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Mystice: The Making of a Slave


First off, I do not own, or claim any type of copyright to Dungeons & Dragons; The Forgotten Realms; or anything else to do with Wizards of the Coast.

This story is a complete work of fiction and is for the enjoyment of all who read it.

Second. I would like to thank love2readinOR for doing the initial editing of the story, and Dragonslayer for doing the final editing.

Third. Most of the story deals with how Mystice came to be a slave, and her first encounter with her new master. If all you want is to read the sex scene between her and her new master, then I suggest that you go to near the end of the story for that, as that is where it will be at.


Eleint 8. 1364

It's the 8th day of Eleint, and the leaves on the trees are now turning a flaming golden-red in color as the trees slowly start to go into their hibernation mode for the upcoming winter.

In one more week Mystice will reach the age where she will be accepted as an adult by not only her own family, but by the elven community that she lives in as well. Perhaps then, they would start to treat her with a little more respect she thought.

Although she is an expert with the longbow and the longssword, Mystice's real talent lay in her ability to create things, things which held a haunting, yet eerie beauty.

Although she tried to please her father, nothing she ever did seemed to be good enough for him. Her father would always find some fault with whatever she did, no matter what it was.

Over the past two decades of her life, Mystice has been working with an older female elf here in the village by the name of Arissa Brightleaf to try to become a master jeweler. Arissa is one of the few elves here in the village that will treat Mystice normally, even though she looked different than all of the other elves in the village.

For you see, Mystice WAS different than any other elf in the village. Yes, she was an elf, but here skin color and eye color were totally unique. Her skin color was pitch white, similar to that of an albino's, although she did not burn when she was in the sun like an albino. Her eyes were solid white as well, not just the whites of her eyes, but the pupils as well. Her hair is a silver-white color and is very long, so long in fact that it falls all the way down to her feet.

On this day, Mystice had just completed a beautiful piece of jewelry for her mother. Her mother's birthday was coming up and this is the present that she was going to give to her.

The necklace was a beautiful piece, made out of Mithral silver and inlaid with thin strips of gold. It was done in an elven tri-point pattern and was set with four gems, one for her mother, one for her father, one for her sister, and the final one for her. These were all set around a large semi-precious aquamarine stone. Each one of the gems set at one of the cardinal points.

Mystice hoped that her father would approve of it, although he usually never approved of anything she did, even if it were something that he had asked her to do personally.

Mystice was also afraid of how her father would react to what she had to ask of him. Before leaving the shop today Arissa had told Mystice that if she wished to continue training under her, that she would have to get her fathers full permission to do so, otherwise, she would have to find someone lese to train her.

Mystice knew how her father would react to this request of hers.



After walking for about ten minutes through the village and looking at the trees and the ever-changing leaves of the trees. She finally walked up to the tree that housed her father's business offices. As she walked up to the front of the tree she could see two guards standing watch outside.

"He must have people inside," she thought to herself. "I'll go in and stay quiet until he is no longer busy with them, then try to speak with him."

She walked up and then past the two guards and into his offices, staying quite and waiting for him to finish. She was nervous, her stomach felt as if it had a swarm of butterflies in it going a mile a minute. She wanted others to be around when she asked him for his permission to continue training under Arissa. Hopefully with others around, he would not over-react to her asking him, although she already knew that even with people around, he probably would.


Standing in the room were about a dozen or so people. Near the center of the room were four elves, three males and one female. Two of the elves were impossible to miss as they were the largest ones in the room. Both were tall and muscular, one more so than the other, each had long hair, but each was a different color than the other. One had white hair, while the other had flaming red hair. Each had blue eyes that when focused on you could easily command your full attention.

One of the men was her father Seraphine, while the other was her guardian and protector Flame.

Mystice kept quite, waiting near the doorway for her father to deign to acknowledge her presence. The taller of the two men Flame, looked over at her and then smiled, nodding to her. Flame then took a step forward bending over and quietly speaking into Seraphine's ear, making him look up and in the direction of his daughter. A glaring look on his face and in his eyes.

