tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 03

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 03


Kari spoke up to answer Jeff and said, "Ummm...I choose the..."

As much as Kari enjoyed kissing Sara, she knew that she still needed some time to get used to the idea of going any further with another woman. Plus, she hadn't had a real cock in her pussy in a few weeks and she just wanted to be thoroughly fucked by a man.

Kari looked right into Jeff's eyes and said, "Jeff, I want to do the rough sex scene with you. I need a hard fucking so bad right now."

Jeff's only response was a huge grin as he was hoping that the sexy host would choose that option. He had yet to ram his cock into her cunt and after two days of watching Kari in various sexual acts, he was more than ready to have his way with the redhead.

Jeff walked over to Sara and handed her the camera that he was using to film Kari masturbating. He then pulled out an armless chair from the conference table and set it in the center of the room between the couch and table.

"Alright Kari, now when I said rough sex, I meant it, so I think it would be a good idea for us to pick a safe word in case you get uncomfortable," Jeff said.

"Ok Jeff, although I love rough sex and think I can handle whatever you throw at me. How about we use Mythbusters? I won't have any trouble remembering that."

"That's fine with me Kari," Jeff replied, "Now before we get started why don't you put that beautiful hair of your into those pigtails you always wear. I'm gonna need something to hold onto at some point during this scene."

Thinking about having her hair pulled while getting fucked pushed Kari's horniess up to another level. She was as ready as she had ever been to have a man completely dominate her tight, little body. She quickly pulled her hair into the pigtails and told Jeff she was ready to start.

Those words had barely left her mouth before Jeff quickly grabbed Kari by her upper arms, spun her around, and pushed her roughly into the nearest wall. She let out a groan at the sudden impact and before she could even catch her breath, Jeff was roughly kissing Kari's full, swollen lips. As Kari began earnestly returning the kisses, Jeff's hands slowly traveled down her body and finally stopped at her luscious thighs. He then picked Kari up by her thighs and she instinctively wrapped her long, toned legs around Jeff's waist.

As they continued to kiss, Jeff started to massage and squeeze the redhead's perfectly shaped ass. As his squeezes grew in intensity, Kari finally let out another long moan. As she moaned, Jeff let his mouth travel down to her elegant neck and began biting and sucking at the delicate skin his mouth found.

As suddenly as he started kissing her, Jeff suddenly stopped and dropped Kari unexpectedly to her feet. She was barely able to get her balance before she felt Jeff's strong hand close almost painfully around her wrist and tug her towards the chair placed in the middle of the room. Kari's high-heeled shoes almost caused her to lose her balance, but luckily the chair wasn't very far away.

Before she fully realized what Jeff had in mind, Kari found herself roughly pulled across his lap as he sat down on the chair. The coarse feeling of Jeff's jeans on Kari's smooth skin only further intensified the reaction she had to the rough treatment she was receiving. Jeff began to caress Kari's ass through her panties as she started to get lost in her thoughts. She could hardly believe that a couple days ago, she was just working on Mythbusters and now she was bent over a guy's lap while being filmed by a sexy blonde who had just helped her masturbate.

Kari was suddenly pulled back to reality when the first hard smack landed on her heart shaped ass. Her eyes shot open at the sudden stinging sensation and she looked up to see Sara capturing everything on tape.

Jeff suddenly spoke, "Kari, have you been a naughty girl?"

"Yes, Jeff. I have been such a bad girl. Please give me the punishment I deserve," Kari begged.

"What kind of punishment does a slutty little whore like you need?" Jeff asked the prostrate beauty.

Kari whimpered in anticipation before responding, "I need a spanking, Jeff. Please smack my ass until its bright red like I deserve."

Jeff didn't even bother to respond. He just brought his large hand down on Kari's ass and began spanking her.

Kari's pussy began to drip as the spanks grew in firmness. Jeff then gathered her pink panties in his hand and pulled them up between her ass cheeks. The material between her legs put just enough pressure on her pussy lips to make her moan out loud.

With more of her ass cheeks now exposed, Jeff continued his brutal punishment on Kari's sweet flesh. Every slap by Jeff was punctuated by increasingly loud screams by Kari.


"Ahhhhhh, shit."




"Ohhhhhh...god yes."

As Kari's screams got alarmingly loud, Jeff quickly ripped off her bra and shoved it into the sexy vixen's mouth. He didn't want to have another tenant in the office building hear them and possibly get kicked out. The bra effectively muffled her screams and moans and also gave Kari a taste of the sweat that had been forming on her firm, ripe breasts.

