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Since coming down with lycanthropy, I've run up against a variety of oddities and freaks of nature. It's like I'm some kind of supernatural magnet or something. I've faced everything from ghosts, poltergeists, and demons. Now I stood face to face with a myth as old as mine.

As the full moon approaches and before I change too much, I enjoy my new senses of sight, smell, and sound. I love going to a night club and watch the colourful auras as they dance and sway on the floor or as they intermingle with each others as couples flirt and tease. And there, standing against the wall across the crowded dance floor was nothing. No, more than nothing. A blackness that did not allow the colourful auras to intermingle or caress. That blackness surrounded a beautiful red head in an equally dark mini dress.

How long we stared at each other I don't know but I eventually broke contact and turned back to the bar. The guy next to me was trying to make small talk but I had tuned him out as I felt, sensed the blackness approaching from behind.

"Shoo fly." The smooth voice told the guy beside me. He looked over his shoulder behind us and then obediently vacated the bar space. My vision caught the cool black aura moving in beside me. I tried to remain calm and stare at the drink in front of me.

"Its been a long time since I met one of your kind." The voice whispered to me.

I turned my head and gazed into the deepest green eyes I've ever seen. I swallowed and answered her "I've never met one of yours."

She smiled. I stared at her red painted lips and at her perfect row of white teeth. She laughed knowing my surprise at not seeing elongated canines. I turned back to my drink, hot at being laughed at.

"Its okay." She said " I get that reaction a lot; from mortals and our kin alike."

She took my hand and turned it palm up. She ran a nail along my life line and followed its two tributaries. "Your aura is so rich and red. So young too." I wondered what my aura must look like as a person can't see their own. And yes, its only been a few years since I felt the powerful change of lycanthropy in me. "Come." She said, turning me around and leading me through the crowd and out the back door.

I breathed deeply once clear of the human crowd, filling my nostrils and senses of the cooler city air. She pulled me down the fire escape and into the alley. "Wait!" I cried. I braced my feet and pulled us to a stop. "Who are you? What do you want?"

She smiled again, her eyes catching the street lights and her red hair shimmering around her head and across her shoulders. I wanted to bury my face in that hair and breath deeply of her but first I had questions.

"My name is Darci." She placed her hands up side my head, pulling me towards her. "And I want you." And then she kissed me, her lips surprisingly warm and inviting. I hesitated but then returned the kiss. My senses kicked up a notch.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body close to me. I felt her small breasts tease my larger ones, our hips gently grinding together. This was too weird! I just met her, just learned her name, and yet all fit together like I had known her forever. We stood, toe to toe, kissing and sucking each other lips. We touched and hugged.

"Hey babes, need a MAN to help there?"

We broke contact. Three punks stood in the alley with us, drooling from their heat.

"Get lost!" I yelled.

"Oh, you shouldn't be so mean." The leader said coyly. "After all, we're going to have your ass one way or another!" and with that, the leader charged at me and the other two went for Darci. The adrenaline kicked in immediately and even before boy wonder reached me, my muscles were bunched and ready for explosion. With the speed and strength of my wolf, I caught him by his shirt front and hurled him up against the alley wall. Lifting him a foot off the ground, I growled into his face and was about to sink my now sharp row of teeth into his throat when I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"Now, now. We don't want to leave a mess." I looked back over my shoulder and growled at my new friend but I instantly relaxed as she fixed a steady gaze into my eyes. My muscles relaxed and I lowered the now cowering punk to his feet. He slid along the wall, staring at us wide eyed and I looked around to see his partners in crime already skulking away. One held his arm awkwardly and the other was bleeding from his nose, his side of his face already swelling.

Darci took my hand once more, with my elongated digits and hard sharp nail. She pulled me away while I still craved to rip his heart out and eat it in front of his unbelieving eyes. As she led me away through the city streets, I began to calm down, at least from the fight adrenaline, as it was replaced by a rising desire for my dark angel guiding me.

Soon, she was whisking me into the foyer of a downtown condominium, greeting the nightclerk, and off the bank of elevators. We stepped in and she spun me into her arms, kissing and licking my lips.

"You.." pant "haven't even.." pant, kiss " asked me my name." I said

"Really Shannon" She stepped back and smiled, her hands sliding down my bare arms and holding my hands. I was surprised. "You may not be totally human, but you're not immortal; I can read your mind as easily as that poor doorman."

Again I scowled at being treated so childishly. But then maybe she has good reason to you. "How old are you?" I asked.

"My dear werewolf, snakes weren't the only thing St. Patrick chased out of Ireland."

I was totally in her charm and she wrapped her arm around my waist and guided me across the hall when the elevator doors opened at the top floor. The penthouse! My new friend had money too.

With a small flick of her wrist, the door opened before us and she led me into a beautiful flat, decorated in rich dark tones. Another small wave and the drapes parted to reveal a breathtaking view of the city, spread out below us. Darci adjusted the lighting with a mid-air turn as I went to the balcony and peered over the edge.

