N-Day on V-Day


They were once again laughing together as they rid themselves of the last of their clothing. "Definitely!" Maggie agreed. That was just why their N-days were still so much fun: all the sexiness and none of the embarrassment, thank heavens. She stood back a bit then, to get a better look at her husband. Amazing, really, how she hadn't come into her appreciation for the male body before they were married. Back then it had all been such a mystery to her; now it -- or at least Danny's -- was familiar but beautiful, with always another surprise here or there. He was already hard, whether from the hug or watching her undress or both, and she took it in her left hand and caressed it lightly.

Danny was wiggling now. "Ohhhh, that tickles."

"I know," Maggie said with a naughty grin. She didn't stop, though, and soon Danny was half-hopping, half-dancing at her teasing touch. Two could play at that game, of course, and Maggie soon found herself with Danny's hand in her bush and his fingers dancing across her intimate flesh. "Oh God, Danny, that's lovely!" she squealed.

"So," Danny said. "Shower time?"

"Hope you want it hot, dear." Not letting go of his stiff cock, she led him as if on a leash, through the bedroom and into the bathroom.


"Half an hour gone!" Sarah announced. "Looks like you lose, Matt."

"Gah," Matt grumbled through a mouthful of beer. Swallowing, he continued. "Maybe they fell asleep."

"You wish!" teased Dave. "Now I'm up -- one hour. We'll be seeing them any minute now."

"Maybe they went to the club instead," Matt offered up. "We did say we'd go there next."

"Give it up, Matt," Len said. "They've joined us here enough times to know we wouldn't leave here that quickly. You lost, man."

"Yeah," Matt conceded. "I lost the bet, but they're the ones who really lost. Too damn early on a Friday night to just be sitting at home. Poor bastards."

"Amen," Gary said. "Who's up for another round?" Most of the glasses were empty.

"How about a dance?" Sarah suggested. The floor was hopping by then, but not too crowded yet. "Perfect time to stake our place out there, now that we're buzzed."

"You are buzzed," Matt shot back. "The men are going to need a lot more before you'll get us out there acting like a bunch of monkeys."

"You already are acting like monkeys," Sarah said, hiding her annoyance behind a smile. "Might as well have some fun doing it." She was itching to dance now, but she wasn't ready yet to give up on Matt joining her. It would make for such a perfect Valentine's night out if they could finally hook up...

"Why don't you go burn up the floor, then, and we'll join you once we've had our fill?" Matt replied. "Since you've obviously already had yours."

Dave had flagged the barmaid down by then, and Sarah reluctantly added her request for another pint. "I'll wait until you guys are ready to stop being so maudlin and have some fun," she grumbled.

"Maudlin!" Len said with a nasty laugh. "There's an SAT word for you."

"What does that mean, anyway?" Dave asked.

"Who the fuck cares?" Gary replied. Standing up, he announced, "While we're waiting for the beer, I'm pretty sure one of those ladies at the bar has my name on her panties."

"Pig," Sarah mumbled under her breath.

"Yeah, but this'll be fun to watch," Matt predicted. He straightened up in his seat to get a better look as Gary made his way up to the bar.

The women Sarah had taken notice of earlier were still clustered around a pitcher of beer, laughing together. The room was much too loud for Gary's friends to hear what they were saying, or what Gary said to them. But they could all see what happened next: Gary fearlessly strode up and horned in on their circle with a grin and a ready line of some sort. Sarah could only see one of their faces from her point of view. She watched as that woman -- and, she guessed, the others -- changed from an expression of comfortable camaraderie with her friends to mild annoyance at Gary. If Gary noticed the sour welcome he was receiving, he didn't let it stop him. Sarah could tell he was letting fly with another one of his nasty jokes. He hadn't nearly finished it, though, when one of the women with their backs to Sarah threw the remainder of her beer in Gary's face.

Gary did not look put out as he retreated to their table, arriving just after the new round of pints did. He was laughing as he retook his seat, even as the beer was still dripping from his hair and clothes. "Holy shit, those women know their stuff!" he exclaimed, still laughing.

"What on earth did you say to them?" Sarah asked.

"Can't repeat that to a lady," Gary said.

"But it was okay to say to those ladies?" Len asked.

"They ain't no ladies if they did that to him," Matt opined.

"That depends on what he said to them," Sarah said.

"Yeah," Dave agreed. "Just what did you say to them? Spill it!"