Before long, Kari's ass cheeks were a vibrant red color and were throbbing in pain. Jeff decided that Kari's ass got enough punishment and shoved her off his lap and onto the floor. She landed right on her abused ass and whimpered in pain. As she tried to recover from her spanking, Jeff quickly stood up and removed all of his clothes. His eight inch cock was at its full length and he was ready for some pleasure of his own.

By the time Jeff had stripped down, Kari had gotten onto her hands and knees. Jeff simply admired her beautiful form for a second.

"Get those panties off, bitch!" Jeff sharply spoke.

Kari immediately obeyed and pulled her soaking wet pink panties down her shapely legs. As soon as she had them off, Jeff firmly grabbed her by her sexy pigtails and forced her onto her knees. He then proceeded to use his rock hard member to slap Kari's cute face. Kari responded by closing her brown eyes and sticking her wet, hot tongue out to receive the slaps.

Then without warning, Jeff jammed his entire length down Kari's perfect throat. Her eyes shot open at the sudden intrusion and she struggled to control her gag reflex. Jeff simply held his cock in her throat until he could feel her about to retch and her eyes were watering. He then pulled his cock out of her gullet allowing Kari to suck in deep breaths. Once she got some of her breath back, Jeff resumed his abuse of her mouth and continued to give Kari a thorough face fucking.

Long strings of her own saliva were dripping down Kari's face and her eyes were fully watering from the abuse of her mouth. Jeff soon finished with her mouth and was ready to move onto Kari's other holes.

"Get on your feet, slut," Jeff growled out.

Kari stumbled to her feet only to be grabbed by her shoulders and flung onto the couch that she previously had masturbated on. She let out a surprised squeal and started to turn over to see where Jeff was.

As soon as she turned around, she felt Jeff drag her to her feet once again and forcefully shove her over the hard arm of the small, gray couch. Jeff shoved her feet apart with his foot so her long legs were spread out enough to give him access to her pussy. He kept one hand between Kari's shoulder blades to keep her body bent over and began to finger her dripping wet cunt.

"Are you ready to be fucked Kari? Ready to have this tight little pussy filled to the brim?" Jeff asked.

"YES, YES PLEEEEASEEE. Pound my little pussy. GOD, I need it so bad," the redhead practically shouted at Jeff.

He didn't take long to fulfill her request as he shoved his saliva coated cock deep into Kari. This was his first time inside Kari and he didn't waste any time in building up his pace. His thrusts were hard and fast causing Kari's ass to jiggle with each one. Jeff even gave Kari's sensitive ass a couple of extra smacks.

As he continued to roughly fuck Kari's immaculate pussy, Jeff reached forward and grabbed one of her pigtails in each hand and forcefully pulled until Kari's back was arched as she moaned in pleasure.

"Unnnhhhhh....GOD yes! That feels so fucking good. Fuuuucckk Meeeeeeee!!!!" Kari yelled.

Jeff felt Kari's pussy contract around his penis as she had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. She was writhing around as much as Jeff's grip would allow her to as he continued to rail her over the arm of the couch.

As Kari came down from her orgasm, Jeff gazed down to watch his cock disappear into her tight hole. As he did that, an idea came to mind when he saw her tight, brown asshole looking back up at him. Without warning, Jeff pulled his well lubed cock from Kari's pussy and pressed it firmly against her ass.

She was so relaxed from her massive orgasm and Jeff's cock was so well lubed, that it slid into Kari's ass with almost no resistance at all. He managed to bury his eight inches all the way into her ass in only a couple of thrusts.

For her part, Kari accepted the anal intrusion with a deep groan and a loud sigh. She had no problem taking it up the ass because she often used her large selection of personal sex toys on her backdoor.

Jeff knew that he wasn't going to last much longer before cumming, but there was one more thing he wanted to do with Kari before shooting his load. He pulled out of her ass and left her bending over the arm of the couch. He then walked around the couch with the intention of picking Kari up, but at the least minute he pulled her face towards his cock and forced her to taste her own ass.

Kari didn't even resist. She just accepted the ass covered cock into her mouth, savoring the combined taste of her ass and pussy. After a couple of pumps into her mouth, Jeff continued with his original plan. He pulled Kari onto the couch cushion and lifted her up by the waist. She wrapped her strong legs around Jeff's midsection as he carried her over to the conference room table.

He proceeded to slam Kari down onto the table so she was lying on her back with her cunt right at the edge of the table. The impact knocked the air from Kari's lungs in a sexy little sigh. Jeff immediately slid his cock back inside Kari. Once he got a good rhythm going, Jeff closed his hand around Kari's throat and began to gently squeeze. His grip was firm but not rough. It was just enough to make Kari feel completely dominated and controlled.