Darci came up behind me and wrapped her long arms around me, pressing her slim body against me. She kissed my shoulder, brushed my long hair off my neck and planted small kisses up till she nibbled an ear lobe. My senses were on fire and I wiggled around to kiss her. Our tongues fought for control, we pawed at each other. One of her hands slid between us and slipped up under my skirt, laying her fingers along my panties surface, applying more pressure.

I moaned and arched my back, leaning a little over the balcony railing. She massaged me down there, her fingers pushing against the material until it gathered and my pussy lips tried to break free from around the edges. Her free hand teased my right breast through the material of my top.

Suddenly I was released and she scooped me up into her arms, her strength unbelievable compared to her petite size. Darci carried me back into the flat and down the hall to the candle lit bedroom. The bed was a huge Victorian four poster. The sheets a glimmering maroon silk. She stood me beside the bed and slowly undressed me, not saying a word. And when I had kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my now wet panties, she tossed me playfully up onto the mattress.

I lay on my side and watched Darci as she took my panties, raised them to her nose and breathed deeply. She smiled at me. My heart was beginning to beat faster. Darci turned her back to me and asked me to unzip her. I reached over and lowered it. Darci wiggled free and casually tossed the dress over to one side. She stood with her back to me, in only high cut black lace panties. Slowly she turned and crawled over to me. Her breasts were small and firm, the nipple a soft pink that almost blended with her skin. We touched each other while laying side by side, kissing and licking.

Her fingers slid along my belly and down between my legs again, brushing the thick bush ( I can never shave it on a full moon, the hair on both my head and my pussy grow incredibly fast ). She parted my cunt lips and pushed a finger into my hole slowly and then out again to the second knuckle. I whimpered at her touch and Darci pushed me back on the bed. She slid a little lower, still slowly fingering me while she bent to lick and suck my erect nipple. Her abundant red hair spilled down over my body and I brushed it back and over to one side so that I could see her kiss me.

Ouch! Did she just nip my nipple?! Darci looked up and smiled at me. Yes, her eye teeth were a little longer and yes she had just nipped me; I could see a tiny dot to the left of my nipple. Was I upset? No, I was getting turned on terribly. Lower she kissed, lower she licked, till I raised my knees up and off to the side as crawled between them and starting eating my pussy.

Ahh, she was wonderful. Her tongue parted my wet lips and stroked from clit to anus. Her nails dug softly into my thighs and sucked my lips into her mouth to suck them hungrily. I purred and massaged my breasts till the nipples stood out hard.

I growled deep in my throat and crawled out from under Darci. She crept towards me and we knelt in front of each other, kissing and touching, licking and stroking. I growled and flashed my canine teeth. Darci hissed back, her fangs glistening in the candle light. I pushed her back onto the bed and offered my swaying tit to her long tongue. I swung my nipple over her lips, her tongue, teasing her.

I leaned back and took my time staring at her prone form. Her red hair spilled over the crimson linen, her neck thin and long, her breasts small, the nipples perfect and hard, the belly taught, and where I was bushy, her delta was smooth, and her legs long. I noticed her nails were painted a burgundy much like the sheets. I bent at the waist and took one of her perfect nipples into my mouth and played with it for a long time.

Darci rolled underneath, her hips in seemingly constant motion which got my attention and left her breasts to travel to warmer regions. Darci indicated she wanted me straddling her head and I obliged. I was a tad shorter than her, so my ass was lower on her chin so that I could eat my fill of her smooth muff. Bending my head down, I began to lick and fuck her cunt with my tongue. Soon my fingers joined and I eased her hole open to two fingers. She took them easily and I began to pump her hole slow but steady.

Not to be outdone, Darci was playing with my own cunt, making me squirm and twist my ass for her inspection. She began to push one wet finger into my ass hole and I took a break from licking her clit to moan my pleasure. I liked this position, I liked being on all fours, the wolf in me liked being fucked this way. Her finger was moving in and out, deeper at each stroke. I could feel her other hand playing with my cunt and stroking my swollen clit.

Grrrr, I was getting excited and I lowered my lips back down onto her shaved cunt, sucking her swollen clit in a mad haste as my orgasm started to build. I began to grunt and growl, pushing my hips back at her. My two fingers worked her hole hard, the thumb bumping the base of her tiny clit as I sucked and licked it. Suddenly, I came, the pleasure flooding my keen senses.

"Yes, yes!" Darci yelled. Her hips squirmed under my mouth and she pushed her hips up to meet my finger's thrusts. And to help herself over the edge... she bit me! High on the inside thigh! I tensed but the initial pain was gone and replaced with a golden glow that pushed me to have yet another orgasm. Darci was hit with her own and slow pushed her hips hard against me.

Just as suddenly we collapsed beside each other. Darci turned and crawled beside me. Her lips wet with my blood, her eyes glowing from our lust. We snapped our jaws at each other and kissed, our mouths and teeth returning to normal. Darci invited me to stay that night and we spent many days and nights together till she left for business, and I suppose pleasure, to the Orient. No, I didn't join but await patiently for her return.

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