"I will, as soon as Sarah gets up to dance or pee or whatever," Gary said.

"Yeah, I'm such a fucking delicate flower," Sarah grumbled, just before taking her biggest gulp yet from the fresh pint.


Danny's arms felt just right around Maggie as he rubbed bath gel all over her breasts and belly from behind. The steam and the misty spray filtered the light wonderfully, and his warm wet embrace felt safe as a womb. "God, feels so beautiful," she whispered, enjoying every sensation. "I love you so much, Danny." She turned her head to say it, and he kissed her. With her tongue lingering in his mouth, she turned around and returned the hug. Their bathroom was just like the rest of their apartment: tiny, but clean. From the day they had moved in, Danny had been promising Maggie an elegant bathroom with a huge tub someday. Maggie often secretly pined for just that, but tonight their cramped little shower was just fine, thank you. All too fitting with their N-day, really, finding joy in their modest little home. Usually they were quite conscious of wasting water, but tonight was all about them. Maggie had long since lost track of time, but she figured they'd been in there for at least half an hour.

Before Danny could rinse it all off, Maggie scooped up two handfuls of the suds that were covering them both, and once again wrapped her fingers around his cock. To her delight, he gasped in pleasure. "You like that, do you?" she cooed.

"You know I do!" he whispered, grabbing onto the towel rail for balance as Maggie set about rubbing hard and fast. Admiring her handiwork as Danny gasped in pleasure before her, Maggie once again found herself amazed that she had ever found penises so intimidating. It was so very easy -- and fun -- to reduce Danny to a helpless bundle of pleasure just by playing with it! Soon he was yelping loud enough to worry Maggie that the landlady might hear him from downstairs. But her concern soon gave in to amusement -- maybe the old lady would be jealous of all the fun Maggie was in for tonight!

"Oh god, Maggie, coming...coming!" And he was. A hard spurt burst onto her hip and was quickly washed away in the hot spray from above. Maggie watched as the water cleaned her off, and then she released her grip to allow him a rinse as well. "Thank youuu," he sighed, still catching his breath.

"Ready to dry off?" she asked.

"Sure. But I guarantee you won't be dry for long, dear."

Maggie laughed and shut off the tap. She took her towel off the rack beside the tub, but Danny took it from her before she could even unfold it.

"That's mine," she reminded him.

"I know." He unfolded the towel and then enfolded her in it, patting her dry bit by bit with both hands. Maggie, seeing what he was up to, relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his gentle pats all over her body through the nappy cotton. Soon he had her upper body dry, so he sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed her legs dry one at a time. Last but not least, he wadded up the towel and patted her bush dry. Maggie spread her legs a bit to help him along.

She had helped him along all right, she realized a moment later, for as soon as he had finished toweling her off, Danny leaned in and kissed her pussy just as passionately as he always did. Now it was her turn to grab onto the rail for balance. "Ohhhh!" she shrieked in delight. "Beautiful..." Danny's head was still wet, and the droplets on her thighs and belly were a wonderful touch along with his teasing tongue. "So good," she murmured.

Just when Danny had her worked up into a lather, he pulled back and stood up. "My turn to dry off," he said.

"Very funny!" Maggie said, though she did hand him his towel. "Dry off, and get back in there!"

"Oh, I will," he said with a grin. "That was just an appetizer."

"Well, it worked!" Maggie was frustrated now, but amused too. Her husband was such a wonderful tease. She stepped out of the tub now and watched him towel off, enjoying his horny eyes on her body as she stood in the doorway. To return the favor and tease him, she reached down and rubbed herself a bit, and was rewarded with his bulging eyes as he hung up the towel.


"Okay, now who's ready to dance?" Sarah demanded as she slammed her empty glass down. "You can't all just sit here all night."

"Maybe you can't," Matt shot back. "Us guys, we're here to hate Valentine's Day, remember? Dancing defeats the purpose of that."

"I told you I hate Valentine's Day too!" Sarah protested. "You know that!"

"Yeah, you said it," Len said. "But do you think any of us bought it?"

"Fuck off, the bunch of you!" Sarah finally got up and, without another look back, pranced off to the dance-floor. She was still hoping against hope that Matt would finally take the hint and follow her -- or if not him, one of the others would do at this point. But when she found an empty spot amidst the other revelers and started dancing, it only took a moment to see that none of them had. No surprise, really: the only one of the gang who ever did ask her to dance was Danny, and he was off being a hermit tonight. Just why did he and Maggie have to wimp out on them like that anyway? But there was no use in dwelling on that now, and so she let the music and the beer buzz take over.