"What do you want, I'm busy," he spat out at her.

"I am sorry for disturbing you father, I was going to wait until you were done, but Sir Flame went and told you that I was waiting here," Mystice said in a gentle and humble tone of voice.

"I SAID, What do you want!" he spat out at her again. The others standing around the room were now looking intently at both her and her father, some even wondering to themselves why she was being treated like this by her own father.

Mystice, still a little nervous stepped forward and walked over to the table, she then took the box containing the necklace out of her cloak and set it down on the table, and then opened it for her father to look at.

"What is this?" he spat.

"It is a necklace that I just finished making today father, I wanted to show it to you and see if you thought mom would like it. I made it for her birthday and just finished it before coming over here."

"So Arissa made this for you then?" he said, no longer looking at the necklace.

"No father, Arissa did not make it for me, as I said, I made it, Arissa only gave me a few pointers on it, she never did any of the actual work on the piece," Mystice said, with a look of pride on her face. "She said, if she did all of the work for me, then I would learn nothing. So, do you think mom will like it?"

"Is that all that you wanted? If so, then leave, I'm busy." he said.

Mystice knew that this was going o be the hard part of what she had to do. But, if she wanted to continue her apprenticeship with Arissa and become a master jeweler, then she had to get her fathers permission.

"No father, I have one other thing that I need to ask of you," she said. This got his attention again and he looked at her.

"Then speak quickly, I said I'm busy," spitting the words out at her.

Mystice curtsied to her father as she had been taught to do and then began to speak again.

"Arissa has told me that if I wish to continue apprenticing with her, that I must have your full permission. I would like to do so father, as I believe I could learn a lot from her," Mystice said in a quite and respectful tone of voice.

"Forget it child, I have plans for you other than making things."

"But...Father, I love working with her, I enjoy making things, and she has taught me so much. I know I could learn a great deal more if you I were to continue with her." Mystice pleaded with her father.

"I said no, Mystice," He said.

"But father I..." Mystice started to say.

"I said NO," her father yelled at her. "I absolutely forbid it. I said, I have other plans for you." This time he looked her right in the eyes, his blue eyes locking with her solid white ones.

"But why?" Said Mystice, a hint of desperation creeping into her voice, as tears started to slowly begin to well up in her eyes.

"If you do not want to listen to me Mystice then go ahead and leave the village, no one will try to stop you from leaving."

"Why do you hate me so much! It's not my fault that I was born looking like this!" Mystice screamed at him, tears starting to run down her face.

"I said NO and that is final," her father said, his voice as hard as Adamantine.

"I HATE YOU," Mystice screamed at her father, as she turned around and bolted out of the room crying, with many in the room looking on.

"Why do you have to be so hard on her Seraphine, she tries her best to make you proud of her, yet all you do is either put her down or yell at her."

Like the man speaking to him Seraphine Moonshine was not your typical elf. Standing a huge 6 foot 6 inches tall and weighing almost 210 pounds, Seraphine was an impressive sight. He had long silver-white hair and deep, ice-blue eyes. The kind of eyes a woman could get lost in if she looked at them for too long.

He was fairly muscular, but not muscle-bound, his muscles were the long and lean kind that a monk would have. He was a master marksman with the bow, and an expert with the longsword as well.

"Shut up and stay out of this Flame, it's none of your business how I raise my own daughter," said Seraphine, his voice rising in tone as he spoke.

Flame Fireweaver, now there is an unusual elf if you ever saw one. Standing a massive 7 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at a whopping 250 pounds, is one monster of an elf. He has long fiery red hair and deep blue eyes that are the color of the ocean.

Flame is well muscled, since he used to be a fighter his muscles are long, yet thick. Over the years his muscles have thinned out a bit, but not by much.