After a couple more minutes of fucking her, Jeff's release was finally imminent. When he felt his load rushing up his shaft, he pulled out of Kari and shot string after string onto her flat stomach. Several strands of cum made it to her tits and once Jeff was finished cumming, Kari was covered in jizz. Kari just stayed there as she took deep breaths of fresh air into her lungs. She felt completely used and absolutely loved it.

Her ass was still stinging, her pussy was sore, and her ass felt stretched out. Her jaw was sore from the face fucking and the combination of sweat and cum on her body was beginning to dry on her pale skin. Sara made sure to capture the sight of a well fucked woman on the camera before shutting it down and placing it on the table.

"That was so fucking hot you guys," Sara broke the silence. As Sara continued to gaze at Kari's sperm covered body, she suddenly couldn't control herself. Without warning, she climbed on the table next to Kari and began to kiss her hard on the lips. Kari immediately responded and the two women continued to taste each other's tongues.

Sara then made her way down Kari's toned body, licking the cum off her body as she went. Jeff just watched in amazement as Sara continued to lick Kari's body with her round ass sticking in the air, her tight dress riding up and exposing her to him.

As Sara finished cleaning Kari's body and drew closer to her pussy, Kari suddenly sat up.

"Sara, my pussy is way too sensitive to get off again," she said.

"That's ok Kari. Will you at least help me get off? I really need it after filming that last scene," Sara inquired.

Ummmm....I....I....," Kari stuttered out.

She was still a little unsure about going any farther with a woman than she already had. However, when Sara looked up at Kari with her best pouty face, she finally relented.

"Ok Sara, but ummmm...I'm not really sure what to do," the redhead said.

Sara just stood up and lifted her tight dress over her head leaving her perfect breasts exposed and her pussy covered in her damp thong.

Kari's eyes grew large at the sight of Sara's tits as she said, "Just do whatever makes you feel good when someone goes down on you, Kari."

Kari nodded absently as Sara made her way back to the couch, sat on the edge, and spread her tan legs. Kari then sat next to her on the couch and nervously leaned forward to kiss Sara. After several more minutes of deep kissing, Sara was getting impatient. She pulled back from Kari's lips and directed her head down towards her tits.

After tentatively licking at first, it didn't take long until Kari couldn't get enough of Sara's tits. Kari moved to straddle Sara's hips and buried her face into the blonde's bosom.

"Mmmmmm....Kari that feels so good. YES, suck on those tits you naughty girl. Unnhhh...." Sara moaned out.

Sara began to thrust her hips in a vain attempt to get some friction against her aching cunt. Failing at doing so, Sara gently pushed on Kari's shoulders until the redhead was kneeling between her legs on the floor.

Sara didn't even say anything. She just lifted her hips off the coach, encouraging Kari to pull he thong off her body. Kari did so and got her first look at Sara's beautiful pussy. She had never been this close to another woman's naked pussy before and had to admit that she loved the sight of it.

With a little encouragement from Sara, Kari lowered her head towards her thighs and began to kiss and lick at them. She quickly moved to Sara's center and got her first taste of another woman's juices. Similarly to Sara's breasts, Kari soon couldn't get enough of Sara's inner juice.

Kari was now lapping enthusiastically at the pussy in front of her and Sara's moans were getting louder and louder.

She suddenly yelled out, "AHHHH.....SUCK MY CLIT! Please Kari...unnnhhh."

Kari did as she was told and closed her full lips around Sara's clit. She also shoved two fingers up inside Sara for good measure, bringing her to orgasm.

As Sara came down from her high, Kari placed gentle kisses on Sara's belly and breasts before sealing her first lesbian pussy eating experience with a kiss to her lips.

"That was great Kari. If I didn't know better, I'd say that wasn't your first time eating pussy," Sara proclaimed.

Kari just blushed and smiled as the women continued to get dressed. Once they had themselves back together, the ladies stood up and turned to Jeff.

"You did amazing Kari," Jeff said as he let out a satisfied chuckle, "I definitely picked the right girl for this show."

Kari just smiled and said, "Thanks Jeff. Not just for the opportunity, but also for the fucking. I really needed that."

"No problem Kar. Just go home and relax this weekend. I'll call you at some point with the schedule for when shooting will start. We have to give you some time to recover."

By this time, everyone was fully dressed and the cameras were all put away. Jeff then took one of the ladies on each arm and led them out to the parking lot.

As Kari and Sara drove away, Jeff was already planning what they would be doing once they started shooting actual episodes.

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