Through the boozy fog of it all, Sarah had a feeling she wouldn't be lonely for long now that she was out on the floor. She was right; even before the first song was over, a few guys who had been on the sidelines came to dance near her. Sarah gave all three of them a shy smile and went on flailing about. As usual, she was worried at first that one of them might throw himself at her or try to cop a feel. But all three of them proved to be gentlemen, and soon she was bouncing carefree among them all. Then she half-worried, half-hoped that some or all of the women from the bar might come join in and even out the gender balance. She'd have welcomed the solidarity, but she also rather enjoyed having all the guys' attention to herself. In any event, no other woman turned up to compete for her new friends' favor, and neither did Matt or the boys turn up. After a couple of songs, Sarah stopped worrying about such things altogether.

The Valentine's Day hate notwithstanding, though, she couldn't help hoping for a slow song. That wish was granted before too long, with a friendly encouragement from the deejay to "Grab somebody, it's the season!" Sarah remembered her façade long enough to feign annoyance as the pretty ballad kicked in on the speakers, but then remembered just in time that none of her new friends would ask her to dance if she looked disgusted.

Two of them did look disgusted in their own right, and shuffled off the floor to the bar. But Sarah looked up to see the third one regarding her with a shy, hopeful grin. "Wanna dance?" he asked.

"I'd love to!" Sarah said, forgetting all about her jaded act -- Matt wasn't around to see it anyway. "Thanks for asking," she added quickly, enjoying the thrill of feeling her new friend's arms around her. "I was worried that all three of you were going to be too macho for this! I'm Sarah, by the way."

"I'm Rob," he said. "And I was afraid one of your guy friends over there was going to turn up and sweep you off."

"I wish!" Sarah said. "They're all wrapped up in hating Valentine's Day right now, they won't shut up about how lousy it makes everybody feel, and there I am practically begging them to come dance."

"I have to admit, we were all playing that game too," Rob confessed. "That's why Jim and Rich over there took off so quickly. I almost did too, but truth is I love slow dancing."

"Me too!" Sarah said. "Don't worry, I won't tell them your secret, Rob."

"I think maybe now they know it," Rob admitted with a grin. "But hey, if they don't like it, they could have asked you too."

"Just why does everybody have to pretend they hate it, anyway?" Sarah wondered out loud.

"Sour grapes, I guess," Rob said. "But hey, high school was years ago. Time to work past that."

"Exactly!" Sarah said. She was quiet for a moment, and gave Rob the once over. He was cute, with sandy blond hair and dark eyes, and his flannel shirt was the perfect country-in-winter touch. Matt and the guys were still off in the corner getting wasted, and Rob had already gone to the trouble to ask her to dance...her turn, she concluded. "Listen, after this, we're going to the club. Want to join us?"

"Gee, I'd love to, but I think Rich and Jim have plans for a movie marathon later," Rob said. "Lots of action flicks, guy stuff, you know. Sorry."

"It's okay!" Sarah smiled through her disappointment. "That sounds like more fun than clubbing at this point, actually."

"I can ask if you can join us if you want," Rob said.

"Aw, I'd better not," Sarah said. "I did tell the guys I'd go to the club with them."

If Rob was half the gentleman he appeared to be, he knew exactly why no woman he had only just met would go home with him and two of his friends, of course. He apparently got it, because he didn't argue the point with her, and they finished the slow-dance in pleasant silence. As the song came to an end, Rob gave her an affectionate squeeze which she returned happily, and then they shook hands and said goodbye. The spell was broken once the next fast song kicked in, and Sarah returned to the table.

"Told you you could get lucky," Matt announced as a greeting.

"Does it look like I did?" Sarah demanded.

"It looks like you could have," Len said.

"No kidding," Matt agreed. "I was starting to wonder, should I get up and warn the guy to back off."

"What?!" Sarah snapped. "'You leave my friend alone so I can refuse to dance with her?' What is your problem, Matt?"

"Just being a loyal friend," Matt protested. "And the whole point is to hate Valentine's Day, remember?"

"Speaking of which," Dave said, "Aren't we overdue for the club?"

"Had to wait until Sarah got done with her tender moment," Matt grumbled, standing up. "But yeah, let's get out of here."