"Sorry Seraphine, but it is my business. Remember, you're the one that ordered me to watch over and protect your daughter, and that is exactly what I'm doing."

"And I can remove you from that detail as well," he said.

"You could Seraphine, but you won't," said Flame as he walked towards the door.

"And just where do you think you're going," asked Seraphine, as flame walked towards the


"After your daughter. I want to make sure that she doesn't try and hurt herself after what you just said to her," said Flame, as he walked over to, and then through the door, heading out onto the walkway, as people behind him were whispering about what had just happened between Mystice and her father.


After yelling at her dad "I HATE YOU," Mystice ran out of the room and headed for one of her hiding places. This hiding place was a place that most people didn't know about and that she could sit in and think peacefully. But today was different, today she was sitting here not thinking, but crying, crying because her father hated her, and it wasn't just her father either, it was most of the village that hated her as well, except for a select few within the village, such as her sister, Arissa, and a few others. And the reason why they hated her wasn't for something that she had done, it was for her being born different then them.

Because you see, unlike most other Moon Elves, Mystice was born very different from other Moon Elves. Instead of her skin color being the normal color of a Moon Elf, which was a fairly normal color, although it sometimes was tinged with a bit of blue. Her skin color was much different though, for you see, Mystice's skin color was more like that of an albin0s, which was white. But unlike an albino, Mystice was not sensitive to the sun so she did not burn like an albino did when she was out in the sun.

"I thought you would be here" said Flame as he kneeled down and then changed into a large python snake and then slithered into the hole that Mystice had made in the tree. Once inside, he coiled up around her and then laid his head down on her right leg so that he could look up at her.

"P-please F-flame j-just go away," Mystice said in a broken, dejected, and sobbing voice.

"I can't do that Mystice" said Flame, who changed back into his own form and gently wrapped his wiry but powerfully muscled arms around her and pulled her to him, letting

her cry while he held her.

"W-why D-does h-he h-hate m-me s-so m-much" sobbed Mystice.

"I wish I knew honey, perhaps then I could help you to fix the problem," he said.

Mystice continued to cry for almost fifteen minutes. After half an hour Flame noticed that

her breathing had slowed down and it seemed that she had fallen asleep within his wiry but

gentle grasp. Being a druid has its advantages, as she slept within his arms he changed his form into that of a large gorilla and carried her out of her hiding place.

Once outside, he changed back to his own elven form and carried her back home to put her into her own bed.

Once he got her back home, he took her inside and then straight back to her room where he laid her gently on top of her bed, pulled the covers over her, and left her to sleep there for the rest of the night.

Once she was sleeping in her bed, Flame then left the room and headed down to go and find Sir Hook; He needed to talk to him about something.


It didn't take him long to find Sir Hook, as he was working out in the training room here in the compound like normal. When Flame saw hook he didn't enter the training room, he stopped in the doorway and watched Hook for a minute, he saw that Hook was standing over three other elven males, his scythe laid against the throat of the one laying in front of him, and the other two elven males were laying on the ground around him as well, breathing heavily, badly beaten and bruised.

Flame looked at Sir Hook and thought: "He has come a long way from when he was a young boy, he is even capable of rivaling me if he takes his time and watches what he's doing. It's sad that I have to leave now, I could teach him so much more. But, if I stay here any longer, I'm afraid that I'll wind up killing Mystice's father for all of the constant pain that he keeps putting her through."

"I guess it's time I go speak with him," he though.

Flame then walked into the room and yelled "HOOK"

Sir Hook turned around at hearing his name shouted out, he knew who was behind the voice as it was all too familiar to him, it was his mentor and friend Sir Flame. Seeing that it was flame, he stops and turns to the other men.

"Take a break while I speak to Sir Flame" he says.

"Yes sir," said the three men in unison as they slowly, and achingly, got up from the floor and walked over to where the water bucket was at to get a drink of water as Sir Flame and Sir Hook spoke to each other.

Flame then walks into the room and walks over to Hook who says to Flame: "SO, how can I be of service today Sir Flame."

Flame looks at Hook, a look of sadness and regret on his face. "Hook, I need you to do something for me, but it will not be easy for you to do."

"If I can do it Sir Flame then you know that I will do so."

Flame laughs a deep and hearty laugh at this. "HA HA HA, that's what I like about you Hook, always ready to do anything." But Flame returns quickly to being very serious, "But what I need you to do is going to be very hard, not because of what you have to do, but because of who it involves."

"Who does it involve then?" asks Hook, a quizzical look on his face.

"It involves Mystice."

Hook takes a step backwards, afraid of what Flame may be asking him to do. "Don't even think of asking me to kill her Flame, I won't do that, I'd rather kill myself than harm her,"

"Relax Hook, that's not what I'm here to ask you to do. Even I would not allow something like that to happen to Mystice."

Hook relaxed a bit then at hearing this. "Then what do you want me to do?" he asked.

"I need you to take over the guard detail for Mystice for me. I will be leaving the village soon and will not be returning."

Hook now understood why Flame said that this would be hard for him, Flame knew that he loved Mystice but Hook also knew that that love could never be.

"Umm, ok, but why?"

"Things are starting to come to a head between me and her father. I'm afraid that if I stay much longer Hook that I may do something that I may regret later on."

"Then just don't do it Flame."

"It's just not that easy Hook. Every time he starts yelling or screaming at her, and most of the time it is for no reason, it makes me want to kill him."

"You know you can't do that Flame, they would try you and then execute you."

"I know that Hook, which is why I need you to take over her guard detail from me. You are the only other one that I would trust her with."

"I appreciate your confidence in me Flame, but you know how I feel about her, isn't there someone else that you could ask?"

"No one else would be willing to watch over her, and even if they did, they wouldn't do it as well as you would Hook. Besides, most of the people in this town hate her you know that."

"I know that this is going to be difficult for you Hook, but you're the only one I can really trust to watch over her properly."

Hook thought about this for a minute. He knew that Flame was correct, most of the people in the village hated Mystice, not for anything that she had done as a child, but for what she could possibly do as an adult. She had also been treated differently all her young life because of the color of her skin, it wasn't the normal color of a moon elf's, it was almost a pale white, similar in color to that of an albinos but without the sensitivity to light.

"You know that I will take good care of her Flame. I love her, even though she is still only a child in the eyes of our race."

"I know you love her as well Hook, which is why this will be so hard for you. I also know that if your ages were closer together that you would want to marry her."

Hook looks down at the floor, his face blushing slightly, knowing that Flame understands him all too well.

Flame puts his hand on Hook's shoulder and grips his shoulder gently, so as not to hurt Hook.

"Hook, within a tenday Mystice will become an adult, at that time she can then decide what she wants to do on her own. If after that time you were to ask her to marry you and she said yes, then no one could say anything about it. Yes, some would think that you were probably taking advantage of her Hook, but so long as you and Mystice were happy together, then nothing else should matter to both of you."

Hook looks up into Flames eyes, locking his with Flame's, he says only two words "Thank you."

"When will you be leaving the village Flame?" asks Hook.

"Mystice's coming of age ceremony is ten days from now. I'll stay until then, unless her father does something that makes it impossible for me to stay longer."

"Your leaving Flame will hurt Mystice the most you know. She really likes you."

"I know, which is another reason why I have to leave. If something happened between me and her father, and I badly hurt or killed him, that would hurt her even more than my leaving."

"I will also need you to do one more thing as well Hook. When I leave, the position of commander of the guard will be open, you are actually the only one capable of being placed in that position so you will have to be ready for it," he said.

"I have to go now, I need to get back to the compound before Mystice wakes up. I took her back to the compound after finding her in her favorite hiding spot and put her right into bed."

"Be careful Flame."

"I always am friend, I always am," said Flame to Hook as he walked out of the training area.

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