Maggie pranced back out into the living room and lay back on the couch with her legs spread expectantly. Danny appeared in the doorway a moment later, hard as a rock as he admired her. But he didn't move.

"Are you only going to look, dear? I'm not a museum piece, you know."

"Only look? Hell no!" Danny said. But instead of joining Maggie on the couch, he walked out into the dark kitchen.

"Uh!" Maggie grunted. "What is this? Valentine's Day or Torment Your Horny Wife Day?"

"Can't it be both?" Danny teased.

Maggie was still groping for a suitable response when he reappeared in the living room. She was immediately glad she had held her tongue, for Danny was holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates in one hand and a freshly-uncorked bottle of red wine in the other. Clenched alongside the bottle was an unwieldy poster-board of some sort, but that scarcely registered with Maggie. "Oh, Danny!" she exclaimed with joy, leaping up to collect their wine glasses -- they owned only two -- from the bookcase by the television set. "I'd say you shouldn't have, but really, of course you should have."

"That's what I love about you," Danny said. "Always so direct, that's my Maggie." He set down the chocolates and the mysterious posterboard, and poured the wine into the two glasses Maggie held before him. Before collecting his glass, he set the bottle down on the bookcase and flipped on the stereo while he was there, having earlier made sure Maggie's favorite soft jazz CDs were in the changer.

"A toast," Maggie said when Danny took his glass from her. "To many more N-days!"

"And may we never be pushed into staying out all night when we could do this instead," Danny agreed.

They clinked glasses and sipped, and then Maggie set her glass down on the coffee table. Taking Danny's hand in her right one, she asked, "May I have this dance?" And she was swaying him gently around before he could even swallow his wine to say yes. His freshly-washed skin felt delicious as the wine against her body in the warm dry air. To think there was a time when she thought she wouldn't feel comfortable with her Danny seeing her naked...now she wouldn't trade it for the world!

They danced in blissful silence for a few minutes, Maggie enjoying the feel of Danny's hard cock brushing against her thighs again and again but also feeling eager for more with every turn. When the song came to an end, Maggie stepped back and looked down at the couch. "Just what is that board, Danny?"

"It's a gift," he said, and he picked it and the chocolates up off the couch and sat down in their place. "Have a seat and some candy," he said to Maggie. Though hotter than ever, she was also more than happy to have at the chocolates. So she sat down beside her husband and lifted the lid off the box as he held it before her. Row after row of sweets greeted her. Maggie looked for, and quickly found, her favorite: the dark chocolate coconut cluster. "I knew you'd want that one," Danny said.

"Of course you did," Maggie mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate. "Now aren't you going to have any?"

"In a bit," Danny said. But he didn't take any just yet. Instead he got up and flipped on the television.

"Danny!" Maggie exclaimed. "TV?! Tonight of all nights?"

"Don't you remember what you said the other day about your favorite Valentine's Day show? The Glen and Carol show?"

"Of course," Maggie said. "Used to love their Valentine's episode. So shamelessly romantic, just like me."

"You watched it every year if you could get away with it," Danny recited. "And when Glen took his shirt off by the fire..."

"Aw, geez, Danny, now you've got me wanting to jill off!" Maggie confessed, and to Danny's delight she reached down and stroked herself playfully a few times. "But you can't tell me we're going to watch that. I told you it's never been on DVD or I would've found it by now!"

"Took some digging, but I found it on the Internet," Danny revealed. He'd hidden his laptop behind the TV, Maggie now realized, and to her delight he clicked on a file and the beloved theme song she hadn't heard in a decade burst forth.

"Danny!" Maggie jumped up from the couch and threw her arms around him. "I can't believe you found it!"

"My pleasure," Danny said. "Now let's get comfortable." He pulled all the cushions off the couch and set them on the floor in front of the television, and collected a knitted afghan his grandmother had made from their one armchair. Maggie eagerly lay down on the cushions, and in a moment Danny had joined her and spread the afghan over them. With the wine bottle still mostly full and at the ready, they snuggled and sipped and were soon absorbed in Maggie's favorite show.

Danny had never seen it, and didn't particularly care for the dated tale. But he watched without complaint, hopeful that Maggie would still want to masturbate when her favorite scene came on. Sure enough, late in the show when the silly conflict had been resolved and Glen and Carol had retreated to their cavernous bedroom with the roaring fire, Danny was aware of Maggie slipping her arm out from behind him as Glen tore his shirt off.

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